Best electric callus remover

Best electric callus remover

So you are all decked up for the party, and sure all the cameras and heads would turn to you as you step onto the red carpet. But, what about those cracked feet and calluses?

There’s no way you can expose all that with some high heeled shoes to match your attire right? Yet again, what would life be without heels?

Don’t fret! With technology always a step ahead of your needs, there’s a solution just a click away. The electric callus removers help you get rid of that undesired, dead skin gently and rather quickly, so you can be ready for any occasion right on time.

So, what is a good callus remover? What basic characteristics must it have? Here we have included the 6 top electric callus removers, with their benefits and cons, so you can choose according to your needs.

Let’s have a look at these handy wonders.

1. Emjoi Micro-Pedi POWER – Callus Remover (Link)

If you are looking for a powerful, strong and long lasting callus remover, you mustn’t miss the Emjoi Micro-Pedi POWER callus remover. Ideal if you want effective and instantaneous results, every time. The callus remover has been beautifully designed to give you a great performance and ease of use.

Very light in weight and high-quality product, this is our number one recommendation for easy callus removal at home or anywhere as per your convenience. The effectiveness of the product has been vouched by hundreds of customers and it helps remove the hard, dry skin especially at the heels, in the gentlest possible manner.

Electrically powered, it does not require a prior charge or battery replacement. Just plug it in the power source and you are ready to go. Moreover, it comes with an internal safety mechanism which turns it off when not in use.

It also comes with additional accessories like the anti-bacteria roller, adapter, and the cleaning brush.

The user manual is also included as part of the package. The handle is about six inches in length that make it just the perfect length for gripping comfortably.

Why Do We Like It?

This is the best callus remover suitable for everyone. The device is not only reliable but also very effective in the removal of the tough and dry skin on the feet and hands. Moreover, the wired feature enables you to use it without any worry about recharging it before use and battery life.


• Wired device. It does not require batteries or charge.

• Premium quality product.

• Comes with a safety stop.

• Ergonomic design.


• Heavier than others.

• Pricier than its counterparts.

2. Care me Powerful Electric Foot Callus Remover Shaver (Link)

This one is a good option for you if you need portability and battery use. The rechargeable device enables you to use it with convenience no matter where you are Just as long as you do not forget to have a charged battery.

The callus remover is made from the high-quality material and is very long lasting. The ergonomic roller head has fine minerals to enable your skin to get the best results every time. The battery can always be charged, and you do not have to worry about replacing the batteries every time. It is one powerful and reliable device, just right for traveling.

Moreover, you can give yourself a home pedicure with this one as you like. The head is very easy to clean and allows you to get rid of all the dead skin from the head in no time. The battery allows you a good 40 minutes of callus removal on a single charge. It also comes with a six-month warranty by the company.

The large sized roller head makes it easier to cover the affected area quickly.

Why Do We Like It?

A durable and quality product, this one is portable, easy to use and comes with a battery. You can easily carry it in your purse and use it wherever you want and get those calluses to go away within minutes. It is also very affordable and comes backed by the manufacturer’s warranty.


• Large roller head.

• 6-month warranty.

• Light in weight.

• Gives 40 minutes runtime on a single charge.


• Requires charging.

• May require pressure to get to the stubborn cracked spots.

3. Tip2Toe Professional Electric Callus Remover (Link)

This one allows you a speed control unlike the others and lets you work with it at your own pace. However, it is very powerful and needs a certain practice to get used to. Other features it comes with includes the indicator light, swivel cord, hook and the air filter.

However flashy it may seem, on a closer look you will see that these features are not necessarily a must have. For instance, the indicator light lets you know if the unit is powered on or off. Unlike the safety turn off mechanism, this feature requires you to manually turn the unit off when not in use.

Although you do not have to apply any pressure for using this one, but it is very powerful and needs a certain user control for getting the calluses removed safely. Otherwise, it could cause the skin to get damaged.

On the positive note, it is not as harsh as the pumice stones and other razor scrapers. The head spins rather fast and effectively removes the dead skin layer. If used right, it is effective on the very hard and dry spots and removes the calluses just on a single roll.

Why Do We Like It?

Very powerful and quality product. It lets you use it with ease without getting tired. The device removes calluses and the dry skin on just one touch and also comes with speed setting. The design is unique and helps cater to a wider area at a time, covering the whole foot rather quickly.


• Provides a comfortable grip.

• Reliable device.

• Durable.

• Efficient device.


• The unique shape may take some time to get used to.

• Requires time to match your pace with its speed.

4. Electric Callus Remover and Shaver by Naturalico (Link)

If the pumice stone, foot file, lotions, scrappers, etc. have all failed to deliver the results, then you must give Naturalico a try. Specially designed to ease off the tougher skin, this one completely removes the calluses from the feet and hands.

It removes a greater number dead skin cells than the others in the range, aided by the roller head spinning at a speed of 40 times a second. A quality product, that is also available at a reasonable price, it can be used for the home pedicure as well.

There are two-speed variations and the powerful battery. It can be recharged for about 1000 times and lasts up to 40 minutes on a single complete charge. Just use it on the affected area three to five times every week till all the signs and symptoms completely disappear.

The LED light further makes it easier to spot any missed areas and gently removes the remaining callus.

Moreover, it is also water resistant, so you can use it on your wet skin and also clean it up with ease. The double action heads make grinding and cleaning quick and mess free. So wear your best shoes with pride and show off those smooth heels!

Why Do We Like It?

This one suits the budget of most buyers and serves the purpose exactly. It has a variable speed and can be used at your convenience and pace. The device is very effective, long lasting and fast. So, if you want great value for money, this one is your best bet.


• Water resistant.

• LED light.

• Fast roller head spinning action.

• Backed by warranty.


• Runs on battery.

• Only two-speed settings.

5. Auto Pedi Electric Rechargeable Foot File (Link)

Available at a great price, this is another option for callus removing. However, it is not as effective, fast nor reliable enough as the options discussed above.

It does come with a 6-month warranty by the manufacturer, but it requires you to pay the shipping charges for returns. That almost costs as much as the purchase itself.

The package includes a separate replacement head and cover as well as a cleaning tool. The device can be charged by plugging into the power source, and the motor is strong. It does not require you to exert much on your part to get it to work.

However as discussed, we have much better options than this one to take care of the hardened, dry and callused skin. Although the pack states that it is water resistant but you must ensure that the feet are completely dry before use.

Which actually means the water resistance isn’t as effective as the other types.

Why Do We Like It?

It comes backed by a warranty and also has various attachments and accessories. It is also wired and does not require a recharge or battery checks to ensure it works just when you need it. Just plug it in and you are good to go.


• 6 months warranty.

• Low price.

• Long lasting.

• Comes with a replacement roller.


• Not very effective.

• Not completely water resistant.

6. Ped Egg Power Cordless Electric Callus Remover (Link)

This one is known to work like an actual cheese grater when it comes to callus removal. You will always find other better options in the same price range, so why spend so much on something that doesn’t even work when you can get another option SO much better?

It comes with the power handle, roller heads, and the instruction manual. There are two types of roller heads to use in accordance with the type of skin i.e. rough and chapped or smooth and supple. It also offers a special price for the replacement roller you may want to purchase in the near future.

Although it may look similar to the best options, but the quality isn’t too good, which you will see upon close examination. There is a slider button for powering it on and off and no auto shut off safety mechanism. It also runs on batteries (not rechargeable). So you may have to rush to the stores if ever the battery runs out.

The roller has some minerals wrapped to give the skin a smooth and nourished feel once the dead layer is removed. The roller head is also smaller, making it more time taking to achieve the results in a limited time.

Why Do We Like It?

It comes with a mineral lining on the roller that makes the skin feel fresh and supple after the application. The roller head is replaceable so when the current one starts giving you trouble, just go out into the markets and buy the replacement with ease.


• Replaceable roller head.

• Portable.

• Minerals on the roller head.

• Easy to use.


• Not reliable results.

• Low quality.

Buying Guide – Electric Callus Remover

If you look for these electric callus removers, you will find a huge range of options, in different designs, features, colors, and even functions.

Deciding the right one, especially for beginners, is definitely not an easy task. So, what exactly is a good callus remover? From the options we have discussed above, you will see that all the best of the options have certain basic functions. Let’s have a look at those.

Basic Characteristics of an Electric Callus Remover

• Speed Levels

A good electrical callus remover should offer a variety of settings to suit the individual users’ requirements. The speed setting allows you to work it around different areas at your own pace.

This way you won’t be rushing too hard nor would it be too slow for you to struggle with getting it right.

• Warranty

Good brands and models are always backed with warranties and often money back guarantees. This way if you are not satisfied with the product, or it fails to deliver what it promises, you always have the option to return it and get your money back.

Moreover, warranty itself is one major guarantor of the product’s reliability.

• Design

The design of the callus remover is not all about appeal. It should actually add to its effectiveness. A good callus remover’s handle should be easy to grip and the head should ideally make it easy to roll over the skin.

So when you decide to add these to your beauty care collection, make sure to look for the design in terms of usability. A device which only looks good but doesn’t work as well is no good. A callus remover isn’t something you’ll put up for display anyway.

• Replaceable Roller Head

Since the head comes in contact with the hardened callus, it is the best if it can be removed and replaced as it wears out with time. Make sure to buy one with the removable roller head.

• Water Resistance

Often you’d want to use the callus remover on the dampened and soft skin. So, the electric callus remover must have a certain resistance to the moisture on the skin.

Plus it also makes it great and easy to clean up after use. You can simply wash the head and get rid of all the accumulated dead skin on the roller.

• Wired or Wireless

The wired callus removers work just as well as the wireless ones. It is merely a matter of choice for the user. If you wish to use it at home only, you may buy the wired one. However, if you are a frequent traveler and need more convenience, to use it on the go, you can choose the wireless one.

However, make sure to keep the battery fully charged, so that your unit is always ready for you.

• Budget

These callus removers do not cost too much and are pretty affordable for most of the people. However, often the higher priced versions are mistaken to be the best. You should look into the features of each and see if it suits your requirements when buying one.

The one that offers the best value for money is just the perfect pick.

• Customer Feedback and Reviews

A good product is the one that has been tried and tested by many. Make sure to read all the customer reviews, experiences and personal feedback about the product when making the purchase. This will also give you the right guidance about the best features as well as the negatives about the product.

So, there will be no last minute undesired surprises.

Tips for Easy Callus Removal

• Detect the callus: If you notice thickening of the skin and/or pain upon pressing or touching the area, you have a callus.

• Avoid wearing fitted shoes, especially for longer hours.

• Make use of padding material or shoe inserts inside the shoes to prevent the callus from forming again.

• In case the callus is infected, consult a Doctor for proper treatment via antibiotics.

• Keep checking your feet for the calluses. The earlier you detect these the sooner they can be treated.

• Spot check first, to see if the skin doesn’t have any reactions to it.

Keep in mind that calluses are not a rare occurrence and can always be treated, especially if you are able to diagnose the case earlier.

Calluses usually occur at the most sensitive skin parts and those points, especially where there’s constant pressure. This may be due to the wrong shoes, especially the tighter shoes, or by wearing high heels for longer periods of time.

To read more about how to remove these calluses, click here.

What Is a Callus?

The dead layer of skin that forms particularly under the toes and heels, is termed as the callus. Callus develops if the feet are constantly under stress or if you are literally on your toes all day long.

Very common, these are very easy to treat at home. Most of the time, the right shoes, and good upkeep are all you need to prevent them from occurring.

Callus is a thick layer usually found on the feet but may also occur on the hands, if they are subjected to pressure and not protected while working.

Why Should You Use the Electric Callus Remover?

Calluses are as hard to get rid of as easy they are to grow. Often people struggle to get rid of it and still don’t get it right. The most common ways to remove calluses at home include the use of razor blades, pumice stone, emery board, etc.

These generally take longer and in the case of the razor usage, they can often be rather dangerous. So, for a safe, easy and quick way to get the same, in fact, better results at home you can use the electric callus remover.

These are safe for use, and give you instant results. You no longer have to wait and scrub for hours to achieve the same results. Available at affordable prices, they can easily be bought off the shelves or from trusted online websites.

What are the Benefits of an Electric Callus Remover?

• Fast: These just take about 5-10 minutes to give you great results, contrary to the other methods that take days and often weeks for the callus to completely peel off.

• Reusability: You just have to buy a new disk and the callus remover is ready in case of the callus forming again.

• Speed: Most of the callus removers come with a variable speed setting. This gives you a greater flexibility to work with it and also reduces the chances of skin inflammation.


Calluses aren’t a serious health issue, but they can be a nuisance and hinder your daily activities. However, the treatment is fairly easy and takes a few seconds or minutes.

So if you are looking for faster and effective treatment of these calluses, then there is no better way then these electrical callus removers. Put your feet up with pride, and walk in those dream heels, with comfort and confidence.

Further reading

If you are having feet issues and want to pamper them, consider a Shiatsu-based home massager for feet or a portable foot spa with built-in heating as well. To get rid of hair, a good complement to a callus remover is of course a lady’s electric shaver.

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