Winners of our best wi-fi picture frame review

Winners of our best wi-fi picture frame review

If you have an obsession for decorating your home and purchasing attractive decorative items for your house, you will definitely like this review. Ever since the inception of the photographs, photo frames have been almost been a must-have piece of decoration in our houses.

The earliest signs of photo frames come from way before the cameras were invented. IN the earlier days, paintings and portraits were decorated with attractive and royal looking frames to give a different meaning and finish to the picture altogether. It can be safely said that the photo frames are one of the seniors when it comes to home decoration pieces.

With time, every aspect of our lives has been digitalized to a great extent. Whether it is our means of communication or transportation or learning, there have been quite a few revolutions in every field which is why our modern world is way too different and advanced as compared to the earlier days.

The photo frames have also gone through some innovations. As a result of this, modern picture frames are not just amazing but have more capabilities than a normal picture frame. If you haven’t heard of them before or if you are looking for a Wi-Fi picture frame, this is just the right place for you.

In this discussion, we will take a look at both the buying guide as well as some cool Wi-Fi picture frames which can give a new meaning to your pictures. The Wi-Fi picture frames are so much more attractive than a conventional frame and we will see why. With a quality Wi-Fi picture frame in your house, you can now cherish your most favorite memories and on top of that, you can even change the pictures without any hassle.

Here is a look at some of the coolest Wi-Fi picture frames which can be the new addition to your home decor.

1. Pix-Star 10.4 Inch Wi-Fi Cloud Digital Photo Frame (Link)

This is an amazing product to mount on your wall. This is a large Wi-Fi picture frame that comes with some exceptional capabilities. Pix-Star photo frame will give a new meaning to your images and pictures through its high definition image display. It works on LED backlight so its power consumption is remarkably low as well.

When we talk about connectivity, you transfer pictures from literally anywhere. Make use of Wi-Fi or 3G internet to transfer images from email. Also, you can control up to 25 frames through a single web account.

Large storage capacity and USB connectivity allow you to import and save pictures and display them whenever you like. Each frame has a dedicated email address so you can simply attach the pictures and transfer them. It comes at a reasonably higher price but it’s probably worth it.

Why Do We Like It?

First of all, it has an attractive black color which will work with any types of pictures. Secondly, it has a large memory of up to 4 GB so you can store nearly 20,000 pictures at once. For users who like changing the pictures frequently, it becomes a handy tool because you can use pictures from Facebook, Instagram, and many other platforms. Remote control operation also keeps you from swiping the screen for control land setting. This ensures that your frame will always remain clean and free from finger impressions caused by finger swipes.


  • Has a larger memory so you can store several pictures at once.
  • Easy to use with all settings present inside the remote control.
  • You can control up to 25 frames with one email account


  • It only works in Landscape orientation.
  • Some of the pictures might not appear in the accurate orientation.

2. Nixplay Original 12 Inch Wi-Fi Cloud Digital Photo Frame (Link)

If you’re looking for stylish large display photo frame then this could be a perfect choice. This photo frame comes from Nixplay, a renowned digital photo frame manufacturer. It offers a dedicated iPhone and Android mobile app so that you can control the settings through your mobile devices.

Whether you have your pictures on Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, Google Photos or Dropbox, they can be easily transferred to the Nixplay cloud storage. The storage is completely safe and always available to deliver the pictures to your Wi-Fi frame. You can also sync up to 5 photo frames and also run audio playback from your USB devices.

Large storage is another impressive feature as you have up to 10 GB of cloud storage for every account.  The advanced account can give you, even more, frame syncs and storage space. With a cool rubberized finish and anti-glare LED-backlit display, the Nixplay Original Wi-Fi Cloud Photo Frame is all set to rock your wall.

Why Do We Like It?

There is a lot to like about this digital frame. First of all, its large display is a major attraction as it will work in almost at any place. Secondly, it has got a stylish finish and the rubberized surface also protects the device in case of dropping. It has comparatively higher storage capacity which is understandable as it is a cloud-based frame. The smart phone app makes it simpler to control from any close or distant location.


  • There is a variety of screen sizes available so you can buy according to the location of the frame.
  • Cloud-based storage keeps you from buying additional SD cards
  • Android and iPhone app make sure that maximum users can use this frame with ease.


  • Contrast ratio can be improved
  • There can be occasional software issues with the device.

3. Nix-Play Edge 8 Inch Wi-Fi Digital Photo Frame (Link)

Another master piece from Nixplay is this 8 inches Wi-Fi digital frame. If you’re looking for a cute little digital frame for your office desk then this is a great device to have. It has got a really high resolution which makes for a perfect high definition viewing of pictures. The sleek and slim design of the frame gives it a stylish look as well.

There are video playback options as well and you can enjoy the videos in 720p. It also features an Android/iPhone app which gives you all the controls on your smart phone. You can also send the pictures through email. Like other Nixplay frames, this device also imports pictures from your social media accounts such as Instagram, Facebook, Google Photos and others.

The large cloud storage capacity is a big plus as it ensures that you can store as many pictures as you want. Up to 10 GB cloud storage is available per frame. Also, you can sync up to 5 frames with the basic Nixplay account. The storage and syncing options are extendible if you upgrade your account.

Why Do We Like It?

There is hardly anything to pinpoint as far as the drawbacks are concerned. This is one of the many reasons why this is a much-liked product. Other than that, the high-resolution display and a compact size make it an ideal gift item for your loved ones. Whether it’s your wife’s birthday or a friend’s wedding, it can be a great sign of affection towards your loved ones. It has a rubberized matte finish and wall mounting options as well which make it a versatile device.


  • Clean and high-resolution display
  • Mobile app makes photo transfer a breeze


  • It only has base /landscape orientation.

4. Pix-Star 15 Inch Wi-Fi Cloud Digital Photo Frame (Link)

Another cool digital photo frame comes from Pix-Star. This is a larger model than the one we discussed earlier. It has a 15-inch high-resolution display which gives a new meaning to your photo viewing experience. The LCD display with a 4:3 aspect ratio makes for a perfect landscape photo viewing.

The device has a 4GB built-in memory which is more than sufficient for picture displays especially if you’re not a frequent picture changer. It has Wi-FI enabled by default and it supports SDHC cards as well as USB.

The device has a dedicated email address so you can send the pictures directly to it. Whether it’s your Facebook, Flickr, Smugmug or other accounts, you can easily import the pictures from anywhere.

Why Do We Like It?

To start off, this device has got a really large display. Therefore, your pictures will be displayed at high resolution and with the LCD display, it becomes even better. The ability to access photos from more than 20 online providers makes it convenient to choose the best pictures from all the platforms. You won’t have to compromise on a picture just because there are not many other options available. The frame itself looks quite stylish which also makes it a perfect gift item. The Pix-Star 15 inch Wi-Fi Cloud Digital frame can be a great choice without a doubt.


  • Remote control and mobile app make it more convenient to control the slide shows and pictures.
  • You can also configure different frame parameters.
  • It also allows you to listen to world web news and radio stations from all over the world.


  • It doesn’t have portrait orientation
  • Durability can be a big concern but it happens in rare cases.

Buying Guide – Wi-Fi Picture Frame

Although Wi-Fi picture frame seems like a simple enough digital device, yet there can be several complications while buying a quality picture frame. It basically depends on your need and the size of frame you are looking for. However, there are several important features and variable that you should also consider while buying a Wi-Fi picture frame.

Whenever there is an electronic device under discussion, the list of feature increases dramatically because of variables such as display colors, battery consumption, connectivity features and much more. In this section, we will take a look at all these features and other important elements which can help you buy a decent Wi-Fi picture frame for your house.

Know Your Budget

Not just Wi-Fi picture frames but any household item have to be purchased while considering the budget. Especially when it comes to decorative items such as these Wi-Fi frames, it is important that you stay well within the limits as long as you have a lot of extra money to spend. The price range of some of good quality Wi-Fi picture frames is quite versatile. You can buy a quality frame for as low as $35 or they could be as expensive as $200.

Audio Features

Most of the digital frames have audio features as well. It allows you to run playback tracks as the pictures transit. However, it is a feature that can be avoided especially if your only plan is to display pictures in a quieter environment. If you want to play videos or movies, you should look into the following feature option.

Video Display

If you wish to play memorable family videos or your office team’s achievements in the office lobby then a video feature is a must have. This feature allows you to run several videos one after the other with attractive transitions. It’s a good option to have especially if you have a get together at your home and you wish to display your family activities to your guests.


Since we are talking mainly about Wi-Fi picture frames, your picture frame has got to have Wi-Fi capabilities. This will allow you to operate your device from almost anywhere and you can turn it on or off, change settings and do much more from a remote location. Importantly, you can transfer your pictures directly from your tablet or smart phone with any hardware medium.

Other than that, digital frames also have USB compatibility where you can connect the USB and copy images and videos. The ability to copy files depends upon the feature which we will be discussing next.

Internal Memory

Most Wi-Fi picture frames now have built-in memory. This is to make the device free of any external hardware. Of course, your frame will look more attractive without any attachments. Sometimes the memory is built-in while other models also have memory card slots. Either way, the memory option is a great alternative in case your Wi-Fi suddenly stops working.

The range of memory also adds to the overall cost of the device. 2GB memory devices are quite common but there are lower memory devices as well with just 128 MB of space. This is good if you have only a few pictures to display. On the higher side, the memory can go up to 8GB which is more than sufficient for a digital frame.


Resolution is the key to the quality of your picture display. Experts suggest that you should never compromise upon the resolution even when you have to pay an additional price for it. If the resolution isn’t good, there is no point displaying the picture so it is quite a crucial element. Normally, Wi-Fi picture frames come with 800×600, 1024×600 and several other resolutions. The higher the resolution, more detailed your images will be. A 1024×768 display is a great option as it gives the best resolution for your pictures.

Social Media

If you wish to import pictures from your social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or others, there are social media options in these frames as well. This keeps you from downloading the images and then transferring them to the frame. Many of the frames can also access the pictures from Dropbox. Although this feature can increase the cost of the device, it is a handy feature especially if you like changing pictures frequently.

Mobile App

Many of the Wi-Fi picture frames also come with their own dedicated mobile app. It makes it easier to work with the pictures and you can control the setting through the app. These apps may also allow you to integrate with the social media and so you can import the pictures and videos at a quicker speed.

Touch Screen Interface

There are some amazing Wi-Fi picture frames which essentially become your mobile tab. It’s just that their capabilities might be limited to picture displays and games. However, the touch screen picture frames give you more control and ability to swipe t=your way to the needed settings. Other frames are simply displays which give a digitalized look to your pictures. This feature makes your photo frame more interactive and the game features also allow you to enjoy some games in the leisure hours.


Your picture frame has to be attractive in looks. There is a wide range of colors available which makes it easier to choose the best option for your room. It also hugely depends on the type and mood of your pictures on the display. Suppose if you want to display some sad and dark moments or videos, you may like want a black or gray color frame. Likewise, if it’s about sharing happy moments, you may want brighter shades.

Motion Sensors

This is an advanced feature and an optional one as well. Wi-Fi picture frames also feature motion sensing capabilities which allow the device to turn on and off automatically. When someone enters the room, the device would turn on and likewise turn off when no one’s present. This saves battery as well. However, this optional feature can add dramatically to the overall cost of the unit.

Tilt Sensing

Many of these gadgets also have geo-sensing features. A gyro would allow the device to sense its orientation and the image will also shift likewise. Not all devices offer both landscapes and portrait display features. Normally landscape displays are more in demand but it’s a good option to have portrait features as well.


Transitions are a powerful feature in picture frames. They make the viewing a lot more interesting and give it an artistic look. If there are no transitions, your picture slideshow can be a bit boring. Different models have a different number of and styles of transitions. A device can have up to 16 different transitions and you can even control which transitions to keep and which ones to avoid.

Interval Range

Interval range is basically the time for which you want a picture to remain on display. Normally, in less-featured devices, this feature may not be available and the picture will change after a pre-defined time. This time can be as an hour or as small as 30 minutes. If you have the capability to set range interval, you can set the time as you like.

Some More Features to Consider

There are loads of other features in Wi-Fi picture frames. We have discussed the most important ones here but we have a list of some other secondary features as well. This will also help you refine your search for a quality Wi-Fi picture frame.

  • Desk and Wall Display Options
  • Games
  • Audio Messaging
  • Remote Control Access
  • LED, LCD, and IPS Screen Type

What Else to Consider

Everyone has their own preferences and requirements. The features we have listed for you are enough to help you buy a quality picture frame. However, you should also consider where you will keep your frame. It could be your desk, your wall, home or office. Depending on the place of mounting, the color and the required features can vary. Hence, it is quite important that you know where your Wi-Fi picture frame will be going once you have purchased it from an online or local store.


If you had little or no information about Wi-Fi picture frames, we are sure that you have enough of it now. Our collection of top picture frames, as well as the buying guide, should make it easier for you to buy a quality device and that too while staying well within the budget. It’s time you start making a list of your preferences, refining the preferred features and then buying a high-quality Wi-Fi picture frame. It will help make a stylish impression and display not only your picture but your love for the modern tech gadgets as well.

Further reading

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