Best Korean eyeliner reviews

Best Korean eyeliner reviews

An eyeliner is an excellent product that creates a significant difference in a look. The products are formulated differently to give bold, professional or dramatic looks. The formulation may include the use of oils, waxes or silicone. These help to create a lasting effect and minimize smudges. Korean eyeliners are preferred than American because they blend in to create a natural look. Also, they are durable since they withstand different climatic conditions. The review will assist in choosing the best Korea eyeliner for your needs.

Types of eyeliners

There are several types of available. They include;


Pen eyeliners combine the features of liquid and pencil liners. They are easy to use during application. In addition, they last longer. Sharp pointing pen liners are better since they improve the accuracy of application. However, the colors available are limited.


These are the most common type of eyeliners. The pencil liners are popular because they are affordable and readily available. Most pencil liners are oil-based and sticky. The pencil eyeliners are either soft or hard pencils. Hard pencil eyeliners take longer to apply but last longer. Soft pencil liners, on the other hand, are easy to use but come off faster. Pencil type of eyeliners is recommended for beginners.


It is a new type of eyeliner in the market. It is also known as a cream eyeliner. The gel type requires an applicator for application. They have a creamy consistency. Although they are quick to apply, they need adequate time for drying to minimize smudging.


As the name suggests, they come in powder form. They need a brush to apply correctly. Furthermore, the brush needs to be flat and thin. The powder products are suitable for users who prefer a smoky look. However, the products do not last long and may irritate the eyes if the powder enters the eyes.


They are among the best eyeliners in the market. This is because they have a high pigmentation, a dramatic effect and are long-lasting. Since they are in liquid form, they need an applicator. It might be challenging to apply especially if you hand is not steady. Also, after application, ample time for drying is necessary.

Review of products

Etude House Oh My Eye Line AD no.1 Black (Link)

The eyeliner is a product of Etude House that is 5 ml. The product is a liquid type of eyeliner. It has a thin and sharp brush that ensures precision when applying. There is no smudging which brings about interference with other makeup applied. The use of the product creates a sexy eye look and refines the eyes.

The product is durable since it may be used for three months if applied every day. Also, the Korean eyeliner is affordable and available on many site and online stores.


  • Removing the eyeliner is stress-free
  • Its design allows precise and neat application
  • The eyeliner does not smudge or become messy
  • It lasts the whole day


  • Using the brush might be difficult for beginners

Clio Waterproof Pen Liner (Link)

The pen eyeliner is a product of Clio, a well-known and appreciated brand. The pen liner has won five different beauty awards in a row. The product has a felt tip pen that is unique for the application. It is also spongy making it friendly on the eyes. It allows the user to target specific areas of the eye easily.

Most noteworthy, the Korean eyeliner is black and has a black carbon formulation that enhances the dark intensity. The design of this product has a new improved formula that makes it waterproof. The formula has a tight cap that is airtight. In addition, they have made the liner to be water and smudge-proof. Finally, it is suitable for all users since it easy to use.


  • It is easy to apply and use
  • The liner does not smudge
  • It is waterproof thus lasts longer
  • The thin felt tip allows for thin line application


  • Many users complain it is not waterproof as claimed
  • It does not apply the back color evenly

Clio Gelpresso Waterproof Pencil Gel Eyeliner (Link)

The liner is another product of Clio. It is a gel type of eyeliner. The color number of the product is four dark Choco. Also, it is a retractable kind of pencil that does not require sharpening. The feature makes this product convenient and reliable. Furthermore, the application of the liner is quite simple since the tip glides smoothly.

It also has a great consistency that evens out any look. The gel liner stays intact no matter the skin type or weather conditions. In addition, it is waterproof. One great thing about it is that although it is waterproof, the removal process is quick. Finally, there are other colors for users to choose from.


  • It is easy to apply and remove
  • It has a great consistency
  • The liner stays put during the day without the need of re-application
  • There are several colors to choose from


  • The gel liner is not waterproof

TONYMOLY Back Gel Eyeliner (Link)

The brown eyeliner is from TONYMOLY. It is a K-beauty brand that is also well-known. It is a liquid type of liner that has a gel-based formula. The ingredients making the Korean eyeliner are high-quality. In addition, the manufacturers use several innovative technologies to ensure the final product is unique.

The brush of the eyeliner enables the user to create thin lines on the eyelids. Furthermore, it glides smoothly for a great application. This results in refined and smudge-free lines. The packaging of the product is fantastic making it easy to store.


  • The presentation and packaging is excellent
  • It has a beautiful color
  • The liner is waterproof
  • It allows for easy application without smearing or smudges


  • The brush becomes unusable after a short time
  • It is not easily available stores

Koji Dolly Wink Liquid Eyeliner (Link)

The deep black eyeliner is a product that gives the user an amazing defined look. It is a product from Japan by Koji. It is a liquid type of eyeliner. The Korean eyeliner design is the fine tip. This tip makes it easy for the user to create both delicate fine and bold thick lines.

The ingredients enhance drying since they have a quick-drying formula. Also, the liner is tears, sweat, smudge and sebum resistant. Most importantly, the eyeliner can last all day and is easily removable using water that is lukewarm in temperature.


  • The liner is removable using lukewarm water
  • It is resistant to sweat, sebum, tears and smudge
  • The user can utilize the liner for up to a year
  • The brush design allows the application of both thick and thin lines 


  • It dries out fast

Etude House Drawing Show Brush Eyeliner (Link)

The other product from Etude is the House show brush. It is a black Korean eyeliner that weighs 1.5 grams. It has a pen type of brush that is soft to minimize injury to the eye. The brush also makes it easy to apply since it smoothly glides.

In addition, after application, the liner may last all day with minimal disturbance to the eye. The ingredients making the product ensure it dries quickly minimizing the chances of smudging. Furthermore, in cases where the eyeliner crumbles, it is not noticeable. Lastly, it is stress-free to remove and it is very affordable.


  • It is easy to use
  • It does not smudge since it dries quickly
  • The product is affordable


  • It is not very dark and might require another application
  • The liner crumbles and is not waterproof

Buying Guide

Before choosing the best Korean eyeliner, there are several factors to consider. The factors will determine which product best suits your needs. They include;

Type of liner

Like discussed above, there are several types of eyeliners available in the market. The choice on the kind of liner depends on the ease of application, consistency and the use. The durability after use also comes into play especially for users who do not have the time to reapply their makeup.

Pencil and pen type of eyeliners are easy to apply. However, they are not as lasting during the day when compared to gel and liquid eyeliners.

Number of colors

The availability of many color options in a single brand is a plus. Furthermore, there is the need to consider the shade of color since some of the products are not consistent. The most common color of eyeliners is black. However, blue and brown are also becoming popular choices.


The product should be affordable and within your budget. It is advisable to choose a quality brand that you will use for an extended period. The price is not a determinant of quality since some highly priced eyeliners may not meet your needs.


Like earlier stated, the product should last for an extended period at least a month. Some eyeliners primarily liquid and gel type tend to dry up after a few uses. Ensure to check reviews from users to determine which product is better in terms of longevity. In some cases, the applicator in some of the products wears out or dries up when the eyeliner is left on the brush. Ensure that both the eyeliner and accessories that come with it are durable and will offer excellent service.

The longevity may also be in terms of how long the product lasts during the day. Choose one that lasts for more than six hours irrespective of the skin type. This will minimize the need to re-apply.

Ease of application

Use of the liner should be straightforward and quick. The ease of application is important, especially for beginners. To make the process fast, ensure that you have an idea of the outcome that you need. Also, you have the right product to create either thin or thick line.


From the review, there are several types of eyeliners available to choose from. They include pen, pencil, liquid, gel and powder eyeliners. The difference in the types is the ease of application, durability and mode of application. Korean eyeliners are considered the best when compared to American since they give a youthful and natural look. They are also durable when compared to the American type. To choose the best Korean eyeliner, there are factors to consider. The factors are the price, ease of application, longevity, colors available and the type.

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