Four Types of Content to Get You Noticed on Instagram

Four Types of Content to Get You Noticed on Instagram

As a self-proclaimed insta-addict, I’ve noticed a trend in my preferences when looking for new content to swoon over and profiles to follow. Following a profile on Instagram may not seem like that big of a commitment, but when you’re trying to build a brand or become ‘instafamous,’ keeping your inspiration high, your follow-followers ratio low, and your feed filled with content you’d like to see on your own some day, following is kind of a big deal. So, how do you get noticed on Instagram and secure those ‘follows’? It’s all about the content!

1. Flatlays

Anyone who follows an interior designer, lifestyle blogger, beauty guru, or fashionista knows that nothing shows off product like a great flatlay. Flatlays have become so popular on Instagram and in other marketing materials that there are actually workshops to help hone your flatlay skills! So, what is a flatlay? All a flatlay requires is a smooth surface, some fabulous items you wish to showcase, and some great lighting. The whole idea of a flatlay is that you arrange the items and take a picture of them from above, as demonstrated in the examples below.

flatlay instagram examples

Images: Pinterest,

Flatlay images are one of my biggest weaknesses because I personally love taking the time to style my products, carefully select the angles at which they’re arranged, and editing the photos after the fact to remove any shadows and really make the items pop.

2. Niche

Traditionally, niche content performs better than generalized content, so when you’re setting up your Instagram account, decide what you’re passionate about and what kind of content you want to share with your soon-to-be following! Are you a nomad who wants to post about travel? Perhaps you’re a lifestyle blogger who wants to post about the latest and greatest hacks and DIY projects, or you’re infatuated with pinup style and want to share that with the world. It’ll be far easier for your target audience to find you and want to follow you if you’re only sharing the content they’re interested in instead of uncalculated postings from your day-to-day life.

3. Filtered

To ensure your aesthetic is consistent, using the same editing features, filters, and apps is extremely important. Some of my favourite accounts on Instagram display images that feature images and videos that all use the same filter and they’re incredibly visually appealing and swoon-worthy. Lauren Conrad’s Instagram is a great example of this.

instagram filters

The similar hues, contrasts, and colours really help to pull all of the content together to form a beautiful feed that is pure #goals.

4. Staged ‘Candids’

I don’t know about you, but I love a good ‘candid’ photo. I put ‘candid’ in quotations because the candid photos I tend to enjoy the most are ones that are so obviously staged, yet still appear to be somewhat natural. See what I mean below for examples.

instagram staged candids example


These photos are a great way for fashion bloggers or public figures to showcase clothing from sponsors, share their outfit-of-the-days, and showcase some of their personality that a traditional selfie tends to lack.


What are your favourite kinds of content to see on Instagram? Have you seen an account that demonstrates some of the above? Let us know with a comment below – we’d love to check it out!

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