Dyson Pure Cool Link air purifier and fan review

Dyson Pure Cool Link air purifier and fan review

Dyson Pure Cool Link Air Purifier acts as a fan and a purifier to remove contaminants from the air while also helping you cool off on a warm day. The purifier can remove allergens or other irritating pollutants and is cylindrical for 360 degree coverage. The fan increases the efficiency of purifying all the air in a room while providing a nice indoor breeze.

The Dyson Pure Cool Link Air Purifier and Fan (Link)

This impressively engineered filtering tower fan is bladeless and low maintenance. You don’t need to worry about wiping the dust off tiny grills or fan covers. Its body is certainly towering at 40 inches. This is offset by the fact that it is lightweight, coming in at just over 8 pounds. So this unit is easy to move where you need it to go. For the aesthetically concerned, the unit comes in neutral white and blue.

The good news is that this Dyson does an excellent job. It can even handle multiple household pets or catch dander, pollen and smells from various household activities. However, the quality and effectiveness comes at a slight price premium.

Setting Up the Dyson Pure Cool Link 

Set up is easy. It is a matter of removing two pieces from the box and clicking the upper fan portion into the base. Maintenance has also been simplified. Whereas other air purifiers require diligence on removing and changing the filter, the filter in the base of this unit is designed to be changed twice annually if being used continuously.

This air purifier is tall, so it is difficult to keep out of view, but its sleek design make it less of an eyesore than a traditional fan. In fact, this useful piece of technology would make an ideal centerpiece for minimalistic decor in any conscientious homemaker’s space. After all, a piece of technology meant to clean the air would do little shoved into a closet.

Unique Features of the Dyson Pure Cool Link 

Beyond Bladeless

The bladeless fan is an obvious Dyson innovation, but this appliance has other features that are unique to this product. It can sound heavy duty to install an air purifier in a room, but it is important to remember what that means: the filters in these machines remove particles out of the air that you would otherwise be breathing. These are pushed through the filter and removed from circulating air. While beneficial to your lungs, this leads to a common problem with filters: they need to be changed regularly.

Like any vacuum owner knows, a full bag (or in this case, filter and casing) means the functionality of the product is hampered by buildup of trapped items. Luckily, the longevity of the filter’s design makes this less of a worry. It is still important to remember that while some accumulated gunk can be wiped off, it will need to be replaced after six months.

Settings and Remote Control

The fan itself has several settings for moving or cooling air and oscillates much like a classic tower fan. It can also be adjusted for any number of situations and has power settings from 1 to 10. A bonus of the sleek Dyson design is the ease of cleaning and keeping it dust free. This product is primarily meant to cool rooms, and does not have a heating or warming feature, but it will do this job well while remaining low maintenance.

Fear losing the remote no more! This Dyson also comes with a companion app for digital control from anywhere. While there is a remote included, this air purifier can be controlled via an app on your phone. Connecting to this app can be a laborious process, but it is well worth the immediate control and peace of mind.

While the app is convenient, connectivity can be a major complaint according to user feedback. It may have trouble connecting and staying connected to your home’s network. Once it is connected, however, the app will remind you when to change the filter in your machine. It can also show you the quality of air in your home, including the temperature and humidity based on the room the Dyson is placed in. You can also track the history of these factors over the course of the filter’s activity.

Further Smart Home Settings

The fan comes with an Automatic mode that will adjust the speed of the movement of air based on the air quality sensed by the unit. It will take a few days to acclimate, but the technology syncs with information gathered by the unit and the app on your phone to provide the best settings for your home.

Enjoy a better night’s sleep with cleaner air and quieter settings. This Dyson product is already quiet, but it can be adjusted to a schedule that allows for low noise settings while you are dreaming. The mode for a better night’s sleep, or Night-Time, offers a standard speed setting on the lower end of the power level. It also dims the display on the unit itself.

Quality Assurance

While the filter function cannot be disabled (after all, this would make it just a fan), it can be physically removed. You may want to keep yours attached, as HEPA filters are excellent choices when looking into air filtration systems. HEPA filters are standardized by the Department of Energy of the United States. This ensures a certain level of quality across the board for any pieces of technology that use them.

Some bonus features are the services offered by Dyson for ordering a unit through them. It comes with a 2 to 5 year warranty on parts and labor, and free shipping. This means before you even get the product, and for its lifetime, you are supported by Dyson.

How it Works

Combining Air Purification and Filtration

The base of this unit contains the dust-catching filter, while the upper part is for distributing the air around the room. It may seem like the fan is aiding in the filtration process. In reality, the fan moves air around while the HEPA filter performs its function separately. Something to be aware of when looking at this product is that air is being filtered at a lower rate than it is being moved to cool a room.

The bladeless fan was a leap forward in technology, and one that was introduced by Dyson. Rather than moving air by catching it on a physical surface and pushing it around, the bladeless fan pulls it into a stream to cool the air in a room. The cylindrical design also makes it easy to clean the physical surface and remove the chance that dust is building up and being distributed on the fan itself. This lends itself well to the purifying purpose of the unit.

Air Purification Quality and HEPA Filters

HEPA stands for High Efficiency Particulate Air. The word efficiency is key here, as there are many ways to catch particles moving through the air, but the goal in any purifying or filtering technology is efficiently removing as many of these as possible.

HEPA filters use standardized technology to achieve filtration. This does not mean all HEPA filters are the same, but HEPA is regulated by a governmental agency, which means they are held up to certain standards of quality.

The filter is designed to trap pollutants in the air before they are breathed in and irritate lungs or sinuses. In HEPA filters, this is done by pulling the air through glass fibers. The Dyson claims to catch 99.9% of air contaminants. That number matches the standards of other HEPA filters, which focus on larger particles.

Activated Carbon Filtration

Odors are also cut down by use of this air purifier. These can include smells from cooking, pets, and cleaning products. This is achieved by filtration of particles and the inclusion of carbon in the replaceable filter.

Other Considerations For Owning the Dyson Pure Cool Link

Noise Levels

A room’s comfort is not just about its air quality. Another concern with fans running in rooms are the noise level. As is to be expected, increasing the Dyson Cool Air Link’s power level also increases its noise level. The more powerful settings do not match its smooth design as far as noise management. However, even at its loudest, and most powerful setting, it is not day ruining and will not disrupt as much as an older bladed fan.

Replacement Filters

While the rarely replaced filter is attractive, it must be replaced when it is at its end, and cannot be just cleaned out. This also means that if this product goes out of style or is updated, it may be difficult to find the replacement by the time it is necessary to change yours.

Cost of Ownership

Finally, the biggest consideration is this air purifier’s expense. This is a premium product and one must take into account the ongoing cost of purchasing two filters a year at about $50-60 a piece. A new unit does come with one extra filter.

Summary: The Dyson Pure Cool Link

The Dyson Pure Cool Link is lightweight and easy to set up. Overall it has good controls for cooling and keeping the air in a room clean. It also does its job well, and the easy maintenance makes it a solid purchase as an appliance, making it worth the premium in price for less advanced models.

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