Cheap pear shaped engagement rings

Cheap pear shaped engagement rings

Natural precious stones come in all colors and shapes. A lot of women prefer to have an unusual looking precious stone in their engagement ring because it draws more attention to the ring and better expresses their personality.

One of the most sought after shapes is the pear shape. This shape might be a little bit uncommon compared to the round shape or the square cut gemstones. The pear shape is quite popular and fancy because it looks elegant and a lot of women prefer to buy this shape when they are shopping for an engagement ring stone.

The pear shaped precious stone

A pear shape is a brilliant cut that combines the round shape and the marquise shape, having a tapered point at one end. Most women prefer to wear the pointed end pointing towards the fingertips. Pear gemstones can be slim or wide and a lot of women prefer them because they make the fingers look slimmer and taller.

A lot of buyers prefer to buy warmer shades that are more yellow than white when they are shopping for a pear shaped engagement ring. G-H diamonds look yellowish in color and will make your engagement ring look so elegant because the pear shape shows the color the strongest among other diamond shapes. Cubic zirconia is an affordable option if you are after a clear color stone at an affordable price.

A lot of gemstones come in unusual colors that will look quite special in an engagement ring setting. Sapphire has a blue color that has been sought out by royalty for long decades. Lab created sapphire is a great option if you can’t pay for naturally occurring sapphire.  A lot of people will go after a green emerald that will look so elegant and unique. Some women will prefer a ruby stone or a less expensive morganite that has a peachy pink color.

What to consider when you are shopping for a pear engagement ring?

There are a lot of factors that you must take into consideration when you are shopping for a pear shaped engagement ring:

The color

Pear shaped diamonds show color more than other shapes and this is why you need to pay attention to the color grade. If you are going to set a diamond stone in a platinum or white gold ring, you might want to stick to H color or a higher grade to make sure that your stone looks white. If you are attaching your stone to a gold ring or want something that looks fancy and special, you can drop the color grade to K and you will have a special diamond ring that will turn heads.

Cubic zirconia is a great option because you can get a good stone that matches the color of a D color diamond stone. This is the best option for people who can’t afford a high quality diamond stone as they will get the same look for a fraction of the price.

If you are not after a diamond ring, then sapphire and emeralds are very popular. The deep blue color is a great match to a number of outfits. Having a green engagement ring is a bit unusual but will still look extra elegant and unique.

Lab-created gemstones come in all colors and hues. There are a lot of available options that you can choose from to buy a special looking pear shaped engagement ring.

The clarity

Pear shaped stones are great at concealing and hiding inclusions and impurities. This is great because you can get away with buying a cheap pear gemstone that looks perfect to the naked eye. Sticking to SI1 and SI2 in diamond stones is a good decision because you will not have to spend a lot of money and would still have a great looking engagement ring. This is equally true for other gemstones. You can get away with a lower quality gemstone for a good price. The pear shape makes it impossible to see the impurities and imperfections.

The length to width ratio

The length to width ratio is an important factor that you should consider when you are choosing a pear shaped stone. Most people will prefer a length to width ratio that ranges from 1.55 to 1.75. A bigger ratio will give an elongated pear shape that is way too thin. Some people might like this pointed shape but most will prefer something that falls in the middle. A smaller ratio doesn’t really look like a pear shape. It is mainly a stretched rounded shape that is a bit out of balance.

The shape of your hands

When you are shopping for an engagement ring, you are buying a ring that is meant to express your personal style and complement it. A lot of women who have chubby or wide hands prefer the pear shaped stone because it elongates the fingers and makes the hand appear slimmer. Wider cuts will just make the hand look too wide.

Your personal style

Are you a woman who always stands out? Then the pear shaped stone is the one that you should consider. Traditional gemstone shapes like the round shape and the square shape are classics but will not work for a woman who wants something fancy. Having a pear shaped stone in an unusual color will make your engagement ring look special and unique.

The shape of your ring

It is very important to consider the shape of your ring when you are choosing the best stone shape. A pear shaped stone will look great on any solitaire setting. It is an asymmetrical design unlike other traditional shapes and this is why it might not work well in a multi-stone setting. Pear shaped stones might look out of balance but you can use a pear shaped stone in a unique custom made setting.

The best pear shaped engagement rings

We decided to bring you a list of the best pear shaped engagement rings. They come in a range of prices, settings and colors but they are all unique, elegant and quite affordable. 

1. 10k Gold Pear Shaped Gemstone with Diamond Accent Ring (Link)

This is a great pear shaped engagement ring that will look very elegant and will accentuate your hand. It features a peachy color morganite gemstone in addition to a diamond band that will complement the look of the ring.

The unique and warm peachy color of the morganite is caused by traces of manganese. The gemstone is particularly large to show the finest color. Morganite is a close relative to other beryls like emerald and aquamarine. It is favored for being extremely durable, lustrous and clear. There are small natural deposits of morganite around the world but this rarity is what keeps the morganite quite affordable. Since there are not enough stones to use in standardized jewelry industry, morganite is only used in custom made and novelty designs.

Product features

  • A high quality 10K rose gold band.
  • An elegant morganite peachy gemstone.
  • A warm elegant color that will make your engagement ring look unique and special.
  • A large gemstone to show the finest color hues.
  • Conflict free diamonds.
  • Diamonds with less than 17 facets.
  • I-J color diamonds.


  • A unique color combination that will look different from other traditional designs and settings.
  • An affordable elegant engagement ring.
  • High quality diamonds to complement the look of the main gemstone.
  • A big 1.9 carat morganite stone.
  • A large gemstone to show the finest and warmest color hues and matches beautifully with the rose gold band.


  • Some people prefer to have a deeper color to add to the uniqueness of the engagement ring. 

2. 14k White Gold Tanzanite and Diamond Pear (Link)

This design might seem quite popular as it has been used for years in royalty jewelry. But instead of spending hundreds of thousands of dollars you will be able to get this elegant engagement ring for a fraction of the price.

This 14k white gold engagement ring features a precious tanzanite gemstone with a rich blue color. Tanzanite is a popular alternative to blue sapphire and is quite affordable. Tanzanite is a rather new stone, since it has been used commercially only starting from the 1960s, unlike other precious gemstones that have been widely used in making jewelry for thousands of years. The rich blue color of the tanzanite is due to the presence of small amounts of vanadium in the original zoisite mineral structure. The mineral is then heated and this oxidizes the vanadium to give that rich beautiful color and improve the hue.

Product features

  • A classical timeless design.
  • An elegant 14k white gold ring with an eye catching blue tanzanite gemstone.
  • Pear shaped tanzanite set in a pave diamond setting.
  • A big 1.5 carat gemstone to accentuate the shape of your fingers.
  • Around 60 round shaped H-I diamond stones.
  • Minimum 0.5 carat weight diamonds.


  • An elegant classical pear shaped engagement ring that resembles the look of royalty rings.
  • A blue tanzanite gemstone that is an affordable alternative to blue sapphire.
  • A big 1.5 carat stone that will show off the elegant color.
  • A rich blue color that matches perfectly with the pave diamond setting.
  • A high quality 14k white gold ring.


  • Some customers didn’t like that the stone comes with a sticker attached to the ring itself, even though it comes in a box. 

3. 10k Rose Gold 3 Carat CZ Pear (Link)

There is something magical about the flawless clear colored gemstones that make them so popular. Diamonds are the girl’s best friend but not all girls can afford buying an expensive diamond ring. When you want the elegance and the clear color of diamonds at an affordable price, then cubic zirconia might be your best option.

Ever since the 1970s, the cubic zirconia has been quite popular for its durability and low cost. Cubic zirconia is a synthetic gemstone that is truly colorless with some other variations having a yellowish or brownish tinge. A lot of people prefer cubic zirconia because it matches a D color diamond which can be quite expensive.

Product features

  • A beautiful pear shaped engagement ring that features a big stone.
  • A 3.15 colorless cubic zirconia gemstone.
  • An elegant pear shaped stone that will accentuate your hand and make your fingers look longer and slimmer.
  • Expertly made 10K rose gold ring in a fine polished finish.
  • Features 12 small stones on the sides to complement the elegant design.


  • An affordable option to get the elegant look of the D color diamonds at a fraction of the price.
  • A big elegant colorless cubic zirconia stone.
  • A special pear shaped stone that will make your engagement ring stand out.
  • A fine polished 10k rose gold polished ring.
  • 12 high-quality gemstones to complement the look of your ring.


  • Cubic zirconia tends to be a little bit heavy. Given the size of the stone, you might find the ring a little bit uncomfortable if you are on the sensitive side.

4. UMODE Teardrop Halo Pear Cut 4 Carat Cubic Zirconia CZ (Link)

Royalty and celebrities tend to buy crazy big diamond rings. It is not unusual to see a 4 carat diamond ring on the red carpet. But today you can get the same look for less than $20. Sounds crazy yet? Cubic zirconia is a great alternative to diamonds because it is colorless and elegant. It gives the same look of a D color diamond for an affordable price.

This engagement ring features a timeless elegant design with a pear shaped tear drop stone surrounded by tiny clear stones that will complement the look. The stone is mounted on a high quality white gold ring that will look elegant and make a statement. Very few people will be able to tell the difference between your stone and a real diamond, and even the most trained ones will keep on questioning themselves. Get the look you’ve always dreamt of without breaking the bank.

Product features

  • A cubic zirconia stone that resembles the look of elegant and high quality diamonds.
  • An affordable option to get the elegant sparkle and shine of diamonds.
  • A pear shaped timeless design.
  • Eco friendly brass ring that is white gold plated with well-set CZ stones.
  • The stones are set by human hands, not glued so that they don’t sit up too high off the finger.


  • The only option to get the expensive look of diamonds for less than $20 dollars.
  • A big ZC pear shaped stone.
  • A 4 carat stone that will give you an elegant timeless design.
  • A high quality white gold plated brass ring with small CZ stones set to complement the look of your ring.


  • It runs big.
  • If you are not careful about the instructions that come with the ring, it might turn your fingers green and start to lose color. You should not wet the ring or use lotions or creams while wearing it.

5. 14k White Gold Cubic Zirconia Pear (Link)

There is nothing that shouts elegance more than a traditional solitaire ring with a diamond stone. But a lot of people can’t afford to buy an authentic diamond stone. Diamonds are very expensive but there is an affordable option that will give you the same look for a fraction of a price.

If you take care of yourself, have your manicure done and carry yourself with class no one will ever doubt the authenticity of your cubic zirconia ring. Cubic zirconia can be the best option if you are on a tight budget but still want to have an elegant engagement ring, then this ring might be the best one for you.

Product features

  • An elegant pear shaped cubic zirconia stone on prongs that will show off your stone.
  • A clear and colorless cubic zirconia that will reflect the light and look elegant.
  • A pear shaped design that will elongate your fingers.
  • If you are into a fancy style with a classical touch then this ring is the best for you.
  • The tip of the stone is covered in metal for a fancy addition to your engagement ring.


  • An affordable cubic zirconia stone.
  • A classical design with a fancy extra touch.
  • Can be mounted on a white gold or yellow gold ring band.
  • A metal tip covering the pointed end of your pear shaped stone for an elegant look.


  • Some people think that the wedding band can be too wide. If you have rather cubby fingers, this design might not suit you.

6. Pear Ring, 0.5 Ct Diamond and 14K Yellow Gold Ring (Link)

Diamonds will stay the most sought after gemstones that are very popular. Almost every woman dreams about this moment when her prince charming will get on one knee and propose with a diamond ring in his hand. Diamonds are expensive but they are worth every penny.

This is a classical pear shaped diamond engagement ring that features an amazing G-H color 0.5 carat diamond. This color range is best for pear shaped diamonds because it matches beautifully with the yellow gold ring. With SI1 and SI2 clarity you can be sure that nobody will ever see or detect any imperfections because the pear shaped design will conceal them beautifully. The design of the ring is complemented by the G color 0.075 carat diamonds. All the diamonds in this ring are conflict free.

Product features

  • A timeless design that will last for long.
  • Diamond rings are great investments and will last for long.
  • A unique pear shaped 0.5 carat diamond shaped diamond center stone complemented by 0.075 carat diamonds on the sides.
  • A beautiful G-H color range that beautifully matches with the yellow gold band.


  • A clear and elegant pear shaped diamond ring.
  • Natural occurring non treated diamonds.
  • G-H color that will match beautifully with the yellow gold band.
  • A timeless design and a great investment that will look great for a long number of years.
  • SI1 and SI2 clarity that will show no imperfections.
  • The center stone will be complemented by the beautiful G color 0.075 carat round brilliant diamonds.


  • This is an expensive ring but it is totally worth it.

Final verdict

Buying an engagement ring is a great experience that might happen only once in a life time. There are a lot of options when it comes to choosing a good engagement ring. Choosing a pear shaped stone will slim your hands and give them a trendy and elegant look. Pear shaped stones are suitable for women who like to stand out and make a statement.

An elegant pear shaped ring doesn’t have to break the bank since there are a lot of options to choose from. If you are not short on a budget, you can go with a pear shaped diamond. Or if you are really after that colorless color with a shiny rainbow hue, you can choose cubic zirconia to give the same effect for a fraction of the price. There are a lot of other options when it comes to choosing different colors. Blue, green and even pink gemstones are available to women who want to stand out from the crowd. Regardless of your style, you can do your research to find whatever suits your style.

Further reading

If frugality is your priority, you could consider an alternative like a wooden engagement ring. Here’s another trick. Pair your low-cost engagement ring with an extra-special engagement ring box to pop the question. Of course, the other way to proceed is to just be rich or find a rich partner to marry!

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