All About Pink: Pink Fashion Ideas

All About Pink: Pink Fashion Ideas

I’ve always had a thing for girlicious colors. Lilac, purple, peach, pink… I love them all! Looking at the trend forecasts & runway analysis, I am very happy to see that light shades of pink will occupy an important place in the fashion industry next season. How can you integrate this cute color in your wardrobe? Here are a few ideas:

Just a little bit…
Bag, scarf, jewelry, sunglasses, shoes… It will always be very lady-like to accessorise your outfit with a touch of pink, especially now days as Spring is around the corner. The converse are adorable!

pink fashion accessories

Full out…
Pink sweaters are so versatile. Depending on what you pair it with, it can easily go from casual to classy. How convenient. Pink trench coats or leather jackets are also an amazing way to bring a springy touch to your outfit while staying warm. Pink dresses are always a good idea. So, in the end, the possibilities are endless.

pink clothes styles

Darker pinks, bubblegum shades, neon tints…
Even if the lighter shades are getting a lot of attention this season, the brighter ones are also important. It certainly takes a strong personality to rock a pink dress or bubblegum lips. However, if you got it, show it!

bubblegum pink

Even if all shades of pink are particularly trending this season, the girly color will forever be appropriate. It would therefore be a smart idea to invest into a few pieces that will last for more than one year. By investing, I mean buying classic & stylish items of a good quality. The industry has so many great pieces to offer in pink at the moment, I am sure your heart will melt as soon as you will hit the stores.

Here are my personal favorites

favorite pink fashion

Shown: loose sweater, Zara (buy similar here); leather crossbody bag, Michael Kors (buy here); Rosefield watch, Topshop (buy similar here); Bubblegum lipstick, MAC (buy similar here); Yankees hat, ASOS (buy similar here).

There’s also something pretty sassy about going to the gym in pink. Nike has an adorable collection of sorbet items, so does Lululemon. We all know that training consistently is not always easy… It can only be helpful to have a nice workout wardrobe.

I hope this article inspired you to bring a bit of pink in your life!



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