Best couple hoodies: fashion for two

Best couple hoodies: fashion for two

Are you looking for a great gag gift for your favorite couple? Or perhaps you’re looking for best couple hoodies to make a statement on your next day out? Whatever the reason you are shopping for couple’s hoodies, we have just what you are looking for!

Cute couple hoodies

King and Queen Couples Hoodies (Link)

This pair of king and queen couple’s hoodies are perfect for the royal couple in your life! Each raglan hoodie is black and red and features a gorgeous playing card-style design. Forget those king and queen couple hoodies with basic text or a simple scribbled graphic, these go all out! Plus, they’re designed and printed in the USA so you don’t have to worry about cheap or bulky prints.

Hubby and Wifey Couple Hoodies (Link)

These plain black couple hoodies with script font are simple but cute. Hubby and Wifey can show off their devotion to one another without being too “over the top”. If you’re looking for a couple’s gift that isn’t too sappy but that still makes a statement, these hoodies are it.

Beauty and the Beast Couple Hoodies (Link)

The manlier man of a couple doesn’t always want to be seen in a cutesy couple’s hoodie! That’s why this beauty and the beast hoodie set is a great couples gift idea. A basic black hoodie with a masculine design for him and a feminine design for her, these hoodies are complementary but not too “matchy” to be sickening! Plus, these hoodies are soft and non-pilling for long lasting wear.

Gag gift couples hoodies

He’s the Man but She’s the Boss (Link)

Does she wear the pants in your relationship but you like to think that you’re the boss? Or does your favorite friend like to think he’s in charge when you all know that she is really? Then this is the hoodie set you’ve been looking for!

Crazy Redneck Matching Hooded Sweatshirts (Link)

Have you need looking for the perfect redneck gift idea for your favorite redneck couple? These redneck matching hooded sweatshirts are just the ticket. Complete with an obnoxious print, grab these gag gift hoodies for your next gift occasion.

Funny Couples Hoodie Set (Link)

Don’t go bacon my heart! If you and your significant other are a fan of breakfast, bacon, or cheesy puns, this funny matching couple’s hoodie set is for you. Good for a laugh but also pretty cute, this is one of our favorite his and hers matching sets!

Less traditional themed couple hoodies

Partners in Crime Matching Hoodies (Link)

Are you and your significant other partners in crime? These partners in crime hoodies are the perfect non-traditional couples gift idea. Add a personal touch to this set of his and hers hoodies by customizing them with your anniversary date on the back.

Love Her to Death and Love Him to Death Matching Hoodies (Link)

Do your best friends love each other to death? Help them show it with this matching set of hoodies for him and her! Complete with a creepy skeleton hand on each, there is no better way to show off just how connected two people are!

His and Her Gamers Hoodies (Link)

The couple who game together stays together! This matching pair of hoodies for player 1 and player 2 are the ideal geek gift idea for the devoted gaming couple. This hoodie set also makes a great gag gift for gaming buddies!

Matching couple hoodies

My Heart Beats Only for Him or Her Hoodies for Couples (Link)

Does your heart beat only for your better half? Then these his and hers matching couple’s hoodies are a sickeningly cute way to show it! A basic print, but great for the matching couple who love to do everything together.

Matching Mickey and Minnie Hoodies (Link)

This is a great set of matching hooded sweatshirts for the cutesy couple in your life. An adorable cartoon Mickey and Minnie lean in for a kiss and the word “Soulmate” is split between the two!

Matching College Hoodies for Him and Her (Link)

When you’ve loved each other through Ramen times, you’ve loved each other through it all! These matching couple’s hoodies have an all over Ramen print and make the perfect matching couples Halloween shirts!

More best couple hoodies ideas!

It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for funny couple’s hoodies, horror themed couple hoodies, matching couple hoodies or cute couple hoodies, there are plenty to choose from. If we didn’t hit the nail on the head with our suggestions, don’t worry, there are still many more options out there! Even celebrities like to dress up together.

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