The best airbrush makeup systems for professional looks

The best airbrush makeup systems for professional looks

Who doesn’t want flawless and radiant beauty, just like the supermodels?

Don’t worry the picture-perfect look is not quite impossible to achieve. With the right makeup and knowledge of the basic techniques for application, you can do wonders to your face. But, the fact remains, do you havethe time?

Getting your makeup right requires several hours of practice, learning and watching hundreds of tutorials on YouTube learning those techniques for the correct eye makeup, base application, contouring, concealing, and priming.

Yet, even with the right makeup at hand, many of us still have to struggle with getting that winged liner right, the concealer to cover what it’s supposed to, and the foundation to stay on yet not to make us look like a clown in the end!

There’s some good news for you right here; introducing a really simple solution to makeup application: the Airbrush makeup system!

No matter what type of skin issues you may have to deal with, the airbrush kits are there to help you get your makeup right every time. Concealing every spot, scar, pimple, dark mark and giving you a flawless, beautiful look.

With the market expanding and more people becoming aware of this wonderful product, you will find countless options waiting to be picked up. Let’s have a look at some of the most liked and preferred kits by the makeup lovers:

1. Art of Air Professional Airbrush Cosmetic Makeup System (Link)

The top-ranked and best-selling kit, the Art of Air Professional Airbrush Cosmetic Makeup system includes six foundation pieces including the shimmer, primer, bronzer, and blush.

This is the complete kit, great for all beginners actually. You don’t need to buy any other product for your base if you buy this kit. Just follow the instructions and let it do its job. You will be amazed with the results!

The airbrush system gives you the complete coverage, that hides all blemishes and acne marks, yet does not leave behind a cakey appearance. The makeup looks light and fresh as ever all day long. Plus, the thin layers also make cracking and the appearance of laugh lines and other wrinkles quite less likely to form. You can look radiant and fresh all through the day!

The product works ever quietly to give you a naturally soft look by spraying on only as much amount of the base as required. Bear in mind that this is a fair to medium tone makeup kit, so it works well across the very fair right up to the slightly wheatish complexions.

However, based on the results and ease of use, this one is a total winner!

Why Do We Like It?

One great airbrush kit, this has all the right ingredients to make it the top choice for the masses. It includes the complete foundation kit suited for most skin types. You definitely won’t need anything else to work on your face with this amazing product. It also includes a deluxe carrying case, you can just pop it in your purse even as you head out.


  • Works to match your skin tone naturally.
  • Hypoallergenic water based makeup kit.
  • Helps conceal fine lines, dark spots, acne, and other skin aberrations.
  • Recommended by dermatologists.


  • Made for the lighter skin tones only.
  • Does not include the moisturizer, so can be tricky for the dry skin.

2. Luminess Air Aqua & White Legend Airbrush System (Link)

The Luminess Air Aqua and White Airbrush system is another great option, topping the charts these days. The kit is really easy to use and is long-lasting and high in quality. It is also tested and recommended by dermatologists, so you see there are no risks there!

Plus, the touch-free airbrush system coats your skin ever so lightly with the right amount of makeup you just need to cover all those marks and spots on the face.

It works without a sound, and gives you that ultimate flawless look, right at home without the need of any confusing brushes or expert strokes. Just sit back, relax and let it work on its own! You can apply your primer, blush, foundation, and even eyeshadows like an expert, with this kit.

The best part, the foundation is ever so light that it barely feels like wearing any makeup at all. You can wear it in the day, at night, at functions and occasions, without ever looking cakey or worrying about those lines or wrinkles to show.

A wonder product and highly recommended!

Why Do We Like It?

The water-based formula feels ever so light when airbrushed with the Luminess kit. It gives you the complete coverage, whereby being hypoallergenic, to avoid any reactions with the skin. Just takes a few minutes for application all across the face and is great to be used daily!


  • Works silently.
  • Gently covers all blemishes, dark spots, acne, skin redness and all other marks.
  • Leaves a thin, natural looking coat.
  • Light weight design.


  • May require a few practice rounds to get started with.
  • More suitable for the slightly darker skin tones.

3. Aeroblend Airbrush Makeup Personal Starter Kit (Link)

When thinking about that dream makeup, you just cannot miss this one. Very light, with a lasting finish, the Aeroblend Airbrush Makeup Starter Kit gives you seamless coverage of acne and other marks and is a wonderful product even for the sensitive skin.

The airbrush system leaves a neat, finished look, without any blotches or heavy feel. Plus, the dial can be adjusted to suit your requirements, making the skin look flawless and smooth. The ever quiet function makes it suitable for use in the office, at home and no matter where you are, making you picture ready all day long!

There are five shades included in the kit, so you can choose according to the type and tone of skin you have. Plus, the unit also comes with a complete 1-year guarantee. Talk about quality and customer support!

It is SO easy getting started with this one, that even if you are a beginner, you will have no problems at all in achieving the desired look.

Plus, all ingredients used in the products help revitalize and hydrate the skin. There are botanicals, jojoba oil and other minerals that help give you a smooth glow, whereby keeping the skin underneath happy and nourished.

Why Do We Like It?

With closer to natural ingredients in all products, this one gives you the professional camera-ready finish in minutes. Even if you are new to makeup, this kit is all you need to get that glamor look. The kit comes complete with the blush, bronzer, highlighter, and foundation.

Moreover, you can also buy free of cost foundations if the included shades do not match your skin tone.


  • Matching foundations available for free.
  • Makeup manufactured in the USA.
  • 5-speed compressor.
  • Lasting makeup.


  • Does not include primer or concealer.
  • 6ml bottles last about 2 weeks only.


4. Pinkiou Airbrush Makeup Set for Face Paint (Link)

At such an attractive price, one may have some inhibitions giving this one a try. But, this is one ideal kit if you want to go drugstore. You can use the same for getting the professional photo-camera look as well as for a daily wear subtle finish.

Moreover, it is a multi-purpose kit. You can use it not just for your makeup but also for nail art, cake decoration and a whole lot more!

The accurate airbrush gives you the precise control and spray, giving the skin an even layer of foundation that is never too much to cause a cracked look. The compressor too works silently and is of the high-grade quality that makes it really easy to work with and carry in your purse.

Plus the makeup is oil free, that is not only great for the skin but also it makes the airbrush really easy to clean. You can also use it for photo corrections, temporary tattoos and lots of other arts and crafts.

If you are a beginner, you’d love to give it a try. It is affordable and easy to get hooked on too and gives value for money.

Why Do We Like It?

This is a cheaper airbrush kit that can be used for a whole lot of crafts and airbrush decoration. The equipment has two adjustable settings for more precision and a smoother application. The result always is smooth, even and lasting giving you a flawless glow all day long.


  • Low cost.
  • Two-speed settings.
  • Good quality.
  • Really easy to clean.


  • Does not include foundation.
  • Requires practice to get it right.

5. Master Airbrush Professional Airbrush Face and Body Art Paint System (Link)

Another top seller of the lot, this kit comes with a detailed user manual and is more of a professional kit. The airbrush works at a high-performance level so that expert strokes can get you the evenly placed layer of foundation/primer.

You can also use it for other arts and crafts, tattoos and cake decoration. The setup is backed by a yearlong warranty and comes complete with 16 water based colors for face and body painting and cleaning brush.

This gives out a steady flow of paint or foundation, whatever you would like to spray and just a few round strokes give you the professional results within minutes!

Why Do We Like It?

A high-end airbrush, this one comes with the body colors, to help you with body painting and for getting temporary tattoos at home. The equipment is really easy to clean and gives you a smooth and precise application of whatever product you place inside.


  • Includes the cleaning brush for easy maintenance.
  • Precision spray.
  • 16 body colors included in the package.


  • Compressor not very strong.

6. Belloccio Professional Beauty Airbrush Cosmetic Makeup System (Link)

The Belloccio is not one of the highly recommended airbrush kits. Although it comes with a precision airbrush, with three adjustments, to give you more control, it often does not deliver as well as the other products we’ve reviewed here.

It comes with the medium shade foundation kit, with four shades, so that you can easily match your skin tone with the right one. The kit does include the moisturizing primer, blush, bronzer, and shimmer, but the medium toned concealer doesn’t do much to conceal those marks and common aberrations on the skin.

The company may have tried to make it easy to use, but the included set of instructions barely works as a manual. It is more of a leaflet with the product details. So you will need lots and lots of practice in getting it right with this one. And that fact for the matter almost kills the purpose of the airbrush kits.

Moreover, the included makeup is only 0.25 Fl.oz. So, even if you use a few drops, as recommended, it gets used up rather quickly and the replacement is crazy expensive.

Why Do We Like It?

The formula comes with a water base and is also free from any parabens or oils. The application requires no brush or touchups, hence very hygienic. Also part of the package is the concealer, makeup blending sponge, and the finishing spray.


  • Good quality equipment.
  • Includes the concealer, moisturizing primer, foundation, and blush.
  • Includes the airbrush cleaner.
  • Quality makeup made in the USA.


  • Requires a lot of practice.

Buying Guide – Airbrush Makeup System

When it comes to makeup, owning the hi-end labels often does not make a great difference in your looks. It is only the right application that can make even the drugstore makeup to get you the smooth and beautiful looking skin within minutes.

Just as we get different kits for makeup, as every other day newer creams for better skin care are launched and hyped to treat the skin better than others, the application of makeup too is evolving. It is no longer just limited to the professionals to give you the right tips and help you in getting the flawless look.

With these airbrush kits, you can achieve the same results with the minimum expertise, right at home.

So, what is that actually makes these kits SO different from the conventional makeup techniques?

Benefits of the Airbrush Makeup System

Here’s what the airbrush does:

  • Flawless, smooth makeup is now no longer something that can be achieved by the professionals only. These airbrush makeup kits have made things easier even for the makeup novices.
  • Airbrushing applies the makeup in a lighter tone keeping it smoother and evenly blended than the conventional makeup.
  • You can use your foundation, primer, concealer and also the blush with these airbrush kits.
  • The airbrush technique is much faster and makeup application takes just a few minutes.
  • Makeup blends as naturally as can be, without any visible blotches or a cracked/cakey appearance.
  • It is also easier to clean the equipment as compared to the foundation brushes and sponges. Thus, also quite hygienic.

So, you see these are a few of the major benefits of using the airbrush kit, as compared to the traditional way of makeup application. But, again you cannot just go and grab a simple kit off the shelves. Often these have much wider differences that may justify the costs and benefits.

It is always helpful to know about the basic components of the airbrush systems, this way you can match your requirements with the airbrush kit available and use it to your benefit. Here we have compiled a few pointers to help you with the purchase.

Components of an Airbrush System

  • The Airbrush

The airbrush looks and works like a gun that actually does not come into contact with the skin but sprays lightly onto the face. Generally, you will find two types of nozzle heads they come with:

  • The Single Action Nozzle: The single nozzle mimics the action of the hairspray. It works on the simple press-down mechanism. You just have to press the button to release the makeup in the form of a spray.
  • The Dual Action Nozzles: These too have to be pushed down for releasing the spray. These are more common and preferred by makeup artists, as they are simpler to use and give you a more precise control over the makeup.

There are also adjustable settings in this type that enable you to work at your own speed and to have a better control over the application.

  • The Compressor

The compressor determines the pressure in the form of PSI. Ideally, the PSI should be somewhere between 30 and 40 for facial application of makeup. But if you are looking for application over the body, you will need about 70 PSIs.

  • The Feed

The ‘feed’ actually helps in the movement of the airbrush. The most recommended type of feed is the ‘gravity feed’. This enables you to place the color very close to the nozzle that makes it effortless and easier to spray on the makeup.

It also helps in precision and gives you more control.

  • The Foundation

There are usually three kinds of foundations that come with the airbrushes. Let’s take a look:

  • Water-based Foundations: These are the most common and most preferred foundation bases. You get the matte, non-oil finish and natural looking base with this one. It also tones down the skin and blends like the actual shade, covering all blemishes evenly.

However, often the actual shade appears a bit darker upon application. It all works on the trial method, till you find the correct shade.

  • Alcohol-base: You will find very few of the airbrushes use this type of foundation. The good part is that it can be sprayed on to last days! Without getting cracks or appearing too much. It can be used for occasions or certain events, as the alcohol makes it not so good for the skin if used on a daily basis.

Plus, it also stays the same color and tone, no matter how long you want it to stay.

  • Silicone-base: This one is best known for blending evenly onto the skin. The base can stay on all day but this one too tends to darken once applied. So you need to buy a shade lighter than your actual tone to make it work.

The trick to applying the foundation is to keep it light and to go with the flow. You may have to do a few practice sessions to get started with your airbrush kit, but once you get the hang of it, you will love the way the foundation is applied and blended without the need of any sponges or brushes.

  • Add-Ons

While the above are the basic elements of a complete airbrush kit, there are always add-ons that are a bonus when included with the kit.

A few of the most important and essential items that come with the kit are:

  • The concealer.
  • Airbrush cleaner.


When compared to how much the makeup costs, you will see that these airbrushes kits are really not that expensive. Most of these kits just start around $80, but you will find certain that come without the makeup even at cheaper rates.

The high-end professional types cost from $150 – $180.

Tips and Tricks

Buying makeup can be a tricky task. Similarly buying airbrush makeup is often not as simple as it seems. So, here some tips that will help you buy the right one for your skin:

  • When picking out the foundation color, try a shade or two lighter than your skin tone. Or take the wrist test.
  • Know your skin type and tone.
  • Always make sure to clean the airbrush thoroughly and regularly.
  • Make sure to use the gun from a fair distance of about six inches from the face.
  • Keep a neat face while applying the base. Tuck your hair behind with the help of a hair band or clip, so that it does not get in your way.
  • Conduct a few self-experiments at home before getting ready for any event. This will help you get better at the application and to know the basics before going full-throttle on with the makeup.
  • If you apply the primer, make sure it completely dries up before moving onto the concealer and foundation. Otherwise, it may get blotchy and really untidy.

How Does the Airbrush System Work?

The airbrush system works with the basic airbrushing gun, fitted with a nozzle that helps to spray on the foundation, primer, shimmer/bronzer or blush onto your face. It barely takes up a few minutes to apply your makeup by moving it in small circles across the contours of the face.

You just need to add a few drops of whatever you wish to apply, on the airbrush nozzle/needle, and spray it on by pressing the button.

Why Should You Use the Airbrush System Instead of Fingertips or brushes?

With airbrushing you can be certain that you have only sprayed on an even layer of foundation onto the face. There are better chances of blending and lesser blotches. Plus, you can also bypass the annoying cakey appearance that often leads to cracks and lines after a few hours.

This, in turn, keeps your pores unclogged and helps the skin stay hydrated, decreasing the possibility of pimples and acne.

This system is way better than the brushes and sponges, as it can easily be cleaned and is more hygienic. The sponges may get mold infestation and have to be replaced from time to time. Plus, it is not that easy to clean the brushes.

Moreover, if you are a beginner, the choice of brushes can actually be so confusing that one may dread applying even the simplest daily makeup for fear of messing it up.

What Does the Ideal Airbrush System Include?

Usually, it all depends on your need and preference and what you are buying the kit for. If you need one for makeup only, it should come with:

  • A compressor.
  • Airbrush Stylus.
  • Nozzle/Needle.
  • Foundation, primer, concealer, bronzer/shimmer, and blush.

The best of the kits often have some good shades of each of the makeup, so that you can find the one that exactly matches your skin tone. Others may have the body colors, etc.

However, keep in mind that the basic makeup is not a low-cost collection to keep. So, those airbrush kits that include the basic makeup (even if the volumes last a couple of airbrush strokes only) they are definitely a better option than the ones that come without it.


On the first look, the airbrush system may seem like an expensive option to beginners especially. But if you look at the alternative makeup kits, and the techniques you need to learn to get started with the makeup, the investment is worth it.

With the airbrush kit, you no longer have to worry about touch ups through the day or any expert blending solutions.

This is a far economical and easy to use option as compared to applying makeup on your own. Plus, since you will be using a few drops every time, your makeup will last longer, look smoother and keep you ever ready for selfies, all day long!

Further reading

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