Best home laser hair removal systems (and why spas hate them)

Best home laser hair removal systems (and why spas hate them)

If you are like most ladies, you must’ve tried different means to get the unwanted hair to go away for good. However, today’s busy lifestyle gives a little time to spend at beauty spas or for the time out to visit skin care consultants. Most of us prefer an easy to use device for effective hair removal, right at home.

For quick and easy hair removal, at your convenience and from home you must look at the recent home laser treatments getting ever popular by the day. These are safe, convenient and easy to use and give you lasting smoothness and hair free look.

Let’s have a look at some of the most popular home laser treatment devices.

1. Tria Beauty Hair Removal Laser 4X (Link)

The Tria hair removal laser was amongst the very first home lasers that were FDA certified for safety. The laser remover gives you the same great results as any professional laser. The 4X technology gives you the best results that make it a winner in terms of lasting smoothness.
Very simple to use, even by the non-professionals, it can be used at all contours of the body, i.e. even on the sensitive regions. It has special sensors to sense the skin tone and work on it as a built-in safety mechanism. Preferred by most of the women for super-fast and lasting results this one is highly recommended for home use.

Also, the product comes with a three-month money back guarantee. Although it does take considerable time and patience to give your skin the smooth, sleek, shiny toned appearance, the results make it worth it.

This product is also recommended by dermatologists and skin care professionals due to its safety and high-quality results. You will notice your skin will get smoother, supple and softer after use and those hairs won’t pop-out for quite some time.

This one stands as the Number 1 choice for home laser treatment. It is not only affordable and convenient but also safe and gives actual results.

Why Do We Like It?

If you are looking for quality and safety, then this is just the product you need to bring home. Although not quite pocket-friendly, it’s reliable and ideal for long-lasting smoothness and hair free days. It also has a digital display and is very light and portable enough to be taken with you as you set out for your vacations.

Moreover, the product works reliably clearing the face and other sensitive areas that may fall beyond the reach of the other devices.


  • Includes skin sensor.
  • Portable.
  • Great for use on the delicate areas.
  • FDA Approved.


  • Cannot be used over 40 minutes on a single charge.
  • Lasts for only 90,000 flashes.

2. Remington iLIGHT Pro Hair Removal System (Link)

Although it comes with certain benefits for the user, the Remington iLIGHT Pro is ranked at number 2, after the Tria beauty hair removal laser for use at home.

The product gained immense popularity since it was launched. Just by being part of the Remington family, the quality and standard are two things that you cannot doubt about it.

It is also FDA approved and gives you smoothness that can last up to six months. The head is larger than most of the home use devices, which makes it better for use on the thighs, back and the wider areas. However, for the smaller areas, particularly the pubic region, you may find it tricky to use.

On the positive side, it has the skin tone sensors, energy level settings, fast flash rate and skin touch sensors all packed into one portable device. But, you will only get 65,000 flashes and will have to look for a replacement cartridge once you run out of these.

Remington uses the very same expert level quality for this one so that you get the same professional results, sitting at home, at a nominal cost. Moreover, you do not have to worry about the battery running out in the midst of the action as well with this one.

Why Do We Like It?

The device gives you a fast and smooth action and that too at a lower cost as compared to many of the other brands. The cartridge needs to be replaced after you’ve consumed all the zaps and it works for longer hours even on a single charge.


  • A large head to cover greater area fast.
  • Lower price as compared to others.
  • Does not need a recharge for over 2 hours on average.
  • Up to 65,000 flashes.


  • You need to buy a replacement cartridge after finishing the flashes.
  • Not easy to use on the smaller areas.

3. Silk’n Flash&Go Hair Removal Device (Link)

Another device designed for use on the body as well as for facial hair removal. You get up to 5,000 pulses for effective hair removal. However, upon using up all the pulses, you need to buy another cartridge. Just replace and get those hairs go away with just a zap. However, the hair length is most important here.

The product will not ever work the same as the above options on the smaller hair. You may have to wait for months to get the growth to use it. Plus, like many of the other home laser treatments, you cannot use this on the darker skin tones. It works on the lighter skin, but you have to go through the skin tone chart to know which exactly your skin color is.

If you have lighter hair color, then too you will not get the same results. Moreover, it is not the right product for you, if you are looking for instant results. You need to go through at least 2 – 4 long sessions to actually see the results.

The battery life is not too satisfying either. But it comes at a low cost compared to other options available to you and can be used on the face and other sensitive areas of the skin.

Final Word

At such an attractive price it does offer value for money. It delivers results although not as effectively as the other top options. It is safe, convenient and easy to use. But still, it is in no way comparable to the results of Tria and Remington discussed above.


  • The head is the right size for covering the smaller as well as wider areas.
  • The replaceable cartridge that lasts a lifetime.
  • Includes the skin color sensor.
  • Pain-free pulse light technology.


  • Requires about four treatment sessions before giving you results.
  • Only 5000 pulses per cartridge.
  • Does not work on the shorter length of hair.

Buying Guide – Laser Hair Removal System

The term laser is enough to scare away many of the potent people. Most of the concerns are about the safety and reliability of these products.
However, upon conducting a little survey by yourself, you will know that these are not just safe but also convenient and very easy to use for long term hair removal.

So from amongst the hundreds of options for hair removal systems available in the markets today, how do we know which one is the best for us?

Here are some of the major considerations that can help you decide just that.

  • Price: At first glance you will find the prices to be too high for such a small device. However, compared to those of the visits to the dermatologists or skin care experts for the treatments, this is only a fraction of the costs. On average, it is about $300 for these devices.
  • Skin Tone: Most of these treatments are usually a big NO for the darker skin tones. You need to go through the manual and thoroughly check for the suitability of each product for your skin type to ultimately decide on the one.
  • Quality: Quality is most important here. Make sure to buy a renowned brand with superb quality. Cheaper brands and low-quality equipment may cause burns, damage to the skin and more harm than good.
  • Operation Costs: Be wary of those devices which initially have a low price, but require replacement cartridges – often every month – which may actually cost far more than the equipment itself in the later years.
  • Hair Color: Unfortunately, the laser technology is not advanced enough till date to work on the lighter hair colors. So if your hair is white, gray or blonde, most of the devices may not be able to detect the tone and will not give you effective results. Be sure to read through the instructions and manual before getting started.


The best of these devices are FDA approved. This makes it safe and even effective for hair removal. The devices are made to be used at home and so work at lower levels as compared to the professional devices used at the clinics.

Plus, there are built-in safety mechanisms which actually do not let you power on the device unless it is placed the right way onto your skin. A few may even require you to enter a code at start up to keep it safe from being turned on by the ever-curious kids.

The skin sensor, part of the best of the devices, makes it also safer for the dark skin. It doesn’t allow you to zap on it at all to keep you safe from damage and burns.

So buy a high-quality device, known and recommended by most experts like the Tria above. You can use it at home without a doubt about its safety.

Laser Safety Goggles

Since the eyes are one of the most sensitive areas, for additional safety you can try to keep them shielded while working with the laser. An effective way used by women all over the world is by wearing the laser safety goggles.

If the device is not placed right on the skin, you may be risking exposure of the laser to the eyes. For your ease, there are some very good low-cost options on

Check out the Multi-Wavelength Eye Laser Protective Goggles, a great option for use along with the laser treatment device.
For more safety, check out these Dos and Don’ts of laser hair removal.

How Can I Get More Effective Results from the Laser?

If you have the budget, you can buy the top rated product straight off the shelves. However, often it does not work that way.
One product may actually not be the best choice for all.

So, here are some Tips for Home Hair Removal Laser Treatments that can actually help you make a more informed decision.

  • Do the homework. Carry out some research and check out the customer feedback before jumping onto the bandwagon.
  • Carefully go through the instructions, the user manual and the general guidelines about home laser treatments.
  • Know your skin and hair color before starting the treatment. This will keep you safe from burns, skin darkening, the formation of blisters and redness.
  • Read the manual and if you have any medical conditions, do NOT use the device.
  • Use a numbing cream to minimize the pain especially around the sensitive areas.
  • Avoid exposing your skin to the sun before starting the treatment and even afterward. The time for the preexposure and postexposure limit is mentioned on the product’s respective manual.
  • Do not use the devices near the eyes.

Does this Method of Hair Removal Work?

No matter how hard it may be to swallow the fact, but laser technology is widely being used for hair removal all over the world.

However, since its inception, it required people to actually visit the centers where they provided the laser hair removal. The results were visible after a few sessions.

Now, this method was effective but very costly and required you to visit the consultants for 3-4 times on average. You can do it whenever and wherever you want and that too at a far reduced price.

These are safe, and the results last for six months and even a year and visibly reduce the occurrence of hair.

What are the Benefits of Laser Treatment?

As compared to the other methods of hair removal, the laser hair removal is:

  • Less painful than threading and waxing.
  • Keeps the hair away for months. Even years!
  • Comes at a far lower price than the costs associated with having it done at professional clinics.
  • Very effective.
  • Can be done at your convenience and ease.
  • Safe and reliable.


So for all those women who are on the go round the clock, these home laser hair remover devices are a blessing. We have worked out the top products for your ease so you can make an informed decision and get rid of those annoying hair for a long time. We hope the above guide was helpful for you to decide the right laser for your skin.

Further reading

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  1. Beth says:

    I have not tried any of the products above but have had hair laser treatments in an office. I must correct the statement being less painful than threading. Hair laser treatments are 10x more painful than threading. Both were for facial treatments. I’ve tried countless hair removal products over the years including electrolysis. Currently I am using a natural product that seems to be working showing less over time. Ah finally! I may write about the journey one day.

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