Korean eyebrow tattoo pen

Korean eyebrow tattoo pen

What does it take to have outstanding eyebrows? You need to set up some time for it, a lot of patience as you apply, and some freshly acquired skills to get them set for the day if you are doing it for the first time. It is disappointing to see how the dedicated time and energy goes to waste once you wash your face hence the need to have a remedy that temporary tattoos your brows. Thanks to the Korean eyebrow tattoo pen that comes as a marker that you can use to draw your eyebrow layout or a gel that is left to dry before peeling and washing. Korean eyebrow tattoo pens are long lasting and waterproof making them suitable to last for days. It is time you restored what your forehead features.

All hail the Koreans

Koreans have what it takes to make huge steps in transforming the beauty industry. That is why they are able to give you a lasting eyebrow solution that lasts up to a week. This means saving time that you deploy every day to re-align the details as you groom for the occasion.
The current beauty market is not well acquitted with information on eyebrow tattoo pens. Despite the inadequacy, it is still worth giving a shot and eventually make life easier. Before you look at our top five selection, what do you gain from owning a tattoo pen for your eyebrows?

Eyebrows are part of our definition

Those of us with few hairs on the upper part of the eyelid or none at all know the importance of eyebrows more those who possess them. They help in framing your face in addition to making your facial features pop. There is that refreshed gesture that comes with filled-in brows that are neatly dressed – something you don’t get with faint eyebrows.
It’s a blessing to wake up with everything on your face in the right place and perfect. Unfortunately, most of us do not have the thick and arched brows that require minimal or no attention. If you look at Asians for example, among other affected members, their hair strands tend to be finer and thinner, a reason as to why their brows are light and sparse.
Before the pens came into being, we were aware of eyebrow pencils that claimed to be waterproof and budge-proof. What deprives them of the superiority is the fact that they will not stay for long and a quick wipe using a makeup remover renders your eyebrows clean. So, raise a glass for what will stick around for days.

Top five Korean eyebrow tattoo pen reviews

Clio Tinted Tattoo Kill Brow (Link)

Among the many shades that the Clio Tattoo Kill Brow has to offer, we feature the soft brown color in this review for those with light hair on their eyebrows. Its versatility extends to how easy and quick you can use an eyebrow tattoo pen to provide worked out arches that will last between 3-7 days.

The Clio product has two functionalities in one product which is one of the main reasons to go for it. On one end, there is a felt tip brow marker that you use to tint the skin under the brows. It creates the shape and definition, more or less like a temporary tattoo. The ‘painting’ on the underneath skin is what will last for up to a week. The other end is a brow mascara that you use to add more volume and definition with every sweep performed.

According to the manufacturer, for the best results, cleanse your face in the evening before applying the brow marker. The process does not deter you from skipping your daily skincare routine. Cleanse again in the morning and reapply. Use the brow mascara to add depth and volume. Once you are done, you will have a waterproof definition that will stay for days before performing the procedure again.

[REDDY] Long Lasting Tattoo Eyebrow Pack (Link)

nother long-lasting tattoo eyebrow pack is the REDDY that requires application a few hours before you head to bed. When left overnight and then peel off in the morning, what you get is a natural dark brown coloring of your brows that will last for up to 5 days depending on the type of your skin.

If you are used to trimming your brows, it is after the process that you apply the product according to the desired shape of your eyebrow. One of the tips is to use a liberal amount so that it becomes easier when removing it after it has dried up. When applying, you need penciling skills otherwise there is difficulty when applying in the usual way. The minimum time to allocate for drying is two hours, but a stronger coloration is achieved when left overnight.

After the product is completely dry, remove it slowly starting from the tail of the eyebrow. Forcibly removing the applied amount may pull out the eyebrow so, take care. It is also advisable not to use a cleansing product or applying any force during the drying period.
Do you have red or warm hair color, this is a perfect tattoo pack for you. However, if you possess grey hair, don’t go for this option unless you want your hair turning to orange. Also, the durability of this product is lower for the oily when compared to normal skin type, ranging between 2-5 days.

SECRET KEY Self Brow Tattoo Tint Pack (Link)

Those of us having lighter eyebrows may find it hard to get the right brow tint that does not overdo the color. The SECRET KEY Self Brow Tattoo Tint Pack is a peel-off formula that needs drying time, and it comes in a variety of shades. What we feature in our review is the ash brown shade for those with light brows.

Instructions advise you tint the eyebrow carefully and use a Q-Tip to clear mishaps if any. Leave it for 2-3 hours so that it can dry and color the skin under the eyebrow hairs. Peeling off should be gentle and if there is any difficulty involved, consider using an eyebrush combo brush. It is a two-sided brush with a tooth comb on one end and a stiff bristle brush on the other. Use the bristle brush to clear the dried product, and it works perfectly.

It lasts 2-4 days depending on the products you use on your facial skin and among other factors such as rain exposure. Even though it does not stay for as long as some of us would wish, it is still a perfect option to try if you are light haired.

Nakeup Face 8 Days Tattoo EyeBrow (Link)

The natural brown color shade of the Nakeup Face 8 Days Tattoo EyeBrow is a stunningly long lasting color on your brows’ skin. It is an eyebrow tattoo pen that colors you for the next eight days after applying. You can shower or engage in other water activities without worrying about an eyebrow wash off. The DHA ingredient in the product’s composition helps in tinting the skin by reacting with the present protein, and no irritation comes as a result of the application.

If left undisturbed, it will go for long, but activities that tamper with your eyebrow may call for retouching if there are gaps present in between the eyebrows. The ingredients include Green tea and Houttuynia cordata extracts that help in keeping a healthy eyebrow. Using it will need you to wash your face and dry it before drawing the required shape. For editing purposes, use a cotton bud before leaving it to dry. Wait for about 6-8 hours before washing.

Other specifications specify that you can use it on an empty hairline since it rhymes with facial skin pigmentation. It is a recommendable product even for men who need to work on their mustache or beard.

7 Days Tatoo Eyebrow (Link)

Before we close the review, here is a 7 Days Tatoo Eyebrow that goes for 3-7 days after application. It gives you a dark brown color that naturally blends with your skin color when appropriately layered with an adequate amount. One swipe gives you a light brown touch hence the need to layer.

On clean skin after washing, apply, and it goes on nicely to last for days before you consider refilling what has come off. If you have medium to dark eyebrows, this product is a perfect match for you. The thin brush allows you to draw hairs and with the right skills, you will be able to fill in the brow whenever it is sparse. It is a long-lasting tattoo eyebrow accessory that you can depend on since it does not change color contrary to your skin and it looks natural to the outside world.

Before you buy a Korean eyebrow tattoo pen

Here are some of the things you need to look at before you move to the stores.

  • Color: Varying colors depend on the eyebrows possessed. Various products will have different shades to suit those with no eyebrow hair, light-haired and those who want to shave. You also need to look at the blending feature since what you apply should rhyme with your skin color.
  • Durability: Some products will stay for days and others up to a week. Preference will depend on whether you have time to retouch or not. Also, how long a product will stay depends on other products in use plus how often you rub in addition to contact with water.
  • Ease of use: The eyebrow tattoo pen chosen should be easy to apply and remove the dried ‘goo.’ The question of how long a product should stay may compromise the ease of use since it may require long hours for it to take effect even when removal and application are deemed as easy.

Wrapping up

Koreans have another reason to rule the beauty industry after the introduction of Korean eyebrow tattoo pens. They are beauty products that you cannot ignore if you haven’t seen better days when it comes to your eyebrows. When correctly used, they leave a natural look on the top part of your eyes, making you look like the rest of those with good looking eyebrows.

If your eyebrows call for some attention, go for the Korean eyebrow tattoo pen of your choosing, and you will never regret the decision made.

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