Best floating desks for work at home

Best floating desks for work at home

A desk is one of the most important pieces of furniture that you need to have in your work space. Whether you are choosing a desk for your work space at home, your office or simply want to install a fun piece of furniture in your kids’ room, you might be facing a lot of constraints.

Unfortunately, space always presents a big limitation when it comes to choosing the best and most appropriate pieces of furniture. If you work in a small office or from home, you might be concerned about the space you have available for a good desk. The right desk will help you stay focused and organized and this is why you need to spend some time to choose the appropriate one for the space available.

A floating desk takes up little or no floor space at all and still offers the adequate workspace. Floating desks come in all shapes and designs and range from a minimalist design to a unique and oversized desk that will make your workspace great. At the same time, good quality floating desks usually cost less than traditional ones because they are made using fewer materials. They are more versatile and so easy to install.

Why do you need a floating desk?

A floating desk is a unique furniture piece that can be securely mounted to the wall. It might seem like an unusual piece in the house or the office but those who have installed it swear by it. There are a lot of reasons why would anyone consider buying a floating desk:

You have no space available

If you are running out of creative solutions to maximum the small space you have available, then a floating desk might be your answer. It is the best solution to create room for a new partner in an already overcrowded office. Or you can easily mount a floating desk to the wall in the kitchen or the hallway to create a new office space if you decided to start working from home. Your kids will love having a lightweight floating desk for all their art projects and reading time.

All you need is a simple floating desk unlike a traditional and bulky desk that will occupy much space and cost more. Buying a floating desk will provide you with all the space you need to focus on your job without having to move out or get a new place.

You have special space needs

Floating desks are highly versatile and can be used to provide unique space solutions. The options are unlimited when it comes to what you can get from a floating desk. You can choose a minimalist sleek floating desk that will offer a unique office space. Or you can opt for a multi-level design that would feature multiple drawers and trays to fit your laptop, books and everything else.

You need more conventional storage space

Sometimes having bookshelves and drawers might not be the best option for your everyday needs. Floating desks offer more conventional storage options with drawers, bins and pockets to fit all your essentials and personal stuff. Most floating desks will also offer a great option to manage all your loose cords and wires that would normally make your desk look like a mess.

You need a personalized work space

Sometimes a one size fits all desk might not work for you. People come at different heights although most traditional desks come in the same height. In this case, you might want to install a floating desk at the proper height that would suit you for the most comfortable support while sitting down. This will not just allow you to become more productive at work but you will also deal with less pain and back problems that most traditional desk users suffer from.

You are looking for an eco-friendly workspace

Floating desks are made from fewer materials than traditional desks. If you are looking for the best eco-conscious solution then a floating desk is the one you should consider. Floating desks require less assembly and less packaging. They are basically lighter and most of them are made from recycled wood.

The best floating desks on the market

We have decided to review some of the best products on the market. These are some of the best-selling floating desks that you can choose from. All you have to do is to go through the product features and you will be able to choose the best floating desk for your needs taking into consideration your budget limit and space constraints.

1. Prepac Kurv Floating Desk, White (Link)

You don’t need a lot of space to install this wonderful bright floating desk. It is the perfect solution to create an innovative work space at your home or in the office. It might look small but there is a lot that you can get from this excellent floating desk.

Product features

  • A fresh white laminate floating desk that will brighten any space. Just install it by sticking it to any wall and you will have an immediate work space without having to purchase any bulky furniture. The modern design combines clean lines with elegant curves to stand out in any room without having to redecorate.
  • A lightweight floating desk that easily hangs to your wall with the Prepac’s cleat system.
  • This floating desk can be installed at any height you like. It is the perfect desk for tall people who have to hunch over to work on traditional desks or shorter ones who don’t feel comfortable working on a traditional desk. It is the best floating desk to install in your kids’ room to provide a fun desk space that they can use.
  • Using this floating desk is extremely comfortable you will immediately sense an improvement in your neck and back pain.
  • This floating desk comes with a cable and wire management feature to keep your workspace looking orgnized and clean. It is the best solution for people who want to avoid clutter and still want a spacious work space to be able to work and focus.
  • It features side compartments that are big enough for all your books and personal items with removable shelves to store longer items.


  • A minimalist space saving design that will not waste your precious floor space.
  • White laminate that will brighten any workspace.
  • Light desk that can be easily installed at the height of your choice to increase your comfort while working.
  • Cable and wire management to keep your workspace clutter free in addition to side compartments and removable shelves that are wide enough for all your personal items.


  • Although it is quite easy to assemble, the pieces don’t come marked. This means that you might have to spend some time to sort everything out.

2. Wall Mounted Designer Floating Desk in White (Link)

Installing a floating desk is a great option especially if you are struggling with having enough office space. It is a great piece of furniture that will give you all the work space and storage space you need without cluttering your room with a bulky piece of furniture.

Product features

  • This high-quality floating desk can be easily installed using the Prepac’s hanging system that will allow you to install it at any level. It is the best option to optimize the space you have available in your office, living room, hallway, kids’ room, bedroom or kitchen. It is made from high quality composite wood that is coated with a fresh white laminate.
  • This is the most comfortable option for people who find it uncomfortable to spend a lot of time working on a traditional desk for a long time. The stable top will work greatly for people who spend a lot of people working on a laptop.
  • The white color will match a lot of wall colors and will make your workspace look spacious and bright.
  • This desk features a rear flip up door that will conceal a storage compartment for all your adapters and power bars. There will be no messy wires that will look annoying. Now everything can be easily organized for an elegant looking workspace. Moreover, the cable and wire management allows for easy access to wall outlets for maximum convenience. At the same time, the compartments below the desk are great to store your laptop and other accessories.


  • A space saving floating desk made from composite wood and coated with white laminate that will brighten any work space.
  • A sturdy desk that can handle up to 100 Ibs of weight.
  • Easy installation at the height that you find most comfortable. The best option if you are suffering from a limited workspace or want to create a customized one for your own convenience.
  • A rear flip door to conceal your cables and wires while allowing for easy access to different wall mounts.
  • A storage compartment for your laptop and other office accessories.


  • The instructions use photos to explain the installation steps.
  • You will spend a decent amount of time to put it altogether and you will have to use different tools to do the job.

3. U-MAX Wall Mounted Floating Desk with Storage (Link)

If you are looking for more space to do your work at home or in the office, you might not be able to buy a new desk. You might not find it convenient to add a bulky piece of furniture to an already crowded and cluttered space and this is where a floating desk comes in handy.

Product features

  • This floating desk is the best to install if you are looking for an extra storage space. It features a top shelf that is big enough to store all your books, photos and binders so that you can easily access them while working.
  • This is a convenient desk that is made from composite plank which is laminated to look elegant. The desk features a hidden wire and cable management space that will conceal all your wires. Most people struggle with the wires and cables they have on the top of their desks. These cables and wires present an unnecessary clutter and will easily get tangled. Having this special compartment will make the job so much easier.
  • This is a sturdy floating desk that can handle 110 Ibs of weight. It is sturdy enough to handle all your books, binders and even laptop.
  • You can easily mount this desk to the wall. It comes with a single metal bar that you can easily attach to the wall. The bar is long enough to be fastened using 4 studs.
  • It is an efficient space saving design that you can easily buy and install anywhere for a convenient and customized workspace.


  • A light weight yet durable floating desk.
  • A fresh white laminate.
  • Sturdy enough to handle 110 Ibs of weight.
  • Can be easily mounted to the wall.
  • Features a top shelf for all your binders and books.
  • A wire and cable management compartment.


  • The screws that come with the desk are not the strongest. You might want to add your own.
  • There are too many pieces to assemble. It is better to ask someone else to help you install it.

4. Prepac Wall Mounted Floating Desk in Espresso (Link)

You don’t have to live with your chronic back and neck pain. A lot of people think that just because they have to work on a desk, there is no way they could stay comfortable. If you are one of the people who have suffered for too long from uncomfortable seating arrangements, then this floating desk is exactly what you need.

Product features

  • Thanks to the secure Prepac’s hanging system, you can mount your floating desk at the most convenient height. The hanging system is very secure and will keep your desk in place. At the same time, it is very easy to install at the level you find appropriate and comfortable.
  • This floating desk will not just save your valuable floor space. It will also keep your workspace organized thanks to the cable and wire management feature. Say goodbye to cluttered workspace and have easy access to all your wires in a blink of an eye.
  • This desk comes with a top shelf that you can use to store all your important files and binders. You don’t need anything else after installing this floating desk.
  • Redesign your desk according to your convenience. It comes with 2 removable shelves on the side of the desk that are great to keep your electronics, books and photographs.
  • This is a stylish yet simple design that will add enough workspace for all your needs.
  • It features a sturdy desk space that you can use for your laptop.
  • It comes in a classic espresso color that will make this desk look so elegant.


  • A lightweight yet sturdy desk.
  • A high quality composite wood floating desk that is convenient enough for all your work needs.
  • A cable and wire management feature to keep your space clutter free.
  • A reliable top shelf that you can use to store your files and binders.
  • Removable side compartments that you can use for your electronics, books and other personal items.
  • Enjoy easy access to everything you need while working on this floating desk.
  • A classic elegant espresso color.
  • A reliable easy hanging system. This can be easily and quickly installed and will stay in its place.
  • Once hanged, it can handle 100 Ibs of weight easily.


  • There are too many pieces to assemble.
  • You might want to use some extra bolts to secure this floating desk to the wall.

Final verdict

Buying a floating desk is a convenient option if you don’t have enough space available. Floating desks are not expensive and can be easily installed and mounted using the least amount of tools. In a matter of a few hours, you can easily install a floating desk to create a new desk space in any room.

A floating desk is a great piece of furniture that will save your valuable floor space but will still offer all the space you need. You don’t need to move to a new office or redecorate your home to install a floating desk. It is the best desk to install anywhere where there is a clear wall available. Just do your homework and choose a sturdy design. You will not regret it.

Further reading

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