5 Fun gender reveal ideas

5 Fun gender reveal ideas

You’ve reached a wonderful milestone in your pregnancy: you now know the gender of the baby growing in your belly! It is such an exciting time as you can now decorate the nursery and shop to your heart’s desire!

Although it is not absolutely necessary, a gender reveal party is a wonderful way to tell your friends and family if you are expecting a blue or pink bundle. There are tons of different ideas on Pinterest, some of them extremely cost effective and some require slightly more investment. We’ve rounded up our favourite five fun gender reveal ideas to make things easier for you.

  1. A gender reveal dessert: I’m sure you’ve seen the gender reveal cakes floating around the internet, if you haven’t, it’s pretty simple really. Get your favourite baker to bake you a cake, the sponge being either pink of blue, but the frosting should be white or chocolate. Once your family and friends have arrived to your party, you slice the cake and the gender is revealed! You could even ask your baker to fill the centre of the cake with blue or pink sweets to make things even more fun. If you aren’t so keen on the cake, you could make little cupcakes, biscuits with blue or pink hidden centres or even custom made fortune cookies; when the guests break them open, your baby’s gender will be revealed.
  2. Release balloons: Fill a bunch of either pink of blue balloons with helium and seal them in a box. Let your creative juices flow and decorate the box with tons of colours and decorations like sequins, feathers and paint. When your guests are all assembled, open up the box and let all of your gender specific balloons fly out and surprise your guests.
  3. Piñata with a difference: everyone loves a good ol’ piñata! Find a heart shape shell and decorate it with all sorts of lovely decor. Once that is done, fill up your piñata with pink or blue sweets, confetti and streamers. Once you’re ready, you and your partner can have a go at the piñata and reveal your baby’s gender to your nearest and dearest.
  4. A gender reveal maternity shoot: Having a photo shoot done while pregnant is such a wonderful thing and it becomes a gorgeous keep sake for you to look back in years to come. If you can keep it a secret that long, revealing your baby’s gender with your maternity shoot photographs makes for gorgeous photos! You need to wait until you have quite a prominent bump, but once you do, find the most adorable little boy or girl shoes and incorporate them into your shoot. If you have your nursery ready by then, you can use that to reveal the gender as well.
  5. Create gender reveal scratch cards: Love a good gamble? This gender reveal is for you! With the help of your local printer, design some scratch cards and get them to put the silver seal over the areas that need it. Hand them out to your guests at the beginning of your party, once you give the go ahead, your guests can scratch their scratch cards where after you can announce your baby’s gender. The guests that have winning scratch cards can each get a little prize.

This is such a special time during your pregnancy journey so make the absolute most of it! Decorate the venue or your home with pink and blue decor and lots of flowers, have tons of pink and blue sweets and other eats. You can even add other small touches like allowing guests to take guesses on the gender and what they think your baby’s name should be. Whatever you decide to do, your gender reveal party will be marvellous and you will treasure the memories for years and years to come.

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