Best smartphone gimbal

Best smartphone gimbal

Smartphone video making is fun, but, it’s not so fun when the video turns out to be unsteady and bouncy. But, thanks to the modern technology, the smartphone gimbals have made video making not only easier but also fun.

Gone are the days when you had to extend your arms to record videos in your phones that used to be all shaky and unappealing, despite all the care. But, with a smartphone gimbal at your disposal, you can enjoy cinematic style buttery smooth videos whenever you want.

If you want the best of the best gimbal for you but don’t know where to start then stop worrying anymore. Have a look at our list of the best smartphone gimbals below and pick yours now. And then say good bye to all those amateur looking videos forever.

1. Zhiyun Smooth-Q (Link)

Commencing our list, we present to you the Zhiyun Smooth Q3 Gimbal, which is hands down the best smartphone gimbal in the market right now. There are many things that make this gimbal ours and a lot of other people’s favorite.

First and most important of all is its price, which most of you will find highly reasonable. In fact, the quality, performance, and features that this gimbal offers, these are impossible to be found in any other model of the same price range.

So let’s shed a little light on its features now. This gimbal has been specially designed with a stabilizing algorithm system that results in providing you up to 40% quicker response rate. This means that you get precise and accurate results every single time.

The model uses a very powerful battery that is built-in and it easily provides up to 12 hours of continuous operation. And once it’s all drained, you can easily charge the gimbal by directly connecting it to the smartphone power source.

When it comes to shooting and recording, this gimbal has plenty of options. You just name it. The model features specific buttons for recording, capturing, zooming in/out, and opening the back camera. It also features selfie mode, so you don’t have to rely on others for clicking your awesome pics.

The gimbal is quite sturdy and is built to last for quite a while. An evident proof of its durability and high-end construction is that it is splash proof and can be easily used in snowy weather. Not just that, it is pretty good with the hot weather too and can easily endure up to 45 degree Celsius. On the other hand, the lowest temperature it can stand is -15 degree Celsius.

On top of all that, this gimbal is very light in weight with a maximum load of 220g. This means you can easily use lenses of various focal lengths with this gimbal. With all of the accessories combined, it doesn’t weigh more than a can of soda. Awesome, isn’t it?

The model comes with a cleaning cloth for easy and efficient cleaning of your smartphone screen and lens. And it also comes with a carrying case for easy travel and a user manual for making everything clear to you.

Why do we like it?

There are plenty of reasons for loving this smartphone gimbal. The high affordability, precision in results, and multiple modes are to name a few.  In addition, it is pretty light in weight, making it a great companion for traveling.


  • Highly precise and quicker response rate than other models.
  • Affordable.
  • Long battery life.
  • Light in weight.
  • Splash and weather resistant.
  • Easy to recharge.


  • Set up can be a bit fiddly for some smartphone models. 

 2. LanParte HHG-01 (Link)

Next, we have the LanParte HHG-01 3-Axis gimbal that can be used with all the android smartphones, iPhone 4 to 6S Plus, and GoPro. In fact, this was the first ever gimbal that was compatible with iPhone 6S Plus and GoPro. Due to its compatibility with a wide range of models, the majority of you can easily use it with your mobile phones.

This model is yet another great option for you if you want high quality and great performance.  Like the above-mentioned model, this gimbal also delivers very precise and rapid response.

Now, it’s as easy as can be to add a highly professional touch to your videos, thanks to the HHG-01. It uses 3-Axis active stabilization, which adapts the movement of the gimbal according to your wrist while you tilt, pan, or roll it.

This results in providing you a very stable and steady looking video because it eliminates all the risks of spinning and shaking. This means you get a highly professional looking video from your own smartphone, without going too overboard with the expense. What else does one need?

In addition to all that awesomeness, you will find the grip of this gimbal very comfortable and ergonomic. The silica handle of the gimbal easily fits into your hand and its light weight makes it easier to hold it for prolonged hours. And what’s even cooler is that you don’t need to hold it in both hands while filming the video. One hand would do just fine.

Just like the Zhiyun above, this model also uses a rechargeable Li-ion battery and is accompanied by a charger as well. Apart from that, its package also contains two counterweights. So that, if your phone is too heavy, you can easily balance it out by adding the additional weight to the gimbal.

The package also includes a nylon carrying case that doesn’t just make it safe from impact but also makes it travel-friendly. Lastly, if you are not sure how to properly use it, you can just follow the Instagram account on this model’s name for help.

Why do we like it?

The high level of compatibility that LanParte HHG -01 provides is just amazing. Not only can you use it with all kinds of androids, but it also holds the position of being the first ever model that was introduced for iPhone 6S Plus and GoPro. And the cherry on top is it’s easy to handle design with an impressive stabilization.


  • 3-Axis stabilization for shake free videos.
  • Comes with 2 smartphone clamps and a GoPro clamp.
  • Very comfortable handle.
  • Package includes nylon cover and additional weights for offsetting heavy phones.
  • Quick and accurate results.
  • Helps you make professional looking videos.


  • Huge size. 

3. DJI Phone Camera Gimbal OSMO MOBILE (Link)

Our next choice is more on the premium side. So, some of you might find it to be a bit pricey, especially in comparison the above two. But, when it comes to the quality and functionality, this gimbal completely justifies its price tag.

So, here we go with the DJI phone camera gimbal that is quite an epitome of excellence in its own. This gimbal lets you shoot videos with a cinematic hint to them, it’s that good! With this gimbal around, all of your sweet memories will be recorded in a highly professional way.

This gimbal uses an active track technology that automatically tracks the subject as it moves. You just have to download the DJI GO app for that. The videos that it captures not only look smooth but are also free of any sudden tilts, or jerks. Even if you make any movements while capturing the video, the gimbal negates their effect.

This gimbal is compatible with all the smartphones that measure between 58.6 mm and 84.6 mm with a width of up to 8.4 mm. The great news is that almost all of the latest smartphone models fall into this measurement like Samsung Galaxy series and iPhone 6S Plus.

Not only does this gimbal let you shoot time-lapse videos but it also gives you the option to live stream your videos on YouTube. But, this latter option is available only if you are using Osmo Mobile with it.

Why do we like it?

The DJI phone camera gimbal lets you experience cinematic style videography with your own smartphone. Whether you want to shoot breathtaking motion time lapses or want to live stream anything, nothing is impossible with this baby.


  • Super smooth cinematic style video.
  • Premium quality gimbal.
  • Automatically tracks the movement of the subject.
  • Negates any movements while shooting.
  • Features time lapse videos and live streaming option.


  • Expensive.
  • May get overheated.

4. Elecwave 3-Axis (Link)

Our fourth choice for the best smartphone gimbal is the Elecwave 3-Axis gimbal stabilizer. Like all the other models on our list, this gimbal is also compatible with a wide range of smartphones. If speaking specifically, then all the models that have screens between 4 and 6 inches.

This handheld gimbal also uses 3-Axis technology for providing you smooth video filming experience. You can shoot the video any way you want, whether vertically or with the flashlight. And you can also live stream your video in the position of your liking.

The active stabilizer of the gimbal works the same way as the one in the DJI above. The device constantly keeps a track of you while you move and cancels out any movement while filming. This results in super smooth and cinematic style videos.

You can control the gimbal in two different ways. First, you can control the capturing of video or photos through the joystick regulator. You can on or off and zoom in/out through the joystick controller. The second way is to control the gimbal through the App while keeping your Bluetooth enabled.

The gimbal also provides manual calibration. This allows you to make all the gyroscope adjustments directly through your phone by swiping your finger on it. This makes the usage pretty convenient and easy.

The size is of the gimbal is small so it’s quite handy. And being light in weight, you can easily grip it and lift it without any problem. And if you just love video recording all the time, you can always carry it around everywhere you like due to its high portability.

The gimbal offers numerous mounting options for multiple accessories that will simply add to your videos’ awesomeness. The whole package includes gimbal, Li-ion battery, charger, USB cable, carrying bag, manual and a warranty card.

Why do we like it?

The Elecwave 3-Axis gimbal provides you everything that is needed to capture an astounding and stellar cinematic style video. And that too without investing in any expensive cameras. The gimbal’s flexible control, high stabilization, and convenience of usage make it a total hit.


  • Results in brilliantly smooth videos.
  • Automatically keeps tracking you while you move.
  • Cancels out any movements.
  • Can be controlled in two different ways.
  • Handy.
  • Provides manual calibration.


  • Doesn’t work with GoPro cameras.
  • Doesn’t come with clear indications about the usage.

5. Wewow Fancy Smartphone Gimbal (Link)

Lastly, we have got the Wewow smartphone gimbal, which is the most pocket-friendly option of them all with an overall good performance. However, we won’t recommend you to go for it as your first choice, unless you have a budget constraint.

Well, don’t worry! This doesn’t mean that this gimbal is good for nothing. It has made it to our list so clearly, it is also one of the best. But, in comparison to the top choices, this one doesn’t match up to their level for obvious reasons.

The absolute best thing about this gimbal is its cute and stylish design, with a bright and aesthetic rose gold color. So, if you are too much into fashion, you will surely take a second look at it. However, one major downside to this color is that it gives off a pretty girlish look. So, men won’t like to hold it as it would harm their machismo.

However, if you don’t mind all the shine and the metallic look, the gimbal comes in 3 more colors to choose from. So, even if you are a very tough guy, the black or gray color would do just fine for you.

Just like the DJI gimbal, this one also allows you to live stream any event or moment of your life and to share it with the people for an instant response. The gimbal uses advanced intelligent technology that provides impressive image stabilization during the filming.

The gimbal is made of aluminum alloy and is very compact in size. It is so small that it can easily fit into your pocket. However, its small size may cause problems for people with bigger hands while handling it. Secondly, the mirror on the gimbal is supposed to help you with the selfies, but it just doesn’t. So, don’t raise your expectations while looking at it.

This model is not that durable but for a quick and inexpensive experience, you can definitely give it a try. It is compatible with numerous accessories and smartphones. And you can also shoot in the dark with this gimbal because it has an integrated flash.

The gimbal takes 2 hours to charge and provides a running time of up to 8 hours. And it also comes with a 12 months warranty.

Why do we like it?

The highly affordable price along with numerous functions and features make the Wewow smartphone gimbal one of our favorites. Oh! And let’s not forget its stylish design. It might not be as durable as the ones above, but it still offers too much for its price.


  • Stylish design with multiple colors to pick from.
  • Automatically adjusts itself to your motion for providing smooth filming.
  • Live streaming option.
  • Compact size.
  • Integrated LED flash.


  • The mirror doesn’t help with the selfies.
  • May start spinning after some usage.

Best smartphone gimbal – Buying guide

What is a smartphone gimbal?

A smartphone gimbal, also known as a smartphone stabilizer, is a special device that is specifically designed to make your mobile phone videos more smooth and professional looking. The gimbal does so by canceling out any movements that you make while recording the video. This results in providing you astounding videos that are not wobbly at all.

You can use a smartphone gimbal for shooting any kinds of videos that you like, especially the ones in which some kind of action is involved. For example, running, hiking, biking, cycling and so on.

How does a smartphone gimbal work?

Ok, we all know now what a gimbal is and what does it do. But, the question is, how does it work to deliver that kind of smoothness in your videos? Well, don’t worry, it’s no rocket science. The gimbal uses its 3-axis technology along with a quality software to pair it. Both of these work hand in hand for nullifying any kind of movements made during the filming.

They do so by automatically adjusting the gimbal to your motion, which results in delivering cinematic style videos with a smooth floating effect. On the other hand, if you capture a video without using a gimbal, you will see lots and lots of shaking and bouncing and uninvited jerks.

The majority of the smartphone gimbals that are available in the marketplace are quite easy to operate and handle. And just about anyone of you can use them without any problem. The only prep work you have to do is to just mount your smartphone to the gimbal and you are good to go. Then for the next step, just turn on the gimbal and let it take over.

Things to consider before buying a smartphone gimbal

As you can see in the list above, the smartphone gimbals differ from each other in terms of many things. So, finding the right one can be quite a challenge for you. Here’s a list of the major factors that you need to consider before buying your gimbal. Take a look.

  • Weight of the gimbal

A major factor to consider while buying a smartphone gimbal is the weight. The smartphones that we all normally use are quite light in weight and portable. So, the prudence will be to go for a gimbal that is also light in weight and very handy.

If you are one of those people who like shooting videos every now and then or if you are running any YouTube channel on which you keep live streaming your videos, then you need a highly portable gimbal. But, this isn’t the only reason you should get a lightweight stabilizer.

The less weight also helps when it comes to traveling or going on any trips or hiking. If your gimbal is heavy, you can’t keep a hold of it for a prolonged time. And you might have to miss capturing some moments too because it’s going to get too uncomfortable for you to hold it. And don’t forget the wrist pain that will follow you after the usage.

Thus, make sure that the weight is not too much and you are comfortable holding it in one hand. However, do not go to the other extreme of the weight spectrum too because if the gimbal is too light, then your phone would feel heavy and you will have a hard time balancing the weight out.  Therefore, its weight should always be in accordance with your phone’s weight.

  • Size of the gimbal

Size is just as important as the weight of the gimbal. So, it must also be given due thought and consideration. As we mentioned above, a good smartphone gimbal should be highly portable. And portability calls for the gimbal’s small size.

Imagine your phone is very small and compact and the gimbal you get is pretty huge. What’s going to happen? You won’t be able to take it anywhere you want because it’s hard to carry around. So, if you want convenience, you should get a size that is portable for you.

However, do not go for a size that is too small because it will also be a nuisance to hold it. But, do keep in mind that slightly bigger gimbals are known to provide better balancing to your phones in comparison to the smaller ones. So, if you don’t mind the size, the bigger one would also do.

  • Cost

Costs of the gimbals vary according to their types, materials and their overall performances. But, this is one thing that is totally dependent on you and your budget. If your budget is not more than $120, then it would be absurd to look for a model that comes at a price of $200 and above.

So, pick your gimbal as per your budget. But, one thing you need to make sure is that whatever you choose, it must have value for its price.

  • Construction material

All the factors that we have mentioned above are heavily influenced by this one factor, i.e. the construction material. There are different kinds of materials used in the construction of smartphone gimbals. Some of them are costly, whereas, some of them are inexpensive. Similarly, some of them weigh more while the others weigh pretty less. So, you see, this is how it affects all of the other important aspects.

The major choices that you will find in construction material include steel, plastic, and aluminum, or an amalgamation of all of these in a single body. So, next time you wonder why some of these gimbals cost a lot higher than the others with the similar features, the reason will be their construction material.

  • Compatibility

Although the majority of these gimbals are compatible with a wide range of smartphones and iPhones, still, do not forget to double check. However, compatibility also varies from one model to the other. Some of them are compatible with GoPro cameras as well, while others aren’t.

Similarly, some of them can be used with small phones, while the others can only be used with phones that are bigger in sizes. In the same way, for some gimbals, you may also require getting an adapter for ensuring compatibility.

We’d strongly suggest you go for a model that has a high level of compatibility with various phone models. And if you are too much of a videography enthusiast, make sure it is compatible with GoPro cameras too.

  • Control

While recording, it gets pretty difficult to press any camera controls without losing the balance or shaking it. This gets especially difficult when you are filming while walking, running, or doing some other action. So, to avoid these issues from arising, most of these gimbals come with some additional accessories.

These accessories provide you another way to control your video without having to press the button. This makes the usage highly convenient and results in super smooth videos. If you go for very high-end models, you will find special integrated controls on their handles for this very purpose.


Alright, there you go with our list of the best smartphone gimbals along with a proper buyer’s guide. We are certain that this information will greatly help you in choosing the right gimbal for your smartphone.

Now, you can also experience professional level video making without spending a fortune on any high-end equipment. All you need is a smartphone gimbal. So, order yours now and start filming.

Still not convinced? Check out this video of the Smooth Q in action.

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