Pink nursery ideas

Pink nursery ideas

If you have a pink nursery in mind but are tired of the more traditional pink nursery ideas out there, then we have something special for you! After poring through some of the more ordinary pink nurseries we have come up with some more unique ideas for your pink baby room!

Pink Nursery Furniture

Pink Crib (Link)

A five-in-one convertible pink crib like this one from Evolur is the perfect elegant pink crib for your nursery. A light dusty pink in color this pink baby crib has Queen Anne style feet, fixed side rails, a curved feminine headboard, and gorgeous pink scroll and bow accents. Simple to convert in to a toddler bed and a full bed too, this is a pink bed that will last your child a good many years to come!

Pink Nursing Chair or A Pink Nursery Glider Chair (Link)

A pink nursing chair like this baby pink nursery glider is the perfect touch for that empty corner of your nursery. Comfortable for mom during those late-night feeds, this glider has padded arms to rest baby’s head and a muted light pink upholstery for just a touch of color. The complementing pink ottoman that comes with this pink glider allows it to fit moms of any height with no discomfort or DIY adjustments. See our complete guide to nursing chairs for more ideas.

Pink Changing Table (Link)

Sure, a pink changing pad cover could work, but a pink changing table like this one adds a little more style to your pink nursery! A bright pop of pink really brings your nursery to life and the pink accessory baskets hold all of your pink nursery accessories. Wheels make this pink changing table portable while wheel locks keep safety in mind. Plus with a baby bath included with this set, there’s one less thing that you have to pick up for your pink themed nursery!

Pink Crib Mattress (Link)

The Safety 1st Heavenly Dreams pink crib mattress is not only safe, but it’s also affordable! This baby pink mattress is waterproof and is durable enough to resist tearing or ripping so it’s sure to last throughout your baby’s infancy. Firm support provides the perfect sleeping environment for baby and of course this mattress is completely free from phthalates and lead.

Pink Nursery Décor

Pink Crib Bedding (Link)

Pink crib bedding is just about everywhere you look, but this pink Lambs and Ivy Confetti Heart Bedding brings a little more elegance to your pink nursery. This baby pink bedding with gold and white accents offers a touch of sparkle and plenty of ruffles. If you’re tired of pink teddy bears or pink doll décor, then this pink crib sheet and pink crib quilt could be perfect for your little princess! Included with this pink nursery bedding set is a quilt, a fitted crib sheet, a dust ruffle and an appliqued diaper stacker.

Pink Baby Mobile (Link)

A pink baby mobile can add that perfect final touch to any pink nursery, but finding just the right pink mobile can be tough. One of our favorite pink crib mobile varieties is the Lambs and Ivy Happi mobile. This pink themed piece features pink and white bunnies hanging from a pink circular ring. The arm of the mobile is also sleeved in soft pink fabric to give it a streamlined look, but the mobile can also be wall mounted if you prefer. Ideal for a bunny or a pink themed nursery, this mobile fits any standard crib and is absolutely adorable!

Pink Night Light (Link)

Forget your average pink night light for your new pink nursery décor, this baby night light has more than you could ask for! A rotating projector send stars and a moon across your nursery ceiling and with four LED’s the light from this nightlight can even change! Bright enough to light the room while still allowing your baby to sleep, this is a pink nightlight that will last your child through infancy and in to their elementary school years.

Pink Nursery Rug (Link)

No pink nursery is complete without a pink nursery rug and if you’re looking for the best of the best this silky pink sheepskin rug is it. This soft pink rug is 2” thick and provides a comfortable soft surface for baby to lie on while exploring their baby gym. A non-skid backing ensures that this is a safe rug for all floor surfaces and the thick pink shag rug is durable, being designed for daily use.

Pink Nursery Storage Ideas

Pink Dresser (Link)

A complementary piece to the pink crib we shared above, this pink dresser is the ideal addition to your elegant pink nursery. Blush pink offers the charm of a pink nursery without the delving in to the overpowering neon pink nursery or the sickly-sweet baby pink nursery. Just like the complementary crib, this pink children’s dresser features intricate scroll and bow details and beautiful Queen Anne feet. If you’re looking for quality pink nursery furniture that will last, you can’t go wrong with the pink Evolur bedroom set.

Pink Diaper Genie (Link)

The pink Diaper Genie adds a little flair to something that no nursery can be without – the diaper pail. This light pink Diaper Genie from Playtex features odor lock technology to keep your nursery smelling clean and fresh through a built-in carbon filter. This baby pink diaper pail has a pedal for easy diaper disposal when both hands are full. Plus, the cut and tie feature makes it easy to set up a new bag and an easy tilt open front makes removal of full diaper bags simple!

Pink Toy Storage (Link)

Pink toy storage is a must have for any pink nursery or pink children’s room. While most infants only have plush toys and pink baby gifts to store, it’s ideal to pick up a pink toy chest that can see your child through their elementary years. The Step2 2-in-1 Toy Box and Art Lid pink toy box is the perfect solution for any growing child. The lid of the toy box serves as a desktop surface for older children while the large storage space offers plenty of storage space for bulky stuffed animals!

Pink Nursery Hamper (Link)

This dark pink nursery hamper is a good addition for the non-traditional pink nursery. Instead of light baby pink, this pink nursery hamper is a deep dusky pink with patterned accents. Uniquely designed, this hamper has a lid with a lip to prevent the lid from collapsing in on itself, providing an added safety feature for your baby and keeping dirty laundry hidden.

Pink Nursery Things for Baby

Pink Stuffed Animal (Link)

When looking for a pink stuffed animal for your pink nursery, there are so many options to choose from. One of our favorite go-to solutions, however, is Gund. Not only does Gund offer a wide selection of pink stuffed toys, but they offer quality and a name that you can trust. Whether you’re looking for a pink teddy bear, a pink flamingo toy, a pink unicorn or a pink piglet toy, Gund has what you are looking for. Our favorite? This adorable 10” pink stuffed dog!

Pink Wall Décor (Link)

Pink wall décor is the ideal way to decorate your pink nursery without painting the walls themselves. Pink wall decals can continue a bedding theme of your choice or offer a unique central focal point as a mural. Pink wall décor is also the perfect way to add a touch of whimsy to out of reach areas of your baby’s nursery! These light pink 3D decals are a great touch for a butterfly themed nursery or simply for adding a little more dimension to flat or matte walls.

Pink Baby Swing (Link)

A pink baby swing not only adds to the color in your pink nursery, but it also provides a great way for baby to get some sleep while mom takes a break too! This baby pink papasan swing offers the ultimate comfort while rocking baby to sleep in side to side or head to toe rocking motions. The pink mobile overhead captures baby’s attention and soothing nature sounds help to lull baby off to dreamland. Easily moved from your pink nursery to the living room, this is a must have accessory for every new parent.

Pink Air Filter (Link)

A pink air filter is a good addition for any pink nursery to filter out any airborne allergens such as pollen, pet dander, dust, viruses, and bacteria. This baby pink air filter from Austin Air is uniquely designed for a baby and has three fan speed settings. Ideal for a pink nursery of up to 700 square feet, this is a CSA, UL and CE approved filter.

More Pink Nursery Ideas!

When it comes to finding unconventional pink nursery ideas, there really is no end to how imaginative you can get! Pink wall decals are great for art without the permanence of a painted mural, a pink baby gate is practical and fun, pink window dressing give a highlight of pink to a beige nursery, and even a pink baby wipe warmer can add just that touch of pink you need! You don’t need to be royalty to treat your baby like a princess!

Further reading

If you plan on keeping your baby in your room with you, also consider reading our complementary pink bedroom guide. For more about preparing for a baby in general, check out our pregnancy worries archives.

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