Best plus size sports bras ranked and reviewed

Best plus size sports bras ranked and reviewed

Sports bras are a necessity for every woman with an athletic background. If you’ve ever tried to work out in a regular bra, you probably noticed the troubles it comes with it: your breasts slip out of the cup, the straps fall over your shoulders and you sweat all over.

This is especially troublesome if you are a plus size woman. Back fat and ultra-heavy breasts are obviously a problem that cannot be kept in check with a regular bra. In this case, you will need the best plus size sports bras to keep your breasts secure.

Sizing Your Plus Size Sports Bra

Choosing the band size for a sports bra is no different from selecting the bra size of a traditional bra. You simply measure yourself under the breast and see how many inches you have, then round it. Depending on the brand, you may or may not have to add 4 inches to the measurements.

It’s important to figure out the cup size as well, but when it comes to sports bras, it is not as strict as a traditional bra. If you go down one cup size on the best plus size sports bras, there won’t be any issues with the fitting.

To figure out the cup size, simply measure around the bust area, right above the nipples. Afterward, subtract the band size, and based on the difference, you can find your cup. Keep in mind that cup sizes may vary from country to country, depending on your result.

Issues with Sports Bra

Similar to minimizer bras, sports bras were made to restrain the movement of your breasts. As a result, there is the risk of blood flow being obstructed – which may lead to breast cancer, if you use the bra continuously.

Also, there is the issue of sizing. The best plus size sports bras will obviously keep your breasts in place; however, if you go one size above, your breast tissue will start “leaking out” from pretty much everywhere.

Support is also a problem. Since sports bras don’t use underwire, they’ll have to pressure the breasts into staying in place. This will eventually lead to lymph nodes.

Sports bras are also not as fancy-looking as regular bras. Since most of them do not have padding, you will only have the fabric to give you some shape.

Unless you have one of the best plus size sports bras, you will end up being an uncomfortable sweaty mess – which is why you need to be careful what you choose.

Best Plus Size Sports Bras Reviewed

Looking for the best plus size sports bras is never easy – especially when you are searching for something safe, good and fashionable. Brands generally focus on regular-size items, leaving the plus-sizes with granny-styled sports bras that are embarrassing to look at. Even so, we managed to make a list of some sports bras that are comfy, secure and will allow you to do your workouts in peace.

1. LEADING LADY Light Impact Plus Size Sports Bra (Link)

If you are the type of plus-size woman who struggles with finding an appropriate bra, then this one should do the trick for you. Even if you are, for instance, a 56G, you will still find a bra your size in this brand.

The bra was made to be comfortable, regardless if you wear it night and day. Keep in mind that you may want to order a size larger, since they may shrink after washing. Otherwise, they offer a snug fit.

This bra will do a perfect job at keeping your breasts in place while hiding the back fat, smoothing your lines. Plus, it is fairly inexpensive, which is why many women believe it is one of the best plus size sports bras.

2. CHAMPION Plus Size Vented Compression Sports Bra (Link)

Women who sweat a lot during their workout would be pretty much willing to sell their souls for a bra that doesn’t make them sweat even more than they should. This is exactly why the Champion bra is so perfect.

With a moisture wicking technology, this product will cast the moisture away, keeping your skin nice and cool – and most importantly, dry. The back mesh construction was also made to help with ventilation and with proper posture.

This item is extremely supportive and compresses the breasts nicely so that they won’t jiggle during your workout. It’s sleek, smooth, and it is extremely comfortable for anyone wearing it.

3. SYROKAN High Impact Plus Size Sports Bra (Link)

If looks are an issue for you, then this sports bra will definitely do the trick. It will make you look fabulous while you are hitting the gym with its colorful design. For many, this is one of the best plus size sports bras out there.

Even when performing high impact activities, this sports bra provides perfect support without the addition of a wire. Plus, the fabric lets your skin breathe and will wick the moisture away.

4. GLAMORISE Plus Size High Impact Sports Bra (Link)

If you do not have a problem with underwire, then this is one of the best plus size sports bras for you. It offers support thanks to the wires, allowing you to do your workout in peace.

The fabric is moisture wicking, so even if you tend to sweat a lot, this bra won’t make you feel uncomfortable. Your skin will remain nice and dry, and the fabric will not stick to your skin.

5. FRUIT OF THE LOOM Built Up Sports Bra (Link)

No matter if you are a regular or a plus size, Fruit of the Loom offers this bra in various sizes. It’s very comfortable, and even though it doesn’t have an underwire, it still provides the support that you need.

It is made from cotton and just enough spandex to keep your breasts snug. So, this sports bra will offer a comfortable fit to just about anyone.

Final Thoughts

It does not matter if you go for Leading Lady, Fruit of the Loom or any of the bras mentioned above; you will certainly have a good workout, without worrying that your breasts may fall out of place. In the end, choosing the best plus size sports bras will depend on your preferences and comfort. Finally, for non-sports use, consider a minimizer bra.

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