Best Korean blush

Best Korean blush

You’ll agree with me that we all want a natural look after our makeup routine. The look is mostly accomplished when using products that sink and blend with our skin.

The best blush will give you just that if you use the correct one. It is able to highlight the cheeks giving you a youthful and glowing look.

You’re about to learn more about the best Korean blush and how to choose the best for your skin.

The best part?

The review is in-depth giving details on what to consider, the types of blush available and some of the best products to choose from.

Buying Guide

Before choosing the best Korean blush, consider the following;

Skin Type

We have different skin types ranging from dry, oily or a combination. Know your skin type so as to be able to match a blush that is meant for your skin type.

Some of the products are specified for different skin types. Ensure that you check the product details to find a product that blends.


The pigmentation defines how light or dark the shade of a product is. The pigmentation you choose depends on the skin tone.

Vibrant shades compliment individuals with a pale skin and darker hair. However, fair-skinned people can use blush with any pigmentation.

Type of blush

There are different types of blush to choose from. Certain types work better with different skin types. Oily skin people are best suited for gel and powder type of blushes.

On the other hand, dry skin goes well with cream blushes. People with normal skin types can use any type of blush although liquid and gel work best.

It gets complicated for users with a combination of skin types since they have to combine different types of blush to get a natural and glowing look.

The type of blush also affects the efficiency of application to minimize unevenness and formation of a cake layer.

Number of colors

Choose a blush with a number of colors to give you options to choose from. The colors range from orange, pink, bronze, red and lilac.


Identify the ingredients that make up the blush to identify any chemicals that may react negatively with your skin.

Some of the products are made with ingredients that hydrate and protect your skin from harmful sun rays. The formulation also affects the smell of the blush.

Types of blush

There are three main types of blush available. They include;

Powder blush

These are in powder form and are suitable for users with oily skin. They have the ability to absorb excess oil from the skin. The powder blush are the most common type in the market. They last longer than the other types and have many colors to choose from.

Cushion blush

These are blushes in liquid form and have a cushion or sponge for application. They are matte, non-creamy and glossy making them suitable for all skin types.

Cream blush

The cream blush comes in a creamy or cakey form. They are able to add a layer of color on the skin. Moreover, they have a moisturizing and protective effect making them suitable for dry skin types.

The cream blushes also reduce flakiness on the skin. They are also popular since they blend easily with the skin types giving a soft and transparent look.

Review of products

Etude House {New} Lovely Cookie Blusher – #6 Grapefruit Jelly (Link)

The blush from Etude house is an upgrade of the 2012 cookie blusher. It weighs 8.5 grams and comes in a coral pink color with no pearl. It has a cute and unique packaging making it presentable.

There’s more.

The design makes the Korean blush slim so that it easily fits into the purse. It is a powder type of blush that readily absorbs skin oil to give you a relaxed look.

The lovely cookie blusher has a formula that enables it to dry to a matte finish. It is convenient to use throughout the day to touch up the cheeks.

Moreover, after application, you get a youthful glow and a final natural look. Using the lightly pigment blush, one can modify their look by applying more or less blush.

You can use a brush, puff or the fingers to apply. It has a perfume smell that masks the chemical smells.

The powder Korean blush from Etude House is a must have since it comes with great packaging, can fit in your purse, its ease of application and gives a natural look.


  • Provides ease of application
  • It absorbs oil on the skin to give a natural look
  • The blush is affordable
  • Easily fits in a purse


  • The perfume smell is not pleasant

​​The Face Shop Lovely ME:EX Pastel Cushion Blusher #1 Rose Cushion by Unknown (Link)

The EX Pastel cushion blusher is a product from the Face Shop. It comes in an adorable packaging and weighs 5 grams. It comes in five different colors to choose from. The color variations include rose, plum, coral, peach and pink cushion.

How can you actually use this?

The rose cushion gives defined rosy cheeks upon application. It is a powder type of Korean blush that is suitable for oily skin. Its formulation has a non-chalky powder that absorbs oil from the skin. Moreover, it has a sebum-controlling formula that inhibits the excessive production of oil by the skin pores.

It is among the best Korean blush as it has a high pigmentation. Your face gets a pretty, subtle and vibrant look after use. The application is simple using the cushion.


  • Has a rich formulation
  • It is simple and quick to apply
  • There are other color variations to choose from
  • The blush goes a long way since it needs a small amount in every application.


  • It doesn’t last

IOPE Air Cushion Blusher SPF30/PA++ 9g – Rose Pink (Link)

Firstly, this Korean blush is from IOPE. The ingredients making the blush include mineral water XP 30% and natural colors.

The Air Cushion Blusher is a premium product that makes the cheeks bright upon application. Furthermore, the blush brings out a natural glow to your face.  It features a white top and a base with peach sherbet.

The product is designed with a sunlight protection setting it apart from other products.

Why is this important?

The sunlight protection is possible due to the presence of SPF 30 and PA++. SPF 30 protects against UVB rays while PA ++ shields against UVA rays.

The 30% mineral water XP part of the formulations keeps the skin hydrated to prevent skin breakouts. The blusher has a gentle and smooth texture that allows even application. The application is simple with the use of the puff.


  • It has a sunlight protection formulation
  • It hydrates the skin
  • The blush creates a bright and glowing skin
  • Suitable for beginners


  • Relatively expensive when compared to other brands
  • It is light and needs a large amount to bring out the color

​​Peripera Ah Much Real My Cushion Blusher, Cheerful Orange, 0.68 Gram (Link)

You’re about to learn about the Korean blush from Peripera. It is a splendid cushion blusher that is easy to use. The product comes in a tube container making it different from the conventional flat blush compacts.

It has a unique applicator tip that helps attain a smooth and soft finish.

How can you use it?

The applicator is attached to the tip of the blush container. You can also use your fingers if uncomfortable with the applicator.

It is a moist emulsion type of blusher in liquid form suitable for dry skin types. The blush gives an orange shade for the cheeks.

The formulation is hydrating giving the user a finish that is cake-free. The hydrating formula includes vitamin E and floral extracts for nourishment.

Moreover, the product ensures a blendable and buildable color that gives a natural look.


  • It is an easy to use blush
  • The design and packaging is unique
  • Provides a soft, smooth and even finish
  • It hydrates and nourishes the skin


  • ​ It is not long lasting
  • The pink color is not noticeable upon application
  • It rubs off applied make-up


The right blush is able to give you an amazing natural look. Before choosing the best Korean blush, it is important to know your skin type, tone and needs.

There are three types of blush to choose from including powder, cream and cushion.

Most importantly consider other factors such as the colors available, the formulation, pigmentation and skin type. Read the product details carefully and get reviews from different users.

Try one of the best Korean blush today to enhance your look.

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