Best Korean eye creams for youthful eyes

Best Korean eye creams for youthful eyes

Having some tired looking eyes is always an injustice for you. The discrimination also goes to those who have had puffy bags under their peepers, and they don’t know what to do about it. Most probably, you have tried every eye cream on offer, and no solution came in even when the container screams “I’m out!” To relieve you of the life time trouble that you have been going through, we are here to inform you that Koreans have made it in the cream realm and they are not afraid of going further. That is why after traversing the shelves to see what claims to be a right eye cream, the best Korean eye creams filled our shopping bags and what remained was trying them to see what they can do. Amazing to say the least.

Did you know?

The skin around your eyes is more sensitive than other areas on your face. It’s also the first area to show that you are aging. That is why many people crave for skin care products that go all the way to the skin surrounding the optics.

It is not a walk in the park to find what works for you. There are tons of Korean eye creams to try, but it’s necessary that you read in between the lines to get the right match for your skin. Don’t go any further. We have what you are looking for in our guide.

Benefits of using Korean eye creams

What else is there for the Korean eye creams except moisturizing the skin and nourishing it? It seems like that is all, but it is vital to your eyes having the proper outer environment. There are associated benefits that all aim towards making your eyes youthful again.

Natural ingredients

In the course of getting what you want, you’ll find eye creams with raspberry seed as one of the constituents. Others will have oil extracts from different plants and vitamin E. All natural ingredients are a guaranteed benefit for those whose skin itch once in a while not to mention the other complications that regard it as sensitive. The risk of contracting allergy due to continued use is very minimal.

Unique ingredients

Others will have something extra to make them different from the rest of the eye creams. Some rare elements such as mucin (snail secretions) are known to repair skin damage. It is the element that assists in regeneration of cells of the skin around your eye.

The moisturizing effect

There are various oils in eye creams not forgetting collagen being another factor in most of the products you’ll find out. All these help the skin in having less or no fine lines and being able to get rid of puffiness. Korean eye creams have proven to be suitable for making your eyes’ area look natural, healthy and flawless.

Before buying a Korean eye cream

There are certain considerations to make before buying what will get you to look better. This guide is there to shed light on some of the things that might seem ordinary but necessary. The last thing you need is wishing you didn’t make the buying move in the first place.

What are the ingredients?

If you find a product claiming to have niacinamide or retinol, then know that you have a solution to your tired looking eyes. Most of the creams will have these ingredients.

Hydration effect

This relies on the skin type. The oily ones can gain from creams with oil free ingredients such as glycerin. For those with the dry types or having fine lines, or both, the oil based creams will be ideal for you.


The question here should be, do you like scented products or fragrance-free? You need to be aware that you will be wearing the cream all day if not most of it. So, choose what you prefer, light or heavy scent and stick to it. One more thing, make sure that what you shop for has a scent that doesn’t interfere with pH balance.

The package

Creams have antioxidants among other ingredients that lose their potential due to exposure in the air. So, it is important that the cream in consideration has an air-blocking package that keeps the cream airtight. If the cream is in a tube as opposed to a container with a large open area, then it means that your fingers are not supposed to tamper with the cream.

Top Korean eye creams review

MIZON collagen power firming eye cream (Link)


At the top is a multi-purpose eye cream. The MIZON Collagen Power Firming Eye Cream does its magic not only to the eye but also other parts of the facial skin. The beneficiaries include the neck, forehead and upper and lower parts of the lips for the aging individuals with accordion wrinkles.

In the ingredients is marine collagen, 42% of the whole composition, and adenosine, all of which promote skin rejuvenation benefits and taking away the wrinkles respectively. The cream is also hypoallergenic and no fragrance or ethanol. This implies that you don’t need to worry if your skin is allergic or sensitive to certain elements.

The richness of this gel-like cream is what makes your eye’s surrounding skin radiant after continued use. Olive and sunflower oils, cacao extract, and shea butter are some of the natural ingredients that sharpen things as the days progress.

Due to the thick nature of the cream, it is advisable that you apply only a quarter of a pea size. That’s enough! It tends to sit on the surface longer before fully integrating with the skin so the small amount should be tapped until the whiteness fades away as opposed to rubbing. Don’t worry if nothing happens on the first day. Take your time and see what happens – your eyes gradually enlighten as the skin area takes shape.

Skinfood black raspberry eye cream (Link)

It’s time to take care of the wrinkles under your eye. The Skinfood Black Raspberry Eye Cream has what they call jayangboeumdan and cheongyeondan – a result of twelve different kinds of oriental medical herbs. Also in the composition is the raspberry extract that combines with the rest of the ingredients for the sake of your eye’s hydration and moisturizing effects.

It is highly beneficial when you consider going organic, and this eye cream gives you the herbal influence to diminish and eventually ‘kill’ the wrinkles to achieve a smooth skin. The deep moisturizer comes in a glass jar covered with a paper like top. The 25 grams go a long way to make your eyes surrounding area better though it always depends on how many times you use it.

Do you like scented creams? This one possesses quite a heavy one that resembles ginseng, but it will do the job if the scent does not irritate you. It’s also thick but spreads well with time to give you a matte look and not the shiny appearance.

Etude house new moistfull collagen eye cream (Link)


Getting rid of puffiness and fine lines around your eyes need a rich formula like the Etude House New Moistfull Collagen Eye Cream. In it is super collagen water that aids in rejuvenating the sensitive area to make it have the same thickness as the rest of the facial skin. Etude also claims to have Baobab oil that moisturizes your skin and takes care of inflammations, thanks to the omega fatty acids.

Instructions on the 28ml container dictate that you should use an adequate amount of the product on the eye area and apply it in light circular motions. The texture is thick which takes a while to sink in and integrate with the skin. Effects take time before they are noticed which could go for several days for the dark circles to disappear.

The good thing about this product is that it comes with a tiny spatula to fetch the cream which reduces the chances of getting contaminated.

Innisfree the green tea seed (Link)


Boosting up your skin’s moisture around your eyes would push you to consider the Innisfree The Green Tea Seed. The cream is very light, but the antioxidants in it are necessary for hydrating and nourishing the eye’s skin. Moisture comes from the squeezed green tea while the minerals, amino acids, and the green tea seeds are responsible for hydration.

A unique feature of the 30ml product is the dual moisture rising technology brought about by the green tea seed oil and green tea. The oil forms a moisture barrier as the tea hydrates your skin. There is no solid proof of the cream working on dark circles, and it’s recommendable to people who don’t have the driest skin and are only looking for a little hydration effect.

Innisfree orchid (Link)

A lot of care and precision was used in making the Innisfree Orchid whose main ingredient is the meticulously extracted Jeju Orchid that is responsible for sleekness to a dry skin due to the antioxidant effect. It is a suitable anti-aging cream that seeks to thicken and smoothen the thin and sensitive area around your eyes. You can’t be blamed if you also consider it for your smile lines as it also does a decent job on them.

In its composition is the Jeju Cymbidium kanran that gives a shiny appearance and strengthens the natural defenses of your skin. Skin nutrition is needed for a solid, wrinkle free and elastic skin which the cream provides as it defines the skin tone.

You don’t experience a greasy feeling upon application, and it will stay in your skin care collection for a long time before you decide to make another purchase. If you like stronger and longer eyelashes, then this product will do the favor for you.

A.H.C. the real eye cream for face (Link)

Last but not least, A.H.C The Real Eye Cream for Face has brought more to the table than what anyone would expect from an eye cream. In addition to the eye area, it can also be used on the whole face. It is an anti-aging product that agrees to make your skin lighter and smoother than most of what you have ever come across.

Taking care of your skin using this cream gives you an aisle of benefits which include hydration, lifting, moisturizing, tightening, lifting and firming. Puffiness goes away after continued use not forgetting that you experience no irritation or burning after applying. The EFG dermatologic formula does it all to make you exclude having many creams to take care of different skin conditions.

Instructions only need you to dab it on the eyes area and let it absorb as you sleep overnight to achieve the best results. With over 30 million units sold, we don’t think there is any reason to doubt the K-beauty product that works on all skins, whether sensitive or not.

Wrapping up

Korean eye creams are another reason why Korea has excelled in the beauty industry. All of them are made in consideration of skin types, but they aim towards making them better and improve the overall complexion. Most of them will take care of dark circles, nourish your skin and prevent dryness and wrinkles. Choose your favorite cream now after going through the guide and enjoy the benefits of having a healthy skin especially around your eyes.

Further reading

If you are on a tight budget or don’t want to buy a separate eye-only product, you might also consider a general snail cream product from Korea for reducing wrinkles ( Of course, the most famous Western alternative is Botox, but if that is too scary-sounding, there are plenty of gentler Botox alternatives for wrinkle reduction or skin tightening as well. A great Korean eyeliner will also help you accentuate your eyes for different styles.

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