Your best korean cleanser buying guide

Your best korean cleanser buying guide

After your facial skin has carried tons of makeup all day, you need something to clean it up before resting to bed. After traversing through some of the favorite Korean channels, one thing I noted is that most of the featured stars have gorgeous skins, to say the least. After some research and questions, there was another conclusion other than the genes – what they use to clean up after presenting.

A solution for everyone

The advice offered was quite an expensive ordeal since they are individuals who can afford a dermatologist. For us to ease the searching job for the vast majority who can’t afford to go lavish, we took advantage of numerous products on the cleansing aisle to come up with the best Korean cleansers in the market. We also included a guide to help you narrow down your search and get what you want. Before we look at the guideline, please go through what we found out during our search.

Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Pore Cleansing Foam (Link)

You now have a solution to that oily skin that keeps breaking after exposure to the slightest increase in heat and activity. The Innisfree Jeju cleansing foam claims to reduce the shiny characteristic of your troubled skin. Moreover, it cleans your enlarged pores and removes all the impurities, thanks to Jeju volcanic clusters – all in a 150ml squeeze bottle.

To give you a grand cleansing gesture, this product is more of an alkaline since the pH level is at 9.5, giving you a dry and smooth skin. What the description calls Jeju volcanic clusters are tiny orange micro-beads that will scrub your face and get rid of the unwanted sebum from the pores.

There is no proof of acne treatment despite to the high pH level, but it prevents acne from recurring, and all the blemishes go away as well. The final cleansing feature is portrayed by the little amount of paste that is enough to create the lather needed to remove all the makeup before you go to rest.

Is your skin dry and you don’t know whether to use this option? Well, we firmly suggest choosing a cleanser with a lower pH to evade having more dehydrated skin. One might ask whether it is suitable to be used more than once in a day. The answer is yes. If you need to clean up frequently, say twice in a day, this one won’t disappoint.

Cosrx Low pH Good Morning Gel Cleanser (Link)

For the low pH lovers, here is a Cosrx Low pH Good Morning Gel Cleaner that is designed to cleanse your skin and give it the needed optical skin balance. That’s according to the description. Viable to all skin types, this cleanser comes as a soft gel that creates a gentle lather to help get rid of the makeup.

Your nose can be a contributing factor to buying this product due to the sweet tree oil scent, a feature that might appear intrusive but you won’t realize it once you are done. The 150ml toothpaste-like bottle carries the gel with a pH level range of 5-6, which is good for the skin. So, if you are looking for a cleanser that will not dry and stretch your skin, try this out to keep your skin soft.

To give you a reason for the recommendation, normal skins have a pH level of 5.0. Since the resultant figure corresponds to the gel’s range level, you have the chance to avoid sudden breakouts, acne contraction or recurring issues, and skin drying due to damage of the skin’s protective layer or the “acid mantle”.

Using it twice a day does no harm, and it’s highly recommended to people with sensitive skins possessing rosacea. A velvet feeling on your face is what you get upon using this Cosrx product, which is quite affordable.

The Face Shop Rice Water Bright Cleansing Oil + Foam SET (Link)

faceshop rice water cleanser

Most of the K-Beauty (Korean beauty) enthusiasts have realized the advantages of using rice water. The Face Shop product is meant for those of us who are looking to brighten their complexion and get rid of wrinkles. Why? Rice water is the main ingredient for the job. Other constituents aim towards dominant detoxification during skin cleansing, leaving your skin soft and smooth in the end. If you are young looking and that is what you want to maintain, the Rice Water Bright Cleansing oil with an additional Foam Set is the way to go.

Are you prone to acne? Well, there is no proof of rice water being a problem solver, but skin softness is a guarantee. Try a glycolic cleanser or serum if you fall in this category. It is, however, suitable for double cleansing when the need arises, which depends on how much and often you use makeup. Warm water is highly recommended when using the oil.

The facial cleanser foam boasts a high pH, which favors those of us with pores that secrete oils in larger quantities than an average individual. The alkalinity of the solution removes all the impurities and balances the oil on your skin, leaving it clean, fresh and dry. For dry skins, this option may not work for you. Go for a low pH cleanser instead.

Banila Clean It Zero Sherbet Cleanser (Link)

It might appear a bit pricey for someone who favors the cheaper side of things, but it’s worth every penny withdrawn. The Sherbet cleanser comes in a 100ml bottle that should not be judged by the size – it goes a long way, to clean your face for months. The sturdy little tub container packaging is inviting not to mention the spatula that comes attached.

The fragrance is always an issue to some of the cleanser explorers, and this one possesses a faint fruity smell comparable to cherry blossoms. Hope that doesn’t bother you, and if it does, you won’t realize the smell after rinsing.
When using it for the first time, you experience a soft and consistent smoothening as you smear. The container holds it in a semisolid state, but the liquefied texture feeling comes to be as you apply. The specifications dictate using a tissue to wipe off, but it’s still okay to use lukewarm water since it performs better when rinsing. All the gunk goes off your skin leaving a smooth and supple skin.

To equip you with a tip, the spatula fetches enough to clean your face, and you can use it to put some to a separate jar when traveling. Also, there are other variations still from Banila Company that you can check out.

  • Clean It Zero Original – Suitable for healthy skin.
  • Clean It Zero Resveratrol – Contains grape seed and olive oil to tighten large pores.
  • Clean It Zero Radiance – Suited for whitening through sebum removal and brightening your skin.
  • Clean It Zero Purity – Suitable for sensitive skin.

Skinfood Egg White Pore Foam (Link)

You might be one of those with crater-like pores hence the reason to look for a cleanser that will reduce the diameter. The egg white pore foam has an egg white element (albumen) in its composition that seeks to lessen enlarged pores giving a smooth and finer complexion. It is also rich in protein not forgetting a list of vitamins that come in the considerably large tube that keeps going for quite a long time.

The oily part should not bother you anymore since the albumen is a deep pore penetrator, rinsing off the clogging oil and the dead cells. Continued use stimulates the growth of collagen cells which is vital to your skin’s future elasticity improvement.

On application, the skin feels more moisturized than tight. There is a chance created for it to breathe which starts as soon as you rinse your face. If you feel tight after the first use, consider having a moisturizer (see to follow the cleanser during cleanup. If you have not been experiencing acne issues, this one does not excite it. So you now have a reason to consider the Skinfood Egg White Pore Foam.

Missha Super Aqua Refreshing Cleansing Foam (Link)

Missha gives you a cleanser that solves the extremes – dry and oily combination. You have a solution that goes for more than half of the year experiencing the sweet smell as you apply it on the face, creating a massage effect.
Since it is a foaming cleanser, then expect it to be used by those with oily skins and enlarged pores plus those who have the dry type. A hint for you, it is a good idea to check with Missha skin care system for you to know what to expect. The results are amazing though.

Super Aqua’s creamy texture that feels light as you massage it on your face is responsible for cleaning the sebum if your skin is oily or making room for some moisture for the dry and sensitive type. For this option, you have no doubts whatsoever.

It’s okay if you are wondering whether it will expire before you finish up the first piece. The cleanser is made to be durable, complementing a long time of service.

Etude House Wonder Pore Whipping Foaming (Link)

Last on our list but not the least is the Etude House Wonder Pore Whipping Foam, a bubble type cleanser that claims to have 7 in 1 pore solution in a 200ml bottle. We categorize it as a cleanser, but it is an emulsion cleanser type to be specific. The 7 in 1 list insists on deep pore cleansing, balancing the pH level, minimizing the enlarged pores, refining the complexion, controlling sebum secretion while keeping the elasticity of pores and finally, moisturizing both skin sides.

If you are searching for a cleanser that can be used twice in a day, this one will cleanse your face anytime you need it. Since it moisturizes your skin, go for this type if yours is a dry one.

You will be a winner when choosing the Etude if your pores are always a disgust due to their size in addition to reducing the reddish appearance. This cleanser diminishes the appearance of the craters to deliver a finer look that you have not experienced in your lifetime.

Usage time cannot be ignored. It depends on the number of times you use it and face size, but you won’t realize the rate of use until two months are over if you are using it twice in a day.

The foamy but consistent nature makes it easy to apply on the face which you can let it rest for a few minutes before you start splashing some warm water on your face. The fragrance is bearable since it’s not overpowering.

Before You Pick the Best Korean Cleanser

A great complexion is not easy to achieve. When we say ‘not easy,’ we mean the actual process involved. The Korean skincare and beauty realm is for the go-getters, but the results are worth it. As you might notice, some of the cleansers come with cleansing oils (also Korean) which contribute to skin glowing. The cost might appear high or low depending on the choices made, but the transformed look make every spent penny count.

Choosing the best Korean cleanser prompted us to dig deep to come up with some things that you have to consider if you want an ultimate solution. Here is the breakdown.

Hydrated or dry skin

You get a tight skin after washing your face using your favorite cleanser. Now, if that is the case, the next thing might be to judge the feeling as a description of how clean the face is. It is an important consideration especially if you have dry skin. This brings the need to double check before purchasing.

Acidity vs. alkalinity

It appears to be scientific and since we are focused on the lady audience, don’t get scared if science is not your thing. Understanding the pH level of healthy skin is an aiding factor in how you choose your products. Normal skins will have a pH of 5.5. Lesser pH in a cleanser implies acidity which suits those looking for moisturizers. Higher levels (specifically above 7.0) indicate alkalinity which is useful for skin drying and getting rid of acne.

Acne solution

Most of us will mention acne problem in their list of skin complaints. That is why great cleansers are designed to treat the condition as others address the blemishes. Exercise extra caution if acne is a delinquent.

Skin difference

If we all had the same skin type, then there would be no need to create different types of cleansers. That is why it is essential to understand the nature of your skin before going for what a friend recommends. It gets worse if you have a dry skin and then opt to go for a cleanser with high pH. More drying!

Brighter or pale skin

The Korean skincare gurus aim for one thing: Keep your skin glowing or just light but look great nonetheless. That is why they provide cleansers that seek to brighten your skin or make it pale.


Follow your nose if smelling good gets all the likes. For those of us who get bothered by the slightest change in the air when opening and using a cleanser, then go for those with a faint smell which disappears as soon as you rinse.

Concluding remarks

Cleansers offer an excellent way to get off your makeup not to mention the added skin maintenance benefits. Korean cleansers have proved to the world that it doesn’t matter what your skin dictates, there is always a solution for what is at stake.

What you need to do is:

  • Get the specifications
  • Know what works for you
  • Read this guide, and that’s it.

You become equipped with an arsenal that is designed to defend your skin after the makeup reign is over.

Further reading

Korean cleansers have general skin cleaning properties beyond just removing makeup. However, if you want to focus only on makeup removal, we also review Korean makeup removal products. For oily skin, we also recommend reading our complete skincare guide over here.

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