Guide to high-end Korean skincare brands

Guide to high-end Korean skincare brands

Korean beauty came to intrigue all of us who are psyched up about skin care and beauty. From foundations to makeup removers, every Korean brand in the market has given their admirers something to long and look for as an addition to their skin care collection. We agree that their skin care routine is tiresome to follow, but that has not deterred the brands from becoming the core of beauty landscape.

Largest cosmetics retailers such as Sephora now always need to prepare quite an ample space to represent the Korean skin care products. The biggest problem facing other competitors is that the Koreans are always two steps ahead if not one.  It is for this reason that we have compiled some of the brands that are creating more ripples in the beauty ocean.

Amore pacific

Since 1945, the AMOREPACIFIC Corporation (how it is commonly referred) has dedicated its time, money and resources to provide skin care and health solutions to its global customer base. They have been selling through 30 brands, and their expertise lies in balancing modern science with tradition. To match with world standards, the company joined UN Global Compact in 2007 in a bid to achieve sustainable management. The business venture was later admitted to Dow Jones Sustainability World Index in 2010.

The company’s primary source of skin care ingredients is the Asian Botanicals. Use of natural sources such as Bamboo Sap, Green Tea, and Red Ginseng among others has made their products to be recommendable when it comes to deep skin nourishing.

Amore Pacific Time Response Skin Renewal Cream (Link)

From the AMOREPACIFIC, Time Response Skin Renewal Cream is a renowned skin care product infested with Asian Botanicals. Use of green tea stem cell, EGCG, green tea polysaccharide and the green tea Saponin in its composition helps significantly in the achievement of a smooth, firm and radiant skin. The skin renewal cream also aids in anti-aging benefits thanks to the Microfluidics technology used by the company to deliver the ingredients into the skin.

Achieving a smooth and radiant skin gets a boost from 100% first-harvested green tea water that performs the moisturizing effects. Despite the high price tag on it, it is a product to suitable for dry skins as age advances.


IOPE belongs to AMOREPACIFIC group, and it has invested in dermatology and biology among other ingredients since 1996 in a bid to make a mark in the skincare world. Retinol and Omega-3 are among the details in the composition of makeup lines which have made significant strides in making of both male and female facial care.

To address skin issues affecting women, IOPE accumulated far-reaching data from more than 13,000 Asian females. The skin data was semantically analyzed for the sake of publishing a skin report that addressed the skin concerns. IOPE majors on skin’s bio activities that result to the provision of applicable solutions to more complicated skin problems. To achieve products that solve skin complications, cutting-edge technologies, and skin-friendly compounds are deployed to visualize long-lasting remedies.

IOPE Air Cushion XP Cover #23 Beige Plus Refill (Link)

IOPE launched Air Cushion XP Cover as one of their pioneer products which has seen its way to many facial skins. The making of the facial product includes mineral water XP and Siberian Peptide 6 selection. The two are the leading cause of achieving a radiant, smooth and moisturized skin for the day. The effects are measured to stay on your skin for over 12 hours after performing clinical trials – a beneficial characteristic that takes care of the wrinkles.

You get two refills to be used for oily or combo skin types. It might leave you a bit greasy on your face if you have the oily type though. Whether you choose the bright colored or dark selection, the application feels light especially if you let it ‘oxidize.’ It is not easily noticeable, but it does a good job at hiding small scars and blemishes while the larger ones become diminished.

Su:m 37

It is a brand that has ventured into naturally fermented cosmetics that are backed up by natural sources. In the struggle for better skin care, Su:m 37 uses the science behind changing of healthy plants’ energy for skin benefits. This implies the pushed urge to get the cause of gaining original beauty through the natural conditions of life and its old secrets.

The secret behind all of their products is cytosis where 86 kinds of seasonal plants are gathered. Plant parts which possess the best energy are carefully selected and fermented separately. Different fermentation tanks are used to gain optimized skin nutrients. Only beneficial ingredients are filtered out again to create cytosis, which is the basis of the brand.

Su:m37 Secret Programming Essence (Link)

The secret Programming Essence is one of the skin care products from Su:m 37 that gains a lot from the fermentation process. The 100ml bottle that comes as one and not two contains fermented ingredients that nourish and moisturize a damaged skin. With over 80 ingredients in the programming essence, you get improved health care that slowly acts on your skin in an attempt to restore its glory.

A glowing effect is brought about by the naturally fermented constituents which the skin breathes to gain a long time natural living. The moisture from the product prohibits you from getting dry and maintaining the radiance. You do not get instant results after the first few uses since long terms effects are ignited by long-term use. After a period of 3 weeks to a month, hyperpigmentation goes down to null which makes it a perfect choice if you have an uneven skin tone.


In 1966, Sulwhasoo made its debut entrance into the Korean beauty realm by launching ABC Ginseng Cream. Since then, they have marked 50 years of research on the heritage Ginseng, making them a renowned brand in the cosmetics industry. The blending of Korean herbal knowledge and recent technology has made the name to rise among the beauty enthusiasts as time progresses. Their product line comes from a combination of indigenous natural herbal ingredients that have proved to be beneficial in restoring a vibrant skin.

Sulwhasoo First Care Activating Serum (Link)

First Care Activating Serum is full of Korean medicinal herbs that optimize skin care by providing an even skin tone with the necessary moisture and nutrients. Among the ingredients is the Membranous Milkvetch which evens out the skin. Dwarf Lilyturf and Licorice are also in the composition, and they are responsible for promoting synergy among herbal extracts which in turn react by restoring the skin’s radiance.

After absorption, the serum leaves you soft, smooth and supple. The skin then activates to a mode where it can receive treatments and benefit from the product’s continued skin care schedule. There are directions to make sure that using the product is done in the right way and when followed, the facial skin is ready to face the weather. The non-sticky texture enhances the complexion, and its viscosity remains the same while in the stable glass bottle that holds the contents safely.

The history of Whoo

The Supreme skincare brand came into existence in 2003. Formulation of its beauty products is from the use of the secret beauty formulae of the royal court and Gonjinbidan, a formula meant for emperors and empresses. Their product line focusses on conserving skin’s balance. So, instead of solving a particular skin condition, the skin care aims at systematically resolving glitches that come as a result of aging.

With all of the constituents named above and well-equipped technology, The History of Whoo is here to offer Asian women skin care that they can rely on for an oriental skin.

The History of Whoo Special Set (Link)

The History of Whoo Jinyulhyang Jinyul Special Set is a masterpiece whose premium quality, sophisticated packaging and craftsmanship are the reasons behind its rise in popularity. The Essence gains its reputation from how it miraculously rejuvenates the skin, an effort coming from top researchers and oriental medicine doctors. Making the skin look younger is an obligation for the product which boasts of making a user shade 10 years off – a claim that you do not get from most skin care products.

Highly efficient oriental medicines originate from decocting herbs for an extended period of time which helps in youth skin restoration. Buying the Hwanyu/Jinyulhyang Jinyul set makes you earn a gift sample all the way from Korea.


Korean skincare brands have made a name in the beauty industry, and they are taking it by storm. Feel free to check out on the brands’ products which are comprehensive with regards to skin type and solving of different skin related issues. Next time you go to your local favorite store, make sure that your favorite brand is represented before picking up the products. In case the shelf reads Korean from one end to another, don’t be surprised. It is the dominating dominion happening!



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