Best Korean lip mask for dry and chapped lips

Best Korean lip mask for dry and chapped lips

When the weather is not conducive, your lips become one of the damaged victims. It is, therefore, necessary to consider protective measures that will maintain or add beauty to your lips. Someone could judge you as featherbrained or mistake you for being extravagant but what do you gain? A top-notch, in-depth conditioning treatment that can change the focus on how you view the lipstick world. The Koreans on the other hand always have a stunning offer when it comes to producing internationally recognized beauty accessories. That is why we have taken time to explore some of the best Korean lip masks to help protect dry and chapped lips.

Before you decide on which Korean lip mask to use when rehydrating your pout, we will introduce you to lip masks and let you know what you can gain from them.

What is a lip mask?

The beauty industry has gone an extra mile to keep releasing lipstick formulations that have a combination of ingredients meant to take care of your lips when some attention is required. That has not hindered consumers to notice the lip masks that have weaseled their way to makeup collections and with good reason: The profound conditioning effect that makes you say goodbye to peeling and flaking lips. So, what is a lip mask?

You might come across gels or masks lined up with a suitable gel which does not deviate the masks explanation. They are splendid patches that function as moisturizing masks for the lips and surrounding area. If you are familiar with Korean facial masks or eye patches, then you will have no trouble working with lip patches. They are used once with some taking the shape of your lips, and they are all packed with moisture among other beneficial ingredients that leave your lips supple and good looking for the event ahead.

If you want to see what these fantastic Korean products can do for you, check the outlined benefits below. Also, check the small guide after what we have reviewed to have a better clue of why and how to choose what will work for you.

What you gain from lip masks

What we feature in our review is responsible for delivering high percentages of ingredients that nourish your lips’ skin as you will see. Others take it further to include collagen to help in dissolving dead skin cells in regenerating fresh ones. Other brands have specialized in adding an enzyme that fights the complications involved when you get dry and aging lips by hydrating them and reducing fines lines that prohibit the right output when you apply lipstick.

If you are convinced, here is what we have in store for you.

Korean lip mask top reviews

Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask (Link)

If you always get up with chapped lips every morning, then Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask is here to send your trouble away. What you get from the small portable container is a nutritive and moisturizing sleeping mask for your lips. Among the ingredients include a considerable amount of Berry Mix Complex that has a lot of vitamin C and antioxidants that aid in eliminating dry and flaky lips as you rest for the day. The presence of Hyaluronic acid propagates the building of a moisturizing film that seals the ingredients in action.

Directions instruct you to use the built-in spatula to fetch an adequate amount to apply before heading to bed. As you sleep, the dead skin will melt, as the applied amount is providing moisture. If you have a habit of rolling once in a while when sleeping, the used amount stays intact waiting for you to wipe it in the morning.

When you get up, wipe the lips using a clean tissue or cotton pad which brings an elastic and smoothening effect. It is also necessary to wash it off in the morning to avoid breaking out. If you are worried about getting a pink stain or coloring, the application leaves a clear visual, and the fruity smell makes using it tolerable if not easy for those of us who do not like products containing fragrance.

Carenel Korean Cosmetics Lip Sleeping Mask (Link)

Here is another dead skin cells eliminator from your lips while you sleep. The Carenel Korean Cosmetics Lip Sleeping Mask boasts of having berry contents that are rich in vitamin C. If you are looking for a great moisturizer with nourishing ingredients, this Korean lip mask will do all of that and more when you sleep or when using it after morning makeup routine as you get set for the day.

Instead of petroleum or some mineral oil, nourishing your lips comes from the Macadamia Ternifolia Seed and olive oils in the composition. If you don’t have an issue with sweet smelling products, skincare contains refreshing berry scent that welcomes you to applying it when your chapped lips cry for a moisturizing effect.

The manufacturer directs you to apply enough amount to cover your lips. Using the tip of your finger is okay. To avoid more issues, wipe it in the morning, and you will be good to go. Customer reviews have attested to the fact that it is an affordable product that does not delay when ordered. More to the advantages include using it for a long time once purchased.

Holika Holika Golden Monkey Glamour Lip 3-Step Kit (Link)

There is a reason why you will get attracted to Holika Holika 3-step kit – it is a three-step kit that adds more functionality to what the ordinary lip masks will do. Apart from providing the necessary moisture and nourishing effect, it also exfoliates and cleans your lips to keep them hydrated.

Before you notice that there is a three-step process involved, the packaging takes away your attention for a while. It is so adorable for anyone to hate. Holika Holika is known to have impressive packages, and this one does not fail them. The process that involves three rules to follow distinguishes the product from the rest that only have a simple patch to offer. There are perforations between each step, so if you appear to have shaky hands, it will not tear into any of the steps as you open. The instructions are in Korean so, there is a need for interpretation if you are not familiar language. Here is what the instructions tell you:

Use the exfoliating pad to clean your lips and gently massage the chapped skin which will depend on how sensitive your lips are. Then take the hydro-gel mask and place it on your lips for 15 minutes before removing. It is advisable to gently dab the lip area so that the remaining residue can be absorbed. Lastly, use the honey treatment on the lips and take note of the dry areas that need more honey.

With a three-step process designed to bring a cure to your dry lips, you have three reasons to go for the Golden Monkey Glamour lip mask.

DreamMi (10 + 10 + 10) (Link)

DreamMi is extended package that contains masks to cover your face, eyes, lips and the neck too. We are going to focus on the lip Gold bio-collagen patches that contain natural ingredients and a hydrating compound that delivers bright and younger looking lips. It is an internationally recognized product that spas have recently utilized. The moisturizing element harnesses the power of pure gold and the benefits it brings to bring back lively lips.

You might be wondering how gold came to be a skin remedy. Well, the element controls how collagen depreciates from the skin and loss of elasticity. Apart from helping your skin to regrow, it also stabilizes your skin’s immunity, so that you do not appear to be aging especially when that is not the case.

Descriptions dictate that it will effectively penetrate into the skin and makes it tender, firm and smooth with anti-wrinkle properties that disregard aging. Take time to dry your lips thoroughly. For the best results, use the lip patches immediately after opening the foil packages. Ensure that they are in contact with your skin for about 30 minutes before gently removing them. You have the option of using them on a daily basis or 2-3 times in a week but do not reuse the used ones.

Choosing the DreamMi package means you have everything you need to make your skin smooth and glow one more time. With the lip masks as one of the supplements, your lips become part of what is going to look youthful again.

Pure Smile Choosy Lip Gel Mask (Link)

For those of us looking for some taste and class at the same time, Pure Smile Choosy Lip Gel mask delivers the needed style on your lips to keep them cute whether you are frowning or smiling. It is a juicy pack of lip masks that has five delicious flavors to give a try. They include herb, honey, peach, milk and fruit flavors. The flavors accompany seven different ingredients that make the masks free of any harmful chemicals that might ruin your day.

You can wear these masks while on the go, or before an important event in addition to a nighttime routine. This is made possible by the 5-30 minutes duration of use making them convenient and feasible enough. Apart from the ease of use, they will leave your lips moisturized for the occasion and hydrated more than ever, and there is no exaggeration here!

Playing with options may prompt you to go for all the five flavors or purchase one of them if having all is too much risk to take. Either way, buying them will not disappoint you when looking forward to adjusting your daily makeup routine.

The Face Shop Face Modeling Lip Mask (Link)

Last but not the least is the Face Shop Face Modeling Cherry lip mask that restores the baby lips that you have been longing for after getting damaged. Apart from the facial creams that the famous Face Shop brand has produced, the lip mask is another product that has proved to be useful when refurbishing youthful lips is concerned.

The lips cover comes with marine collagen, purslane, and hyaluronic acid among other ingredients that absorb into the lips’ skin and taking care of them after the penetration. You will get a perfect fit for your lips with this one as it delivers the active ingredients accompanying it.

Since the lip mask is suitable for all skin types, using it requires the same instructions for everyone. After the skin care routine, peel off the film from the mask and place it on the upper and lower lip. After 10 minutes of letting it stick there, pull it off gently and pat the remaining formula for the best results. It is essential that you apply BeBe Lip Essence before using the mask.

If you wear it all evening, then take it off in the morning, you get small dots that massage your lips. Another advantage is that it covers a part of your neck which is another beneficiary in the treatment venture.

A Guide to Choosing the Perfect Lip Mask

Now that you have substantial information on lip masks, the following addition pertains to what you should do when making a suitable selection. It deviates you from going for the obvious.

  • The area covered: If you are concerned about how much space the lip mask will take, then take your time and choose the right size for you. Some lip patches will only cover the lip area, others the entire mouth and extremes measures also consider the surrounding skin and neck area.
  • Coloring: Well, if you are using the mask as you sleep, looking good is not much of an option, but that should not make you to disregard the ‘painting’ disposed of. Apart from the lovely shapes, if you get one that has a coloring effect, make sure it is a result that you can put up with as you walk around.
  • Application time: Are you wearing as you go to sleep, or before a must-attend event? Knowing when to use it needs you to set some time apart for the remedy and it should be enough to deliver the treatment, moisture, and nourishment.
  • Fragrance: It is always a game changer when choosing the perfect lip mask. What is your take here? There are different kinds of flavors to go for with the flavorless on the market if you are not comfortable with products containing a particular smell.


Having a Korean lip mask is now not only cool but also a guarantee that you will have better lip days. If you get your friend with one of the Korean collections, know that she is a smart one when it comes to lips care and treatment. Lip masks have come to complement and substitute at the same time lipsticks and other lip products that claim to protect your skin against chapping and looking dull. So, next time you are looking for a lip corrector, add your favorite Korean lip mask from the above review in the skin care makeup list.

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