Best Jelly shoes for women

Best Jelly shoes for women

Every woman who grew up in the 1980s most likely had a pair of jelly shoes. They were a popular shoe for little girls because they were durable and, when the finally did wear out, they were inexpensive to replace. Today, more than 30 years later, jelly shoes are back and better than ever. While they’re still durable and inexpensive, they aren’t just for little kids anymore. You can find stylish ballet flats, buckled sandals, and even jelly heels. Here are some of the best jelly shoes for women.

1. Crocs Isabella Jelly Flat (Link)

The Isabella Jelly Flat resembles the original jelly shoe from the 1980s. The open design features a cut out floral pattern and a peep toe. But that’s not all. They not only look cute – they’re Crocs, so you know they’re extremely comfortable. Made of a durable synthetic material, they’ll stretch to fit your feet perfectly. The bottoms have tread on the heel and ball of the feet so you have good traction and won’t slip. Available in five different colors – black, bronze, coral, oyster glitter, and turquoise – there’s a pair of Isabella Jelly Flats to match any outfit and occasion. Wear them to the pool, out running errands, or for a casual night out. Everyone will ask where you got your shoes. And no one will believe they’re Crocs.

2. Generation19 Soft Retro Jelly Buckle Closure Sandals (Link)

For a pair of jelly sandals in a fisherman design, check out this pair from Generation19. They have a strong, durable rubber sole that can stand up to a whole summer walking along the boardwalk or on the beach. The T-shaped adjustable ankle strap and woven toe design have the same style as a leather sandal. They’re available in a wide range of colors, too. The white and beige designs are opaque while the black see-through design has accents of glitter. And speaking of glitter, the clear and gold designs look like they’re practically made of it because it’s so dense. These shoes have a fine tread on the sole for just the right amount of grip, too. They’re a little more solid than a slip on and give your foot a lot more protection.

3. Crocs Strappy Isabella Flat (Link)

Because these are Crocs, you can trust that they’re durable and comfortable. The strappy Isabella flat is a different take on our number one jelly shoe. While the Isabella Flat a floral cut outs, the Strappy Isabella design is, well, strappy. Four thin straps go over the toes while two more go over and around the ankle. They have a good amount of tread and cushioning on the heel and the ball of the foot. They also come in a variety of color choices and some colors even have a contrasting accent on the two center foot straps. The black strappy Isabella flat is all one color, but the bronze, carnation, oyster, turquoise, coral, island green, and cerulean blue all include one or two accent colors. These shoes look so different from color to color that you might want to consider ordering more than one pair!

4. Paul Kevin Jelly Wedge Beach Sandals High Heels Glass Slipper Shoe (Link)

It might be hard to believe but these this jelly heel is so beautiful, you might want to consider wearing them to your wedding. What could be better than a shoe that looks like a glass slipper that’s really comfortable and won’t break you budget? The upper part of these shoes are made of small, five petal flowers fused together and the overall effect is a delicate, almost deconstructed look. Each color – black, gold, pink/purple, and silver – has glitter throughout the material. In low light, they practically shimmer on your feet. The soles of these shoes have molded tread so they’re safe to wear on the dance floor without worrying about slipping.

5. Glaze Jelly Ballet Flat (Link)

These jelly flats come in three different patterns and colors. First, there’s a crosshatched pattern that looks delicate and shimmers and shines thanks to the glitter embedded throughout the jelly material. This one is available in gold, blush/coral, and black. Note, black does not contain glitter. Another pattern is large, abstract loops that are a little more open than the crosshatch design. These come in pewter, purple, rose, silver, and hot pink. A third pattern is more solid and resembles flames – large, curvy sections work their way from the sole to the top of your foot, overlapping and ending with a slight point on the top of your foot. This one comes in black with silver glitter, and clear with different glitter options: gold, silver, and purple/multicolor. This last design gives your foot the most coverage of the three. The soles are textured and make these a great show for almost any occasion.

6. J. Adams Platform Sandal (Link)

If you’re looking for something a bit more retro and funky, you’ve found it. These statement-making  J. Adams Platform sandal will grab everyone’s attention. The platform sole is about 2.25” inches thick but it’s solid and supportive. The cushioned insole helps adds extra support and the rubber outsole is durable and built to last and is slip resistant. These will add a lot of height and go well with everything from jeans to skirts to graduation gowns! They’re currently available in bright fuchsia and clear with silver glitter.

7. Room Of Fashion Stacked Heel Ankle Strap Jelly Sandal (Link)

These jelly heels are modeled after a fisherman sandal. They have a thick ankle strap and a faux woven effect on the toes. The heel is about 2.35” high so you’ll get quite a bit of height with these shoes but they’re still easy to walk in. And don’t worry, the soles have thick tread so you don’t have to worry about slipping. The rounded toe and gloss finish make these a must see. They’re available in opaque beige and clear with silver glitter. They’re comfortable and somewhat pliable while still being exceptionally durable and supportive.

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