What’s the best posture bra for pain relief?

What’s the best posture bra for pain relief?

We’re all guilty of slouching, and while it may ache to sit up straight, it hurts even more when we regularly slump. Sometimes, having a bigger chest can cause us to hunch over a little, and this can lead to really terrible back pain, or at the very least bad posture.

Posture is what makes us look good in photos, exude self-confidence, and also makes clothes fit properly. Having good posture is a great way to get that extra confidence boost when you leave the house in the morning, and the following bras can help you accomplish that.

1. Enell Sports Bra (Link)

Many women experience back pain and posture problems when they exercise. While getting active can feel great in many ways, and is obviously so good for us, there’s no need to risk our back and leave ourselves in pain for days after we work out.

So, to make sure you have perfect posture when you exercise, there’s the Enell Sports Bra, though of course you don’t have to wear it only when you exercise, if it’s comfy you can wear it whenever you want. While a lot of back support bras look functional, this comes in cool colors so you can feel a little more glamorous.

While most women opt for black, white, or nude for their day-to-day underwear, you also have the option of pink, red, blue, and green with this dress, and the shiny, silky effect of the material feels a little more attractive than plain cotton.This is available in sizes 0-8, and as the bra is 10% lycra, it will stretch over your chest if you buy the size that matches your clothes size on top.

Another attractive feature of this bra is the fact that it clasps up the front. This is ideal as most women who need help from a posture bra experience back pain of some sort – and twisted around trying to contort yourself into a bra that fastens at the back just exacerbated that pain. Being able to clasp your bra at the front means you can get it on and off comfortably, plus the fact that there are ten clasps on the front rather than a perfunctory three or four means that you are more secure or supported than with a regular bra.

The high neckline provides great support from the front, while the full back and cross strap on the back is amazing for posture, and helps you stand up tall and proud, avoiding any aches or pains. Nearly 1500 women have left rave reviews of this bra, culminating in an incredibly high 4.3 star rating. While the price tag may make this more expensive than some other bras on the market, if you really want to find a solution to your posture problems, then this could be a wise investment.

2. Leading Lady Plus Size Zig Zag Bra (Link)

A lot of women who suffer from back pain and posture issues have larger than average breasts. While they often look great, they can wreak havoc on a lady’s back, and have a detrimental effect on posture. Recognizing that women with larger breasts suffer from this particular problem, Leading Lady have released this plus size range that 240 women have left rave reviews for this bra, resulting in a 4.2 star rating.

This is a high quality bra, however the price tag is pretty reasonable, costing just tens of dollars depending on your size and color choices. This is available in a huge range of sizes, and a great range of colors, so you can feel glamorous as well as comfortable. While this comes in the standard colors of black, white, and beige, it’s also available in blackberry wine, pink, blue, and leopard print. This is great as it means you can be comfortable under all kinds of clothes, and aren’t limited to when you can wear your bra.

This bra fastens in the front which makes it super user friendly, and most of the support comes from the zig-zag weave that’s that keeps you lifted and supported. The back of the bra is shaped like a leotard, which id the optimum shape for your posture, and keeps your chest lifted. This is a great choice for any ladies who need a bra that can accommodate above-average sized breasts.

3. Delmira Back Support Bra (Link)

One of the great things about this bra is the fact that you have plenty of options. This bra comes in the functional color choices of black, white, and nude. This is easy to put on, as the clasp is at the front, and it will fit almost all women, as it comes in size 34B to 40DD.

The cross style back is what really provides support, and helps you keep your shoulders back and chest forward. The wide straps mean that this doesn’t dig into your skin, and the adjustable straps mean you can tailor this to your body, and feel confident and upright. The straps aren’t just adjustable in terms of arranging the size of the bra over your shoulders, but it also gives you three positions to choose from – straight over your shoulder, halter style, or cross over – meaning you can ensure you have maximum support for your body shape.

As over 200 women have left glowing reviews, culminating in a four star rating, you can purchase this bra with confidence. Most of the women who have tried and tested this particularly appreciate the fact that it is completely wireless, so they’re supported, lifted, and secure, without any of the normal discomfort. Previous purchasers do advise that you opt for a size bigger. A lot of the women who’ve bought this have later gone back and purchased more in different colors, as this suits their daily needs as well as fitting under evening clothes well, and being perfect for exercise.

Best of all, this is a total bargain, with the exact price depending on your size.


Why suffer from back pain and poor posture, when instead you can buy any one of the bras listed above and enjoy a pain free, straight-backed day-to-day experience, with bras that look and feel good, and fit well under all kinds of clothes.

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