Best sleep bra reviews

Best sleep bra reviews

While it doesn’t suit every woman, many ladies do enjoy keeping a bra on at night. Whether it’s because you like the feeling of support, you believe it will combat the effects of gravity, or you’re nursing and want to keep breast pads in place, avoid leaking if you lactate during the night, and just feel less sore in a bra, it can be a challenge to find something comfortable.

Nobody can deny that it feels great to come home at the end of the day and release our boobs from their underwired prisons. For that reason, amongst many others, it’s nice to have a soft and seamless bra to sleep in, that can provide all of the support you need without any of the discomfort. The following four options are ideal for sleeping.

1. Cabales Seamless Wireless Sports Bra with Removable Pads (Link)

This 3 pack of bras is great value and the fact that they’re multifunctional and can double up as both sports and sleep bras just makes this an even better deal. However, this low cost doesn’t indicate low quality, as over a thousand women have left glowing reviews, culminating in a 4.1 star rating.

You also have a great selection of colors for the 3 pack, with a choice of practical black, white, and grey; pretty pink, blue, and dark purple; or vibrant red, blue and purple.

These bras are seamless, with no wires or hooks, and made of spandex and lycra. This means that you won’t chafe or have any uncomfortable areas if you want to lie on your side or back, as there’s nothing to dig into your skin. The fabric used in this bra is smooth and soft, and feels great against your skin, which is another factor that makes it a great choice as a sleep bra.

Seeing as you have three to choose from, it’s entirely possible to designate one to sports or yoga, which this bra is also ideal for. While this isn’t available in specific cup sizes, you can choose from a small all the way to an XXXL, and there are plenty of handy size guides provided to guarantee you get the perfect fit.

The wide straps help this bra stay in place, meaning you wake up as secure and supported as when you go to sleep. The women who have tried and tested this bra are all thrilled with the outstanding comfort and amazing support it provides. The only issue you may encounter is the fact that this shouldn’t be machine-washed. For some, this proved to be inconvenient.

2. Organic Cotton Wireless Nursing & Maternity Sleep Bra (Link)

Many women who are pregnant or nursing choose to wear a sleep bra, to avoid soreness, keep breast pads in place, and just generally feel comfortable. This is one of the best nursing and maternity bras for sleeping around, and almost 900 women have left reviews agreeing that this is awesome, resulting in a 4.3 star rating.

This fits all shapes and sizes, and is available from a small to a XX Large – busty. And while this bra is designed for comfort, it can look great too, as the wraparound style is flattering, and the colors are cute, including basics like black, white, and nude, as well as options like grey, pink, and purple too. This bra is a great mix of cotton and spandex, which makes it the perfect balance between soft and secure, which in turn is perfect for sleeping.

The shape is ideal to hold breast pads in place, and the thick straps help keep the bra in place. This style is ideal for anyone who needs to breastfeed through the night, as it is perfectly adjustable and adaptable to that situation, just roll a strap down, and then lift it back up when you’re baby is done.

Once you’re done breastfeeding, this is still a great comfortable bra for sleeping, yoga, or even travel, as you don’t buy based on cup-size so the stretch material can still keep you secure even after your breasts go back to their normal size.

If you want something cotton to sleep in that can be pulled aside for night-time feeds and isn’t full of uncomfortable wires or clasps, then this bra, that costs around 20 dollars or so depending on size and colors is the perfect bra for you.

3. Franato Freedom Seamless Racer Back Bra (Link)

Sometimes yoga bras can make awesome sleep bras, and this is definitely the case for this seamless racer back bra. There’s no wiring that can dig into your skin, and the racer back design takes the pressure off your shoulders, so you can enjoy a good night’s sleep.

While this offers low levels of support, which isn’t ideal for high impact sports, it does offer gentle, breathable comfort, in sizes varying from extra-small to extra-large. If you want to enjoy some comfort, but still want to have jazzy pyjamas, then the vibrant colors that this bra is available in could make this the perfect choice, as there are blue, red, and purple options, as well as basic black.

This soft material, with a light inner bra provides the perfect levels of comfort, while the elastic band around the bottom ensures that this bra stays in place all through the night. Plus, this bra is also on sale for very cheap, which considering its 4.2 star rating makes it a bargain buy right now.

4. Leefi Cotton Sports Workout Bra (Link)

This pullover style bra with a cute keyhole feature makes your breasts look great, but also feels really comfortable and can help you secure a good night’s sleep. This is lightweight, easy to wash, and has wide straps to keep the bra in place. The X cross structure keeps your breasts secure and supported, and this suits all tastes, as it’s available in black, nude, and grey. The one thing that makes this bra popular with women is that it feels completely weightless when you wear it, so you don’t feel confined or claustrophobic during the night.


When you do make a decision to wear a bra to bed, it can be hard to find something comfortable. Picking one of the above bras to wear overnight could prove to be a great choice, as they’ve all be tried and tested, and have glowing reviews for the comfort and support they provide.

As an alternative to the bras mentioned here, some women prefer to use a comfortable sports bra or a strapless casual bandeau bra at home for sleeping. You might even consider sleeping braless.

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