Best modern desk reviews

Best modern desk reviews

Whether you’re looking for a fresh looking contemporary desk for your home office, space for your kid to finish homework, or somewhere to set up your gaming computer, there is a wide range of options to choose from. We reviewed eight of the best modern desks available so you’ll be able to narrow down which look is the best for you and your needs.

1. Bonvivo Designer Desk Massimo (Link)

The Bonvivo Designer Desk Massimo has a modern, contemporary design that has hints of classic lines that keep it really versatile. This desk can be used in so many ways – as a table in an entryway, a television console, or a workspace in your den.

The work surface is made of shatter proof tempered glass with a white MDF shelf underneath, leaving about 4 ½ inches of space for an organizing tray, notebooks, files, or anything else you need to be close at hand. The MDF has been lacquered for extra durability and to keep it looking new. Bamboo legs complete the design. The glass, bamboo, and white MDF really complement each other and add to the contemporary look of this design.

The glass work surface is about 43” x 21 ½” which is large enough to hold a PC or laptop plus several office accessories. If you’re planning to use this one in an office environment, you’ll need additional space for a printer, fax machine, etc. That said, it’s perfect for home use: well made, easy to assemble, and looks like it costs a lot more than it does.

2. Tribesigns Modern Simple Style Computer Desk (Link)

With its simple and clean design, the Tribesigns Modern Simple Style Computer Desk brings a contemporary look to any workspace. This is a great choice for anyone tall because it gives you a lot of legroom. The thick, laminated MDF desktop is pretty big and you can choose from two sizes – about 23.6” deep and either 43” or 55” wide. It’s easy to clean, waterproof, and anti-scratch. This is a great choice for a desk you’re using every day because it can take some abuse and still look great.

The legs and frame are made of powder coated heavy steel and, according to the manufacturer, strong enough to hold up to 900 pounds. The legs also have adjustable leg pads so you can make sure your work surface is level even when the floor isn’t.

You can choose from six different color combinations, too, which makes this desk especially great because you can match it to any decor. Pick from black with black legs, black with white legs, teak with black legs, teak with white legs, walnut with black legs, and walnut and white legs.

3. Z-Line Belaire Glass L-Shaped Computer Desk (Link)

This L-shaped desk has a glass workspace and black metal frame. It’s streamlined, modern, and simple design will fit into almost any decor. The L-shape maximizes desktop space in a somewhat compact space. Two people can even use this desk in a pinch and they’ll each have plenty of room to get their work done.

The L-shape allows you to set up more than one monitor, laptop, or computer. It could also easily accommodate other office equipment, too, if you needed access to a printer, scanner, etc. To give you even more workspace, one end of the L-shape has a display shelf and the other has a sliding tray for your keyboard. Each side desk is the same size.

The section of the desk with the shelf and the section with the keyboard tray each have a 24” x 36” workspace. They’re connected by a central piece that forms the bend in the L-shape that’s 24” deep. You can swap the pieces and assemble them however you want because there are holes and hardware included that allow you some flexibility.

4. Walker Edison Soreno 3-Piece Corner Desk (Link)

For another L-shaped option, the Walker Edison Soreno 3 Piece Corner Desk offer a modern, minimalist that just looks sleek and mature. It consists of two small desks that are the same size and a corner piece that form the L-shape. The nature of an L-shaped desk means that you get a lot of surface space to work with, although at 20” this workspace is a little shallower than other desks we reviewed that are around 23” deep.

The desktop is made of beveled tempered safety glass and is strong and durable. The frame is made of durable steel that’s powder coated. There are a few different color options to choose from – white glass with a white frame, clear glass with a black frame, clear glass with a silver frame, and smoked glass with a silver frame.

You also get a CPU stand to keep your computer tower on, which is a great thing to have for anyone with a PC. It keeps the tower below the desktop but off the floor to lessen the amount of dust that gets inside the vent. This will help your home or office computer run better in the long run.

5. Monarch Specialties Hollow-Core Left or Right Facing Corner Desk (Link)

The Monarch Specialties Hollow-Core Left or Right Facing Corner Desk is a bit of a different take on an L-shape. Technically, it’s shaped like an L, but rather than being two separate work stations with a corner piece, this is really more of a combination desk and bookshelf.

The workspace itself is 23.75” deep. Instead of just legs holding it up, it has a file cabinet with three drawers on one side and a bookshelf on the other. The bookshelf extends out and forms the shorter leg of the L-shape.

This is a great, simple, clean desk in a beautiful dark cappuccino finish. The inclusion of the file cabinet and the bookshelf solve a lot of the problems that more minimalistic desks have in that this desk is highly functional. The extra shelving provides space for a printer, telephone, reference books – anything you need when writing or working in your home office. That said, you usually think that a corner desk or an L-shaped desk will have two workspaces; this one doesn’t. Some would argue that the top of the bookshelf can serve as a second workspace, but without a way properly sit with your legs underneath the workspace, its functions as a desk are limited.

6. Convenience Concepts Modern No Tools Student Desk (Link)

If you’re looking for something that’s easy to assemble and has a modern look, the Convenience Concepts Modern No Tools Student Desk might be the one for you. The workspace comes in a variety of colors – white, black, espresso, blue, and pink – and the stainless steel poles act as the frame.

One great thing about this desk is it comes with a lot of storage space. You get four shelves that make up the legs of the unit and a shelf below the workspace. That said, the workspace is a little on the small side. It’s only about 16” deep, which is enough for a small laptop and not much else.

This would be a great choice for a kid’s room or a dorm room. It would also work well for someone who needed a desk only for writing or even as a media center. If you want a big, solid workspace in your home office, take a look at some of the others we reviewed.

7. Convenience Concepts Modern Newport Desk (Link)

The Convenience Concepts Modern Newport Desk has a cool modern look unlike any of the other desks we’ve seen so far. It’s available in espresso wood grain and white. The legs are made of stylish X shapes that give this a traditional yet modern feel.

The Convenience Concepts Modern Newport Desk has the brand’s unique assembly that does not require tools, so it’s easy and quick to put together.

The depth of the workspace is only 17.8”, which is pretty shallow. If you only need a computer desk to use your laptop on or if you’re looking for an accent table, this is a really great choice. It’s just not spacious enough to use if you need a lot of workspace in your home office.

8. Tribesigns Modern L-Shaped Desk Corner Computer Desk (Link)

For a simple, sleek L-shaped design that offers a lot of area to work on, the Tribesigns Modern L-Shaped Desk Corner Computer Desk is a great pick for your home office. The simple design consists of two rectangular desks and a corner piece that come together to form the L. There’s no lost space as the desks come together at a 90 degree angle.

The deskspace is 18.9” deep, which is a little less than average but if you maximize the space, there will be more than enough room to set up your PC with room to spare. This desk is designed to have an ergonomic foot position so keep you more comfortable when you’re sitting down. The corners are rounded for safety which is a really nice feature if you have young children in your home.

If you use a PC, you’ll love the CPU stand. It keeps your tower off the desktop to give you more space plus it keeps the tower off the floor to protect it from dust. The thick steel frame and legs are sturdy and durable to keep the desk stable and flat.

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