Pink bedroom ideas you’re going to love!

Pink bedroom ideas you’re going to love!

No matter whose bedroom you are looking to redecorate, there are plenty of great pink bedroom ideas to choose from! Whether you’re a fan of hot pink, light pink, or dusky pink, there are color schemes and accessories to meet every taste profile.  Here’s a roundup of some of our favorite pink bedroom ideas!

Pink Gift Ideas in Textiles

From curtains to duvets to throw pillows to rugs, pink textiles can add that perfect finishing touch to your pink bedroom! One of the great thing about using textiles to accent your pink bedroom too is that you can use varying shades of pink to complement each other and add more depth to your decor.

Pink Curtains

Pink Blackout Curtains (link)

Blackout curtains don’t have to be dull and dreary. These dark pink blackout curtains bring jubilance in color while blocking out sunlight so that you can sleep. The deep pink color is well suited to all age groups and replaces the need to repaint walls to create a pink bedroom!

Pink Sheer Curtains (link)

Pink sheer curtains add a touch of color to any pink bedroom without blocking out too much light. These are the ideal option for smaller pink bedroom ideas where completely blocking out light would create a cramped and uncomfortable room. The light rose color is complimentary for all ages and fits particularly well with neutral wall colors.

Pink Ruffle Curtains (link)

Pink ruffle curtains are a showy and dramatic flair for any pink bedroom plan. These muted pink ruffled curtains fully frame the bedroom window and bring plenty of color to an otherwise muted bedroom. Avoid these light pink curtains in a room with pink painted walls, instead, use them as a focal point that is complemented by a matching duvet.

Pink Bedding Sets

Pink Comforter (link)

A patterned pink comforter can add a subtle splash of color to any pink bedroom without dominating the scene. This pink damask motif comforter is feminine and elegant and it even comes with a matching sheet set featuring strawberries. Slightly more sophisticated, this pink comforter set is best suited to the young adult, adult, or senior’s pink bedroom theme.

Pink Duvet Cover (link)

This neon pink duvet cover isn’t a traditional pink bed linen! The hot pink color is youthful and will brighten even the smallest room. Although best suited to a larger room with neutral colored walls, this pink duvet cover is recommended for pre-teens, teens, and even young adults. At a reasonable price, it’s hard to go wrong with this 1500 thread count bedding choice.

Pink Bed in a Bag (link)

A pink bed in a bag can pull together a pink themed bedroom with a single purchase. This chic pink comforter set is best suited to a more elegant pink bedroom, the intricate ruffles creating a more sophisticated appearance. The dusty pink comforter in this set comes with a pink bed skirt, two pink shams, and three pink decorative cushions and creates a pink bedroom without a lick of paint!

Pink Sheet Sets

Luxury Pink Sheets (link)

When it comes to sheets, quality counts. These 1000 thread count 100% Egyptian cotton pink sheets offer everything a quality cotton sheet set should. The light pink hue is the perfect complement to a neutral duvet with a pink pattern print or a basic solid neutral comforter. These subdued pink sheets are well matched with all ages and will go well in a young child’s pink bedroom as well as grandma’s room!

Pink Flannel Sheets (link)

Cuddl Duds are well known for their quality bedding and these pink flannel sheets are no exception. Available in all sizes from twin to California king, these baby pink sheets with small white dots are warm as well as comfortable. Although not well suited to warmer climates, these pink sheets are a good choice for northern states that experience particularly frigid winters.

Pink Cotton Sheets (link)

Breathable and hard wearing, these soft pink sheets are made from long-staple combed cotton and provide a comfortable splash of color. At 400-thread count, this pink cotton sheet set is durable yet not overpriced and the sateen finish makes them ideal for even the most sensitive skin. Although not the best choice for anyone seeking bright pink tones, these sheets are better for subtle pink bedroom ideas.

Pink Bedroom Rugs

Low Pile Pink Bedroom Rug (link)

Pink bedroom rugs don’t have to be a muted baby pink rugs that show dirt easily. This low pile pink bedroom rug is a deep yet lively hue that doesn’t trap dirt in its low pile construction. A dark pink 5’ x 8’ area rug, this piece covers plenty of floor space and is ideal for high traffic areas of any pink bedroom.

Patterned Pink Bedroom Rug (link)

Pink bedroom ideas that hinge on hot pink or bright pink accents will be complemented well by this patterned pink bedroom rug. This darker pink rug with hot pink flowers creates a lighthearted and joyful accent piece that is perfect for the pre-teen or adolescent who loves brighter pink bedroom pieces.

Shaggy Pink Bedroom Rug (link)

A shaggy pink bedroom rug adds a youthful touch to any bedroom regardless of the size. This 4’ x 6’ pink area rug provides warmth over hardwood floors as well as the perfect play space for a child’s pink bedroom. Slightly less formal than a low pile pink bedroom rug, this pink shaggy rug is comfortable, informal, and welcoming.

Pink Throw Pillows

Square Pink Throw Pillow (link)

A square pink throw pillow can accent a pink bedroom chair or basic neutral bedding with style. This pink velvet cushion cover also adds a dash of texture and comfort and creates a homey and familiar touch to any pink bedroom. If pink corduroy isn’t for you, though, don’t panic because a pink velvet pillow or a pink faux fur pillow will have the same effect!

Pink Lumbar Pillow (link)

Pink lumbar pillows provide a great touch of color to any pink bedroom theme. These light pink pillow covers are made from bamboo silk making them soft on the eye as well as soft to the touch. Perfect for a more delicate and feminine touch, these pink bed pillows pair well with a pink rose duvet print and matching curtains.

Novelty Pink Throw Pillow (link)

When planning out a pink children’s bedroom, novelty pink throw pillows can add a touch of color as well as whimsy. Pink and purple contrast each other well in this novelty pink pillow and offer enough color to bring alive even the most neutral colored room. Not a fan of butterflies? This sequined pink butterfly throw pillow is just one example of the many shapes available that can complement any pink bedroom theme!

Pink Paint Colors for Bedrooms

Perhaps the most important part of your redesign project is pink paint colors for bedrooms! With so many varying shades of pink to choose from, there is plenty of variety, but it’s important not to choose a color that is too overwhelming or that clashes with your existing furniture or décor.

Dark Pink Paint Colors for Bedrooms and Dark Pink Furniture Paint

Dusky Pink Paint (link)

Dusky pink paint is a good pink bedroom paint hue for bedrooms that get plenty of sunlight. If your pink bedroom ideas don’t incorporate a lot of windows, this is still an option for alternating walls when combined with lighter paint colors. Not sure about painting an entire wall pink? Try this pink flat paint on closet doors and crown molding instead.

Deep Pink Paint (link)

Deep pink paint like Spanish Song from Prestige Paints provides a rich dark tone while maintaining the highlights and feminine touch of still being pink. Ideal for pink bedroom ideas that incorporate a single focal wall and pink accent furniture pieces (a pink nightstand or pink side table), this is a youthful yet muted hue for all ages.

Rose Pink Paint (link)

A rose pink paint like this dusky rose paint is a lighter dark pink paint option that is best used to create pink accent furniture pieces or to color trim. Although a darker pink paint like this can be used to color a single wall in a larger bedroom, it can be too overpowering for the small pink bedroom or when used to color the whole room. It’s also important to note that a dark pink paint like this will not pair well with brighter pink accessories.

Bright Pink Paint Colors for Bedrooms and Bright Pink Furniture Paint

Hot Pink Paint (link)

If your pink bedroom ideas incorporate hot pink paint, then Bright Blossom from Prestige Paints is a perfect choice. This bright pink paint skips the headache of neon pink paint, but still, offers the vibrancy and energy of a youthful bright pink shade.  Just keep in mind that when using such shocking pink paint, it’s advised to paint just one pink accent wall and not the whole room!

Primrose Pink Paint (link)

Primrose pink paint is not for the fainthearted, but it is ideal for adding a bright pop of color in a large room with plenty of wall space. This dark pink house paint is also a perfect color choice for accent bedroom furniture pieces like a pink dresser or pink entertainment unit in a room with neutral colored walls.

Raspberry Pink Paint (link)

A stunning dark pink paint, this raspberry pink bedroom paint is best for the larger bedroom with plenty of sunlight. Interested in using a dark pink bedroom paint in a smaller space? Try creating vertical stripes with an alternating pink and cream color scheme instead, just avoid painting solid walls as it will darken the room considerably.

Light Pink Paint Colors for Bedrooms and Light Pink Furniture Paint

Pale Pink Paint (link)

A pale pink bedroom paint is a good option for pink bedrooms that lack sunlight and could use brightening up. Not limited to just the walls, this light pink paint can be used to revamp old furniture or closet doors and add colorful accents to a dreary room.

Pastel Pink Paint (link)

Vibrant, feminine, but tasteful, this pastel pink paint can bring any dark room to life and create a more spacious appearance. Ideally complemented with a lighter paint on alternating walls, this pastel pink works well with a pink and white, pink and silver, or pink and cream color scheme.

Blush Pink Paint (link)

When it comes to pink bedroom paint, this blush pink paint is the ideal option for adding color without overwhelming the eye. A light pink, this subdued yet still feminine shade of pink is a great choice for a pink nursery, a pink teen bedroom, or even a pink master bedroom!

Pink Furniture Ideas

Pink furniture is a great way to add pink accents to a bedroom that is painted with a complimenting color. Some great color combinations to consider are pink and gray, pink and cream, pink and silver, pink and black, pink and red, and even pink and mint. Crazier color combinations that it is better to avoid, however, include pink and teal, pink and blue, pink and green, and pink and orange!

Pink Beds

Pink King Size Bed (link)

A pink king size bed isn’t for everyone, but this pink platform bed with built in blue tooth speakers is ideal for the vibrant personality in your life! A hot pink upholstery really brings this piece to life and the contemporary low profile keeps wasted space to a minimum. At under four hundred dollars, this bright pink bed is perfect for the pink electronics lover who needs a few tunes to wake up in the morning!

Pink Queen Size Bed (link)

Should your pink bedroom ideas center around one large focal piece, this faux leather pink queen size bed is a perfect choice! The crystal tufted headboard adds just enough sparkle to make this pink leather bed interesting without being gaudy. If a pink contemporary bed is in your plans, then this is precisely what you’ve been looking for!

Pink Twin Size Bed (link)

This light pink twin size bed is a sturdy but elegant addition to your pink bedroom plans. The scrolled heart design and the powder pink paint make this metal pink canopy bed perfect for the more feminine bedroom blueprint. Add a white canopy to create a pink and white theme and create the perfect bed for the princess in your life!

Pink Bunkbeds (link)

If your pink bedroom ideas include a set of pink bunk beds, then look no further. This dusky pink bunk bed set features a pink twin bed over a pink full bed and safety rails offer plenty of stability. Certainly, a bright focal piece for any pink bedroom, these solid wood bunk beds preserve limited space as well as lighten up a dark room.

Other Pink Furniture

Pink Computer Desk (link)

This pink computer desk maximizes small bedroom space by fitting snugly into the corner of your pink bedroom. The upper shelf provides space for desk knickknacks and a monitor, the lower shelf offers room for a PC tower, and the dark pink accents offer just enough pink to liven up the room. Plus, at a little bit over a hundred dollars, this pink computer desk is a steal!

Pink Desk Chair (link)

A comfortable pink desk chair can be difficult to come by, but this quilted pink task chair foots the bill. The cheery bright pink seat is made from vinyl and easy to wipe clean and the swivel base provides 360-degree swivel for optimal reach. Although recognized as a pink teen bedroom addition, this pink desk chair is also perfect for brightening any home office too!

Pink Chair for Bedrooms (link)

pink chair for bedrooms

Adding a pink chair for bedrooms into your pink bedroom plans is the perfect way to add seating and a brush of color! This hot pink and black inflatable chair is comfortable and modern enough for any young pink lover. Ideal for smaller bedrooms and dorm rooms, this pink chair easily packs away to minimize space when it isn’t in use.

Pink Vanity Table (link)

A pink vanity table can be hard to come by, but this unique black and pink piece is the perfect compromise! The black finished ornate table is contrasted by the bright pink vinyl bench in a vibrant but not overwhelming splash of color. The heart motif makes this the ideal piece for any young adult’s pink bedroom without being kitschy or childish.

Pink Ceiling Fans and Pink Lighting

Pink Ceiling Fan (link)

Pink ceiling fans like this Craftmade pink remote controlled fan provide a functional yet colorful accent to any pink bedroom. An integrated light eliminates the need for additional light sources in the room and a 3-speed fan motor offers comfort on all levels. Whether it’s a baby pink sculpted fan like this one or a more traditional piece, a pink ceiling fan can be that perfect finishing touch to any bedroom!

Pink Ceiling Light (link)

A unique pink ceiling light adds a touch of color and creates a focal point around which to build your pink bedroom theme. This decorative pink sapphire chandelier is an affordable centerpiece with vintage style. Easy to install, this fixture installs directly into the existing ceiling plate, adding a splash of pink in just minutes.

Pink Desk Lamp (link)

The Lavish home hot pink desk lamp is a vibrant splash of color that will bring any pink bedroom idea alive. This 21” pink lamp is an energy saving LED light and while simple in construction, it provides plenty of light without draining power. A youthful bright pink lamp, the bendable gooseneck of this light is perfect for student and workaholic alike!

Pink Floor Lamp (link)

A pink floor lamp can add a splash of pink to any pink bedroom without completely overpowering the room. Whether it’s a pink rose motif like this Tiffany style pink lamp or whether it’s a hot pink flamingo lamp, this certainly is a versatile décor option. This art glass lamp is tasteful enough for grandma but trendy enough for a teen!

Pink Storage Solutions

Pink storage solutions are not just a great way to add your favorite color into your pink bedroom ideas, but they’re also practical too! Eliminate clutter and create a more streamlined visual experience with these pink storage items.

Small Pink Storage Solutions

Pink Jewelry Box (link)

A pink jewelry box is a timeless way to introduce pink accents into any bedroom. This light pink jewelry box offers plenty of storage with multiple compartments. A small mirror under the lid makes this the perfect solution to crowded vanities and the plush cream lining provides plenty of protection for valuable pieces. At just under $50, this piece comes with a matching travel case and is a real steal!

Pink Desk Organizer (link)

A pink desk organizer like this floral pink organizer is another great way to introduce color to a pink bedroom with plenty of functionality! This set has a pen holder, a paper holder, and a sticky note holder for under $15. Plus, the delicate and feminine design makes a great gift idea for the student or the workaholic!

Pink Jewelry Holder (link)

A jewelry holder like this pink jewelry rack provides storage for rings, bracelets, necklaces, and earrings to unclutter desktops and dressers! This powder pink accent piece is elegant enough for grandma but not so antiqued that a teen wouldn’t appreciate it too. At under $20, this is an affordable gift for any occasion.

Large Pink Storage Solutions

Pink Storage Cubby (link)

A pink storage unit like this pink storage cubby provides storage space for everything from toys to shoes! The dusty pink color is light enough not to make a small room seem smaller, but not so light that it’s easily stained or marked. Easily wiped down, this pink furniture piece is ideal for a kids room or nursery.

Pink Bookshelf (link)

A pink bookshelf is a great pink bedroom idea because it provides additional storage space while adding a touch of color. This blush pink bookshelf is shaped like a tree and while advertised for a nursery setting, it’s ideal for any pink fan with a creative imagination!

Pink Storage Bench (link)

A pink storage bench is ideal for smaller pink bedroom ideas. With room for storing accessories, books, or anything else you fancy, this storage bench offers extra seating and functionality. This pink furniture piece may be costly, but the linen upholstery quality speaks for itself.

Pink Accessories for the Bedroom

Another great way to add to pink bedroom ideas is to use pink accessories. Pink bedroom accessories add a touch of pink to the room without it being overwhelming to the eye.

Pink Decorative Items

Pink Picture Frames (link)

Pink picture frames like this lace cut light pink picture frame add a touch of pink to a bedroom without overtaking the entire room. At an affordable price, this picture frame can add a feminine touch but still leave plenty of room for men of the home to add their touch as well.

Pink Vanity Mirror (link)

This metallic pink vanity mirror offers 10x magnification and a non-slip base. Perfect for sitting on a desktop or vanity, this light pink mirror offers 360-degree rotation. At around twenty to thirty dollars, this is a quality piece that is guaranteed not to tarnish.

Pink Hand Mirror (link)

This 5x magnification pink handheld mirror is ideal for the pink bedroom with limited space. The handle to this pink mirror folds up making it easy to slip it into a vanity or desk drawer. This mirror is ideal for teens and grandmothers alike!

Unique Pink Items

Pink Stuffed Animals (link)

Pink stuffed animals like this pale pink unicorn plush from Aurora can bring a touch of pink to the room without being overpowering. At under fifty dollars, this 27” long soft plush is a great gift for the unicorn lover who also loves pink. Plus, the Aurora name means that this is a safe and quality gift for even the younger child’s pink bedroom!

Pink Lava Lamp (link)

The Glittermax pink lava lamp has pink liquid and silver glitter adding a modern and outrageous touch to your pink bedroom! The soft light from the 25-watt bulb is just enough to provide relaxing calm light without being too bright. For less than $20, this is the perfect accessory for anyone in need of a little relaxation or mood lighting.

Pink LED String Lights (link)

Pink LED string lights are the perfect way to add a little something special to your pink bedroom. Unlike other pink LED lights, this set comes with a power adapter so there’s no need for batteries. Energy efficient and cheap, these lights safely stay cool no matter how long they have been on and provide 33 feet of coverage!

More Pink Bedroom Ideas!

If we haven’t covered a pink bedroom idea that appeals to you, don’t worry, there are still plenty of pink décor options to choose from! A pink standing mirror adds the illusion of a larger master bedroom. A pink canopy over the bed gives the feeling of a Disney princess bed for the younger fairy tale lover. A pink humidifier is both colorful and functional for grandma’s pink bedroom. Pink wall decals can put a touch of pink in bedrooms for any age. There really is no end to the number of pink accents you can add to your ideal bedroom design.

Further reading

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