Best kegel weights for your pelvic floor muscle exercises

Best kegel weights for your pelvic floor muscle exercises

The female world has a lot of challenges which affect our bodies over time. When issues such as pregnancy, childbirth, surgery, and progress in age come to our lives, certain parts of our bodies weaken, and the pelvic floor muscles become one of the victims.

That is why after the various factors that contribute to the weakening of the pelvic floor, you need Kegel exercises with the best Kegel weights contributing to betterment. Performing Kegel exercises strengthens the pelvic floor muscles which are responsible for supporting the small intestines, rectum, bladder and uterus.

You can either schedule for the practice or just perform it anytime you are free. Before you go for the Kegel weights help, follow the following guide first to learn how you can use them to contract and relax your pelvic floor muscles.

Why do kegel exercises matter?

Other than the previously mentioned factors, other health problems such as constipation, chronic coughing, and weight gain also contribute to weakening of the floor muscles.

You will benefit from Kegel weights and the exercises if your answer is yes to any of the following questions:

  • Does urine leak when you cough, laugh or sneeze?
  • Is there a sudden urge to go back to the johns just after a short call?
  • Does your fecal incontinence (stool leaking)?
  • Do you notice decrease in the fun while in the bedroom?

With Kegel weights, the exercise can occur after childbirth or during pregnancy in a bid to prevent urinary incontinence and strengthening of the pelvic floor. However, if the condition is severe, Kegel exercises are less helpful which means consulting a physician first. Also if you experience leaking when the bladder is full, Kegel weights will not help you.

Kegel weights verses kegel exercises

A physician who is considering going natural will advise you to do 80-100 Kegels in a day. Well, it might make the difference but use of a Kegel weight means that you substitute the strenuous exercise with 15 minutes of using the ball. Unless other complications prohibit using a Kegel weight, it poses as the better option if you have little time for leisure and exercise.

Most of the manufacturers and physicians will advise you to do the Kegel exercises with the weights loaded if there is nothing deterring you from using the balls.

Choosing your right size

The weight balls are of different sizes so that they can suit the vast majority of those seeking the exercise. So, what works for your friend may not work for you unless you share the same specifications; which is seldom. The difference in sizing necessitates the need to choose a pack that you can feel comfortable when worn. It also needs to stay in place when performing upright Kegel exercises.

Since Kegel weights are made to remain in position, they suit women who have had vaginal delivery before.

How to know your internal size

The following ways relate to how you can measure your size before going for a particular pack.

  • Which tampon size do you prefer? Large. Medium or small.
  • Which type of delivery did you undergo? For Caesarean type, the internal size will range from small to medium. Normal delivery calls for medium to large internal size.
  • Can you snug fit two fingers side-by-side? Medium internal size will suit you.
  • Is the dimension greater the 2-finger space? Consider medium to large internal size.
  • Do small tampons slip out? That goes to a medium to large internal size.

The starting weight

Variance in weight in the broad Kegel weights category is brought about by the different manufacturers. It is a good idea to start with the smallest weight available that you can squeeze and fit comfortably using the pelvic floor muscles. It should be done repetitively to know whether you will advance to the next weight on the grid or not. Others will advise you on starting with the largest and heaviest and progress downwards. Both ways are meant to work for you depending on your current status.

The best part about most manufacturers is that they consider selling a pack of weights as opposed to one. That is why some Kegel balls are available in sets with each ball having a different weight. They are suitable for progression – a feature that allows you to start with the smallest weight option or the one appropriate for you at the moment.

Upgrading to heavier ones depends on what the period dictates and desire to have more weight in use.

  • For weak pelvic floor muscles: Start with the lightest.
  • When progressing to stronger muscles: This is where a set comes in. It is advisable to start with a set of Kegel balls that allow you to add or reduce weight as you progress.

The design

There are two basic models of Kegel balls: The single ball and two balls held together with a harness.

Single balls:

  • They are the lightest
  • Best use goes to small internal size
  • It suits the beginners

Two balls:

  • They vary from medium to heavy weight
  • They favor medium to large internal sizes
  • Best for women seeking to progress

Consider safety first before using kegel weights

Before you go for the suitable Kegel balls, please read the following on safety.

  • Quality: High-quality Kegel weights do not erode faster when compared to lower quality balls.
  • The material used: Kegel balls are made using body safe PC ABS or silicone, and they should be free of Phthalate. Those containing Phthalate are poor in quality, and they erode after continued use meaning that the harmful substance accumulates in your body. This gives rise to health endangerment making the use of Phthalates to be banned in some countries. What we feature in our guide includes products that are free of the dangerous element.
  • Cleaning up: Kegel weights that are smooth with porous-free surfaces clean better and thorough than the porous ones. Those with ABS plastics can be boiled for sterilization. Kegels with deep ridges make cleaning to be almost unmanageable.
  • Assurance: Products that have a guarantee can boost your belief in using them especially where the safety of the user is involved.
  • Lubricant in use: If you have a Kegel weight set with silicone-based or petroleum lubrication, they can lead to eroding the surfaces that are plastic based. Consider using water-based lubricants since they do not corrode surfaces and the internal body tissues having nothing harmful to absorb.

Kegel weights top reviews

With the guide having all the vitalities that you need to take into account, here is what we found out after performing trials and involving detailed customer reviews.

Intimate rose Kegel exercise weights (Link)

Using Kegel weights and performing the exercises helps regain the pelvic muscles strength. Intimate Rose helps get you get the first round of the task done by using it for 15 minutes before settling for the day or when performing light chores. These weights aid in regaining the strength of muscles holding the bladder, getting tighter, prevention of prolapse and the need to stop leaking.

Intimate Rose boasts to be the only brand you will find in local clinics with the customer support having a physical therapy specialist to answer your questions. Women of all ages have shared their success while using this product which is widely used in the official American Physical Therapy Association training.

The Kegel exercise weights come as a set of six varying weights which accommodates women with different pelvic muscles strength level. So, no matter where you start, there is always room for improvement. Safety information dictates that you should consult your doctor or health advisor before making any attempt especially if you are pregnant or just gave birth.

Use warm water and antibacterial soap to clean the weights before and after use. Don’t use it if you are flowering (menstruating) and use a water-based lubricant when need be. Achievement of the desired results needs proper and regular use which means paying attention to the teachings provided.

If you are looking for the right size to use, pick your selected weight and see whether you can hold it for two minutes. If you can, use that for the next 15 minutes, and it is advisable to do it when having the morning shower. You shall move to the next step as you gain strength.

Those who have used this product cite that you should only use it when having light activity to avoid flying out.

Nurse Hatty Kegel Exercise Weight System (Link)

Nurse Hatty got the inspiration for creating Kegel weights after training many women to get it right in Kegel exercises. The Nurse Hatty Kegel Exercise Weight System came to be after the experience so that individuals with different canal sizes can all be included in the list. The weight system has 5 exclusive shapes ranging from extra small to extra-large which enables the users to progress in having different weights if they want to continue challenging the pelvic floor to be stronger.

Doing the exercise is aided by the biofeedback system that vibrates to remind you to flex the muscles in the 15 minutes workout plan. The difference in canal size which is brought about by pregnancy and deliveries among other factors is countered by the various widths of the balls that range from 20.6mm to 36mm. On the other hand, the progressive weights are between 12.2g to 83g which takes care of the varying holding strengths as you start and after advancement.

Going about the exercise begins with a 7-step training program in a 20-page users’ guide which has everything you need to know. It is translated into seven languages thereby able to serve a large population. The making of the weights involves sterilized stainless steel that is covered with a layer of medical grade silicone. It is smooth and soft so inserting is not a hassle. The casing is made of ABS plastics which completes the triple protection design fit for bladder control during pregnancy and after delivery.

More safety is guaranteed by the waterproof surface that is hypoallergenic and free of Latex, BPA, Phthalate, Dioxin, and perfume. For more information, Nurse Hatty is available to receive any issues affecting your exercise or questions on what is not yet clear in the guide.

BANGCHIC Set Kegel Weights (Link)

A pack of three drilled crystal quartz jade eggs is what comprises the BANGCHIC set. The difference in sizes makes the set one of the best yoni egg Kegel weights. The Yoni which basically means your womb or the canal entrance is among the organs that need support from the pelvic floor muscles. Working with the set helps in strengthening the muscles as high sensitivity allows you to have more control of the lower body part. There are many sensitive spots in the canal that we are not aware of and the egg awakens them gently with continued use.

Inserting the Yoni egg is easy. You just need to lay down comfortably with your legs apart and start with the large part first. Use the fingertips to ease it in. Once it is inside, the walls will aid the egg to move and this can be done while you are performing household chores or when meditating. It is advisable that you sterilize it first in between the uses with warm water. No detergents, soaps or brushes are needed when cleaning. If need be, consider using tea tree or vinegar solution. The weights allow you to progress in the challenge since the smallest one weighs 17 grams and the heaviest has 57 grams.

Instructions direct you to use the egg every day following the recommended cycle. For more vaginal weightlifting, you can tie the pouch with the eggs to the string which adds weight. You can run while barefoot or walk which encourages core engagement. During menstruation, it is advisable not to use the eggs but you can try using a mooncup which is cheaper in the long run if you want to continue exercising.

If you have infections that trouble you from time to time, consult a physician first before trying the eggs. Also, if you had a baby or you are undergoing menopause, you need the set with all the three sizes present. Start with the large one and gradually switch to smaller after the first few trainings.

Polar Jade Nephrite Jade Egg Kegel Weight (Link)

The last one on our top selection goes to the Polar Jade Nephrite Jade egg which is one jade egg that delivers everything that the weak pelvic floor muscles need. The healing stone is very popular and useful among the Chinese, and its help has made it rank as the best jade egg you will find on the market.

Its package contains one nephrite jade egg, a box of dental floss retrieval cord that is 55 yards long and does not contain wax or flavor. The jade egg is medium sized with 43mm x 30mm serving as the dimensions, and it is horizontally drilled at the smaller end.

Using the product needs certification and the Polar jade takes care of that to ensure that it is genuine and natural as the specifications show. The material used in making the stone is very solid, hard and dense which means you have the chance to use it for longest period considerable. Since the nephrite jade stone is 100% natural, you will find no dye and the color varies between dark green to black due to natural variations.

The best part goes to other inclusions that consist of a small cleaning brush for cleaning the drilled hole after use. There is also a purple jewelry pouch that is suited for weightlifting. That makes everything set to start exercising as soon as you receive the delivery. The stone’s size can be used at all times and in all levels of training. Its durability means that you will not be going for another set anytime soon after the purchase.

In the quest to trigger natural healing capacity, the nephrite jade is scientifically known to radiate lowest frequency infrared rays which are beneficial to your body when it comes to blood circulation and the skin. Women in their sixties have found the remedy in this healing stone. It has proved to promote better bladder control and provoke the sagging of uterus and bladder.

The best kegel weights now in the rescue mission

Women who have enlarged canals due to various factors now have a reason to go for Kegel exercises with the help of Kegel balls filling the weights part. There are different sizes to consider and when you buy a pack with varying weights, it implies that you are spoilt of choices.

Take your time as you exercise and pay attention to what the instructions say. You will have nothing to worry about if everything is orderly and after a short duration, everything will be reflecting back to normal.

Enjoy Kegel exercises with the best Kegel weights from our featured selection.

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