Best pedestal fan

Best pedestal fan

If you want to cool your home or office on a hot afternoon, an air conditioner might be the best example you can get. However, they are expensive, and it takes a lot of time and resources to maintain them. That is where the best pedestal fan comes in as the next best option. Why? They are effective in the area they serve, and the cost of having one is much lower. An excellent and working pedestal fan will cool you when the temperature escalates, and you will find lots of them in the market. That is why we took time to explore and find out what it takes to have a good fan plus some of the best recommendations to go and look for when it is time to buy.

Why you need a pedestal fan

A pedestal fan helps in cooling a room by enabling air circulation. You will mostly find them in an office, but people also buy them for home use. They are used to create a gentle breeze in the bedroom as you sleep. That is why you need to pick one that has minimal or no noise at all. Since they use a spinning blade to keep the air moving, you should know that they do not lower the room temperature. The breeze created is what enables hot air to escape and give room for cold air thereby cooling down. Differences in price relate to the functionalities and controls involved when operating the fan which includes speed variations, and the need to have an ultra-quiet device. If you are wondering how to get one that suits you, there are plenty of them out there for every budget.

Here are some of the benefits incurred when you buy a pedestal fan.

  • They are cheaper to buy and operate
  • They help in air re-distribution when keeping your room cool
  • Most of them are portable so you can move them to your desired position with ease
  • Eco-friendly
  • They use less power than air conditioners
  • No mounting or installation procedures needed. Just plug in, switch on and feel the breeze
  • They add ventilation too other than cooling

A pedestal fan buying guide

Since there are many designs to choose from, the following guide gives you information that you need when choosing the right one for your needs.

Fixed or directional

Fans have two ways used to blow air, and one of them is having a fixed head. It means that this type of fan will blow air out in one direction depending on where it is placed. It is a fine one to use if you only need to cool one particular area. The other one is a directional type that cools down a more extensive area by moving back and forth. It is an ideal solution if you have several people in an office for example and you want the fan to sweep everyone. You can place it in a position that every individual feels the breeze since a fixed one will only blow one or two people.

Size of the room

What is the area to be covered by the fan when blowing? You should be aware of how large or small the room in consideration is for the fan to be effective. It is not a wonder to find out that you overlooked the size of the space to get a smaller or bigger fan than what is expected. Room measurements can be obtained from the multiplication of breadth and length to get the square foot size. Other than the ceiling fan, pedestal types need such a consideration before deploying the most suitable choice.

Type of blades

Most of the fans that you will come across use plywood among other types of blades. Others will provide sturdier materials such as aluminum or steel, but you should be aware that they pose more danger than the wood types. Cheaper models also consider using plastic to make the blades which is another viable option. Either way, each of the materials discussed above will deliver the amount of air needed to keep a room cool and the question of how much is answered by the fan’s speed variations.

Pedestal height

It is one of the most important features of this type of fan, and it is simply the height that the pedestal goes from the ground. The better part comes in if the fan in possession allows you to move up and down as desired so that you can gain a better target of the area wanting some blowing activity. Having a pedestal fan that is both directional and height adjustable offers more convenience than a fan with one or none of the features.

Controlling the fan

In most pedestals, the major control is done by a pull switch which handles on/off mechanism plus the speed settings. Newer models have made life easier by having a remote controlled unit to help you change the settings at your comfort.

A tilting head

A fan that that tilts its head up and down or sideways implies that the direction of the blow will be changing. So, air is deflected from the initial position of the fan to other areas as well.

Pedestal Fans top reviews

Rowenta VU5551 Turbo Silence Oscillating 16-Inch Stand Fan (Link)

The search for a powerful fan is complete when you get the Rowenta VU5551 Turbo Silence Oscillating stand fan. Its 16-inch oscillating head is capable of blowing air in your office, or home and the remote control makes it easier to operate without tampering. It is a popular and most reliable model on the market today, a factor that has made its price to go higher. On the other hand, if you see what it can do when it is hot, the cost of purchase becomes a non-issue.

The propeller has 5 blades that can cool your room in no time and quietly – a reason as to why you will find a collection of Rowentas in a library. When the need arises, you can adjust the height from 42 to 54 inches as the head rotates in different directions for multiple spots cooling. The best part is that the head can pivot in the various positions it faces. A remote control is also in the package to help you select the turbo boost and vary the speed in three modes. The VU5551 model requires minimal assembly, and it is easy to carry and clean when appropriate.

Honeywell HS-1655 QuietSet 16″ Stand Fan (Link)

The Honeywell HS-1655 stand fan is one fan that you can use to cool a whole room while maintaining peace as you sleep if it is in the bedroom. It is a model that has various exciting features that you can use to manipulate it as you wish.

When you turn on the stand fan, the cooling mechanism is aided by the 5-speed level options that you can choose. One of the recommendable features is the quiet mode operation that you can select from the available settings which include white noise. That is why you can use it to circulate air in the bedroom and set the timer for it to off after some time. The timing variations include 1, 2, 4 and 8-hour shut-offs which means that you do not have to wake up and out it off in the middle of the night. The height is adjustable to blow at different height levels. When it is on, there is a blue light that can be used during the evening. However, if you find it too bright, use a black tape to cover it since it can be sometimes annoying.

Optimus F-4184 42-Inch Industrial Grade High Velocity Stand Fan (Link)

Are you searching for a powerful pedestal fan to cool a large area, the Optimus F-4184 model is the right choice for you. The 42-inch head has a high-velocity moving propeller in it, which makes this design a favorite for industrial purposes. The wind produced is enough to be used in big room situations such as a hall.

The design features an all metal construction and assembling it is easy. Its wide base area makes it stable on any surface, and the height can be adjusted as per the preference. Do you love white noise? This fan will give that quiet and soothing sound as you rest or sleep. Its speed is enhanced by a 2-speed capacitor motor that is heat resistant and maintenance free. Air circulation is enabled by the 18-inch aluminum blades and the ability of the head tilting at 360 degrees. For safety purposes, the durable construction is backed up by fan guard connected using SMS fasteners.

Lasko 1820 Performance Adjustable Oscillating Pedestal Fan (Link)

For a simple fan that still functions as intended, the Lasko 1820 model has powerful performance that is projected by the 18-inch pedestal fan with the support of 3 energy efficient speeds.  The ABS plastic construction is responsible for keeping it compact as it oscillates on a wide area or stationary when cooling.

The only features that lack on this fan model are the remote control ability and the timer functionality. That is why the price is much lower when compared to the rest with such specifications. Apart from the oscillating head that tilts back to extend its versatility, the height can be adjusted from 38 inches to 54.5 inches when you need to change the level of focus. Toppling is prevented by the sturdy round base and assembling is so easy that you do not need any tools to do it. Safety regulations include the use of a patented fused safety plug.

Lasko #2535 52″ Oscillating Pedestal Fan (Link)

Lasko designs have amused the market due to their durability, and robust functionality and the #2535 52-inch model is no exception. It is a tall and slim design to start with, a feature that cannot be ignored if space is an issue.

When compared to the rest of the models in the same brand, this one is one of the tallest but easy to handle. It is extremely quiet when working and the flow of air can cool a room and its occupants. The fan can stand on its own, and you can adjust the height from 41 inches to 52 inches. Also, the blades can be adjusted so that air can come out in the desired direction.

Among the settings is the optional sleep mode that allows you to feel the breeze for six hours which is activated by a button. The automatic shut off ability switches the fan off, so you do not need to get out of your comfort. Oscillation options involve directional louver that enables up and down movement of the air. Another attractive feature is that it has a handle that can be used to carry the fan to an appropriate location. All Lasko models are ETL listed and have a patented fused safety plug, and this one is not left out.

Vornado VFAN Sr. Pedestal Vintage Air Circulator Fan (Link)

Another one that has a vintage look is the Vornado VFAN Sr. that features the same classic style of the original version back in 1940’s. Still, it has the same robust functionality that allows you enjoy a cool breeze when the air around you is not conducive.

The metal design holds the necessary Signature Vortex technology that enables the blades to bite more air and circulate it throughout the room. It has 3-speed settings, and the pivoted head is dedicated to offering multi-directional airflow. In the head are duel injector cones and powerful blades make the leaving air to spiral, hence traveling further and allow unbeatable air movement. You can adjust the height from 42 to 55 inches as the safe and quiet design beats the air to keep it cool. This fan comes with a 5-year satisfaction guarantee, so it is one pedestal fan that is made to stay.

To keep you safe, a metal construction houses the inside components. The only thing needed is to allow as much or less air as required.

Safety and Maintenance of pedestal fans

  • Always make sure that you have the correct power supply which includes the voltage, phase, and frequency. Inadequate supply causes permanent damage to the fan’s motor.
  • If you are not using the fan, unplug it from the source especially if you are moving away for a long time.
  • Check to see that the fastenings are tight. It is advisable that you always check the fan after every 12 months of use which also calls for cleaning as you oversee its current condition.
  • As you clean, use a blower to do so. Do not use any abrasive cleaner to remove the accumulated dust on the blades and their guard(s).
  • Always keep the fan away from children’s reach.

Wrapping up

As we summarize on pedestal fans, purchasing one is a good investment if you live or work in areas where the weather gets unfavorably hot. Whether it is in the office, garage or bedroom, they are reliable appliances to be used for cooling purposes. They are also portable, cheap and user-friendly. It is a good idea to go and look out for one that will do the job and not ask for replacement during summer.

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