Our picks for best Korean makeup remover

Our picks for best Korean makeup remover


Anyone who loves their face and consequently applies makeup to keep their skin radiant and healthy knows what to do to when it’s time to wash it. The foundation needs a remover to get off after serving its purpose. Just washing your face is never enough according to K-beauty enthusiasts, and that is what we will be focusing on in this guide.

Koreans have taken over the beauty industry to provide you with a selection of what to use on your facial skin. Their skin care routine includes the best Korean makeup removers to take care of your skin when the daytime ‘candy’ finally meets the sink. After some research on how Korean TV stars take care of their face after their screen time, we came up with a small guide to help you in choosing a makeup remover before checking our selection. Since the celebrities tend to go expensive on almost anything, we combined the findings with other customer reviews to bring it down to a cost effective level that considers every Korean make-up user.

What you need to consider

Just like any other Korean facial skin products you have come across, makeup removers too have some factors that differentiate them from each other. The distinction dictates who should use what. With that setting your mind to first look at the considerations, here is what you need to watch out for as you choose a Korean makeup remover.

pH level and skin types

Your skin on an average basis maintains a pH level range of 5-6. The varying pH levels on makeup removers heavily relates to whether you have a dry, oily or combo skin. Our selection puts this issue into consideration, and each review will tell you if you should consider the product or not based on what skin types each of the products serve best.


It is always advisable to take products that consider natural ingredients. They take care of your skin’s overall health. If you are sensitive to some elements, there are minimal chances of experiencing side effects by going natural. It is also a good idea to consider detoxifiers and purifiers since they also contribute to keeping your skin in good shape.


Money puts foundations in your collection, so it’s best always to be realistic about what you are going for. High prices are not a guarantee that a particular makeup remover will work efficiently. Also, going cheap doesn’t imply that you won’t achieve the desired results. So, stick to your budget but remember your needs are different which is a factor that might make you be flexible depending on the ultimate choice.


How often do you wash off makeup? If you do it on a daily basis, larger packages will do you a favor compared to those who wash twice or thrice in a week. On the other hand, some removers need you to use a substantial amount and others as little as possible. With such an argument, the bottle or container size will not determine how long the product will go, but usage level will do.

Korean makeup remover top products

Heimish All Clean Balm (Link)

Do you apply tons of makeup? Hemish All Clean Balm is excellent for removing thick makeup with hypoallergenic ingredients in the composition to take care of the sensitive skins. It is a balm type that turns to an oil cleanser when it comes into contact with water. You don’t need a separate cleanser for your mascara since it takes care of that too. Your face transforms to a sleek appearance since all makeup goes off and what remains is the necessary hydration.
If you experience irritation when using other makeup removers, the Hemish won’t rank in the same category. It works even on waterproof make-ups leaving your skin soft and ready to breathe. Directions guide you to use 3-4 scoops for spreading on your face. Massage the balm cleanser in a circle using your fingertips. After smoothening, wash with lukewarm water, and that’s it.
This product has proved beneficial to those having an oily combo skin that is prone to acne because it helps in making the pores smaller. The emulsion part after removing your makeup is as favorable as the herbal fragrance to those who don’t have an issue with scents. It is a makeup remover that makes your skin feel as if it just had a cup of coffee.

Banila Clean It Original Makeup Remover (Link)

K-beauty experts call it a Holy Grail of cleansing oils. The truthfulness of this claim is revealed by how the Banila Clean It Original Makeup Remover has improved the lives of many and gone ahead to become an award-winning makeup remover. It’s easier to describe it as a balm as opposed to solid textured oil but that doesn’t deter it from being calm when applying it on your facial skin. A small amount of the cleansing cream is all you need to clean up.

It is exciting to see how the fetched amount transforms from solid to silky oil as you’re applying. The powerful yet subtle cleanser proves to be useful by eliminating all the makeup and also do away with impurities while maintaining the skin’s hydration and elasticity. Having a makeup and dirt free face is made possible by Vitamin C and the Papaya extract – all natural ingredients.

The ‘Clean It Zero’ addition to its name implies that all makeup is gone after a single wash. It might appear unnecessary but using it to clean your brushes makes them free of the foundation. If you are fond of traveling, the crescent-shaped spatula that comes with the package can be used to fetch some for the journey as you transfer the product to a separate jar. The scent that you can compare to cherry blossoms is pleasant to the nose, but the fragrance factor is a significant variable when choosing it. If you find it too pricey, don’t worry, it’s worth every penny!

Myconos Facial Gel Cleanser (SOLD OUT)

The specially formulated Myconos Facial Gel Cleanser according to the description is a complete cleanser that doesn’t need a substitute. Being in step 1 of Myconos Korean skin care routine, it comes concentrated with mineral moisture cleansing capsules that respond to full makeup, sebum, and keratin removal. The directions instruct you to use it before washing or apply to damp face which still works wonders!

The ingredients include deep sea water and abundant minerals which serve as powerful cleansers that don’t alter the skin’s pH level. This makes it a good option for all skin types without harsh acids since the remover has a pH of 5.8. It is good advice to use a cotton pad, but it does no harm to apply it directly, then massaging away the makeup and finish with a water splash.

The gel cleanser’s versatility extends to getting rid of eye makeup. By rubbing and working it in removes your mascara though it doesn’t work on all waterproof types. Since it’s gentle, non-oily and contains a pleasant smell (hoping fragrance doesn’t affect you), using it drives the intention of getting another one next time you’re shopping. Your skin feels soft and supple after the first or second wash.

Skin Food – Milk Shake Point Makeup Remover (Link)

Shake well before use! It’s what the instructions tell you to do on the Skin Food’s package.  Why? There are milk nutrients in the Milk Shake Point Makeup remover that facilitate erasing makeup on sensitive areas such as eyes and lips without causing any irritation whatsoever. The 160ml product nourishes and moisturizes at the same time after application.

Using it needs you to use a cotton pad to apply the desired amount and gently wipe your lip and eye areas to take off all the makeup. Just a few seconds and you are done. No rubbing is needed as it might cause wrinkling. It’s not an oily type and after hydrating your skin, it leaves a fluffy texture. However, there is no proof of this cleanser removing waterproof makeup which is the only downside.

For those with thin eyelashes, using Skin Food thickens them since there is little if no need to wipe it on your eye area. Sensitive skins are not affected if yours, unfortunately, fall under such types. If your previous remover stained your sink due to not carrying away the dirt and makeup together with it, this option would solve the problem.

The Face Shop Rice Water Bright (Link)

What do you get from rice water? A supple facial skin – neither too dry nor too oily. Face Shop Rice Water Bright makeup remover is a wonder product that can clean all the filth and makeup no matter the amount while keeping your skin calm due to irritation absence. Oily skin types benefit a lot from the water-based composition whose main ingredient is rice water.

Another added element is Moringa oil, all the way from India which together with rice water create a revitalizing effect after scaring away all the grease and dirt. The oil is also known to purify and detoxify the skin making it desirable among the oily skin types. What kind of makeup do you wear? Waterproof or not? Neither makes it a difficult removal schedule when it comes to Face Shop.

Be it the face, lips or eyes, the formula works like a genius after the first wash. While the second is important too, it is possible to neglect a redo since the skin becomes already settled for a rest. A few drops on the cotton pad finish the task on your eyes and lips, then you can move on to the rest of the face. The smell is bearable due to its faintness, and there is nothing wrong if you described it as more feminine related.

Wrapping up

It’s time to get out and look for a Korean makeup remover that will assist you in washing the foundation off. Each of the products that we have looked at have added benefits other than washing your face. Make sure that you consider what’s best for your skin to avoid ruining things in the future. All the best in your search and don’t forget to follow the Korean skin care routine.

Further reading

For refreshing your face at the end of the day, you may also want to look at our review of Korean cleansers that can also remove makeup. Some of the products in this review, though, are made specifically for makeup removal only.

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