Top vegan superfoods to try today

Top vegan superfoods to try today

Superfoods are always a great addition to a diet. When you’re optimizing a vegan diet, vegan superfoods are an excellent way to keep your nutrient levels high. But which are the best? Here, we look at the top choices to add to your diet, no matter how you choose to eat.


Any excuse to have chocolate is a good excuse. But the origin of that delicious chocolatey taste is actually full of nutrition. Cacao is an excellent source of plant-based iron, as well as magnesium, B vitamins, and antioxidants. In fact, dark chocolate is a great superfood for protecting heart health.

Great for: Increasing iron and magnesium, while easing chocolate cravings at the same time!

Try it: Add a teaspoon into a smoothie, just so you can say you eat chocolate for breakfast every morning.


Lost your mojo in the bedroom? Hormones all over the place? Or just feeling flat and fatigued? Maca might be right for you. It’s considered an adaptogen, or something that helps the body adapt to stress. When we reduce stress, all of our other hormones balance out – including sex hormones.

Great for: Giving your libido a boost, or balancing out those pesky hormones.

Try it: Dust it over your desserts for a natural nutty finish, or add it to your morning cacao smoothie.


Don’t dismiss this blue-green ‘slime’ – it’s got a lot to offer. Spirulina is actually a type of algae that are found mostly in lakes across the globe. It contains a good percentage of nutrients such as iron, B vitamins and omega-3s, as well as plenty of antioxidants. However, we do only consume small amounts, so think of it as a bonus, not a sole source!

Great for: Boosting up antioxidants and offering a plant-based omega-3 source.

Try it: Despite the taste, spirulina is becoming popular for ‘latte’ drinks. You can also add it to Asian dishes that work well with the flavor, such as stirfry.


Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you probably know turmeric is anti-inflammatory. But it has so many more benefits than just that. It also fights bacteria, viruses and fungi, boosts digestion, reduces allergy symptoms, protects against cancer and binds to heavy metals. That’s a big job for one little spice!

Great for: Injuries, illness, and general well-being. Turmeric covers so many things in one go!

Try it: Add it to curries, drinks, desserts, marinades – it tastes good in almost anything. If you want to make the most of its powers, serve it with some black pepper and fat.


This green goddess contains all of the goodness of green tea in a concentrated form. Originating from ancient China, it’s one of the oldest superfoods around. Matcha contains potent antioxidants and compounds that can reduce stress and increase focus. But it still has caffeine to wake you up.

Great for: An energy boost that doesn’t have the crash like coffee does.

Try it: If a traditional latte isn’t your style, try using it in desserts. It makes a nice contrast to sweet flavors.

What to look for in a vegan superfood

There’s always a new trendy superfood out on the market. But how do you know what’s best to start with? Have a look out for these qualities:

  • Does it contain a high dose of minerals? Iron, calcium and zinc are very important nutrients for a vegan diet. So if your superfood has a hefty dose, it’s a winner.

  • Does it contain plant-based omega-3s? Plant-based omega-3s are needed in higher doses, as our bodies aren’t great at converting them. So a superfood with a dose of omega-3s is a good pick.

  • Is it actually a pure superfood? Sneaky marketers will use almost any term to make it seem ‘healthy’. So watch out for added ingredients, like syrups and sugars, that cancel out the goodness.

  • Do you enjoy it? There’s no point in spending money on something you won’t use, no matter how healthy it is. Ask for a sample before you buy in bulk, so you know for sure.

What vegan superfood do you love? Leave a comment below!


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