The best wooden engagment rings for an eco-conscious proposal

Best Wooden Engagement Rings

While a wooden engagement ring may not exactly sound conventional, it’s an increasingly popular choice for a lot of people. With the costs of precious metals being so high, and the risk of diamonds and other stones coming from conflict areas, a wooden engagement ring can be a great choice. It’s low cost, and friendlier to society, plus it can later be recycled. The advantages of having a wooden ring are numerous, plus there are plenty of people who simply prefer a less formal style, or earthy wooden tones are a better match for their general clothes and other jewelry. If you decide to use a wooden engagement ring, you may want to consider these options:

1. His and Her Rings (Link)

This affordable set comes in a whole lot cheaper than traditional gold or platinum bands, but unlike those these really stand out from the crowd. Being handmade, they’re much more personal than something you buy from the store. A lot of people like the romantic elements of these rings, as they’re made from plum wood and purple heart wood – and having a ring that comes from the heart is a lovely idea. The rings are hand polished and protected, which makes them durable and strong. One of the rings comes in a purple color; the other is a natural brown. These rings are eco-friendly and don’t harm the environment at all which makes them perfect for socially conscious consumers who are getting married soon. What most of the customers who have bought the rings all agree on is the fact that the craftsmanship is really high quality, and the sellers provide excellent customer service.

2. CoolNaturalJewelry Wooden Ring (Link)

If your style is more minimal then this ring could be for you, as there is still a lot of personality and style injected into this beautifully made ring. The inner size of the ring is available in a size 3 to 16, including half sizes, and if you’re not sure what size is right for you then you can just go to a regular jewelry store for a measurement. This one ring is made from plum wood and purple heart wood so the upper half of the ring is brown, while the lower is purple, with a blonde stripe in the middle, which is a really cool and quirky design. The ring is polished and nourished, it’s eco-friendly and comes in a lovely gift box, so it’s ready to use. This is quirky, great for the environment, and a bargain at under forty dollars.

3. Mahogany Ring (Link)

Mahogany is one of the most beautiful and desirable kinds of wood available, which makes it a great choice for a wedding ring. Normally, it’s very difficult to source eco-friendly mahogany, however this seller promises to respect the environment, so you can buy this without worrying about the footprint you’re leaving on the planet. The rounded edge on this ring makes it look particularly good, and the fact that you can engrave the inside of the ring with yours and your fiancé’s initials makes this incredibly personal. This ring is available in half size increments, in sizes 3 to 16, so you can pick the perfect fit. Plus, you can also choose the width of the ring too, so if you prefer something slimmer or something chunky, you can make sure you have the perfect custom ring. This ring is inexpensive, however it looks beautiful and like it’s worth much more.

4. Tungsten Carbide Vintage Engagement Ring (Link)

This sleek black ring makes a statement, and while it may not be for everyone, it can suit men and women. There’s a wooden inlay, so more of a natural wood shade appears in the middle of the ring, while it’s black heavy metal on the outer edges. These rings are just as durable as a traditional option, as the tungsten carbide is actually much harder than other metals normally used in engagement rings. This ring is also protected enough to be resistant to scratches and fading. It’s a quirky, vintage, ethnic design that is the perfect option for people who want something a little different. If you’re looking for a combination of wood and metal, so you have both style and strength, then this option is definitely for you.

5. Tungsten Carbide Engagement Ring Acacia Wood Inlay (Link)

This ring is a really beautiful option, and it’s a great way to appease your tastes if you’re a fan of vintage rustic design as well as contemporary elegance. The Tungsten Carbide used on this ring is silver, and it’s a great substitute for gold or platinum as it is tough and strong as well as inexpensive. This means the ring is durable, and it won’t fade or show any scratch marks, even after being worn every day over years and years. You can choose between sizes 5 to 12, including half sizes, and most of the people who have bought and worn the ring are happy with the thickness, and consider it true to size. Plus, while this looks great, it’s low cost, so some use this as a travel ring if they don’t want to risk losing their expensive ring while on business.

6. Genuine Koa Wood Tungsten Ring with Abalone Center (Link)

You can potentially explore your heritage with this Hawaiian Koa ring that is inlaid with high quality tungsten carbide. The wood and metal provide a beautiful contrast in the design of the 6 mm width, and it’s not surprising that this is a popular choice. There’s a slight arch in the ring’s profile, which makes it more comfortable than others, and while carbide is touch, there’s a resin over the design to protect the wood, so you can count on this ring lasting for decades. This ring is a little bit pricier than the previous tungsten carbide options, but it has that abalone inlay. While some think that abalone and mother of pearl are identical, abalone is in fact more valuable and lustrous.

7. Titanium Ring Inlaid with Natural Koa Wood (Link)

This lightweight ring is really stunning and is made from two of the most beautiful and stylish natural materials – Koa Wood, Titanium, and Abalone Shell. This is absolutely perfect for anyone who’s had a beach wedding and wants a ring to really reflect that day, as the abalone shell will always remind you of the waters and the wood keeps things natural. Plus, by using titanium you can be sure that your engagement ring will last for decades. The fact that natural materials are used means that each of these rings are entirely different, and no two are exactly alike, which is great if you want something really personal.


A wooden engagement ring may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you decide to get married, however there are actually many benefits that come with making this, and some really beautiful rings available. If you liked this article, you might want to read our review of proposal ring boxes. Already hitched? You can use an ultrasonic jewelry cleaner to keep your ring shining brightly. If your thinking about a wooden ring to save money, you might enjoy our article on weddings for under $1000.

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