Best spice grinder for Indian spices

Best spice grinder for Indian spices

Family gatherings, a get together for friends and quality time with the loved ones are made better and more special when you have delicious food that would appeal to everybody. People like to try ethnic food because it is different from the regular taste you experience every day and because it takes you somewhere else as you experience a glimpse of a foreign culture. Indian food is delicious, mystical and spicy and it is quite a significant change from the regular food you have every single day. To prepare the best Indian dish, you must have the best spice grinder for Indian spices. Indian food is known for its heavy use of special spices such as cumin, cinnamon, turmeric, cloves and coriander. The Western World was in awe when they first experienced these great tastes and soon enough Indian food became popular across the globe.

There is no comparison between Indian take out and the quality food that you can prepare at home. Apart from the pleasure of preparing the recipe yourself, you will get to edit it according to your own taste and preferences allowing you to create your very own version of the Indian dish. With all the online recipe websites, cooking shows and cook books, this shouldn’t be a hard chore. Now all you need is a high quality grinder for your Indian spices that would allow you to prepare the best dishes.

What should you consider when you are buying a grinder for Indian spices?

When you are buying a grinder for Indian spices, you need to make sure that you are buying something that is good enough to deliver what it promises. Without a good grinder, your quest to master Indian cooking will fail.

Manual or electric:

Manual and electric spice grinders are both great and choosing one over the other is simply a matter of preference. An electric spice grinder is basically faster than a manual one but will come at a higher price. Also the electric grinder can have several settings that will allow you to coarsely or finely grind the spice of your choice. This might not be the same with a manual grinder that will use your own muscle power to grind different spices. To finely grind a spice, you will have to move your muscles a little bit more and harder, but the machine will work whether you have access to electricity or not. You can use it anywhere and anytime without any restrictions.


Buying a spice grinder that is made from durable material will last longer. There are a lot of grinders that might be cheap because they are made from plastic or other cheap materials. These are great and might be light but will not be sturdy like something that is made from high quality materials like metal. You need to make sure that the internal parts and the blades of your grinder are not made from weak materials that will react with your food. Aluminum, titanium and steel are among the most popular materials because they will last long and will grind your spices perfectly.


There are a lot of different designs available from a simple one round chamber grinder to more complex multi chamber grinders. These will come with a higher price tag but will allow you to grind more spices and will come with more options. Choosing a small grinder will allow you to grind only a small amount at a time but it will be easier to use when you prefer to use only freshly ground spices. A compact grinder will be easy to place on your kitchen counter and will allow you to work comfortably. A big one will be able to grind more spices but can be a little bit challenging to store.

Other points to consider:

  • Quality comes with a price. Don’t be deceived by a price that seems to be too good to be true. This probably means that your grinder is of low quality and will not last for long. Choosing a grinder that comes from a high quality brand means that you will have access to warranty and a good after sale service.
  • Safety is a great issue when you are buying kitchen equipment. Especially with a grinder, you need to make sure that the machine is very safe to use. This means that it will have a safety switch so that it doesn’t work on its own and is easy and safe to use.
  • A high quality spice grinder should be easy to clean but this will enable you to use it properly and to keep it ready for every use.

The best spice grinders on the market

In this section we decided to review some of the best spice grinders on the market to give you a good idea on what to buy.

1. Secura Electric Coffee And Spice Grinder (Link)

When you are looking for the best spice grinder on the market, you need to make sure that you are buying something that is good value for money.

Product features:

  • An electric grinder that is perfect for grinding coffee and spices.
  • Overheat protection to protect your motor against overheating, making sure that you will have a high quality spice grinder that will last for long and will not break or malfunction.
  • Lid safety lock that will keep your spices inside the chamber to avoid any mess.
  • The body and the blade are made from stainless steel that is both durable and sturdy so that you can grind anything and everything with one button press.


  • A highly versatile grinder that is perfect for grinding coffee and all your spices. It can even grind your flax and sesame seeds easily so that you can prepare any dish of your choice.
  • You can easily control the grinding process using the pulse method. Prepare your spices coarsely or finely ground for your different recipes.
  • The cord will wrap perfectly under the base for easy storage.
  • A convenient compact size so that it can fit anywhere.


  • If you need to grind big amounts of spices then this grinder might not be the best one for you.
  • It is a bit hard to clean.
  • Getting the grounds out can be a little bit difficult.

 2. Electric Grain Mill Cereal Spice Grinder (Link)

This grinder is perfect for people who want to have finely ground spices.

Product features:

  • This is the perfect grinder for even the very hard materials. It is industry quality and can grind everything from medicine to spices and nuts.
  • Super-fast spice grinder that will allow you to grind your spices quickly to prepare all the delicious Indian dishes.
  • Sturdy motor that will work hard for 8 continuous minutes to grind everything.
  • A compact and small design that is big enough for grinding your spices but would still be so easy to store and to place on your kitchen counter.
  • Will prepare fine ground spices with one button press.


  • Hard working spice grinder with a well-built motor.
  • Will prepare fine ground of all the different spices and nuts.
  • Fast performance spice grinder that will work for 8 minutes straight to grind everything of your choice.
  • Made from high quality and sturdy material so that the grinder will not break or malfunction.
  • A compact small design that is easy to use and store.


  • You can’t clean this grinder with water. You need to clean it with a dry brush or cloth.
  • You will not be able to grind wet or oily substances.
  • There is no mechanism to push the spices down to be actually ground. If you are trying to grind a small amount it might fly around inside the chamber.

3. Secura Electric Coffee Grinder & Spice Grinder with Two Blades(Link)

There is nothing better than a versatile spice grinder that can grind and chop all your culinary ingredients for the perfect dish.

Product features:

  • Dual action with two stainless steel bowls; one for grinding and one for chopping.
  • Smart over heat protection that will prevent the overheating of your motor and thus lengthening its life span.
  • Safety lid with lock to keep all your ground spices inside.
  • Stainless steel blades that are strong enough to grind all your spices, beans and nuts.
  • A sturdy stainless steel exterior making this spice grinder super durable.
  • Will grind even the hardest spices like nutmeg and the softest seeds like flax and chia seeds.


  • A highly versatile grinder that is good enough to grind everything.
  • Two removable chambers; one for grinding and one for chopping so that you can have your favorite dishes by a simple press on the button.
  • A convenient compact design with a place to store the cord to save space.
  • Strong enough to grind even the hardest nuts and the softest seeds.


  • It will shut off after a few minutes so if you want to grind something for a long period of time you will just have to wait.
  • It doesn’t grind very fine powder.

 4. Zip Grinders (Link)

Are you looking for a big sturdy spice grinder? Then look no further.

Product features:

  • A big sturdy grinder that is big enough to grind all your spices and grains. Will hold up to big tablespoons of spices. It is about twice as big as all the other grinders on the market.
  • A powerful grinder with precision grinding to finely grind all your spices and herbs.
  • A reliable mesh and screen to filter your ground spices and herbs.
  • A clear chamber that will allow you to see all your ground spices and herbs before they are collected in a special chamber.
  • Manual grinder that you can use anywhere.
  • Can be detached so that you can have your own pocket grinder on the go.
  • Made from aluminium which is both sturdy and light with a collection bowl made from stainless steel.


  • Premium quality grinder that will grind all your herbs and spices.
  • Big chamber that will accommodate 6 tablespoons of your favorite spices.
  • Precision grinding thanks to the 49 diamond shaped teeth for smooth and constant grinding.
  • Get your very own pocket grinder by simply detaching the parts.
  • Comes with a pollen scraper tool.


  • Some people don’t prefer the big size since it occupies a lot of space.
  • When you grind very hard ingredients, the teeth might bend.
  • Is not good to grind fresh herbs.

 5. Golden Gate Grinders (Link)

Grinding your own fresh Indian spices at home will guarantee the quality and will provide you with freshly ground herbs and spices that are full of tasteful aroma.

Product features:

  • Made from light yet durable aluminium to last for long.
  • A manual grinder that is easy and convenient to use.
  • Diamond teeth for sharp and precise grinding and shredding.
  • Mesh screen to filter even the finest pollen to the catcher.
  • Magnet closure to keep the taste and the odor fresh for hours.
  • Smooth grinding action with little friction.
  • A body that is especially designed to resist scratching.
  • A big size to accommodate all your herbs and spices.


  • Four piece grinder to finely ground all your spices and herbs.
  • Stainless steel mesh.
  • A sturdy light body made from aluminium.
  • Super sharp teeth to grind even the hardest ingredients.
  • Magnet closure to keep the odor and taste fresh.


  • Not suitable for very fine grind.
  • If you are trying to grind herbs, you might end up with a lot of herbs stuck at the top.


Why do I need to get my own spice grinder for Indian spices?

There is no comparison between the spices that you freshly grind at home and the ones you buy. The fresh ones will retain their aroma and their odor adding a special zest to your Indian dishes.

What is the best material to choose when you are buying a grinder?

You should go for something sturdy. There are cheap grinders that are full of plastic parts, but if you tend to grind Indian herbs and spices on a regular basis then you probably need a sturdy one.

What is the best way to clean a spice grinder?

This depends on the user’s instructions. Some grinders are made from removable parts that are dishwasher safe. Some can be hand washed and some shouldn’t get wet and can be easily cleaned using a dry cloth.

What are the spices that I can grind using a reliable spice grinder?

You can grind everything from cinnamon, cumin, cloves to nutmeg. Some grinders are also suitable for grinding seeds like flax seeds and chia seeds.

Final Verdict:

If you are an aspiring cook or simply someone who is trying to prepare a delicious meal for your family, buying the best spice grinder for Indian spices might be exactly what you need. It is a useful tool in the kitchen that will allow you to perfectly grind the spices and the herbs to keep their fresh aroma and odor.

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