Best over the range microwave

Best over the range microwave

If you’re looking for a way to give yourself a little more counter space in the kitchen without having to say goodbye to any of your small appliances, there’s actually a really simply solution. Microwaves are one of the biggest footprints on your kitchen counter and freeing up that space can go a long way. How can you achieve this? An over the range microwave is the perfect way to keep the convenience of a microwave and give yourself more room to work.

Some of our choices for best over the range microwaves are loaded with features like large pre-set catalogues, warming options, and even popcorn sensors. But don’t worry! If you’re looking for something a little simpler, we have that, too. Let’s take a look at the best over the range microwaves around.

1. Sharp 1100-Watt Over-the-Counter Microwave in Stainless Steel (Link)

This over the range microwave from Sharp not only provides you more counter space but actually gives you a lot of options for placement. You don’t need a built-in kit or a shelf! It even has an under cabinet light to help illuminate your cooking area. The Smart & Easy sensor has 11 different settings for some of the most popular foods, which means that you don’t have to worry about guessing power levels or cook times. This microwave also eliminates any guessing when it comes to defrosting meat and poultry. Just put in the weight and the rest is automatically done for you. All the button controls are located front and center right under to door so you can see the buttons easily.

There are some other cool functions on this microwave, too, that we didn’t know how much we needed until we started using them. The Keep Warm Plus setting keeps foods hot for 30 minutes so you can keep your sides dishes warm while you’re finishing up your main course. Another thing we love is the popcorn sensor which provides the perfect pop regardless of brand. No more standing by counting the seconds between pops, this microwave takes care of it for you. Plus, there’s a hot water function for making tea.

2. Whirlpool Stainless Over-the-Range Microwave (Link)

For an Energy Star qualified over the range microwave, check out this one from Whirlpool. The electronic touch controls help you choose between the various presets. If you want some extra light on your range while you cook, this microwave comes with an adjustable cooktop light you can use. One of the most unique things about this microwave is the 2-speed vent fan. You can match the ventilation to the dish that’s being made to get rid of any lingering odors quickly and efficiently.

There are a lot of little conveniences that come with this one, too. For starters, all of the installation hardware is included. It also comes with a super handy recessed turntable to make sure you food cooks evenly. And that’s not all. You also get a 1 year warranty.

3. LG Over-The-Range Microwave Oven in Stainless Steel (Link)

This LG Over-the-Range microwave functions as an impressive hood to your stove top, offering 3 different fan speed so it’s able to clear smells and smoke quickly. They call it their QuietPower vent and it’s definitely effective and quiet, though it can get quite noisy on higher settings. As for how the microwave works for cooking, it has smart sensor technology that automatically adjusts cooking times and the power level. How does it work? The Sensor Cooking technology can determine how much humidity is in the air and interpret it to make the necessary adjustments. Another thing we love about this one is the cooking rack. It gives you a whole other cooking surface so you can put more food in the microwave at once.

Something else we really loved is the EasyClean interior. Everyone knows how messy microwaves can get and how hard they are to clean. With EasyClean, you can easily get the inside and outside clean and you might not even have to use any chemical cleaning products.

4. GE Over-The-Range Microwave Oven in Stainless Steel (Link)

Here’s a great option from GE for a stainless steel over the range microwave. There’s a lot to like about this model! For starters, it comes with a wire shelf so you can cook 2 things at the same time. There’s a sensor that chooses the correct power level depending on the capacity of the microwave and you get  power saver mode, too.

GE includes a MyPlate button on their newer microwaves that helps you stick to the USDA guidelines for healthy eating. It let you choose what is on your plate from 5 different healthy food groups, 19 food, and an astounding 44 pre-programmed food combinations.

Overall, the display is easy to use and understand. The one button start is great, too. If you want to cook something for 2 minutes, just push the number 2 and you’re ready to go. If you need more time, all you have to do it press the 30 second add button. Plus, there’s a built-in kitchen timer to help you keep track of the food you’re making on the stovetop.


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