What is the Lady Project Summit?

What is the Lady Project Summit?

One of our readers sent us a tip about the Lady Project Summit. Unfortunately, it too late to attend this year, but we’re hoping that this awesome program keeps running strong far into the future. If you are trying to develop your own brand or business from home, you still need to go out to form partnerships. The Lady Project is a great opportunity to learn and network with other women entrepreneurs.

The last summit had workshops covering topics everything from “Networking for introverts” to “An entrepreneur’s guide to taxes” to “The importance of female-centric storytelling”. Search this year’s Twitter hashtag #ladyprojectsummit for more news and stories from the summit.

Julie Sygiel and Sierra Barter began the Lady Project in 2011. The annual summit meetings take place at the headquarter city of Providence, RI.  If you can’t make it to the national meeting, local chapters meet up monthly or so. Currently, there are 18 local chapters from coast-to-coast. Or you can start a chapter in your own city!

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