Where to buy a pink laptop, laptop bag, or other colorful accessories?

Where to buy a pink laptop, laptop bag, or other colorful accessories?

Laptops these days are getting skinnier and sleeker, but they still mostly have the same generic looks. If you want something different, the good news is that you can now find more fashionable and fun choices. Here’s our roundup of pretty pink laptops and related accessories you can order through Amazon.

Introducing the pink laptop

We’re focusing on pink laptops, because they are the exact opposite of the boring business machines that started the laptop business. They are cute, fun, and flirty. Remember those I’m a Mac and I’m a PC guys in those ads from the 2000s? Well, it’s time for a woman to step in! While there’s nothing wrong with a man using a pink laptop, let’s be real. These pink laptops are marketed as laptops for girls or women.

We will start by reviewing your options for a pink Windows laptop. Within each section, we’ll look at the the best options for sprucing up your computer choice, as well as some nifty skins, sleeves, and bags to round out your laptop fashion.

If you are looking for a pink laptop from Apple, check out our article instead on how to buy a pink Apple laptop.

Pretty pink laptops for Windows

The challenge in finding a pink laptop for Windows is that many were made briefly or in small numbers. While companies such as Samsung, Sony, ASUS, and Acer have all made pink laptops or ultrabooks, getting a hold of one is another issue. You might almost think of these as collector’s items or limited editions.

We’ll cover your options if you want to use Microsoft Windows on a pink laptop. You can buy a brand new pink laptop, taking whatever is available on the market at the moment. You can also buy next best thing, which is a red laptop. Alternatively, you can customize current laptops with your own pink skins, sleeves, and bags. We’ll discuss the pros and cons of each shopping approach and break down the available choices.

1. ASUS VivoBook: a premium pink laptop

The ASUS VivoBook (Amazon link) is a high-end ultraportable meant to challenge the MacBook Pro. It even looks similar to the pink MacBook with its Rose Gold styling. If you love the MacBook style but want to use Windows, the ASUS ZenBook is your choice. It comes packed with power in a super sleek profile and Windows 10 Home Edition.

The ASUS ZenBook has a 3.9 GHz Core i5 with Intel HD Graphics 630, which is among the most powerful processor in this roundup. With 8GB RAM and a 512GB SSD, you have blazing fast performance with ample storage space to grow. The 15.6-inch 1920 x 1080 display is bright and beautiful. This sexy pink laptop weighs just 3.97 pounds, and the battery lasts a solid number of hours.

Because of its high-end production quality, the ASUS VivoBook is also the most expensive pink laptop in this review. It’s still cheaper than the MacBook Pro, even though it has similar overall performance, so you might want to give this laptop a try. If you order form the Amazon link above, make sure the product says “Punk Pink” for the pink laptop. Even though some of the images show steel colors, you will get the correct pink laptop if the description says Punk Pink.

2. HP Stream: a light pink laptop

This popular pink HP laptop (Amazon link) used to be sold in Walmart, but is now only available from special resellers at Amazon. The original HP Stream comes with a 14-inch screen. While not a pure pink, the actual color “rose pink” is fairly close and still quite pretty.

In terms of computer power, the HP Stream has an AMD Dual Core processor, 4GB of RAM, and a 64GB SSD for storage. A full battery charge should last you just short of 8 hours. This light pink laptop is great for taking to a cafe or class and doing basic work, web browsing, or light gaming. It includes a full Windows installation and comes with a free year of Microsoft Office and 1TB cloud storage space.

Don’t expect the HP Stream to power through the most graphics-intensive modern games. But for regular day-to-day use, it’s perfect. If you are a super user and want to get the most out of this machine, there are plenty of ways to optimize it as well.

This pink HP laptop is a terrific deal that you can still buy new for under $300 or used for about $200 (check the latest prices with the Amazon link above). Unfortunately, HP stopped producing the pink version of the laptop, meaning supplies are running out..

3. ASUS C201 Chromebook (replaces the Transformer Book: a pink tablet-laptop hybrid)

The ASUS C201 Chromebook (Amazon link) replaces our selection for the ASUS TH100A hybrid, which is now out of stock.

The TH100A is even lighter than the HP Stream and is actually a hybrid touchscreen tablet/laptop with a detachable keyboard. This ultraportable pink notebook with a 10-inch screen still runs a full version of Windows, unlike Android tablets. While the TH100A has 4GB of RAM and 64 GB of hard drive storage, it uses a lighter Atom processor. This is both good and bad. The lighter power means that this pink laptop will keep working on a battery for up to 14 hours. The downside is that you should mainly use the ASUS Transformer for browsing and light work. For serious gaming or number crunching, you will need a more powerful machine.

The keyboard and touch pad both work well on this small laptop. Occasionally, the keyboard may have some issues communicating with the laptop, but you can fix this by disconnecting and reconnecting. We’ve had similar issues with the much more expensive Microsoft Surface Pro, so we don’t think this is a big deal. If you take off the keyboard completely, you can use the TH100A as a large pink tablet on the go.

Overall, this is a pretty stylish portable machine that’s good for daily carrying. The drawback is that it’s hard to find. There’s only one or two resellers on Amazon with a new pink version in stock, and of course, the pink laptop, being a rare item, is priced a bit higher than the regular steel color. You’ll have to pay a slight premium for fashion!

4. Smart-US 15.6 inch high performance laptop

The pink Smart-US high performance laptop (Amazon link) replaces our selection for the pink HP Pavilion, which is now out of stock.

The HP Pavilion is a full-size laptop with a 15-inch screen. It is more powerful than the two pink laptops we’ve discussed previously, with 8GB RAM, 1TB of storage, A10-8700P chip, and even includes a DVD burner. Like most modern laptops, the bright WLED display has touchscreen capabities. The built-in speakers are also pretty good for a laptop. The HP Pavilion comes with a Windows 10 and 1 free year of Microsoft Office, making it a great choice for serious work or play.

The HP Pavilion weights 5 pounds, compared to 2.2 pounds for the ASUS Transformer and 2.8 pounds for the HP Stream. At twice the weight of the HP Stream, you’ll have to decide if the extra weight is worth the extra screen size and computing power.

Because it is a larger and more powerful laptop, the HP Pavilion currently costs a bit more than the other machines, but is still quite affordable. While currently available on Amazon, the stocks are also rapidly dwindling. If you want this pink laptop, get it while you can!

5. Epik Convertible: cheapest pink Laptop

The Epik Convertible Laptop (Amazon link) is another pink laptop originally stocked at Walmart and now avaailable from Amazon resellers. At 2.7 pounds and with an 11.6-inch screen, the Epik Convertible is a very portable slim machine for light computing. This laptop is great for family use, including children, as it’s also pretty cheap so you won’t lose a fortune if it breaks.

The laptop is not the fastest in the business and only has 32 GB of storage. This is plenty for light web browsing or word processor use. While cheap, the Epik still runs a full version of windows, unlike Chromebook alternatives. While cheap, it still has all the regular features you expect, such as front and rear cameras, speakers, and headphone ports. The flexible hinge lets the Epik Convertible be used in 4 different forms, since the hing opens up fully to 360 degrees.

The Epik Convertible is a good choice if you want the absolute cheapest pink laptop. Or consider this laptop if you are looking for a simple but fun-looking machine to give to children for educational use.

Note quite pink: red laptops for sale

Grabbing a pink laptop isn’t easy. To give yourself more options, you might consider these gorgeous red laptops as the next best thing.

6. Dell Inspiron : an ultraportable red laptop

The Dell Inspiron is a powerful and portable red laptop from one of the largest computer brands. You can customize the options for your laptop, choosing the processor, RAM size, and hard drive. The Core M3 processor with 4GB and 32GB eMMC hard drive is probably the best option for general use, giving you power and storage space. This 11.6-inch screen red laptop is weighs 3.2 pounds and is very easy to pack for your daily commute. You get all of the extras, such as an SD reader, Bluetooth, HDMI video port, stereo speakers, and more. Real world battery life is about 6-7 hours.

The Dell Inspiron series has earned PC Magazine’s Editor Choice award, so you know that this laptop is a winner. With its Red coating, it’s also quite stylish. The aesthetic is a bit different from the ZenBook and MacBook too.

7. HP Envy X360: a high-end convertible red laptop (SOLD OUT)

The HP Envy X360 is a full-size premium convertible red laptop. It is packed with the latest features, like a full HD 15.6-inch backlit touchscreen, 360 degree folding design, media reader, Bluetooth, USB 3.0 ports, webcam, and microphone. A Core i5 processor, 8GB of RAM, and a 1TB hard drive power the HP Envy X360. Battery life is 9 hours maximum.

The HP Envy is 4.8 pounds and just 0.7 inches thin, so it is fairly light and portable despite having a large screen. If you want a full size keyboard and find that other ultraportables are too cramped, you will appreciate the normal footprint of the X360.

Stylistcally, the glossy finish on this red laptop is chic yet professional enough for business use. HP wasn’t always known for the most stylish computer offerings in the past, but the pink and red laptops reviewed here showing that they’ve changed.

Custom pink styling for a Windows laptop

Maybe you already have a regular laptop and want to save money by re-decorating it. Or perhaps you want a different laptop from the ones above, and you can’t find it in pink. Custom styling accessories let you create your own pink laptop or other personalized look. The disadvantage of Windows laptops are that there are many brands, so not every accessory works with every brand or model. Since there are only a few types of MacBooks, there are more custom style accessories made that exactly fit specific MacBook models.

Still, you can find plenty of options to show off your personality with a Windows laptop. Best of all, many of these options are quite cheap, so you can even try more than one. Most people have cute cell phone cases, but why not look for cute laptop cases too?

1. Brand-specific pink decal skins

As we mentioned, finding custom skins tailored for a Windows laptop is difficult, because there are so many different models. These three Amazon vendors sell custom decal skins and shells for the most popular Windows laptops.

Decalrus makes custom pink skins that cover the keyboard, front screen frame, and both outer sides of a laptop. You can make your own pink laptop, or pick a different color. Decalrus makes pink laptop skins for over 300 models and is the most comprehensive collection we could find on Amazon. If you want a pink Sony Viao laptop, pink Acer Aspire, MSI, Dell, HP, or even specialty models like Alienware, a custom skin from Decalrus might be your only option. Of course, they also make skins for MacBooks, which we will also discuss below. The one drawback is that they are slightly more expensive.

Gladfly also makes custom pink laptop skins, but they cover far fewer models. Gladfly’s skins also do not cover the bottom of the laptop, which doesn’t look as nice when the laptop is closed or carried.

MightySkins (Amazon link) makes Windows laptop decals as well. Most of their decals have a print or pattern, unlike the solid colors of Decalrus and Gadfly. However, you can find some nice pink designs, like the floral pattern in the picture above. Search using the link we provided and add the name of the laptop you want to see if MightySkins covers that model.

2. Brand-specific pink hard shell case

MCover makes thin hard shell cases that fit specific models. You can customize your computer with a pink laptop hard shell, like in the picture above. The shell only covers the outer sides of the laptop, but the good part is you have some extra protection that a sticker cannot provide. You can find many recent Lenovo, Dell, HP, and other brands’ models, but the selection is not as good as Decalrus. For MacBooks, there are several other different companies that sell hard shell cases. For pink Windows laptops, mCover was the only one we could find on Amazon.

3. Universal pink sticker decals

TaylorHe Skins makes a nice set of pink-themed decals as well. The link we gave you gives you lets you search for all of the TaylorHe Skins pink laptop decals. Because these stickers are universal, they only cover the back of the laptop, and you can cut them accordingly. They fit 15-inch laptops, and you can trim them down to fit smaller laptops.

If you want something else that works on any laptop, you can use a more subtle decal sticker. Yadda-Yadda Design Co makes some of our favorites. The picture is for a MacBook, but of course a small sticker can fit on any laptop.

Overly Attatched Decals also has a decent-sized collection of pink decals. Their designs are bolder and more vibrant, while Yadda-Yadda uses mostly softer colors.

Carrying your laptop in style

Another option if you can’t find your laptop in the right color is to at least carry your laptop in a stylish sleeve or bag. The right laptop bag will not only protect your computer but also blend with your fashion sense. These are also great pink gift ideas.

1. Pink laptop sleeves

Rainyear (Amazon link) makes this Neoprene pink laptop sleeve in different sizes to fit 11-inch through 15.6 inch laptops. We love the clean minimalist look of these sleeves and the soft pink tone. For less than $10, it’s a good bargain, too.

If you’re looking for something more professional, the Lacdo Water Repellent Sleeve (Amazon link) has a business-like air with its fabric cover. We think you can look serious while still carrying pink with this texture and color. The Lacdo sleeve comes in 13.3-inch and 15.6-inch versions as well.

The Evecase Diamond Foam Neoprene Sleeve (Amazon link) might fit you better if you’re looking for some casual bling. The Evecase pink laptop sleeve comes in different sizes that fit 11.6-inch all the way to 17.3-inch. No matter what laptop you own, you should be able to find a size that fits. The good thing about the diamond foam pattern is that it adds extra cushioning. However note that this pink laptop sleeve is not really water resistant.

If you are feeling like splurging, take a look at this handmade laptop sleeve from Bertie’s Closet (Amazon link). These custom sleeve has a linen cover with foam padding to protect your laptop. Bertie’s Closet also sell an all-pink version, but we thought this one with the peach accent was simply too beautiful to now show you. This one’s currently selling for a little over $30, which is not too bad if you want to treat yourself or use it as a gift.

2. Pink laptop bags for women

If you are looking for a full pink laptop bag instead of just a slim sleeve, there are some great choices. We’ve picked some of our favor pink women’s laptop bags that you can buy on Amazon.

The Brinch Oxford Fabric Laptop Messenger Bag (Amazon link) is a bestseller and endorsed as “Amazon’s choice”. This hot pink laptop bag come in three sizes covering 13.3-inch through 15.6-inch laptops. It’s quite comfortable to carry and has inner pockets for holding smaller accessories or phones. A foam bubble material inside protects your laptop from bumps and accidents. The Oxford fabric is durable and scratch resistant, while the metal clips and zippers are stronger than cheap plastic parts on other brands’ laptop bags for women. If the hot pink is too bright for you, there’s a lavender purple version that’s quite pretty a well.

The Snow Wi Laptop Shoulder Bag by Rainbow (Amazon link) is probably our favorite pink laptop bag for women. It looks gorgeous yet classy, and is available in three pink-like colors: pink, red, and rose. The picture above shows the pink version, which is more of a salmon. It’s stylish but also professional. The mixed sackcloth outer material is waterproof yet breathable and scratch resistant. There’s plenty of cushioning inside to protect your laptop, and roomy pockets plus dividers help you organize your other materials. You can pick from three different sizes to accommodate your laptop.

If you want something more casual to take to a college class, this pink laptop backpack by Winblo is a great option that fits up to 15.6-inch laptops. There are separate main compartments, and the laptop compartment has built-in padding and a tie-down strap to keep your laptop safe, unlike regular backpacks. There’s plenty of room for notebooks and textbooks in addition to your laptop. The outer material is linen, and the inner material is nylon. This gives the backpack a nice fabric feel while still keeping water out. Wearing the laptop bag is comfortable and the shoulder straps do not dig into you. Overall, it’s a great choice for a colorful backpack-style laptop bag.

Did you know that women’s laptop bags can look just like ordinary women’s bags? This women’s laptop tote bag by Overbrooke (Amazon link) is a cute pastel chevron tote bag. Inside is a separate laptop compartment with padding and a strap. You can fit a 15.6-inch or smaller laptop into the  built-in laptop sleeve. We love how this laptop bag doubles as a regular purse. There are a few other pink laptop tote bag options as well on Amazon, like this nylon tote from NNEE (Amazon link). Both of these bags are less than $40, so the prices is reasonable too.

Buy a pretty pink laptop: conclusions

Regardless of which laptop you want, you should be able to find a way match your fashion and computer needs. We’ve given you a lot of options for a pink Windows laptop. If you want a MacBook, head on over to our review of how to buy a pink Apple laptop.

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