Best silent alarm clock for couples

Best silent alarm clock for couples

If you or your partner has to wake up early, you know how annoying it is to be woken up by an alarm clock that isn’t meant for you. One of you might need to get up early to make it to the gym before work or wake up to feed the new baby on schedule. Maybe you need to take medication in the middle of the night and you wake up your partner and your dog at the exact same time every night.

If this sounds like you, there is solution! With a silent alarm clock, you can get yourself up and out of bed when you need to without disrupting the whole house. Some silent alarm clocks are wearable and some use a device placed under your pillow, but they all work by vibrating at various intensity levels. And if you prefer to use an alarm on mornings when it won’t bother anyone, most silent alarms have the option to be used as a regular alarm clock, too.

Who else can benefit from a silent alarm clock? Anyone who has a difficult time waking up with a standard alarm clock! Anyone who is hard of hearing or just a deep sleeper can benefit from an alarm clock that vibrates. It’s also a great idea for anyone with a roommate, particularly in a dorm. No longer will you wake up your roomie when you have an early class! With a silent alarm clock, you’ll sleep better knowing you won’t be inconveniencing your loved ones and they’ll sleep better because your alarm won’t wake up the whole room.

Interested in a silent alarm clock? Here are some of the best ones available:

1. Smartshaker 2 (Link)

With the Smartshaker 2, you can choose from eight different built-in ringtones: alarm, birds, stream, rooster, doorbell, cuckoo, chimes, and air horn. You also have three different vibration options so you can choose the right level for you, whether you’re a light or heavy sleeper. To personalize the alarm to exactly what you need to wake you, you can use only the vibration, only the ringtone, or a combination of both.

While your smartphone vibrates when the alarm goes off, it’s likely not enough to wake you – especially if you’re a heavy sleeper! The Smartshaker 2 vibrates with almost twice the strength of most smartphones and is sure to wake you up and get you out of bed on time without disrupting your partner’s sleep. Place the thin pod underneath your pillow and use the smartphone app to set your alarm. Choose your perfect combination of vibration and sound. The app also allows you to monitor to battery life of the device. It can also keep you up to date on the weather so you can prepare appropriately for the day.

The small size makes it perfect for travel and the lithium ion battery will last for 10 days (assuming 5 minutes of use a day). It’s perfect to take to a hotel, dorm, camping, or to use at home.

2. Amplicom TCL Vibe Alarm Clock (Link)

Sometimes, a vibrating alarm clock that sits on your mattress can still disturb your sleeping partner. If you’re looking for something a little different, the Amplicom TCL Vibe Alarm Clock has a vibrating wristband alert. This is more likely to wake you without disturbing your sleeping spouse, child, or even dog.

The soft wristband is adjustable and fits onto any wrist. The clock itself stores two different alarm times and displays the indoor temperature, time, day, and date on it’s amber backlit display. The alarm has an audible alarm if you need it and it sends a signal to the wristband to vibrate. It’s cordless and powered only by batteries, which are included. You also get a travel pouch and a USB charging cable. You’ll need about 2-3 hours to charge it completely and the batteries will work for days.

3. Shock Clock 2 Silent Smart Alarm Clock (Link)

This is a special type of personal alarm clock with three modes: zap, beep, and vibrate. Yes, that’s right, it can zap you awake.

Obviously, if you are sleeping with a partner that you don’t want to wake up, the vibration mode is best. However, some heavy sleepers will sleep through a vibrating alarm. You can get a heavy duty vibrator that shakes the whole bed, but then you’ll wake up your partner.

The zap, though, is pretty much guaranteed to wake you up without causing a ruckus. Unless, of course, you let out a yelp at the shock.

While this alarm is expensive, it also comes with other handy extras like sleep tracking. Another nifty feature is the jumping jack mode that will only disable the alarm once you get out of bed and start doing jumping jacks. This alarm clock is for serious business!

4. Silent Vibrating Personal Alarm Clock (Link)

This wristwatch style vibrating alarm can be used as a wearable vibrating alarm clock or can be removed from the strap and used under your pillow to help vibrate you awake. The strap is comfortable but tends to wear out quickly. You may need to find a replacement after a few months of daily use.

You can choose between waking up with vibration or audible alarm. It’s lightweight and comfortable with a large LED screen that has a one touch backlight. It runs on one AA battery, which is not included. It also comes in four different colors – white, black, orange, or red.

While this vibrating alarm clock isn’t as well received as the others in our review, this might be easily contributed to the fact that it’s not particularly user friendly. There are a lot of instructions to get it to do what you need it to do. There are four different buttons to use and it can get a little tricky, but once you get it down pat, you should be able to use it as it was intended.


There you have some of the best silent alarm clocks on the market. As you can see, there are a few options to consider to figure out which will work best for you, but this will be a purchase both you and your sleeping partner will love. You won’t know how you ever slept without it.

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