2020 picks: best electric shaver for women

2020 picks: best electric shaver for women

Shaving and men have a long history together. Right from the early days, men have been obsessed with removing unwanted hair from their body and face. What started with a combination of razor and blade have now turned into efficient electrical gadgets which can give even better results.

However, women are nowhere behind when it comes to getting rid of unwanted hair. In fact, it is even more important for them to ensure good looks for parties and social gatherings. Techniques such as waxing and hair removers have been there for years, but an electric shaver is a much better and less painful option.

From high-quality precision electric shavers to normal commercial grade ones there is a large variety of these gadgets available in markets and online platforms. What’s more is that these gadgets are available at low prices so you can easily purchase an electric shaver that you prefer.

Portability is always a key factor when it comes to shaving, and the modern electric shavers have been designed to meet the purpose. They work on low power batteries and can last for some time after one complete charge.

Whether you are to attend a friend’s wedding or a meeting, you can make sure that your skin appears silky, glowing and completely hair-free. Enabling you to bring out an attractive version of yourself, the electric shaver is one commodity that should always be in your travel kit.

Here in this review, we will look at some of the products we recommend to buyers. We will see the best and the worst of these products to let you decide which ones will suit you.

1. Panasonic ES2207P Electric Shaver (Link)

We will start with this amazing electric shaver for women. This is a sleek design and attractive shaver for women. Its powerful three blade technology can give a perfect shave to get rid of hair from any part of the body.

This shaver offers a wet dry operation feature so you can use it during or before showers. Also, it allows you to wash the shaver once you are done with shaving. It works with both gels and foam so you can enjoy a soothing shave for legs in the bathtub as well.

The impressive three blade technology ensures that you don’t get any cuts while shaving. They are skin safe as well and take good care of your body contours. On top of that, the high resolution ensures that even the finest of hair are stripped off, so you won’t need any additional and painful waxing. A compact design will fit your purse so you can carry it anywhere you travel.

Why Do We Like It?

Whenever there’s a product for women, it has got to have attractive colors. This electric shave comes in attractive pink color with a sleek design. It has a pop-up trimmer which works with dry and wet conditions, so it is pretty much a combo pack. Other than that, the super sharp blades also ensure that you don’t suffer from any after shave allergies.


• It has a waterproof design, and you can even rinse it under running water.
• Features inner shaver blades to help remove hair from complicated areas.
• Works well with gels and foam


• Durability is often questionable
• Razor blades sometimes break too soon.

2. Braun Silk-Epil Cordless Electric Hair Remover (Link)

This is a cute and tiny hair remover electric shaver with the power of any high-quality gadget. If you’re looking for a complete accessory rich electric shaver than this unit will serve you really well. Equipped with the latest MicroGrip technology, it can keep you worry-free for up to 4 weeks.

One stroke application with a 40% wider head ensures that you cover more area in one sweep. If you have a habit of getting late for work or parties, this will be a handy product for you. Accompanying the shavers are tweezers that go deep down to help remove the tiniest of hair from your body.

Compared to other epilators from Braun, Silk Epil 9 9-579 gives longer hair free durations, and the accessory kit features some amazing products for an even better aftershave skin care. It’s a painless deal as compared to wax, and other hair remover creams and the results are there to prove it.

Why Do We Like It?

One thing to like about this product is that it comes from a renowned brand. Braun is known to manufacture quality products. Other than that, it’s compact, so it will fit your purse easily. ON top of that, it has both dry and wet usage options so you can try it in the shower as well as before that. A variety of accessories is just an icing on the cake to make it a complete hair remover product for women.


• Deep action tweezers can clip hair to 4 times shorter than that with wax.
• Wet usage option helps quick rinsing of the shaver.
• A massage cap is also available for after-shave skin care.
• Facial brush allows you to deep clean your pores for a glowing skin.


• Wears out quickly.
• Can cause swelling or skin irritation.

3. Panasonic ES246AC Bikini Shaper & Trimmer (Link)

Panasonic is a name you can rely on. The bikini shaper and trimmer comes from this amazing manufacturer so the quality can be assumed safe. If you are looking for efficient bikini line trimming, then this is a great option to have. Whether it’s shaping or removing hair, ES246AC can do that at high efficiency and least amount of pain.

The gadget resembles men’s trimmer, but it is a lot more than that. Stainless steel blades with up to five trim settings ensure accurate trimming and hair removing. The blade shields also make sure that you don’t cut yourself in the process. If you are too conscious about accurate hair lengths, then you will enjoy your time with this trimmer.

It’s a cordless set so you can carry it anywhere. It runs on two AA-sized cells, and the battery timing is up to 45 minutes which is quite sufficient for one shave and trimming session.

It’s a super light product that won’t weigh down your purse. Nearly an inch and a half wide, the trimmer is easy to grip and use. If you require touch-ups for a party or a meeting, ES246AC can be a good personal groomer for you.

Why Do We Like It?

There are several things to like about this product. For instance, it is a one-off gadget, so you don’t really need to carry a lot of accessories around with it. High-quality results make sure that you can trim to the exact lengths. Especially for bikini lining, you can get accurate run along bikini lines, and the trimmer will make sure of the results.


• It gives a neater look to your body.
• Five trim settings help to size hair accurately.
• One gadget with no additional cords.


• Batteries are no rechargeable, so you will have to purchase a new pair.
• The batteries don’t come with the trimmer.

4. Braun Silk Epil 5 Power 5280 Epilator (Link)

Another popular electric shaver comes from Braun. This electric shaver is quite a small and compact unit and comes with several accessories such as Tweezers and other epilator accessories. It is a complete hair remover kit and should be a compact solution for hair removing needs.

This item can adapt to almost any type of body contour. However, it doesn’t have a wide span so it can be a bit time consuming to shave legs and other areas. It also features a skin massager to tenderize your skin and prepare it for a shave. It can make the shaving experience more comfortable, therefore.

The head can pivot about a fixed point which, has its pros and cons. There are chances that the rotating head may cause the grip to loosen with time. Also, you can use the gadget as a trimmer, and all you need to do is remove the shaver head.

The manufacturer recommends using the product in the evening and with warm water which indicates the chances of skin irritation and swelling especially after initial uses. It’s a small sized unit so it will fit your travel kit easily and it comes in a sleek design which makes a bit of fashion statement as well.

Why Do We Like It?

The small size is the major attraction in this Trimmer/Shaver. It has an attractive pink color which makes it a ladies gadget. It can do the job up to four times better than waxing with minimal pain. A complete accessory kit makes sure that your skin can care is not hindered in any way.


• Small size makes it a useful gadget for traveling
• Deep action technology goes almost to the hair root to give a smoother body


• Cannot work without a cord.
• Can cause skin irritation in the first few uses.

5. Braun Gillette Venus Silk Expert IPL 5001 (Link)

If you’re looking for a skin friendly hair remover or trimmer, the Braun Gillette Venus Silk Expert will be just the right item to go for. It comes with a safety razor which gives you additional benefits for hair shaving. Also, the features allow you to permanently get rid of unwanted hair from any part of your body. It’s clinically tested so there are no health risks attached either.

It removes hair with light, so it is kind of a new technology in the market. Whether it is your shins armpits, you can use this shaver to safely remove hair. It also helps to tone your skin better without damaging the surface.

Additional advantage ahead of other shavers is that you won’t get any cuts or bruises while shaving and there isn’t much skin irritation problem to speak of. In less than 10 minutes, you can get done with hair removal from your legs and arms without compromising on quality and consistency.

Why Do We Like It?

There are quite a few things to like about this product. First up is its stylish and sleek design which clearly announces it as a gadget for women. Other than that, it is light weight and portable so you can keep it in your travel bag all the time. It features the latest technology for hair removal, so the risks of cuts and bruises are nullified. Some light hair removers require you to wear glasses, but the Braun Gillette Venus Silk Expert is independent of that too.


• It has light intensity adjustment for sensitive skin parts.
• Permanent hair reduction keeps you hair free for longer durations.


• As compared to bladed shavers, it is a much expensive item.

Buying Guide – Electric Shavers for Women

In the modern times, women have to stay with the flow of the fast-paced world. Especially in the business sector, it is so very important for women to stay in good shape and maintain their appearance for the world.

When it comes to maintaining good looks, the struggle for women is way more challenging than men. Where men may only require a bit of gel and a quick shave, women have to make sure they appear nice from every aspect. Whether it’s the hair, the face, skin or the legs, everything has to be just spot on.

Electric shavers have been a revolutionary product for women because it gives them great comfort and women cannot go together unless of course, they are on the head. While for men it may only be the face, women have to get rid of hair from more than just one part of the body and that too at consistent basis.

As electric shavers have been gaining popularity all over the world, we will take a look at a few important points to look at when you buy these items.

Types of Electric Shavers for Women

For women, shaving is secondary. Most women look to permanently remove unwanted hair from their body. This is not always possible as hair will grow back after some time. However, there are two basic concepts when it comes to removing hair from women’s body. They are:

• Shaving

• Epilating

We will discuss the two processes concerning the gadgets designed to perform each of these two tasks. Epilators and Shavers are two common terminologies you will hear so we will now take a look at the key differences and applications of the two electrical gadgets.


Epilating is a process where hairs are extracted right from their roots. Therefore, they grow again after a longer time. This is why the technique is more popular in women because they like to keep the hair off. The devices designed to meet the epilating requirements are referred to as epilators.

A Comparison of Shavers and Epilators

Here are some of the important things you should know about Epilators. We will look at them in comparison with shavers to elaborate the difference.

Hair Root Destruction

The epilators target the roots of the hair. Since the roots are damaged, the hair takes a longer time to grow back. However, epilators don’t cause any damage to the skin but may cause a bit of irritation in the initial phases.

On the other hand, shavers simply chop off the part of the hair. Since the hair is still connected to the root, it grows back quicker.

Hair Condition

As compared to hair that grows after shave, Epilated hairs are much thinner. Inevitably, the re-grown hairs are finer and don’t appear to be all that bad in areas such as legs and forearms.

With shavers, there isn’t much of a difference. In fact, the re-grown hair might be thicker and heavier than the previous ones.

Skin Condition

During a shave, there is always some part of the hair that remains on the skin. Therefore, a shaved skin may be a bit rough. On the other hand, Epilated skin is actually hair free, so it is much smoother and glowing.

If you have skin irritation problems, a shaver would be a more suitable option.

Initial Use

The principle of Epilators is same as that of a tweezer. You basically pluck the hair out, that can be hurtful especially for the first time. In an epilator, there may be 10 to 15 tweezers working together at the same time. This is why epilators often come with skin massagers to tenderize the skin before epilating.

Shavers on the other hand, are painless. They work simply on the surface of the skin, so there is no pain if you shave with care. However, if you handle roughly, shavers can cut or bruise the skin and cause bleeding.

Light Based Epilators

Light-based epilators are the modern hair removal gadgets which are mainly used in salons and spas. These gadgets are designed to make hair removal completely painless. The light based Epilators feature technology that removes hair with light. The technology is tried and tested in labs before it is put up for commercial use. Therefore, these gadgets are completely safe and give high-quality results.

Understandably, due to advanced technology, Light based Epilators are much more expensive than shavers and tweezing epilators.

Important Considerations For Buying Electric Shavers for Women

• Battery

When it comes to providing the power these gadgets, there can be multiple sources. There are cordless shavers which simply work with AA sized batteries. However, once these batteries run out, you will have to replace them. These work for nearly an hour which is a sufficient time for hair removal session. If you travel frequently and don’t get enough time for recharging, these shavers will be best for you to give quick touch ups when needed.

There are also rechargeable batteries which are more durable and work efficiently for longer. Once recharged, they can last up to nearly an hour before running out. For day to day office portability, these are ideal because you can put them on charge at night and use them again the next day.

There are AC based shavers as well, but they might become obsolete in the days to come. If you wish to only shave at home, then they are a good option, but they don’t offer portability.

• Size

If you wish to use your shaver anywhere, you should go for a compact sized unit. The ones that we have shared can easily fit into your purse or travel bag. They are small, easy to grip and also look stylish to help make a fashion statement.

• Budget

The pricing range can vary greatly as there are some amazing technologies coming up every day. However, you should understand your basic requirement before buying to avoid any loss. The commercial ones are more expensive, and if you don’t have prior experience, you should start with cheaper models.

Other Features

Some of the other secondary features that you will find in different models are listed below:

• Dry and Wet operations to allow the shaver to work with gel or foam.

• Shaver heads allow setting different levels of trimming. These heads are both changeable as well as movable.

• There are different additional accessories such as Tweezers, massagers, etc. to help relieve pain and soothe the skin.

What are the Benefits of Electric Facial Massagers?

While the electric facial massagers are not just convenience for use at the home or any place you like at your own preferred time, these also provide certain other benefits. A few of the basic benefits of these are:

• Hair Removal: These gadgets can help clear hair from almost any part of the body to give a smoother skin.

• Skin Massage: Additional accessories such as massagers and tenderizers help soften the skin before and after shaving

• Glowing Skin: A shaved skin appears glowing as well as refreshes to a great extent.


It is pretty much all you need to learn when you go to buy a decent electric shaver. Women of any age can greatly benefit from these products to appear younger and more attractive for work as well as their loved ones.

Further reading

Besides shaving, there are other methods to remove hair, like tweezing, waxing, or more advanced laser-based hair removals systems that you can operate from home.

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