Best receipt printer

Best receipt printer

Every business requires a few things that are mandatory to keep it running smoothly. A receipt printer is one of those critical things. Being a considerable investment, a lot of new and small business owners take the importance of a receipt printer for granted. But, in turn, it gets really difficult for them to manage their finances and accounting.

The good news is, not all the receipt printers require a huge amount of investment. You can easily get one of these for less than $50, which will be able to do a pretty decent job. However, if you can afford, we’d suggest you go for a slightly high-end model.

Here in this article, we have listed down five of the best receipt printers available in the market right now according to different budgets and requirements. So, scroll down, read ahead, and take your pick.

1. Star MicronicsTSP143IIU GRY US ECO – Thermal Receipt Printer (Link)

If you want to make a highly secure investment in a great quality receipt printer, you should get your hands on the Star Micronics TSP143IIU. And it goes without saying that this amazing printer uses the acclaimed thermal printing technology which always delivers high-quality printing.

The setup of this printer is a piece of cake. To make the whole procedure easy for you, the manufacturer has included an interior power source, power and interface wires, mounting kits and paper roll. To make the receipt printing even more amazing, this printer comes with a complete set of software utilities.

The printer comes with numerous interesting features and settings to choose from, which not only make the whole process stress-free but quite fun as well. Even though this printer doesn’t have a dedicated POS server, it still works very wonderfully and you won’t face any problem while installing everything in it.

Another great thing about this device is that it comes with an auto cutter that enables you to trim the size of your receipt according to your requirement. This feature really comes in handy, especially when you have to print too many receipts back to back. Moreover, the size reduction also makes your receipts look highly professional.

This printer features a USB only interface, which means, you can easily connect it to your PC through the USB cable without any problem. Oh and don’t worry, the cable is already included in the package so you do not need to arrange it from anywhere else.

The most incredible thing about this printer is its exhilarating speed. You can’t imagine how fast performing this little beast is. You can keep on printing numerous receipts continuously without having to wait for too long. We’d strongly recommend you to give it a try and see the results for yourself.

Why do we like it?

Where to begin? This printer is a class on its own. The high-quality construction, efficient printing technology, superior receipt quality, and ease of use are just a few of the many reasons to like it. This printer is perfect for everyone who wants to make professional level receipts without spending too much money or time on that.


  • Comes with numerous personalization options.
  • Delivers professional quality receipts.
  • Comes with an auto cutter that automatically reduces the sizes of receipts.
  • Super-fast printing.
  • Comes with numerous compatible POS programs.
  • Can be used with a mobile phone.


  • A bit bulky.

2. Epson TM-T20II Direct Thermal Printer (Link)

The second best spot goes to the TM T20II from Epson. Epson is a highly renowned name in the world of printers. If you have an inclination towards these devices then you would surely know about Epson’s high level of credibility and popularity.

All of the devices manufactured by Epson are of unimaginably high quality with all the contemporary features. And this printer right here is an epitome of the brand’s continuing legacy.

You will absolutely fall in love with this printer’s user-friendliness. The setup and installation are as easy as can be. And anyone can do it without any requirement of a technical background. This device features a monochrome design so it should ideally be kept on a desktop for starting the printing procedure.

This printer is perfect for all the small to medium sized retail businesses like department stores, or other types of retail shops.  Like our top pick, this printer also uses thermal printing technology, which delivers you excellent quality receipts with a very clear and fine printing.

The most eye-popping features of the machine include a built-in power supply, an automatic paper cutter, and legible LED message lights. All of these features greatly contribute to the machine’s ease of use and high level of convenience.

Speed wise, this model has shown some genuine improvement at 200 mm per second in comparison to its previous model, which only had a speed of 150mm per second. This means faster printing than ever before and lesser queues.

Considering all the features of this device, we found it to be highly economical. It might not be the cheapest one you can get, but it certainly has a reasonable price. However, the small price hasn’t affected the model’s performance, durability, or functionality in any way. Neither has it lacked in any features. So, you will surely get a lot more than what you pay for.

Why do we like it?

Epson is a world class manufacturer of printers. So, having TM T20II as one of our hot favorites shouldn’t be a surprise for anyone. The printer boasts a lot of wonderful features with a very high level of user-friendliness. And the best thing about this printer is that, with all these features, it doesn’t even cost as high as one would expect.


  • Easy to use and install.
  • USB interface for easy connection.
  • Auto cutter included.
  • Built-in power supply.
  • Comes with 2-year warranty.
  • Speedier than its ancestor.


  • Not appropriate for high-volume printing.
  • Tech support needs improvement.

3. Epson TM-T88V Thermal Receipt Printer (Link)

Another great model from Epson is the TM T88V and it is a rather premium quality printer. So, if you are looking for an exceptionally high-grade receipt printer and are not bothered by the price tag, only then you should consider buying it.

The performance of this printer is exemplary. But well, when you pay a good amount of money, the performance is bound to be excellent, at least in the majority of the cases.

This printer is ideal for those of you who usually need to carry out high-volume printing. So, we won’t recommend it to small businesses and retailers because their usage isn’t that intense.

This printer is highly reliable and dependable in terms of durability, speed, performance, ease of use and much more.

This model also comes with an automatic cutter that decreases the size of the paper automatically. It also comes with an integrated power supply.

The printing head of the machine is so durable that it has been speculated to last for almost 100 kilometers’ value of printed receipts.

The last and the absolute best feature of this machine is its ultra-fast printing speed of 300mm/ second, making it faster than any other model on our list.

Why do we like it?

If you want to enjoy a premium quality printer with an insanely fast printing speed, you should try the Epson TM-T88V. With a super speed of 300mm/second and a whole bunch of exciting features, this printer has everything that will make it your ultimate favorite.


  • Insanely fast printing speed of 300mm/sec.
  • Excellent print quality.
  • Durable and Reliable.
  • Comes with a standard memory of 4KB.
  • Numerous interfaces.
  • Ideal for the retail industry.


  • Expensive.
  • Customer service is not impressive.

4. EOM-POS Thermal Receipt Printer (Link)

The fourth pick of ours is the EOM-POS receipt printer which also belongs to the reasonable price category and uses thermal printing mechanism.

This versatile printer features 3 connection interfaces which include USB cable, serial cable, and sharing through LAN/Ethernet. The multitude of options makes it easy for you to print out your receipts through whichever mean you want.

This printer also features an automatic cutter that makes the entire job a lot easier for you. And it also comes with paper roll with a width of 3 1/8 inches.

The printer works with numerous POS software on windows which include odoo, aldelo, keystrokes, and just so many others. To make sure it works with your software, you should check with the manufacturer before shortlisting it.

We totally love the customer service provided by the company. In case of any kind of issue, the tech support team is not only readily available but also makes sure to resolve your problem as fast as possible.

This printer is an ideal option for every medium to small sized business that doesn’t require very intense printing.

Why do we like it?

The standout feature of this printer is its compatibility with a huge number of Windows POS applications, which makes it more fun to use. It also features 3 connection interfaces, which further add to its awesomeness.


  • Reasonable price.
  • Compatible with multiple Windows POS software.
  • Features auto cutter.
  • 3 connection interfaces.
  • Excellent technical support by the company.


  • Not compatible with mobile OS.
  • Doesn’t work with Linux or Mac PCs.

5. Smart&Cool SC-5890T USB POS Printer (Link)

The SC 5890T by Smart&Cool also made it to our list as our last choice due to its extremely inexpensive price. So, if you have a limited budget and you can’t even spare $50 for a receipt printer, you should get the SC 5890T.

The best thing about this printer is its price, which is a small fraction of all of the above-mentioned picks. Due to the same reason, you can’t expect this model to have that level of functionality and performance that the pricier models offer.

The construction of this machine is quite flimsy and you will not find it to be durable at all. Therefore, you will have to be quite careful while working with it.

Coming towards its basic function, it does a pretty decent job at that. You can print good quality receipts from this printer for your small scale business.

Besides price, another commendable thing about this printer is its speed of 90 mm per second, which is pretty good for its meager price.

The printer is compatible with all the old versions of windows and Linux.  This means it doesn’t work with newer versions or with mobile devices, which is a huge downer.

The installation of the machine is quite a fiddly process and you might not like it. In addition, the software is not that user-friendly and the printer doesn’t offer any wireless connectivity as well.

But overall, it offers a decent performance for its price. We’d recommend you go for this model only and only if you can’t afford anything else.

Why do we like it?

The Smart&Cool SC5890T is an extremely budget-friendly receipt printer that offers quite a lot for its minimal cost. Despite its flaws, it offers a very impressive print quality and printing speed that allow you to print good quality receipts each time.


  • Thermal printing quality at an insanely inexpensive price.
  • Printing speed of 90 mm per second.
  • Features cash drawer control.
  • Low-noise operation.
  • Compatible with Windows and Linux.


  • Short cord length.
  • Cheap construction quality.

Buying Guide – Best Receipt Printer

What is a Receipt Printer?

As the name indicates, a receipt printer is used for printing receipts for mainly commercial and trade purposes. These printers can be directly linked to a PC through USB cable, Ethernet cable, Bluetooth, or any other sort of connection.

Receipt printers come in many variants and sizes. In the plethora of these devices in the market, you will also come across portable ones that do not need a cable for connection and are small enough to be easily carried around in your hand.

Every single type of these printers works almost the same way when it comes to receiving files from PC. A special software is installed on the PC for printing purposes. And then the software directs the files to the machine. Then the driver in the machine interprets those files and it delivers you the printed version of them.

Major Categories of Receipt Printers

Impact/Dot Matrix

This is a rather old type of receipt printers. It makes use of an ink ribbon for delivering you the printed copy of the receipt. This type uses very small dots for making its typescripts, which occasionally may seem to be pixelated.

This machine is capable of generating two copies of the receipt simultaneously, a feature that is known as 2-ply paper printing. So, this printer is ideal for businesses that require customer dealing as you can keep one print for yourself and one for your customer.

However, these devices are not the fastest when it comes to printing speed. Also, they are pretty loud, so they might quickly annoy you. Although their usage has gone quite obsolete now, these printers are still widely used by a lot of eateries.

The reason is that the high temperatures in the kitchen may easily end up fading away all the print on the receipt. But, it’s not the case with the receipts from a dot matrix printer.

Not only eateries, but numerous other big businesses like gaming and finance also prefer using this type because their protocols require them to hold on to all the receipts for a certain time period. And since ink receipts have a much longer life than other types, these are given high preference.

Like everything else, the performance of this type of printer tends to deteriorate over time because its ink ribbon ceases to print like it used to. When that time arrives, the next course of action is to change the ribbon. You can easily find them in the market and the great thing is, they come in various colors. Once you replace it, it will be as good as new.

Needless to say, this type costs lesser than rest of the other prevalent types these days. This printer contains far more components inside it than any other kind of the receipt printer. This means that its maintenance is not that easy.


Next type is the thermal receipt printer which doesn’t need ribbon for delivering you the receipts. As a substitute, it uses a distinct chemicalized paper, known as thermal paper, which reacts to heat. The biggest benefit of using this type is that you will never be required to replace those untidy ribbons.

Another advantage that they have over the dot matrix printers is that they produce much lesser sound, which makes them an ideal option for all such businesses where noise could be a problem. The print head of the machine contains numerous tiny holes which deliver the hotness to the paper, which in turn results in creating the fonts.

These printers are known to be the quickest performing form of receipt printers out there. Some of them can even print up to ten inches in a single second. This ultra-fast type of thermal receipt printers is widely used in huge retail and fast food chains or any other type of establishment where the clients are queued up to clear their payments quickly.

However, like the dot matrix, this type also has a slight drawback to it. The receipts from this printer tend to lose their printing if they are left for too long in the sunlight. High temperature causes the receipts from this printer to turn completely dark.

You will come across very high priced thermal receipt printers as well that have the ability to print in 2 colors. However, this dual color technology hasn’t been very successful because it delivers poor results and is not very reliable. Therefore, the usage of such printers is not very common.

The paper that is used in these printers is not very sturdy and can easily get ripped. Another thing that can happen is that it can get stuck in the machine, but that’s an occasional occurrence. Also, thermal paper is pretty pricier than other kinds of papers.  However, the results are quite satisfactory and they can also deliver a 2-ply printing.


The inkjet receipt printers basically belong to the family of dot matrix receipt printers and are known to be their descendants. These machines also use ink for printing their receipts, however, their performance and quality are way higher than the impact ones.

These printers work exactly like a normal computer printer because, in addition to fonts, they can also print pictures and other characters like logos. These printers contain cartridges in them that allow you to print your receipts in various colors.

That’s the reason, a lot of establishments fancy using these printers because they enable them to print their colorful logos, marketing material, vouchers, tokens, and much more. This helps the companies in influencing their customers’ buying behavior and winning them over in the long run.

Unlike the thermal ones, the inkjet printers are not that fast. And the replacement of their cartridges can be quite a nuisance sometimes. But, the printing by these machines doesn’t fade away as fast as it does in thermal papers.

Numerous industries and companies opt for the inkjet printers for making their receipts because they have the ability to make use of the reprocessed paper. And in case you don’t know, a reprocessed paper roll costs almost half of a paper roll that is new and not recycled.

Additional Types

Portable/Mobile Receipt Printers

Pointless to say that these are called portable receipt printers because of their small size and excessive handiness. You can easily carry them anywhere you want. They do not need a power source for functioning, instead, they use rechargeable batteries.

These printers receive the files through Bluetooth or any other wireless platform. They do not use a specific technology for printing receipts. So, you will find all three technologies in them i.e. inkjet, dot matrix, thermal.

The printers from this category are usually quite pricey in comparison to those that require a direct link to the PC. These printers are generally used by businesses that are mobile like mobile food trucks. They are also used by companies for their outdoor work.

These printers provide their users a quick and handy solution when the access to a PC is not possible. In addition to mobile businesses, a lot of retail shops and delivery services have also started using these printers.

POS Receipt Printers

POS receipt printers are also widely termed as the point of sale printers. These printers are different than any of the above-mentioned types. They are linked to a cash register for printing the receipts. You would have seen plenty of these in many retail stores.

These machines do not make use of any specific kind of software. Instead, every retail enterprise uses its own software with the machine, for easily operating it. Similarly, they do not use any specific technology and you can easily find them in either dot matrix, thermal, or inkjet.

These machines are also very tiny in size in comparison to the normal-sized receipt printers.

Alternative Device

The alternative to a receipt printer that a lot of small sized businesses opt to use is a printing calculator. This device uses a paper roll which is joined to it and once you enter the calculations, they get printed onto the paper.

A lot of these devices come with built-in LCD displays that show all the digits that have been entered before it starts the printing. Generally, the papers used in these small machines are thermal papers. Which is why the receipts from this device come out highly clear and easily legible.

On the other hand, some manufacturers also use dot matrix technology in these machines, which makes them a more pocket-friendly option. However, the replacement of ink ribbons can be even more problematic in these smaller machines.

The majority of these calculators only have the ability to print in black. But, a few of them also boast the twin color printing as well.

Important Tips

  • Try to choose a model that is compatible with a wide range of POS software. 
  • Streamline your budget beforehand and shortlist your printers accordingly. 
  • While picking, make sure to keep the speed of the printer in your mind. Don’t go for a very slow one if your business requires an intense level of printing and vice versa. 
  • Always prefer a model that features an automatic paper cutter.


Your choice for the best receipt printer hinges on a number of various aspects that we have mentioned above in complete detail. So, we are certain that you will be well equipped with all the necessary knowledge by now.

You will find the market loaded with numerous models with varying prices and performances. All you have to do is to make sure that you understand these machines well and be 100% clear on your requirements. And the selection will become a total breeze.

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