How to find vegan honey: a vegan bee free honey review

How to find vegan honey: a vegan bee free honey review

In the last couple of years, the concern that bees could actually go extinct has been brought in the spotlight more than once. If they do, indeed, go extinct, the world does not come to an end, but the food industry will suffer tremendously. All the plants for which bees work as pollinators would disappear or would need to be pollinated by humans, by hand.

This scenario, of course, warranted efforts in saving honeybees or at least allowing them to recover by not “overworking” them. In 2012, Katie Sanchez and Melissa Elms managed to invent a type of vegan honey, an artificial sweetener that aimed at saving the honeybee population. It is called Bee Free Honee.

In this Bee Free Honee review, you will learn everything there is to know about this innovative product.

What Is Vegan Bee Free Honey Made Of?

The Bee Free Honee is made exclusively from lemon juice, apples, and cane sugar. The product is hypoallergenic, which means that it does not trigger allergies in people who are allergic to honey.

According to the makers of this vegan honey, a single jar of it can help in saving approximately 7.500 bees. If this is true, then it means that bees are truly given a helping hand and some much-needed respite.

It has been proven that the production of honey from bees is simply not as feasible as it was thought to be. Apart from the obvious perk of shielding honeybees from harm, the Bee Free Honee also educates the people. It lets them know about the perils that bees are subjected to, so that people can organize a focused protection program for these endangered workers.

Now that the ingredients in this vegan honey have been revealed, our Bee Free Honey review can move on to the next section. This time, we’ll learn together about this product’s flavors.

Bee Free Honee and Its Flavors

1. Original Bee Free Honee (link)

Bee Free Honee does not have any artificial flavors in it. Even when you buy a flavored one, you can rest assured that the taste is 100% natural, just like the Honee itself.

The original Bee Free Honee tastes like honey with a subtle hint of apples. It can be used as a natural honey replacement in a variety of recipes, including milkshakes and smoothies.

2. Bee Free Honee with Ancho Chile

This vegan honey is probably the first one to be combined with dried peppers. Although you’d expect your mouth to be on fire, the aroma is quite gentle and tasty.

Anchos are mainly used in Mexican cuisine, that’s true. Still, the fact that they’ve been used in flavoring the Bee Free Honee gives it an unexpected and equally awesome twist. Currently, this and other specialty flavors are only available from Bee Free Honee’s main website, with shipping only to the US.

3. Bee Free Honee with Slippery Elm

Red elm (scientific Ulmus rubra) can be found in various parts of North America. Its bark has been used for medicinal purposes for a while now, in particular as an anti-inflammatory/demulcent agent.

The creators of the Bee Free Honee have taken advantage of the highly curative properties of this bark, and that’s why they incorporated it into their product. You probably know that honey is fantastic in “caressing” a sore throat. However, those who are allergic to honey, in general, cannot use it. Thanks to this vegan honey, now they can reap the benefits of both honey and red elm.

This might be the very first Bee Free Honee review to touch this subject since a very small amount of people knows about the medicinal uses of slippery elm.

4. Bee Free Honee with Mint

Mint’s freshness just got a whole new dimension by being mixed with the smoothness and the great texture of Bee Free Honee. Both mint and honey are usually added to tea to sweeten it and enrich it with healing properties (for sore throats and coughs, most of the times).

While the pleasant thickness of the Bee Free Honee works really well in lubricating a sore throat, mint cools down the affected areas. It’s just like you’d take a spoonful of syrup, but it tastes considerably better and it’s more effective.

An alternative to Bee Free Honee

In case you cannot find the Bee Free Honee where you live, or you don’t want to try it for one reason or another, there’s another vegan honey alternative for you: the Sohgave! Vegan Organic Honey Flavor. It has the same smooth, delicate texture as the Bee Free Honee, and it can even be used by diabetics.

You can do some quick research on this product and compare it with the Bee Free Honee. After that, you can choose the product that is the most suitable for your needs and preferences.

Why Does Bee Free Honee Matter?

Bee Free Honee could be the pioneer for a new generation of products that could easily revolutionize the market. It also raises awareness when it comes to the importance of protecting endangered species.

Moreover, in the years to come, it could become a go-to product for people who are allergic to natural honey. The entire sum of implications that pertain to this product cannot be contained in just one Bee Free Honee review, as they will continue to surge.

Final Thoughts

This is where the Bee Free Honee review comes to a halt, and we have an obvious conclusion: this product is mind-blowing. Not only does it save a significant portion of the honeybee population, but it can be eaten by vegans, with no side-effects.

It is quite unique, given that there’s no other product on the market that focuses so much on protecting an endangered species. It even tastes better than the honey produced by bees.

We hope that our Bee Free Honee review came in handy and now you’re more informed on the matter. And don’t forget: spread the awareness and help honeybees survive by staying away from natural honey, at least for a while. Use vegan honey instead. You’ll reap even more benefits, and you’ll contribute to a good cause.

Further reading

Honey is just one way to power up your vegan flavors. There are many traditional vegan spices in Indian cuisine, for example, that you can also use. Of course, herbs are another classic vegan-friendly food flavoring.

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