Best Korean lip balm

Best Korean lip balm

What is the weather like? Is it sunny, windy or cold? Such weather conditions push us to wear skin care products to protect ourselves and stay stylish all day and night too. That is why K-beauty pros will add a lip balm in their shopping tray during a makeup hunt to counter the chapped lip season. Dry and cracked lips do not portray the best image when you are out there especially if you are about to attend a long awaited interview.

Worst times on our lips will more often than not make you pop out the balm container from its hiding. There are numerous options in the market – an issue that raises an important question. Which one will work well for my lips?

Korean lip balms have come to the rescue with delicious scents besides making your lips look fresh, moisturized and not shaken by the summer sun. They are the best substitutes when your eyes find no trace of an ice lolly. After a thorough research and experimentation, the reviewed products captured our attention when we looked at the reactions of how they made life easier. The findings of the best Korean lip balms are here for you to see, before making the final choice.

Korean lip balm reviews

When your lips are ‘dying,’ check out what can restore back the refreshment.

Dr. Jart New Ceramidin Lip Care (Link)


Replenishing your lips becomes necessary if the weather is windy and Dr. Jart Ceramidin Lip care is here to keep them soft and moisturized. The ceramide from the manufacturer (Ceramidin) is what treats your lips if a cold made some cracks on them. Dedicated moisturizing oils in it soldier on to create a protective Cora-barrier that helps your lips to stay supple.

What makes it a favorite is the neutral flavor that refreshes and soothes the upper skin to keep it moisturized and soft as hydration plays its role. Whenever you need to apply, just do it with the desired amount from a light double sweep.

Dr. Jart is a perfect lips ‘physician’ when they are chapped by windy or cold weather.

The history of Whoo Gongjinhyang Mi Secret Court Lip Balm (SOLD OUT)

The history of Whoo is another excellent moisturizer that attracts your attention as soon as you see the packaging. It also comes with a brush that helps you apply the balm, so you do not have to tamper with your fingers. However, if your fingers do the job better than the brush, it is still okay. You feel a light smell going up your nostrils as the lips go from dry to moisturize when applying. The yellow look disintegrates to clear, and there you go – hydrated all day long!

Gaining wrinkle free youthful lips is made possible by the 32 oriental herbal ingredients in the product. They help in reviving and keeping them soft with no folds. The best thing about the lip balm is that you do not need to reapply after a short while since a little goes a long way to serve a longer part of the day. Directions instruct you to apply moderately inside and outside of your lips in that order.

SkinFood Avocado Lip Care Set (Link)

A cute container stores the SkinFood lip balm which has a consistency resembling jelly-honey. It is easy to apply, and your lips will look glossy for the day. In the package is a tiny wooden applicator that gets the contents out of the pot when your lips need moisturizing. The applicator fetches just enough amount though there is nothing wrong with dipping your fingers for the same.

The fetcher saves you from getting your hand dirty. This product can be used on dry lips to moisten them or over lipstick as a way of adding sheen. It does not feel sticky despite the jelly-honey like texture, so there is no problem if you prefer to apply a thick layer. The berry looking balm has a fresh smell which does not taste the same when applied. It could be a little flaw, but the benefits on your lips are better. You also have to clean the dipper after use.

Etude House Honey Cera Repair Lip Balm (Link)

Etude house has been dominant in the K-beauty industry and here is a Honey Cera repair lip balm that restores your lips smoothness and hydration. When applied, it floats delicately on the lips with a clammy wrap-up. It has an angled top when rolled out of the sleek package.

The gliding is smooth and the light glisten given to your lips will stay for long hours. If you like scents, the product smells like honey which is a good scent to keep you going. If you need to keep applying the soggy surfaced balm, just carry it in your hand bag since the size makes it favorable to do so. If you require using lipstick after the lip balm, go for a tissue to tap the applied balm before the lipstick. You achieve non-chapped lips, and the lipstick will stay there as long as you do not keep biting. It is an ultimate solution for dry lips.

[Innisfree] Canola Honey Lip Balm (Link)

Last but not the least is the Canola Honey lip balm that comes in a yellow outer packaging. Everything you need to know about it is printed on the pack which is made of durable plastic that’s travel-friendly and recyclable too. The up and down twisting mechanism works better which makes it a plus when sealing.

The ingredients contain Jeju Canola honey oil from Canola seed oil. It is responsible for moisturizing your skin and helps the formation of the outer layer on the lips. Loss of moisture becomes guaranteed when it happens. The oil is also integrated with all energy of canola flower which contains monounsaturated fat and tocopherol which helps keep the skin barrier intact. Another important detail in the composition is the Mango seed butter which also aids in moisturizing and making it elastic.

It appears heavier when looking at it hence the light sticky feeling but still light on your lips. It can also be used before bed if you want some lip repair or keep it hydrated. Superb for winters.

Before you buy the lip balm

To know whether you made the right selection, it is important that you ask yourself the following questions after the first few uses.

  • How often did you reapply? If you needed to keep the lips moisturized and offer treatment, then the results of applying will be noticed after a few applications. However, if you needed to reapply since the touch is lost, go for an option that maintains the record for longer hours.
  • How is the feeling on your lips? A good lip balm example should leave you hydrated, soft and light. It should be a smooth ride and no sticky feeling, but that goes for the right amount unless the specification says that it is okay to overload more than the required.
  • Are there any changes so far? If the chosen product does not solve dry and chapped lips problem, then it is not good for you. Health is also important so restoring the liveliness of your skin is also a vital factor.

Korean lip balms give you what you need for the day. It is advisable that you get the right one to play a part in keeping your lips moisturized, soft and protected from harsh weather conditions. Get your selection now and realize what you have been missing all along.

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