Where to find pink Apple laptops and accessories

Where to find pink Apple laptops and accessories

Are you looking for a sleek new MacBook in the color pink? Not every MacBook has many color choices, but if you’re looking for a pink Apple laptop, we’ll review everything you need to know in this buyer’s guide.

If you want to know where to buy a stylish Windows laptop, see our article here. Otherwise, keep reading for an Apple-specific guide.

Buying a pink Apple laptop

Buying a pink Apple laptop is easier than buying a pink Windows laptop for a couple reasons. First, Apple already sells a pink version of their standard MacBook under the color “Rose Gold”. If this is not pink enough for you, or you have already have a MacBook, you can easily buy custom skins, covers, and other accessories made specifically for whatever Apple model you have in mind.

There is currently no rose gold MacBook Pro or rose gold MacBook Air options. However, there are plenty of custom skins and covers for these models as well. Let’s take a look at your options for MacBook, MacBook Pro, and MacBook Air if you are looking for a pink Apple laptop.

Buying a pink Apple laptop: MacBook guide

1. Rose Gold MacBook version

The MacBook was last updated in 2016 and is the standard line of Apple laptops If you want a pink Apple laptop, the simplest way is to buy a Rose Gold MacBook (Amazon link). We won’t review the specific features, because if you’re reading this, you probably know how terrific the MacBooks are.

2. Custom pink MacBook metallic coating

pink carnation macbook

UPDATE: MacOfAllColors appears to have closed shop, unfortunately.

MacOfAllColors provides custom metallic coatings in a variety of colors, including carnation pink. This custom coating is NOT a simple sticker, case, or decal. This is a colored aluminum coating that should be just as permanent as the different MacBook color choices. Currently you can choose from six different colors. The MacBooks are refurbished and a slightly older model, but that just means they are cheaper. These MacBooks are plenty fast for regular use.

Custom skins and covers for the MacBook

Maybe you couldn’t find the color of MacBook you want, or you already have a MacBook and are looking for a low-cost style upgrade. A custom skin or cover is a pretty cheap way to re-decorate your MacBook while also providing extra protection. A keyboard skin will prevent dust or liquid spills from damaging your keyboard. A rubber or hard shell case will protect your MacBook’s body from scratches or light bumps as well. Here are some popular options for the 12″ Retina MacBook.

Like a phone case, the iClover MacBook (Amazon link) cover provides complete protection for your MacBook. You have a choice of 18 colors, including pink (shown above), rose, and magenta. The iClover kit includes a keyboard skin, front and back hard shell covers, and front screen protector. The shell is made from plastic with a rubber exterior for a good grip and pleasant texture. The case design allows full opening and closing, as well as unrestricted access to all of the ports. In addition to the 12-inch MacBook, you can also find sizes for the 11/13-inch MacBook Air, as well as the 13-inch MacBook Pro.

GranVella’s Leather Skin Case Cover (Amazon link) is an amazing looking folio-style cover for your MacBook. Their pink color looks a bit red, but this is the only pink-like cover of this style we could find. If you want a pink Apple laptop but are looking for something a bit different, this classy looking skin might be it. The soft leather cover protects your laptop but can stay on during use, as all ports are still accessible. Some Apple users warn that hard cases can damage the hinges and prefer these soft covers instead. GranVella’s leather covers are available for all MacBook models and are currently on sale for under $10 dollars. We’re not sure how long this sale will last, so grab it while you can if you want to go with this option!

Pink Apple laptop decals for the MacBook

Most of the universal decals we previously covered in our pink laptops article will also work with a MacBook. However, there are a couple MacBook-specific decals that do cool things to the Apple logo. Instead of a full-blown pink Apple laptop, consider these cute, edgy, and fun pink Apple laptop decals.

Kiseki (Amazon link) makes a number of cute decals for the 13″ MacBook that play with the Apple logo. Some of their decals for other sizes will work just fine. For example, the pink apple logo color change works for all sizes.

Decalguru (Amazon link) makes some other fun designs, although make sure they are compatible with the 12″ MacBook.

Pink Apple laptop sleeves and bags for the MacBook

If pink is your color, don’t just look for a pink Apple laptop. Consider how you look when you carry your MacBook.

Many of the generic 13-inch laptop bags work fine for the 12″ MacBook. However, if you want a sleeve or bag that exactly fits the MacBook, you are in luck. There are a number of brands making custom 12″ MacBook sleeves and cases in pink. Here are some of our favorites. With the snug fit, you don’t have to worry about your laptop bouncing around inside, or the unsightly look of wobbly bent corners on the sleeve.

This Lycra sleeve from Mosiso (Amazon link) is a simple water-repellent sleeve that exactly fits around a 12-inch MacBook. There’s a polyester foam padding inside to protect your MacBook, but the entire sleeve is still lightweight and very portable. You also receive an extra small pouch if you want to organize your accessories.

The Runetz Pink Neoprene Sleeve (Amazon link) also fits the 12-inch MacBook precisely. This is our preferred pink Apple laptop sleeve, it is still simple, yet looks more elegant than the Mosiso. An outer zippered pocket lets you organize small cables or accessories. This sleeve is large enough to hold the charger as well as the external DVD drive, if you desire, in the outer pocket.

The Laptop Tote Briefcase by Qishare is a fashion-worthy pink Apple laptop accessory. This bag looks like a designer laptop bag but costs less than $20. An outer Oxford fabric provides sturdy protection, while an inner suede lining cushions your laptop against bumps. While this tote bag comes in several sizes, the 11.6-12-inch version will just fit the MacBook nicely. Qishare tailored the bag to provide a slim fit, so it won’t fit other random laptops. The slim clean line is part of the attraction of this look.

For a sportier casual look, consider VanGoddy’s Laptop Messenger Bag, custom sized for the MacBook. This rugged washed denim fabric with pink styling is perfect for a street-worthy style with some girlish appeal.Most messenger bags just have a flap over the top and no secure zipper to keep your goods inside. The VanGoddy bag has two zippers inside that can be locked together for added security. An extra flap then covers the zippers as an added security measure. There are additional compartments for quick access items. VanGoddy includes a headphone splitter and microphone-earbud set as well. This pink Apple laptop bag is perfect for the urban commuter.

Buying a pink Apple laptop: MacBook Pro guide

The older MacBook Pro laptops, as well as the newer 2016 MacBook Pro laptops, unfortunately do not come directly from Apple in a pink or rose gold color option. Instead, you will need to rely on third party modifications if want a pink MacBook Pro.

Custom skins and covers for the MacBook Pro

Finding the right skin for a MacBook Pro is confusing because there are many models. The 2016 MacBook Pro is available in 13-inch and 15-inch versions. The 13-inch is available with and without the Touch Bar. There is also an older MacBook Pro, usually as a 13-inch model. You can imagine it’s a headache making sure each keyboard skin and laptop shell fits correctly.

To make matters worse, many vendors do not clearly indicate which model will fit their skin or cover. Nothing is more disappointing than finding out that you ordered the wrong case that doesn’t fit. To avoid this confusion, we are only going to recommend a small number of skins and covers that clearly fit your desired MacBook Pro. You simply have to choose your correct model.

Se7enline makes a plastic hardcover and keyboard skin set (Amazon link) that fits the 2016 MacBook Pro 13-inch or 15-inch models, with or without the Touch Bar. Simply pick the correct laptop on the ordering page. The keyboard skin protects your newly pink Apple laptop from liquid spills or debris, while also providing an extra splash of color. A shine-through logo design lets your Apple logo appear through the thin plastic case. You have a total of 19 colors to choose from, including pink shown above, as well other beautiful colors like deep purple and wine red.

If you want something more professional-looking, Se7enline also makes a leather folio case with keyboard skin (Amazon link) that used to come in a pink color. The leather folio only costs a few more dollars than the plastic hardcover set, but it gives a completely different feel. Your hands rest on the leather palm rests, and just holding the MacBook feels like, well, carrying a leather bound book. All ports and vents are still accessible with the cover on, and the folio is easily removed if you desire. Other than the hot pink color shown above, you can choose from six other alternative colors. Matching your MacBook model to the cover is easy, as Se7enline makes the cover for almost every MacBook type, including the Air and 12-inch, older MacBook Pros, and newer MacBook Pros. Just select your model from the pull down menu on the Amazon page.

Pink Apple laptop decals for the MacBook Pro

As mentioned above, stickers and decals from our pink laptops article should fit the MacBook Pro laptops. If you want special decals that leave the Apple logo intact, the ones above for the regular MacBook should work as well, as all the Apple logos are the same size across models.

You can also find some stickers that are made to exactly fit the MacBook Pro models.

Pink Apple laptop sleeves and bags for the MacBook Pro

Most generic 13-inch and 15-inch laptop bags for women will fit the MacBook Pro 2016 models. Currently, there aren’t any laptop bags specifically for the 2016 MacBook Pro laptops. However, you can also find custom sleeves that exactly fit the MacBook Pro. The snug fits looks extra sleek when the sleeve is custom made for a particular model.

This hot pink sleeve from Gmyle (Amazon link) fits the 13-inch 2016 MacBook Pro perfectly. The material is water-resistant and shock-absorbing to protect your laptop from harm. The exact fit means that there is no excess fabric, and this is the lightest and slimmest sleeve you can buy for your 13-inch MacBook Pro. These sleeves are reversible and dual color. The opposite side is black, so you can choose when you want to carry a pink Apple laptop sleeve around and when you want to stick with conservative black. The reversing color scheme is unique to this brand.

For the 15-inch 2016 MacBook Pro with Touch Bar, consider this custom sleeve from Walnew (Amazon link). The soft leather and suede fabrics protect your MacBook Pro from damage. When the envelop style sleeve is unfolded, the flap serves as a built-in mouse pad as well. This simple and ultra-portable design is custom fit to the new 2016 MacBook Pro so that you don’t waste any extra bulk. The envelop also has an outer pocket for storing additional small accessories. We’ve only seen this type of unique pink envelope sleeve for the 15-inch MacBook Pro with Touch Bar.

For briefcases or other bags, we recommend that you visit our guide to pink laptops for generic 13-inch and 15-inch laptop bags that will fit a MacBook Pro.

Buying a pink Apple laptop: MacBook Air guide

The MacBook Air is currently not available in pink or rose gold. The good news, though, is the MacBook Air has the most custom skins and accessories of any MacBook models. It shouldn’t be hard to find a way to customize a pink MacBook Air. Because there are so many options, we’ll just pick a few of our favorite recommendations.

Custom skins and covers for the MacBook Air

For something a bit different, check out this case and keyboard skin combo from Top Case (Amazon link). This rubberized hard case gives a fake wooden facade look that blends into the keyboard skin with a cool pink hyacinth floral design. This design is called Vibrant Summer, and Top Case makes a large collection of covers and decals with neat designs. Check out their store by using the link above and then clicking through to their store name.

Pink Apple laptop decals for the MacBook Air

Many of the stickers and decals that we already described before will also work for the MacBook Air. You may have to trim some of the larger full-size stickers to match the Air. You can also find full body decals for the Air. Here are some examples of what you can buy.

If we are talking about MacBook decals, we can’t leave out this super cute Hello Kitty sticker (Amazon link). This decal will fit the MacBook Air as well as other similar MacBook models. The decal is a bit more expensive than other ones, probably because they have to pay a licensing fee to Hello Kitty.

This pink marble decal from Skin Kase (Amazon link) covers the entire body of the MacBook Air. If you want to turn your Air into a pink Apple laptop, but without the weight and bulk of a cover and keyboard skin, consider an alternative such as this. The sticker is custom cut to exactly match the Air dimensions. Unlike many other decals, you get full coverage of all sides of the Air.

Pink Apple laptop sleeves and bags for the MacBook Air

The MacBook Air fits in most sleeves and bags that are meant for generic 13-inch laptops. However, if you want the best fit without extra bulk or weight, you should get a carrying accessory specifically made for the Air. Most sleeves and bags made for the older 13-inch MacBook or the newer 13-inch MacBook Pro also fit the MacBook Air. (The reverse is not always true, as the Pro is thicker than the Air.) We’ll highlight some of our favorites here.

We will focus mostly on slimmer sleeves. As we mentioned, most 13-inch bags will work with the Air. One of points of buying the MacBook Air is that is ultra-slim and sleek. In that case, we think it makes sense to pair the Air with a slim sleeve rather than a bulky bag.

As we mentioned, most 13-inch sleeves will fit the MacBook Air quite well. This Bohemian patterned sleeve from Mosiso (Amazon link) is another cute option that we couldn’t pass up mentioning. While a sleeve can be carried inside a backpack or briefcase, we think that would be a waste in this case. This cute bird and flower pattern is meant for showing off and pairs well light or neutral toned clothes for a classy look with a bit of flair. If you want to go all twee-style, a full-on twee outfit plus this sleeve would give a completely different look.

For something simpler, this pink leather sleeve from Snugg (Amazon link) has clean lines for a minimalist style. Compared to other sleeves, this one has a couple unique features. There is a business card slot for holding a few cards. If you put in a MacBook Air in the right orientation, you also have easy access to the charger slot so that you can keep charging your Air even while in the cover. The material is leather on the outside and a Nubuck fiber on the inside. Overall, this is a great, simple design available in pink or many other colors.

Designer Kate Spade MacBook Air Sleeves

Did you know you can get pink designer Apple laptop cases? Yes, Kate Spade makes a whole slew of 13-inch laptop cases that fit the MacBook Air and other 13-inch MacBook models. Here they are, all available from Amazon.

This perforated pink sleeve (Amazon link) from Kate Spade New York has a bit of glamour to it while still being a bit cutesy and fun. The sleeve fits the MacBook Air and the other 13-inch MacBook models.

The two-tone pink and black (Amazon link) Kate Spade case is a simpler design. We’re not a big fan of the black bottom, which looks a big jarring to us, but we included it anyways for completeness.

For a floral look, consider this patterned Kate Spade MacBook sleeve (Amazon link). This is definitely a more upbeat and less serious look than the designs above.

If you want something even more playful and modern, this spotted hot pink Kate Spade sleeve (Amazon link) is probably more your taste. It’s casual, bold, and sure to attract some comments. It’s perfect for university or more laid back settings.

Pink Apple Laptop Conclusions

We hope you have seen plenty of ways now to dress your Apple laptop so that is pink. You can buy pink laptops for certain models. For others, you can buy custom pink skins. And of course, you can always carry your MacBook in pink style with a sleeve or bag to match your pink wardrobe. If you have other recommendations, feel free to comment below.

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