24 Gender reveal decorations and ideas

24 Gender reveal decorations and ideas

Gender reveal parties are the newest thing for parents-to-be, but there are so many gender reveal decoration ideas to choose from! Where do you begin looking for the right ideas for you? Well, we have a few ideas for you, no matter what your lifestyle is like!

Gender reveal party decorations

Gender Reveal Pinata (Link)

No gender reveal party would be complete without a gender reveal piñata! This party centerpiece is made from recycled cardboard and comes with 12 pull strings to make your reveal a little easier. Fill the gift box with 3 to 5 lbs. of gender themed candy or gender themed confetti and get that party started.

Gender Reveal Party Plates (Link)

If you are awaiting the arrival of your little prince or princess, then this set of gender reveal partyware is ideal! Plus, it’s just about the cutest theme you’ve ever seen. The set comes with 16 place settings of plates, napkins, and cups so all you need to add is your pink or blue disposable silverware.

Gender Reveal Photo Booth Props (Link)

If your gender reveal party will have a photo booth, these gender reveal photo booth props are the perfect finishing touch! A 20-piece set, this gender reveal party kit comes with silly and fun pieces to make memories for a lifetime as you celebrate your baby-to-be!

Gender reveal party games

Gender Reveal Voting Board (Link)

A great way to get everyone at your gender reveal party involved in your announcement, this voting board is affordable and fun! Hold your gender reveal vote at the beginning of your party and make things even more fun with an embarrassing penalty for wrong guesses.

Gender Reveal Bingo Game (Link)

If you’re a fan of Bingo, then this gender reveal Bingo game will make a good addition to your gender reveal party! With 16 cards in each pack, gender reveal game isn’t just fun, it’s the perfect way to get everyone involved in the party before your big announcement. Place a card at each table and the first table to get five squares in a row wins a prize picked by the mommy-to-be!

Old Wives Tales Gender Reveal Party Game (Link)

A less traditional gender reveal party game that covers some fun pregnancy old wives’ tales, this is a fun gender reveal activity for all! The framed table centerpiece shares popular old wives’ tales relating to pregnancy. Guests seated at the table come together and guess the gender related to each old wives’ tale.

Unique gender reveal items

Gender Reveal Smoke Stick (Link)

Gender reveal smoke sticks are a fun way to get your gender reveal party started with a bang! This set of pink and blue gender reveal smoke sticks come with one of each color so you can make your announcement whether you are having a boy, a girl, or one of each!

Gender Reveal Color Powder (Link)

The same colored powder used during Holi, this gender reveal color powder is a safe and fun way to reveal your baby’s gender! This gender announcement kit comes with 5 blue and 5 pink packets of colored powder and is a steal at under $20.

Gender Reveal Exploding Golf Balls (Link)

If you like to do things in a more unusual way, these gender reveal exploding golf balls are perfect for your announcement! Take your party out to the golfing range, set them up with these exploding blue or pink golf balls and let them swing! When it comes to fun and unique gender reveal ideas, this one takes the cake.

Boy gender reveal party ideas

Gender Reveal Color Changing Blue Straws (Link)

These fun heavyweight straws start off as white and change to blue when put into cold drinks! Available in packs of 25 up to 500, these are a great gender reveal party trick and a souvenir that everyone can take home!

Blue Gender Reveal Party Kit (Link)

If you’re looking for an all-inclusive blue gender reveal party kit, this is an affordable and cute solution! With blue gender reveal decorations and blue gender reveal balloons, this $15 set is the perfect place to start decorating for your event.

Blue Gender Reveal Confetti (Link)

Whether you are filling balloons or a giant gender reveal piñata, this cute baby blue confetti is perfect! With multiple shapes and shades of blue, this baby gender reveal confetti adds a little something special to your big announcement. Looking for something simpler? Just tuck this confetti into your gender reveal cards instead!

Girl gender reveal party ideas

Pink Gender Reveal Party Poppers (Link)


Add a fun touch of pink to your girl gender reveal party with these pink themed party poppers! Each popper is filled with baby pink confetti and each pack comes with 12 poppers. Get all your gender reveal party guests involved in the fun as you count to three and everyone pulls their pink confetti party favor!

Pink Baby Girl Photo Booth Props (Link)

Spruce up your pink gender reveal party with a photo booth and add a touch of fun to the occasion with these pink photo booth props! This set costs under $13 and comes with 25 pieces including mom and dad glasses, a pink baby bib, a baby bottle prop, and much more!

Pink Gender Reveal Novelties (Link)

If you’re on the lookout for something simple but adorable, these pink gender reveal novelty pacifiers are perfect! Fill a vase in the center of each table with these party pieces or thread them on to a garland for a unique gender reveal party decoration. Whatever you do with them, these pink party novelties are sure to be a hit.

Themed gender reveal decorations

Gender Reveal Baseball (Link)

If you are a baseball loving family, these gender reveal baseballs are the perfect touch! A set of two, one blue and one pink, each baseball is filled with colored environmentally friendly powder to make your big announcement! Take your gender reveal baseball party out to the field and call up your batter to share your news.

Hunting Themed Gender Reveal Banner (Link)

Going for something more unusual? If you’re a hunting family, then this hunting themed gender reveal banner is a great addition! Whether you’re having a buck or a doe, this banner can make your announcement fun and unique. Combine it with a camo themed cake and trucker hats for a genuine redneck gender reveal!

Stork Themed Birth Announcement Sign (Link)

If you’re going with a traditional stork theme for your gender reveal party, this stork sign is mandatory. Available as a baby boy stork sign or baby girl stork sign, you can plant this outside your home and make a gender reveal sign your announcement to everyone in the neighborhood. Or add it to the garden for a springtime or autumn party and share your gender announcement privately!

Elegant gender reveal decorations

Gender Reveal Candy Stickers (Link)

If you’re looking for subtle and elegant gender reveal ideas, these candy stickers might be just what you’re looking for. Grab a bag of Hershey Kisses and stick your gender’s colored sticker on the bottom of each! A cheap gender reveal idea but one that doesn’t scream tacky, this is ideal for gender party planning on a budget.

Gender Reveal Party Favor Boxes (Link)

Add a touch of elegance to your gender reveal party with these gender reveal favor boxes. Each gender reveal favor box comes with a satin ribbon tie and can be personalized with any addition you like! Go with pink or blue candy, small colored tealights, or even soaps and let your guests do their own mini gender reveal when they open them!

Gender Reveal Candy (Link)

Elegant gender reveal ideas don’t have to be stuffy. Make a gender reveal candy buffet and include these elegant rock candy favors. Choose from pink or blue pops or get some of each and keep your guests guessing!

Twins gender reveal ideas

Twin Gender Reveal Stickers (Link)

These handmade gender reveal stickers are a great touch for revealing the gender of your twins! Whether you’re having two girls, two boys, or a girl and a boy, these lips and moustache stickers are whimsical and unique.

Twin Gender Reveal Balloons (Link)

Worried that it’ll take twice as much gender reveal décor to announce your twins? This set of pink and blue gender reveal balloons comes with 100 balloons and is more than enough for any gender reveal party!

Twins Gender Reveal Shirt (Link)

A little less conventional, this twins gender reveal t-shirt is a fun and surprising way to announce your upcoming bundles of joy! This shirt is ideal for girl boy twin parents, but you can also get it for two boys and two girls. Great for the not so subtle parents who want to make a twin gender reveal announcement as loud as they are.

More gender reveal ideas!

If the gender reveal decorations and ideas that we have already shared aren’t what you were looking for, don’t panic! There are many more ideas to pick from, from the more traditional cake cutting ceremony to unmarked cans of colored silly string to surprise color themed gift bags!

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