What’s it like to find out you’re pregnant? Five real pregnancy test reactions

What’s it like to find out you’re pregnant? Five real pregnancy test reactions

What’s it like to find out you’re pregnant? You can’t make up the touching and funny moments in these five real pregnancy test reactions.

Real Pregnancy Test Reactions

When Tabitha from The Healthy Hippie Mama finds out that she is pregnant, she was not expecting it at all. The first words are “Oh my God” followed by a lots of surprise, some swearing, and some smiles. She didn’t put on much makeup and almost didn’t even take a video since she didn’t think anything of the test. Luckily, she did record it, and that’s why she’s a pro Youtuber!

You can see the smile grow on her face in real-time as Keysha from Keyshaszone reads her result. She speechless at first but manages to get out an “Oh my God” before calming herself with steady breathing. It’s adorable. She’s using a digital readout-style pregnancy test, which tells her that she is likely 2-3 weeks pregnant at the time of the test.

April from AprilJustinTV greets her result with a clap and smile before rushing down to tell her husband. The best part is when Dad shares the result with their first son Liam, who checks his finger after touching the strip. What a cute family!

Alena and Joe from MAZLEE star in this emotional moment captured with stellar cinematography. If you’re impatient, you can fast forward to the 6 minute mark, but seeing their existing family really sets the background. Like two of the women above, Alena first let’s out a “Oh my gosh”, and later we see her tears as they discuss the excitement and worries. Joe’s first reaction? Sniff the pregnancy test stick. Guys.

Mom announces her pregnancy test to Dad in an unorthodox fashion. He thinks he’s getting an Apple Watch as a birthday present, but find out he’s getting something more precious instead! His tears of joy are heart-warming, to say the least.

Further reading

Do you have your own pregnancy test reaction video? What was it like when you found out? Share your experiences in the comments below! If you’re unsure which pregnancy test to buy, check out our guide to the early and accurate pregnancy tests.

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