Best dual shower head to buy in 2020

Best dual shower head to buy in 2020

Since the days of a white perforated head that served as the shower head, shower in the bathroom has transformed to more robust options that get the job done quickly. There is no harm in getting a standard shower head since you will still get cleaned up. With more to gain from, dual shower heads are now available so that those in a hurry can finish bathing in half the time allowed by the standard shower head.

Dual shower heads are designed for those who are tired of the single shower head that is much slower. In addition to saving time, you might also be looking for something that can cover your whole body, or you want to keep using the shower after activating the shower hand.

The best dual shower heads on the market are for those who are looking for a better experience in the bathroom and are tired of one head providing all the ‘rainfall.’

Dual shower head definition

It is simply two shower heads combined to give a better showering experience and also offer more flexibility as you are cleaning yourself. Those of us who also clean their pets favor this type of shower model since most of the selections have a hand-held head.

What you gain from owning a dual shower head

The question that any buyer would ask is why to go for a shower combo (as commonly referred) instead of the regular type. Well, what are you looking for when you are showering? A long and relaxing water splashing time that is never available with single shower heads or your schedule does not allow it. It is miserable since the single head is limited to how water comes out not to mention the few water setting options. This implies that you will be having the same old pattern every time you rush to the bathroom. Very unsatisfactory to say the least. A dual shower head gives a surplus of everything it can offer by going double or twin.

  • A variety of spray patterns: A regular shower head will have few water spraying patterns if any. As time progresses, you get used to the same thing which makes every showering time dull. For you to explore what a shower can do, and keep you relaxed and energized for the day, go for the dual shower head since there are several patterns to choose.
  • Better body coverage: A regular shower will make sure that the directed area gets washed and that is it. A double shower head changes that since you do not have to pick a spot as you clean up. You may have the option of the handheld to focus on hard-to-reach areas, but shower combos relieve you of such stress since they are made to be flexible. They can be adjusted accordingly to give you the best coverage that you have been searching.
  • It is fun: For couples who like to shower together in the name of saving time and water bills, you have a better entertainment option with the dual head. Families with kids will favor the shower model since the kids get time to play and shower at the same time and the tub will serve them all.

What to look for before purchasing a dual shower head

We have made you aware of the benefits of owning a shower combo, but it is crucial that you do not just rush to the stores to get one. These types of shower heads are more complicated than the single counterparts so, take a look at the following considerations to guide you as you buy.

  • The building material: It is the most crucial factor that distinguishes the longevity of parts in the different dual shower heads that you will come across. You will be using both showers so, make sure that you have one with the best material. Plastics are suitable for single use, but the water pressure from dual shower heads could quickly make them burst. Metals, on the other hand, offer an excellent construction quality since they are more durable as opposed to the plastics.
  • Hose length: Standard measures dictate having a 5 foot length but that does not limit you from choosing an alternative with a longer hose. Reasons to look for a lengthier hose include using the handheld shower more often. That is why we will insist on going through the specifications since many manufacturers will not offer you anything longer than 5 feet.
  • Pattern combinations: Most of our featured products come with a wide variety of water patterns. What will differ among the users is what they would prefer. Among the options is having massage, mist and rain patterns which call for reading the provided specification before you make the ultimate choice.
  • Size of the diverter: It is the part that helps you to switch between the shower combo and a single shower. Diverter size can affect how the water flows. Some cases with large diverters have small channels that allow water to flow. Smaller channels mean lowering the water pressure.
  • Water saving: It is advisable that you check on how you use water as you take a shower but it is difficult to maintain your speculated rate. The notion of dual heads spending more water is not always right when compared to single heads. Don’t get it wrong since checking the GPM (Gallons per Minute) rating of dual showers is what you should do. Such information will help you know how much water you would consume on a regular cleaning session.

Dual shower head reviews

Hydroluxe Full Chrome Ultra-Luxury Shower-Head (Link)

Hydroluxe is the first dual shower model on our review which the customers regard as one of the best products when it comes to design and building quality. The Full Chrome double shower head is a beautiful collection for your bathroom activity. At an affordable price, you still get one of the high ends – a reason to consider it as a suitable shower combo accessory. Modernity has manipulated its design for the best results, but it does not end there. You get a round shower head, outstanding chrome finishing on both the wall mounted and the handheld showerheads and the best water settings and pattern from the manufacturer.

There are 24 different water pattern combinations to choose. The basic ones include power rain, stay-warm mist, massage, economy rain, and water-saving pause. You can combine them using one shower or both simultaneously. One of the issues that affected the consumers is the limiters on both shower heads. They are there to hold the shower in place, but they limit the performance of the heads while in use. If you are in such a situation, consider removing the limiters which will not compromise the quality. You will experience better water flow and maximized pressure on all heads. Some cases showed that the limiters affected the central head when used solo and also on the other shower when they are both in use.

Anyway, it is a dual shower head that will give you value for money, and it is easy to install. Little or no help is required, and you are bound to use it for a long time before you think of replacing.

Aquadance 7″ Premium Dual Shower Head (Link)

What you get from the AquaDance is a large shower head that will keep the ‘rain’ pouring down as it covers a wide area under focus. There is a lot more to focus on when it comes to this model, but the largeness is a significant feature that gives you the experience of an engrossing shower.

The chrome in question can fit anywhere making the 7” premium a favorable option for all bathrooms. A layer beneath the outer design covering has a lot to offer regarding functionality. Speaking of functionality, you can use this model as an overhead or hand shower which has a 4-inch surface that fully exposes you to the pouring water. Use the high power click level dial to engage in additional settings. Among what you can set comprises of six different options for every head which include pulsating massage, rain massage, power rain, power mist, rain mist and the pause mode for water saving.

The 3-way feature tells you that you can use both showers at the same time or separately. The AquaDance 7” is a fascinating model with many other features to explore. Give it a chance, and you will not be disappointed.

Dreamspa 9-Inch Rainfall Shower Head (Link)

You get your dream shower experience by going for the DreamSpa Rainfall shower head which features a drenching rain bathing adventure not to mention the easy to use hand shower that is convenient to use according to customer experience. The high fashion design has a 9-inch face which covers you from shoulder to shoulder. Its rub-clean jets from the flowing water give you a rainstorm shower effect, and you can adjust the angle from the solid brass ball joint, but that is leak-free. An all-chrome premium finishing on the shower head encloses what is beneath the head make.

The hand shower is what excites users due to the easy push button flow control, and you can hold it or use it as an overhead. It also has a considerably extensive water flow coverage as its face is 9-inch. Controlling the flow makes use of the push button that you can provoke as you showering using the same hand. You get to enjoy an aeration massage, high power rain, a luxurious waterfall which they refer as a combination by just pushing the button, and there is no dial to turn or something similar to such a case.

Other inclusions consist of a 2-way diverter that includes an overhead bracket that is adjustable. The hand shower can be positioned anywhere depending on preference by using the angle-adjustable wall bracket that has a clear plastic mount or the suction cup at the back to help you place it as appropriate. Using the hose is easy since it is a flexible stainless steel tube with conical brass nuts that you can tighten with your hands and the connection is also leak-free. You do not need any plumbing tools to install, so it is a minutes task.

Ana Bath Anti-Clog Spray SS5450CBN Dual Shower Head (Link)

Here is a shower head for those who do not mind spending more than what they have budgeted. The Ana Bath SS5450CBN dual shower head model is a top ranking design in many reviews that we have come across and with good reason. It has a nice design to fall for, and the metal material is top-notch with brushed nickel making the finishing. More to that is the different patterns available for you to enjoy.

Dual shower heads do not mean more water consumption and this Ana bath model provides proof of the statement. It features a 2.31 GPM rate which means it goes as low as it can get without withdrawing the associated fun of having a better showering experience. So, you gain the benefits of owning a shower combo and fewer water bills. One great specification that you will not find in the previously or later reviewed products is the option of having two hoses. It comes with the standard 5 foot one, but in case you need a longer tube, let the manufacturer know, and you will be sorted out. It is a unique treatment from the makers and also a great offer for those who want something longer than 5 feet.

An issue arises when it comes to the diverter which is larger than what you get on the regular shower combos but has a small channel which allows water to flow. This causes low-pressure water outflow with extreme cases observed when both heads are used at the same time. Despite the flaw, it is a reliable and long-lasting dual shower head that comes with a one year warranty.

Hotelspa 30-Setting Ultra-Luxury Rainfall Shower-Head (Link)

We finish up with another great option that is affordable to those not wanting to overspend but still own a dual shower head that meets their expectations. The HotelSpa 30-setting Ultra-Luxury Rainfall Showerhead sounds like ‘PowerSpa’ may be due to having the same supplier with different brand names. Anyway, they are both great models but let’s focus on the HotelSpa.

The shower head will give power rain, rain mist, hydrating mist, rain massage, water-saving economy rain and pulsating massage water spray patterns. Is that all? You might get more options once you purchase. The two shower heads are 6-inch and 4-inch in dimension. The larger one sprays water in a rainfall pattern while the latter can be used as a hand shower. Both heads will give you the same water patterns previously mentioned.

You can adjust it at will without too much hassle and easy to install. It will take an amateur 20 minutes to fix and lesser time if your knowledge level includes some information about shower heads. So, you do not need a plumber or tools to do the fixing. This showerhead model has a 1-year full warranty.

Disadvantage of buying dual shower heads

From our perspective, there is a higher price tag on these designs when compared to single head models. There are two shower heads to consider hence the somehow high price. Some of the dual head designs are cheaper to match the cost of a single shower head.


If you want two streams of water falling on your body every time you have a shower, take a look at what we have reviewed before rushing to the nearest dealer near you or loading your browser to access one of the e-commerce sites. Dual shower heads are awesome and a sure investment to risk in if the showering technique needs switching.

Happy showering with double shower heads!

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