How to track a cheating spouse with GPS

How to track a cheating spouse with GPS

Now and then, whether we like it or not, we need a bit of control in our lives – especially when it comes to cheating spouses. No one likes it when their supposedly “significant other” goes around their back and lies to them about their whereabouts.

If it were something as simple as a poker game that they were lying about, it wouldn’t be much of a problem. However, if the lying involves another woman, it’s obvious that you’d want to know if your husband is cheating on you – so that you can plan your next legal move or get out of there before it’s too late.

Why We Need a GPS Tracker

No one likes being cheated on; this is why you will need the best GPS tracker to keep yourself aware of your spouse’s cheating whereabouts. Since it’s very difficult to hire a private investigator (it’s very expensive and not to mention embarrassing), our best option is to go for a GPS tracker. You only need to pay for it once, and use it for as long as you want.

It’s not illegal to use a GPS tracker on your loved one – as long as you respect some rules. If you can get over the fact that it’s a bit immoral, these devices are the perfect option. Every person is entitled to their privacy – but once you get married, “me” becomes “us.” If there is trust between the two of you, then you won’t need a tracker; but if you have your doubts, you’ll want to know where your marriage is heading.

How a GPS Tracking Device Works

A GPS tracker comes in various forms and shapes, depending on who you are planning to “watch over.” They have dedicated mobile apps so that you can see where the tracker is located on the map. The tracker can be a watch, a tag-like disk or even a cell phone. Therefore, you can buy your husband a watch, add a tracker to it and he’ll never have any idea that you’re following his every move.

A GPS tracking device is made from two parts: a cellular radio transmitter and a GPS receiver (built in). By using the mobile network, the position is pinpointed and sent towards an app that you will have to install (on your cell phone or your computer). So, the next time your husband/wife is somewhere he is not supposed to be – you’ll know.

You’ll have to pay a subscription fee every month, since most trackers require third-party surveillance – but in the case of a cheating husband, you probably won’t need it more than a month. If they didn’t cheat in that month, they probably aren’t cheaters.

When to Use the GPS Tracking Device

Going for a GPS tracker should be your last option. Before resorting to this, you may want to discuss this with your spouse and get the truth out of them – since this will work for the benefit of both of you. If the relationship is not working, then you can both end it without too much of a scene.

On the other hand, if the cheating spouse won’t budge, you may want to become familiar with the law before tracking your significant other. While some states may allow you to secretly place a GPS tracker in the car of your husband, other countries consider it a violation of their privacy – so make sure that you won’t risk a fine and a restraining order by following your spouse’s every move.

Best GPS Tracking Devices

If you’ve decided that tracking your spouse is the best option, then you must look for a GPS tracker. You may want to go for the best ones that cannot be seen or found by your husband or spouse. The last thing you’ll want is for your spouse to find the GPS tracker before you get the chance of catching them in the act.

Here are some options that stood out the most.

1. Our Choice: PY TEC Mini Portable GPS Tracker (link)

If you have someone you need to spy on, this SPY TEC device should be perfect for the task. It’s compact to the point that it’s almost as tall as a battery – which makes it easy to slip on someone.
You can attach it anywhere: to a vehicle, to a belt, or you can even hide it in the person’s bag. Every time that person leaves an area, you’ll get a message – therefore, you can do some real-time surveillance. It does cost a small $25 fee every month, but overall, it’s an excellent GPS tracker that provides accurate results.

Important tip for all GPS trackers

We recommend that you buy SPY TEC magnetic case (Amazon link) to go with the tracker. If you get another brand, look for the appropriate case as well. GPS trackers work best when there is a clear connection to the GPS satellites. This means that they do not always work well when inside a glove compartment or thick box. However, if you are trying to hide the GPS tracker, you can’t just leave it out in the open, either. A magnetic case will attach the undercarriage of your car on the outside and provide a strong signal while being difficult to spot.

2. DATABLAZE Real Time Mini GPS Tracker (link)

This one is considered the best small GPS tracker that is less than two inches. It has an online dashboard that is very easy to use, so you won’t have to bother with complex features. You can attach this in a car, a boat and even a hidden pocket of a suit; no one will ever know it’s there. The Li-polymer battery will last up to two weeks, so you won’t have to look for it every day to recharge it.

3. OPTIMUS Real Time GPS Tracker (link)

With a $20 fee per month, this tracking device is easy to use and plant. It’s compact enough so that you can place it in a pocket or car, without your husband even noticing. This way, you’ll always be able to see where your spouse is.

4. VECTU Portable GPS Vehicle Tracker (link)

If your husband doesn’t go anywhere without his car, then this is the perfect device to spy on them. You can place it anywhere (such as under the seat or in a hidden area), and it will send real-time data on your phone about your spouse’s location.

Final Words

So far, the best device for tracking is the Spy Tec, but the others seem to be pretty reliable as well. However, make sure that the use of such a monitoring device is your last, desperate option. If there is no trust and honesty between the two of you, then this should ring a few alarm signals that your marriage isn’t going anywhere.


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