How to marry a rich man, part 2 (angel edition)

How to marry a rich man, part 2 (angel edition)

Last time we started exploring the somewhat outrageous question of how to marry a rich man. If you haven’t read it already, we encourage you to go back and read part 1 of this series first. We covered how to identify single rich men, and recommended what kind of rich men to pursue for marriage.

In part 2, we will further narrow down what kinds of rich men you might want to marry and then proceed to lay out our so-called angel strategy for tying the knot with a moneyed man.

How to marry a rich man: picking the right man

We suggested that you focus your efforts on snagging a self-made wealthy man or someone from a newly rich family. We also discussed in part 1 a little bit about some types of professions and business owners you should take a second look at. Let’s dig further into this topic to narrow down possible choices.

1. Technology

Did you know that the average employee at Google has a total compensation of salary, stocks, and bonuses exceeding $220,000 (source: That’s higher than the salary of the average physician. Plus, Google alone employs over 50,000 people (source:

Technology companies like Facebook and Microsoft have similar pay, and most of them are clustered around San Francisco. That means you have a high density of very rich young men in the Bay Area tech industry. Doctors, on average, make a similar amount or less, but they are spread throughout the entire country. Your chances of meeting a doctor in any city are slim.

In the old days, you tried to marry a doctor. If you want to go after new money and new kinds of rich men, smart women will look into tech.

2. Sales

When they hear the word sales, most ladies think of the proverbial used car salesman — a desperate and poor con-artist. If you share this view, you are sadly missing out on one of the most lucrative non-tech jobs out there. If you know better, that means less competition for you.

Successful salesmen working for large corporations are quite rich and readily pull in a quarter to half a million dollar annual salaries (source: Which salesmen make the most money? The ones working for boring tech companies are raking in high salaries and commissions. Selling Oracle database software can earn your potential husband $400,000 or more (source:

If software engineers are replacing doctors on the marriage totem pole, tech salesmen should replace lawyers and other smooth talkers.

3. Managers

Everyone knows that C-level executives make lots of money. At large organizations, so do middle managers. As a rough guide, you can try to figure out how many people report to a manager. A low-level manager might have 5 or so employees report to him, and no one reports to his employees. On the other hand, a higher-level manager has additional managers under him. The real number of people he indirectly manages is much larger.

We briefly mentioned in part 1 how a small business owner with 10 full-time employees is probably doing okay money-wise. In the same way, a manager at a company managing 30-40 people indirectly is likely earning a solid six-figure paycheck.

Higher level managers at international corporations sometimes get moved around the country or even the world. Here’s a more obscure tip. Expat packages can be very good. This happens when a US company needs an experienced manager at a base of operations overseas. Of course, few people want to uproot themselves and move to a new country. The company will pay a manager a very high premium, provide free housing or other perks, and generally make it quite profitable to relocate for a while.

Expat-hunting is a very specialized way to meet single rich men. Think of an American living in Dubai or India enjoying the life, but finding it difficult to connect with locals. That’s where you step in. The possibilities are quite rich, but as this is less mainstream, we won’t go into further details in this series. (If you want to know more about living abroad, message us in the comments or with the Contact link below!)

What do these types of rich men have in common?

If you look at the three types of professions we suggested above, they are rather plain and boring. But they are rich, and our goal is learning how to marry a rich man, not marry a funny man or marry a tall man.

What do single rich men in these fields have in common? In general, these men are all highly skilled, motivated, intelligent, and financially aware. Mangers and salesmen are very good at reading people and working with them. The best technology workers are incredibly smart. You aren’t going to “trick” any of these rich men into marrying you with airhead-level tips from Teen Vogue magazine.

These men are complex people, not objects, and to marry one of them, you’re going to have to be his match, emotionally, intellectually, romantically, and otherwise. There’s no shortcut or other way around it. So let’s figure out how to do that. After all, what these men all have in common is that they are real people, the same as you.

The overall angel strategy

As we said, there are no shortcuts. Our overall strategy is to learn how to attract a wealthy man physically, socially, and intellectually. Physical attraction is pretty simple understand. It’s about the L-word. No, not love, but lust. Lust is what gets your foot in the door, but it’s still a long ways to marriage. Social attraction leads to friendship, and intellectual attraction leads to respect. When you have all three from someone, you won’t need our advice anymore on how to marry a rich man. You’ll be practically there already.

We’ll start off with the first facet, physical attraction, as it is the easiest to explain and improve.

How to get a rich man to notice you the right way

In this section, we’ll focus on how to get a rich man to notice you. This is still just step one in learning how to marry a rich man, but let’s face it. For a rich man to notice you, you need to be somewhat attractive.

Remember, though, we are aiming for a much more realistic group of rich men that we called Type 2’s. Most of them don’t expect supermodel looks. To boost your confidence, have a look at the wives of some rich men. They are attractive, but nothing out of the ordinary.

Here’s Priscilla Chan at her wedding with billionaire Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg.

wife of a rich man

And here’s Melinda Gates at her wedding with billionaire Microsoft founder Bill Gates.

how to marry a rich man

Not every rich man wants to marry an anorexic plastic figurine. In fact, some rich men are turned off by women who clearly spend too much time on their looks. Such men don’t want to marry bimbos. Perhaps they would date someone for looks or hire an escort, but settling down for marriage is a big commitment and a different story.

The art of sprezzatura for women

The trick, then, is to inspire lust in a rich man, without triggering warnings of superficiality. You want to look good without looking like you care how you look. When we say inspire lust, we don’t mean some uncontrollable animalistic urge, either. We mean some romantic interest and a desire to find out more.

It’s not that hard to achieve this level of initial physical attraction with some effort. Keep in mind, though, that everyone has his tastes, so if you are not “his type”, all the effort in the world won’t help. Just move on.

Going back to the idea of looking good without seeming to try, we want to introduce you to the concept of sprezzatura. Sprezzatura is an Italian word arising from the 1500s. It was originally meant as an ideal for noble men and male courtiers, but we think it perfectly sums up what women can strive for today. Sprezzatura is the art of nonchalance or being good without looking like you are trying. Sprezzatura is the opposite of a “try-hard”.

Practical examples of sprezzatura

We won’t go in-depth into the components of being attractive, such as makeup, hair, or fashion. You can read about that elsewhere extensively, and every women has her own style, anyways. We do, however, urge you to consider beauty tips in light of sprezzatura.

For example, when you apply makeup, very strong eyeliner and bright red lipstick can look glamorous. However, a sprezzatura style would be using makeup to conceal blemishes and accentuate facial features, without making it obvious that you are using lots of makeup. One style screams “look at me”. The other just looks good.

Likewise, in clothing, a plunging neckline or a super short skirt are all examples of in-your-face attempts to get the attention of a wealthy man. Other fashion statements can accentuate an hourglass figure or other attractive features without being so blunt about it. If you have spent months dieting and have the confidence to show off your body in a subtle yet elegantly form-fitting cocktail dress, that is sprezzatura, not strutting about the dance club in your underwear.

Sprezzatura and class

American society rarely talks about class. However, if you want to know how to marry a rich man, you had better start thinking about it. The fact is that people of higher social or economic classes spend more time thinking more about class than people on the lower tiers. If you are trying to move up, you need to understand class.

With regards to fashion, class is very obvious. The lower classes want to advertise their name brands loudly. Their shirts and shoes have giant logos and Nike symbols. Their bags have bright PINK labels. Compare this to the clothing and accessories of a red carpet event. You don’t see any brands on the clothes or bags, and everyone “in the know” should be able to tell what designer brands are being worn.

If you want you understand further about class in American society, we recommend you check out this book (Amazon link) by Paul Fussell. It is one of the very few books that talk about this unspoken topic.

Looking classy, then, falls right in line with sprezzatura. Classy is about knowing that you look good, not telling people.

From a global perspective, Americans are not considered particularly classy. For pointers, you should look to Europe. We recommend checking some of the more conservative European fashion blogs. You can find a nice compilation of them over here at

How to look beautiful enough for a rich man

While we will go over social and intellectual attraction later, for now, we’ll continue our focus on physical attraction. There are two parts to looking beautiful: having a beautiful body and how you dress up that body. Our main advice for how you dress yourself, including makeup and hair, is to choose a style that is true to yourself, but try to keep in mind the concept of sprezzatura. If you are a jeans and t-shirt kind of gal, there are ways to make it work. If you only wear dresses and skirts, that can also work fine.

What’s left to discuss is your body. Unless you decide to opt for expensive plastic surgery, you’re kind of left with what your mom and dad gave you. Still, there’s a lot of wiggle room left.

The five-hundred pound gorilla in the room when we are talking about your looks is, of course, your weight, pun intended. Despite whatever progressive body image campaigns exist, the fact is that study after study shows that men prefer slimmer women. Remember, we are discussing how to marry a rich man. We are not discussing what is healthy, or what should be the social norm, or how media portrays women. It is indisputable that most rich men prefer slimmer women, and we want to increase your odds of marrying a rich man.

You don’t have to be a skinny catwalk model, but you should aim to have a healthy figure. You should not be overweight or look like a junk food addict. Physical attraction is what gets you noticed for the first few seconds by a rich man. It’s also what gets you crossed off in the same amount of time.

Actually, we lied. Men don’t judge you in the first seconds, but in the first few milliseconds. Read this article at the Telegraph if you don’t believe us.

While some guys prefer skirts and others prefer jeans, almost all guys prefer slim women, so we will spend some time going over how to lose weight.

Why are we discussing weight loss for women?

You might skip this section if you already look slim and fabulous. We suggest you skim this section anyways, because we’re trying to develop your mindset as much as your body.

You can find a million books and advertisements on dieting and magic weight loss pills. Every woman probably also has many (failed) diets under her belt already. Why, then, are we going over this saturated topic again? 1. Most of what you hear and read about weight loss is absolute junk that doesn’t work. 2. The level of commitment required to succeed in a realistic weight loss program will demonstrate what you need to succeed in the other social and intellectual aspects of attraction.

In other words, if you can’t even learn and execute a healthy diet, how do you think you will ever master the social graces and intellectual acumen needed to attract and marry a rich man? We won’t mince words, because that does you no good in teaching you how to marry a rich man. The journey will be demanding and risky. Dieting is an excellent way to learn about the discipline and focus required to succeed in an endeavor, whether for marriage or something else. Please keep this broader picture in mind as we proceed.

Best way for women to lose weight

Actually, there is really only one way for women, men, sheep, chickens, cows, or any animal to lose weight. You need to eat fewer calories than you burn. That’s it.

You can change the amount of calories you eat by dieting, and you can change the amount of calories you burn by exercise. Other than that, there’s no magic dieting pill, secret herb, electrical gizmo, or other technique to lose fat. And by the way, any product or website that claims you can target belly or thigh fat is a complete sham. You cannot target fat loss in just one part of your body. It’s biologically impossible.

A realistic weight loss timeline

In this series, we want to emphasize the hard work and patience required to achieve your goals, whether that is figuring out how to marry a rich man, or how to lose weight. Reading some article about “5 tips for weight loss” isn’t going to solve your problems overnight.

What is a realistic rate of weight loss? Most people do not have the skills or dedication to lose fat in the most efficient way possible. You don’t have professional trainers and nutritionists to support you. For everyday women, a sustainable and healthy rate of weight loss is about 2 pounds a month. That’s right, you should expect to lose no more than about 2 pounds a month if you do everything correctly. That means it could take anywhere from 3 months to a full year or more to get the results you want.

You might argue that you tried some slick new diet and lost 2 pounds in a week. Great – and how well did that work out for you? Are you looking slim and lean right now?

Before, we narrowed down the idea of marrying a rich man to marrying the right kind of rich man. We need to do the same about weight loss.

Weight loss is not the same as fat loss

When women have a desire to lose weight, what they really should be saying is that they want to lose fat. When we mention that 2 pounds a month is the maximum you can expect, we are talking about fat loss.

If you go on a crash diet or take some magic dieting pills, you can lose more weight quickly. However, that weight loss does not help you look better and is only temporary.

You can lose several pounds overnight from water weight and dehydration. Obviously, this is only a short-term effect. You can also lose a pound or two in a day from using up your body’s sugar stores in the liver and muscles. That’s why women often lose a couple of pounds immediately after starting a diet. You are just losing water and sugar storage, which isn’t something you can maintain permanently.

If you go on an improper diet for a longer period of time, you will also lose more muscle than fat. You might think, well I have no muscle, how can I lose it. Take a look at a slim Hollywood actress with very little fat. Then compare a starving African child. One looks good, while the other looks sickly. What is the difference? Muscle. Losing muscle is twice as bad because it reduces the amount of energy you burn each day. Now it is even harder to lose fat.

The lesson here is to avoid going on crazy diets. Don’t celebrate if you are losing 5 pounds in a week. You are probably doing your looks more harm than good in the long run. The one exception is for very obese women who can expect high rates of fat loss when starting out.

Your weight scale is lying to you

Because of all the daily fluctuations in water weight and sugar stores, using your weight to measure fat loss is unhelpful. It is good to measure your weight changes over long periods of time, but they should only confirm that you are on the right track.

Instead, you should use a device that measures your fat level directly. You don’t need some expensive flotation device. Those electrical impedance weighing scales that measure body fat percentage are also unreliable junk.

What you need is a simple $5 instrument called a body fat caliper that measures your fat levels with a skin-fold test. Every dieting woman should own one of these, but it’s amazing that almost no one recommends it. That’s how you can tell most dieting advice has no clue what they are talking about. They want to sell you $200 useless herbal supplements instead or the latest acai berry fad junk.

The Accu-Measure Body Fat Caliper (Amazon link), shown above, measures the thickness of your skin at several places to determine your body fat percentage. The instructions are straightforward, although it can take a few tries to learn how to pinch your skin the same way for every measurement. For dieting purposes, you really only need to measure at one place and see if the number is decreasing or not.

Use this body fat caliper to tell if your weight loss program is working or not. If it is working, don’t change anything. If not, adjust your diet or exercise and re-test your progress over the next 1-2 weeks. That’s it.

If you want, you can supplement your caliper measurements with a tape measurement of you butt or waist. Otherwise, just check the fit of your clothes and perhaps take a look in the mirror. Record your weight if you want, but your decision about how well your fat loss is proceeding should be based on the caliper measurements alone.

The most important key to a fat loss diet

Now you can see why losing fat can be a year long process. You measure your fat loss over a couple of weeks. You change your diet and monitor for another few weeks, and continue until you reach your goal.

How exactly should you change your diet? You may have heard of the Atkins diet, the keto diet, the paleo diet, or a low carb diet. Your real goal should be to restrict the total number of calories you eat per day. Don’t go too high, or you won’t lose fat. Don’t go too low, or your body metabolism will start shutting down, you will lose muscle mass, and you will end up quite sick.

The most important key to a fat loss diet, then, is to record what you eat every single day, and calculate the total calories. There are plenty of free websites that will tell you how many calories are in every single piece of food you eat. Just record what you are eating and find out your average calorie intake per day. Try to reduce that by about 200 calories a day, and measure your fat loss. If necessary, reduce your calories further or add additional exercise.

If you do not record your calorie intake, you will have no idea how much you are eating each day and how to adjust your diet. How well you keep your diet log is the single most important factor that will determine if you succeed or not in your weight loss program.

Simplifying your diet

If you monitor your diet and body fat levels, that’s really all you need to do. In practice, it can become quite a mental burden to log everything you eat. There are women capable of doing this, but for others, it is too difficult and as a result they quit their diets.

In this case, keeping it simple gives you higher odds of succeeding. You keep it simple by eating the exact same foods and portions every single day. Eat the same thing for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You already know how many calories you are eating, and if your calculations are incorrect, it doesn’t matter. To reduce the number of calories, you can just reduce your portion size.

For example, if you eat a chicken breast, a cup of rice, and some mixed veggies every day for dinner, you can easily adjust your calories. If you need more food, maybe eat one and a quarter of chicken breast. If you need less food, eat a half cup of rice instead. You don’t have to worry about how many calories are in new kinds of foods every day.

A few more details to add to your fat loss diet

You now have the basics of everything you need for a fat loss diet. There are some extra points you should keep in mind.

1. Seek qualified medical advice before going on a diet in case of any health issues.

2. Take a multivitamin every day. When you eat less, you run the risk of malnutrition, which means you may not be getting all the vitamins and minerals your body needs. Combat this with a good daily multivitamin. You don’t need other supplements or dieting pills.

3. If given an option, reduce carbohydrates in your diet and increase protein. In the dinner example above, when cutting calories, we cut out the rice, not the chicken. While all calories are theoretically equal in a laboratory, your body may be better at digesting some types of food than others. Reduce carbohydrates first. Also try to avoid desserts, candies, sugary drinks, and other incredibly sugar-dense foods that will throw your diet completely off. A few bites of candy can put you 500 calories over!

4. Once a week, spend one meal eating whatever you want. You should still avoid sugary foods and drinks, and don’t go crazy at an all-you-can-eat buffet. However, spend one meal eating with a free mind. It’s good for your sanity, and also “refeeds” your body so your metabolism doesn’t slow down.

5. Every three months, take a week off from your diet. Dieting puts stress on your body, and you may be missing key nutrients. Take a break at least once every couple of months to restore your metabolism.

Exercise and weight loss

We have barely mentioned exercise until now. That’s because you can lose fat without any exercise. If you follow a strict diet plan, that’s all you need.

However, you can add a bit of exercise to increase the amount of calories you burn. A 30 minute cardio session a couple times a week is plenty. Because your body adapts to exercise and diets, it’s actually best to do as little as you can in the beginning. Wait until your fat loss slows down, then increase the amount of exercise.

If you can, try to incorporate strength training exercises like pushups or kettlebell routines. Crossfit programs are a bit overboard, but they have the right idea of ladies’ strength training. The reason for strength training is that it can help conserve muscle during a diet and boost your metabolism even more than cardio. Don’t worry about gaining big muscles. It’s quite difficult even for men, and almost impossible for ladies unless you really know what you are doing.

Exercise is good for your general health, though, so we do recommend doing at least some light cardio on a regular basis. You should break a sweat and breath hard enough to have trouble talking continuously. Jogging, stair-walking, zumba class, or anything else you enjoy is fine. For pure fat loss, though, exercise is a bonus, not a requirement. Diet is the real key.

How to marry a rich man: mindset and beyond

In discussing how to marry a rich man, we wanted to cover physical attraction first. It is, in many ways, the easiest and least important step, while still being necessary. However, many women already fail here, not because of some inherent reason, but because they don’t have the care and discipline to select and execute a good plan. Virtually every woman can succeed in looking relatively attractive and healthy. It’s a matter of willpower and brainpower.

Willpower and brainpower will be our themes for the next steps in learning how to marry a rich man. That means learning and thinking hard will play a big role in figuring out how to marry a rich man. We hope you are ready!

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We don’t endorse these people or their actions. This reading is purely for entertainment.

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Simple exercise routine for home

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