Best engagement ring box

Best engagement ring box

If you’re ready to propose to the love of your life but want to do it in a special way, a unique engagement ring box might be just what you’re looking for. There are a lot of different choices out there, from high tech to handmade. You’ve just spent months trying to find her the perfect ring. Don’t worry about hunting down the perfect ring box! We’ve done all the work for you. Here’s a list of some of the best engagement ring boxes out there.

1. Ring Cam – Video Engagement Ring Box Camera (Link)

If you’re looking for a way to capture the moment or (maybe even record the moment in the hopes of going viral), the Ring Cam Video Engagement Ring Box might be the best one on the market. The camera is located on the top front of the box so that when he gets down on one knee, the lens is aimed right at her.

Much easier than hiring a cameraman and more intimate than asking a friend, this box can record her reaction without anyone else intruding on your private moment. The recording you get from this ring box will be something you will cherish forever. You can keep it to yourselves, share it with friends and family, or post it on social media for the whole world to see.

The company offers free editing and promises to have your video back to you in 24 hours. IT has 4GB of internal storage. The battery is charged with a micro-USB cable that’s included with your purchase. A fully charged battery gets you one hour of recording time, which is enough to film the proposal as well as the nervous moments leading up to it and the excitement afterwards.

If you’re looking to turn your proposal up a notch by not only creating a memory you’ll have forever, but also being able to relive it year after year, this is the best choice for you.

2. Parker Square Secret Night Box (Link)

If you’re not concerned with recording the moment and just want a really awesome way to pop the question, the Parker Square Secret Night Box has dubbed itself “the best engagement ring box in the world” and that just might be true.

The Secret Night Box folds up really flat, so it’s easy to conceal in your pants or suit pocket. The unique thing about this box it how it presents the ring. It’s the perfect size – not so small that it diminishes the importance of the ring inside but not so big that it’s difficult to conceal and keep secret.

A small LED light inside the box illuminates the ring to give the diamond some extra sparkle. When the box is opened, the ring holder lifts the ring and presents it in such as a way as to enhance beauty of the ring. The background color of the box is a deep matted blue that serves as a perfect backdrop without being too invasive.

Inside of the top of the box is a frame where you can place anything from a photo of you and your sweetheart to a special message. The box is constructed of leather so it feels really high quality. After the proposal, it’s a nice place for her to put the ring when at work, travelling, or any other time she needs to take it off.

3. The Video Engagement Ring Box (Link)

Rather than only recording a video, the Video Engagement Ring Box actually plays one. There’s a small LCD screen in the top of the box that provides you with a lot of options when it comes to proposing. You can make a video up to 10 minutes long about anything you want. Create a montage of memorable moments. Read her favorite poem. Or, just carefully choose to express the words you know you won’t be able to in the excitement of the moment.

If you choose the upgraded version, you’ll be able to play your video and record one at the same time. You can capture her reaction and create a new memory to share while waiting for her to say “yes.”

4. Deluxe Black LED Lighted Proposal Ring Box (Link)

If you’re looking for an inexpensive ring box that will make your proposal a little more special, the Deluxe Black LED Lighted Engagement Proposal Ring Box is a simple, elegant option. The outside of the box is covered in high quality PU leather. The ring sits on a dark blue velvet backdrop where a small LED light illuminates it to make the diamond sparkle and shine. It’s a simple option that has a high impact.

5. Bright Box: Princess (Link)

Another option for a simple but elegant engagement ring box it the Princess (Deluxe) box from Bright Box. This high quality, well made box is crafted from responsibly harvested solid birch. It’s lacquered in the brand’s Heartfelt Red color while the inside is lined with a matte, plush white fabric. Your ring looks like almost like it’s sitting on throne.

The white LED is bright and shines a spotlight on the diamond, enhancing the sparkle and making the moment all that much more special. It can fit any size ring and comes with a deluxe gift box. This one has a different look than most of the other options so if nothing else has caught your eye, this could be the perfect ring box for you.

6. Custom Engagement Ring Box (Link)

If you want something really personal and unique, try a Custom Engagement Ring Box. Handmade by an artist in Spain, you can have a special keepsake created that you and your wife will cherish long after the wedding.

The beautiful wooden box has several things you can customize. On the top is a heart shaped area where you can put your sweethearts initials. You can also choose to have your names, your anniversary date, the date of your proposal, or any meaningful word onto the top of the box.

The details are hand carved using an artistic font. This box is a little larger than some of the others at around 5 inches square and nearly three inches high, but it’s a great size for a keepsake that she’ll treasure forever.

7. Rose Ring Holder (Link)

The Ring Rose Holder offers something a little different than an ordinary box. Measuring around eight inches long, this silver plated rosebud opens up to reveal the engagement ring to your partner. The space inside is limited but the size of the rose, so if you have a wider band or a large diamond, it might not fit well inside. But you can easily use this as a way to carry rings in the wedding ceremony, too. They would look lovely being carried down the aisle by ring bearers.

8. DeFancy Handmade Flower Rose Ring Box (Link)

For another spin on roses, the DeFancy Handmade Preserved Flower Rose Ring Box is a clear, acrylic box that features a preserved rose inside. This is a real flower that has been preserved to last a long time that you nestle the ring into. This is a really unique presentation that she won’t soon forget.

The process is unique. First, the flowers are immersed in a compound that pulls out moisture. Then, they’re dyed a variety of colors. There are eight colors available, ranging from red to blue to rainbow. The flower looks and feels like a real flower, but will last up to five years without needing watered if cared for properly. The chemicals are the same as what is used in textiles and manufacturing and the manufacturer states the are safe and non-toxic.

9. Osye Flocking Jewelry Case Round Engagement Ring Box (Link)

For a simple, colorful option, there’s the Osye Flocking Jewelry Case Round Engagement Ring Box. Covered in plush flocking, these come in a variety of colors – pink, purple, red, and wine. Choose one that you think will show off the ring or pick her favorite color.

The inside is covered in white fabric and the ring is fastened into place by sliding it into a slot in the center. This isn’t as fancy or high tech a choice as some of the other ring boxes we reviewed, but it’s simple and elegant. If your sweetheart is, too, this might be the perfect fit.

Whether you’re hoping your proposal goes viral or if you just want a way to make a lasting memory, choosing the right engagement ring box will bring you one step closer to forever with the love of you life. If you’re looking for a special keepsake or a way to record the moment and preserve it forever, there’s an engagement ring box to help you do it.

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If you are looking for nontraditional proposal ideas, you can also consider using an eco-friendly wooden engagement ring. Or there’s nothing wrong with a classic pear-shaped diamond ring, if that fits your tastes better!

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