The best Korean whitening creams for fairer skin

The best Korean whitening creams for fairer skin

Looking for Korean whitening products that work? Most of the K-Beauty enthusiasts might have come across the word ‘whitening’ on a labeled skincare commodity. Those who list a local Sephora as one of their favorite cosmetics stop over might have seen numerous whitening creams where the majority come from Korea.

The Whitening cream confusion

Coming across such a term for the first time creates a frenzy in your mind. One of the reasons would be the comparison of the whitening procedure with the scary images that pop up showing people encountering painful endeavors. Such an encounter raises doubts as to whether whitening creams work or not.

The best Korean whitening cream brands and guides seek to answer some of the unanswered questions when it comes to skin whitening. We advise every skincare researcher to go through this content which defines skin whitening and explains what these creams can do for you. If these creams seem like something that you cannot escape, that is a right call asking you to try.

The following guide will get rid of any ambiguity so that in the end, you will have a deliberate decision on what you need or can try.

What is Skin Whitening?

Somebody with the wrong information would explain skin whitening as literally making the skin white – call it bleaching perhaps. If the poor individual views white skin as a beauty standard, then drastic measures would be taken to painfully scrub off the unwanted skin to achieve the brighter side of things.

In Korea and other East Asian countries, the skin whitening phrase shares an entirely different view. The definition in these regions puts more weight on the skin’s texture and overall skin health as opposed to bleaching. Whitening cream users in the Far East always have a mission to accomplish: making their skin radiant and luminous. So the theme here is to make the skin glow and have a lighter appearance.

What Korean Whitening Creams Can Do For You

Change the skin tone

You can search for a whitener if you want to reduce the melanin amount in your skin. The result has a lightened complexion that comes with ease. Korean creams in this category have also been known to brighten your skin – a characteristic that prompts you to consider any product that gets rid of a dull looking skin. A tip for you would be to combine the Korean whitening cream with a daily skin care monotony. When the dead skin cells disappear, the whitening cream will have a better chance to work more efficiently, resulting in a lighter and healthier skin.

Skin blemishes and aging

Are you suffering from blemishes and wrinkles? Well, blemishes can be embarrassing which contributes to feeling less desired. Korean creams are made to either minimize what the flaws show or be eliminated. All the featured products have a ‘gentle on your face’ characteristic so don’t worry about further damage on your skin.
Adding a chosen whitening cream in your collection will also see the wrinkles and other aging signs out of your face. Since the skin is well moisturized, you won’t appear to be aging as age progresses. This benefit adds up to the versatility feature offered by the creams in the discussion.

Wondering what to look for?

It’s okay to feel unsettled when choosing a Korean whitening cream due to the diversity deployed in producing everything for everyone. The following will ease the tantrums and keep you on the right track.

What is your skin type?

Your skin can be dry, oily, combination or just a normal one. Some of the whiteners in our review have ingredients such as lemon extracts which prove to be a skin drier. Beware of those whitening creams that could contain corrosive chemicals that irritate sensitive skins bringing an unwanted complexion after continued use.

What do you want to achieve?

Most of us will go for skin whitening creams to make our skins radiant. Others will have other plans such as treating various skin conditions caused by hyperpigmentation. The best Korean whitening creams offer dark pigments appearance reduction followed by their complete removal. What happens is that the skin is induced to produce the necessary melanin in the affected areas. Such creams will solve problems like:

  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Dark spots
  • Acne scars
  • Sun damage
  • Uneven skin tones

Check the ingredients and product’s reputation

If you are still pondering on what to use, you can start by checking on which products contain regenerating ingredients. Such products have proven to have the best intention on your skin. Another thing, go for products that have a good reputation from those who have used them before. Our review takes customer reviews into consideration so as to come with something that a researcher can rely on.

Top Korean Whitening Cream Reviews

Now that you know what whitening creams mean, and what they can do for you, let’s look at some of the favorite K-Beauty whitening creams that we came across.

Myconos Whitening Daily Care Cream (Link)

Top of the list is the Myconos daily care whitening cream which takes care of your skin throughout a day’s hassle. Approved by KFDA (now the MFDS), this cream is designed to offer long-term skin moisture protection so as to attain a sleek appearance. This means that your skin will be brightened, significantly reduce wrinkles, and improve natural skin elasticity and health.
The daily whitener is one of the six steps in Myconos Korean skin care regimen, but there is no trouble adding it alone in your skin care collection. For those with a dry and mature skin, Myconos hydrates your skin as it solves wrinkle and elasticity issues.

Don’t mistake it as a bleacher. If you have dark spots or scars, the cream slowly works on them to help diminish their visibility until they are all gone. This cream is in the line of Myconos products where deep sea water is the main ingredient for the sake of balancing natural pH of your skin.

Secretkey Snow White Cream (Link)

Do you have a dark skin that needs to liven up? Secretkey Snow White Cream comes to you all the way from Korea to brighten that dull looking skin and any dark spots accompanying the skin’s current nature. In it is derma white skin nutrients which are responsible for skin brightening, lessening the width of crater pores and general skin smoothness.

There is no problem with using the cream as a base before getting the makeup on your face. Something more, it’s also a BB cream and moisturizer – all in one product. Niacinamide, the main whitening ingredient helps your skin glow thereby increase the luminosity.

This is cream for the dull, dry and oily skin types with enlarged pores. Why? It does such an adorable job of making the skin even and less greasy. It is okay if you have sensitive skin too, but you need to remember that the effects are temporary, only when you apply the cream on your face.

Tonymoly Panda’s Dream Brightening Eye Base (Link)

Someone can easily rule out the idea of this choice being a whitening cream and judge it as a lip balm. It’s however wider than a lip balm and thanks to the packaging – it is so adorable such that you will just be lured to pick it once you see the panda face on the twist up container. The directions state that you should apply it around the eyes where you have dark circles and blemishes. Rub it gently to absorb and that’s all.

You can feel the flower scent as you apply it but remember that rubbing is necessary so that your skin doesn’t appear to have white paste. The paste is thick and somewhat drier. After absorbing, your skin appears smooth with a white hint. It works wonders on your blemished skin making the dark parts disappear hence acting as a perfect concealer.

This Panda’s Dream Brightening Eye Base is a favorite for those with a pale or light skin. The main element is haloxyl gooseberry extract that is responsible for making the blemishes go away as time progresses. It is also useful when you apply it on other areas such as your nose, chin, cheeks and forehead. This cream serves as the next best concealer when a day dictates, “Today is not a makeup day.”

Mizon Good Night White Sleeping Mask (Link)

Another one in our top selection is a solution that gives you the best results with one condition: follow the instructions carefully. That is supposed to make you exercise some caution and not to scare you. The Good Night White Sleeping Mask from Mizon directs you to use it twice or thrice in a week as a night mask. What does this mean? It should be the last skin care solution after you have applied a moisturizer and you are advised not to wash it off till morning. The reason is that this is not a moisturizer but a sleeping cream.

There is something they call ‘active rejuvenation’ – the appropriate time for you to use the cream. It refers to night time between 10pm-2am when your skin growth and maintenance protocols are gaining momentum. During this time, after you have applied the Sleeping Mask, the cream gradually fades into your skin to restore its radiance, lightness, and consistency. You realize all the benefits after you wake up one morning after a few days of application.
In its composition is Niacinamide which functions as a brightener. Go for this if you have acne scars and dark spots resulting from hyperpigmentation. Note that you should only apply it on the face excluding the eyes.

Baviphat Lemon whitening sleeping pack (Link)

Lastly, there is one more whitener to discuss which comes in an adorable outer casing as a start. Baviphat_Lemon Whitening Sleeping Pack is the product description that instructs you to apply it on your face, then let it stay there all through the night. Just remember to wash it off in the morning. Before you smell the lemon extract, you will find a small spoon that aids your fetching ability. Using your fingers for a smaller amount is also a good idea to keep the product going for a longer period.

Lemons are known to have vitamin C which the skin uses to do away with dark spots and keep off hyper-pigmentation. Also, in the ingredients, are Portulaca and Centella extracts which act as smoothers and moisturizers. For evening your skin tone and a better complexion, that task goes to Arbutin – another vital component in the cream.

If you love quick results, this one takes it slowly so either go for a more rapid solution or be patient for about 2-3 weeks. You can use it every night before you rest. You can also use it on hands and legs according to those who have further explored the potential of this cream in brightening and softening their skins.

Concluding remarks

With the featured Korean whitening creams and a guideline, our assumption is that you now have the necessary tools to go out and hunt one for your facial skin. Take note that knowing what you expect and your skin type should be at the top of your considerations. Always read the descriptions and ingredients to make sure that what you get doesn’t bring undesired effects.

Further reading

For milder ways to adjust your skin complexion with temporary makeup, you can also look at CC creams (read more), or complexion corrector creams. Even standard BB creams have a slight whitening effect while applied.

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