The best facial steamer for your home beauty salon

The best facial steamer for your home beauty salon

Having a healthy and radiant skin is everybody’s deepest desire. While handfuls are naturally blessed with baby soft skin, the majority of people have to really work hard to keep their skin maintained.

The biggest problem that you have to face in the upkeep of your skin is the formation of white/blackheads and clogged pores, which are not easy to clean at home. The poor condition of your skin also results in adding wrinkles to your face.

Facial steaming is one of the very famous beauty procedures carried out in the salons these days for dealing with these issues. A lot of people specifically go to the salon for getting this procedure done because it’s not possible to get such drastic results by doing so at home.

But, it can get really tiresome to go to the spa every other day for such a puny task. So it’s high time you got yourself a facial steamer for domestic use. Not only are they highly affordable but also very effective.

To help you with it, we have gathered a list of the best facial steamers that you can easily use at home for pampering your skin. Have a look.

1. NanoSteamer: 3-in-1 Facial Steamer (Link)

If you are looking for quality, performance and affordability all in one, then pure daily care NanoSteamer should make its ways to your skincare shelf. This is hands down the best facial steamer available in the market currently and there are a lot of reasons that makes it the best.

First of all, it is highly inexpensive and too good for its price. In a minimal price of $24, this little monster holds up 200 ml of water in a single go and gives you up to 30 minutes of nonstop steam.

Secondly, this steamer uses the Nano-ionic technology, which provides you micro mist that results in cleansing and hydrating your skin at a much deeper level. This facial steamer is multiple times better in performance in comparison to regular personal steamers.

Another interesting thing about this machine is that it can be used three different ways i.e. steamer, humidifier and for rapidly warming up the towels.

Wait, there is more! This steamer also comes with a set of tools for extracting blackheads/whiteheads and other impurities from your skin after steaming. So, say goodbye to the salon.

Why Do We Like It?

The affordable price of the steamer in comparison to the long list of features make this steamer our most preferred choice. This steamer gives you a salon-like experience at the comfort of your home. The long running time makes it easy to be used by more than one person at the same time. And being so lightweight, it can accompany you while traveling, without being a burden.


  • Multi-purpose device.
  • Lightweight and portable design.
  • Very inexpensive.
  • Running time up to 30 minutes.
  • Comes with additional tools for thorough cleaning of the skin.


  • Gives off a strong plastic smell.

2. Okachi Gliya Portable Facial Steamer (Link)

The Okachi Gliya Nano-ionic facial steamer is ideal for you if you are looking for a bit advanced level product with an excellent performance. The most striking feature of this steamer is its quick generation of powerful steam in just 30 seconds time. This means you don’t have to wait at all after switching it on.

The micro steam from the machine comes out smoothly and consistently while providing full coverage to your face. Due to the UV lamp in it, the steam you get is fully sterilized and free of any kind of unpleasant stench.

The Okachi Gliya Nano-ionic steamer also features an auto shut-off functionality that turns it off once the tank gets completely empty. The total capacity of the water reservoir is 80 ml and it provides 15 minutes of steam in a go.

This steamer also offers a 30-day money back guarantee and a 1-year warranty to make your investment secure.

Why Do We Like It?

The Okachi Gliya Nano-ionic facial steamer turns water into powerful steam in a mere 30 seconds time, making it one of the most efficient facial steamers out there. The steamer also uses UV lamp for providing sterilized steam that doesn’t just help in deep cleansing, but also in keeping your skin super healthy.


  • Produces powerful steam in just 30 seconds.
  • UV lamp for water sterilization.
  • Spa like results.
  • Silent operation.


  • Low running time.

3. Panasonic Steamer Nano Care Pink EH-SA95-P (Link)

Our next choice is for those of you who want a premium quality facial steamer with professional grade functionality. So here you go with the Panasonic steamer Nano care. This steamer is indisputably the most professional one in the market for domestic use so far.

Like the above two, this steamer also produces micro-mist that goes deep into your skin for easy removal of all the dirt and debris stuck inside. You would never have enjoyed facial steaming the way you will enjoy with this machine.

The standout point of this steamer is its dual hot and cold mist feature that helps you in adding firmness to your skin. And in giving you complete skin rejuvenation experience.

The water tank of the steamer has the capacity to hold 200 ml of water in a single go. It can quickly give both hot and cold mist for up to 7 minutes in a single turn, which is quite impressive considering the temperatures of both.

The design of the steamer is quite compact and storage friendly. However, the huge price tag of this steamer might not be an attraction for everyone.

Why Do We Like It?

The dual hot and cold mist operation is clearly the winner here. The hot mist helps up in the opening and deep cleansing of the pores, whereas, the cold mist helps in quickly closing them off. This hold/cold mist combination also fights off fine lines and wrinkles.


  • Well reputed brand.
  • Offers both hot and cold mist.
  • Professional level performance.
  • High customer rating.


  • Expensive

4. Kinga Facial Steamer Home Spa System (Link)

Another great facial steamer to be considered for home use is the Kinga Nano-ionic facial steamer that comes with remarkable features and performance. The steamer only takes a few seconds to convert the water into steam. So, make sure to finish all the prep work before turning this little beast on.

The Nano-ionic steam powerfully pushes itself into the deepest layers of your skin for easy and quick cleaning. The temperature of the steam produced is high enough to unclog all of your pores, no matter how stubborn or how badly stuffed they are.

However, no matter how high the temperature gets, it’s always below the line of danger. Forget to go to the spa for aromatherapy as this little machine will allow you to do so at your home.

This steamer gives you a quick and relaxing facial sauna without costing you a fortune. However, it prohibits the addition of any essential oils in the water tank, which is a bit of a bummer. But keeping in mind its other features and price, it’s still quite a bang for the buck.

Why Do We Like It?

The super quick production of the powerful steam gives you a quick steaming and aromatherapy session. The temperature of the steam is high but still not up to a dangerous level and produces noticeable results every single time.


  • Quickly produces steam within just 30 seconds time.
  • Auto shutoff.
  • Compact and lightweight design.
  • UV lamp for sterilization.


  • Provides only 10 minutes of steam at the full container.

5. Kingdomcares Facial Steamer Personal Sauna (Link)

Lastly, we have got the Kingdomcares Nano-ionic facial steamer that also produces micro mist for thorough cleaning of your skin. However, the nozzle of the steamer fails to provide ample coverage to the whole face, which results in a compromised performance.

Kingdomcares Nano-ionic facial steamer is ok to be used on a regular basis. The steam produced by the machine is quite ample and effective but doesn’t really provide salon like results like our other picks. The steamer comes with an auto shut-off timer that automatically turns it off after 10 minutes.

The water tank of the steamer can hold up to 90 ml of water, which is not that impressive. And for the same reason, it only produces 10-12 minutes of steam in a single run.

The usage of the steamer is quite easy with its one press button. And the UV lamp is also there for providing you sterilized steam. But, you have to be careful with it because it has the tendency of splashing water here and there. So, it can create quite a mess.

The compact and sleek design of this steamer makes it quite handy. However, the construction is a bit flimsy, so you need to handle it with care. Unless you don’t have any better options available, better not go for it.

Why Do We Like It?

The Kingdomcares Nano-ionic facial steamer is quite pocket-friendly and produces quite a powerful steam that provides excellent cleansing to your skin. The aromatherapy functionality provides you both skincare and relaxation at the same time while fighting off signs of aging.


  • Easy to operate.
  • Lightweight and portable.
  • Automatic shut off timer.
  • Silent operation.


  • Steam has a persistent mild odor.
  • Short running time.

Buying Guide – Best Facial Steamers

What’s a Facial Steamer and How Does it Work?

The concept of facial steaming goes a long way back when there wasn’t any special equipment for doing so. Before the advent of modern technology, facial steaming used to be done through a towel and bowl of hot water. You had to put your face over that bowl while covering it completely from the towel for preventing the steam from escaping.

Even now, this procedure is used for steaming your face at home when you don’t have the time to go to a spa. The procedure sounds quite a doddle but it isn’t actually. The water temperature doesn’t stay constant and it starts getting cold after a little while, stopping it from releasing the required amount of steam.

To solve this issue, facial steamers came into being. A facial steamer is a very straightforward device that provides a generous amount of steam without any pause to unclog all your stubborn pores. You just have to pour in a little water and the device keeps turning it into steam that comes out with much more pressure than the traditional water bowl procedure.

The nozzle head of the facial steamer is also constructed in a way that can cover your whole face effortlessly. This is why; the steam produced by a facial steamer is highly effective that deeply penetrates into your skin for providing a thorough cleaning. The steamer helps in getting rid of the dead skin cells and leaves your skin glowing and silky smooth.

Types of Facial Steamers

There are generally three different kinds of steamers that you can find in the market. All of these types work in almost the similar way by using heating mechanisms for turning water into steam.

  • Personal Steamers

The personal steamers are the most commonly used type of facial steamers. As their name suggests, they are for personal use at home when you don’t feel like going to the salon for a mere steaming facial. A personal steamer has a tiny plastic container that keeps water and a regulated heating component.

The head on the steamer is wide enough to fully cover your face for providing direct steam. The machine takes a couple of minutes for heating the water, which then turns into steam for up to 15 minutes. Personal steamers are great for home use because they are inexpensive, light in weight and highly portable.

  • Nano Ionic Facial Steamers

Nano-ionic facial steamers do not produce the regular steam. Instead, they produce a very fine haze that is much thinner than the actual steam. This type of steam penetrates to a much deeper level in your skin as compared to the normal one.

These steamers contain PTC ceramic heaters that waver at an ultrasonic frequency for generating tiniest water drops. These tiny drops are then puffed out by a fan located inside the steamer. These types of steamers have the capability of producing super-fine haze within half to one minute.

They also contain an ultraviolet bulb in case you want to sanitize your steam. Like personal steamers, Nano steamers are also small in size and produce 10 minutes of steam on average.

  • Tabletop Professional Level Facial Steamers

These type of steamers are quite alike the personal steamers. However, these are much bigger than those and are specially designed to be used on a professional level. These are the ones you see in the salons.

As their name already tells, they are to be placed on a flat table-like surface for usage. Although they work like personal steamers, they are much more powerful than them. Their steam releasing head is adjustable for providing you a better control and coverage.

Unlike the other two types, these steamers have the capability to hold a good quantity of water for turning it into steam for a longer time period. With all of these features, these steamers are obviously a bit on the pricier side. But, their results are incomparable.

How to Pick the Best Facial Steamer?

While commencing your hunt for the best facial steamer, you will come across a huge number of choices to pick from. Therefore, it might not turn out to be as easy as you think. However, if you have specific criteria set in your mind in terms of various aspects of the steamer; you will have much ease in choosing one.

Here you go with all the factors that you need to chew over for arriving at a final decision.

  • Price

For obvious reasons, the first and the most important factor to be considered is the price. Everybody has a certain budget which they cannot go beyond. So, it will be absurd to look for steamers that are way out of your league.

Even if you don’t have a price limitation, you still need to know that you will find huge diversity in terms of price. You will come across steamers that cost as low as $25 to a whopping $300 and more. The price, obviously, depends hugely on the effectiveness and performance of the steamer.

So, just keep in mind that if you want a professional level steamer, you will have to spend a bit generously on that. But, if your need is just a normal small sized, personal steamer, a cheaper one will also do. If this is your first time buying a facial steamer and you want it for domestic use, we’d suggest you go for a mid to low priced one.

  • Features

The second most important thing to be taken into account is the features offered by the steamer. By features, we do not mean that it will do something other than steaming. No matter how advanced, it will just do its key job, i.e. generating steam for deep cleaning your skin.

However, there are certain things that can add to the value of the steamer in terms of convenience and ease of use, for example, the size of the steamer. If you do not have much space to keep a big sized steamer, you should go for the one with a compact size.

Secondly, a small sized steamer is also easy to carry around and is highly portable. So, even if you have to leave town for some time, you can take it anywhere you like because it won’t take up too much room.

One more interesting feature that is available in facial steamers is the timer. With the presence of a timer, you can set a specific timing for every session without having to peek at the clock every now and then.

  • Power

The power that the machine consumes is also a point to ponder. For those of you who don’t know, heating equipment needs a higher power to operate than many other electronic devices. And if the power isn’t enough, the performance is not going to be good enough.

Therefore, make sure that the steamer you are getting has enough power to give you a complete facial sauna experience. As a general rule, a steamer with around 115 degree Fahrenheit heating power is quite adequate for almost everyone’s needs.

  • Types

As discussed above, there are three main types of facial steamers that all do the same job with a bit varying intensity. If you want best results, we’d suggest you go for a Nano-ionic steamer.

  • Efficiency and Performance

The performance and efficiency of the product are its biggest selling points. If you are choosing a fancy looking steamer that is not so efficient in its performance, then there is no point in picking it. For checking out the efficiency of the steamer, you need to know the time duration it takes for transforming the water into steam.

The quicker the conversion the higher the efficiency. Another thing that shows the efficiency of the steamer is the even flow of steam. The inconsistent bouts of steam show a lack of efficient performance.

However, while considering efficiency, do keep in mind that the inexpensive steamers generally take a longer time to convert water into steam than the expensive and professional ones.

Therefore, if you are not paying too much, it would be unrealistic to expect a very high conversion rate.

  • Aromatherapy

A lot of people tend to take this point for granted but it shouldn’t be like this. If you know about aromatherapy or have experienced it, you will have the idea how soothing it can be. According to some scientific theories, aromatherapy isn’t just a great stress reliever; it is also pretty advantageous for your skin.

Apart from your nerves, it also provides relaxation to your skin and kicks away the fine lines. Now you are realizing its importance, aren’t you? Well, obviously! Who minds a younger looking face?

This feature is not available in all the facial steamers, so, you will have to look for the one that offers this functionality. The addition of fragrances makes your experience a lot more pleasurable and comforting.

What Are the Advantages of Using a Facial Steamer?

  • The steam unlocks your pores, which helps you deeply cleanse and remove any dead skin cells or dirt from inside the skin. It also prevents the formation of black and whiteheads.
  • The skincare products you apply afterward get deeply penetrated into your skin because of opened and cleaned pores.
  • If you choose a Nano facial steamer, it helps in providing moisture to your skin. This results in making your skin hydrated and soft.
  • The micro mist also helps in getting rid of all the germs and bacteria hidden inside your skin. It even minimizes the risk of breakouts.
  • The steam gives you a very soothing and calming effect which helps you in relaxing.

How to Use a Facial Steamer?

  1. Thoroughly clean your face with a cleanser or face wash.
  2. Fill up the water container of the facial steamer. If needed, you can also add any essential oil to it according to your skin type.
  3. Turn the device on and wait for it to produce steam.
  4. Once steam starts coming, adjust your face in front of it from such a distance that it gives you proper coverage without burning you.
  5. Once done, scrub your face to remove all the impurities.
  6. Apply a toner or astringent for tightly closing your pores.

Important Tips Regarding Facial Steaming

  • Do not use it more than twice a week.
  • Do not use it on a dirty face.
  • Make sure to keep each session under 15 minutes.
  • Don’t place your face too close to the steamer.
  • Never skip the toner part.


Facial steaming has been a popular natural remedy for centuries for keeping the skin clean and glowing. And it still holds that position till today because of its efficacy.

While you can always do it at home the traditional way, it is always bothersome because of the mess it creates due to constant reheating and spilling of water everywhere.

Thanks to the facial steamers, the procedure has become a very easy task without costing you too much. And not to forget, the results produced are much more noticeable and better.

For best results, you may want to combine facial steaming with an electric pore cleanser or other natural blackhead remedies.

Whatever you choose, make sure to use it the right way or you will end up scalding your skin badly. For more tips regarding the use of facial steamers, check out here.


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