What is the best ultrasonic contact lens cleaner?

What is the best ultrasonic contact lens cleaner?

The ultrasonic lens cleaner is a system for cleaning any kind of contact lens (including colored, clear and RGP lenses) using these ultrasonic vibrations that break up the protein any dirt that builds up on the lens surface. An amazing factor to consider about this technology is that you do not any fancy solutions in cleaning the lenses.

Below are some of the top three contact cleaners in the market today that you may consider in your next purchase:

Kowellsonic CE-3200 Mini Ultrasonic Contact Lens Cleaner (Link)

Kowellsonic CE-3200 mini ultrasonic contact lens cleaner

It has strong cleaning power of up to five times faster than its competitors. Traditional contact lens cleaning is to store the contacts in a glass of water, and you are ready to go, in which this solution dissolves the protein deposition that covered on the surface of the lens. This contact lens cleaner ce-3200 uses the Ultrasonic Technology with 46 kHz to clean the substances such as dust, bacteria, and germs.

The Kowellsonic CE-3200 is no doubt a mini ultrasonic contact cleaner that makes your cleaning of contact lens affordable and accessible. This machine works with ultrasonic technology which clears all the dirt. The cleaning pack contains all the items you need inclining your lens without any complications. The cleaning of the contact lens is less than two minutes, so you do not need to soak your contacts the whole night.

You can buy this amazing contact cleaner at Amazon where it is readily available and has an attractive discount offer at the moment. You will surely not regret investing in this machine.

Features of the kowellsonic CE-3200 mini ultra sonic contact cleaner kit

  • It has bactericidal function, calcium, and minerals covering the surface of the contact lens
  • It prevents the removal of the contact lenses protein deposition caused by saline water and purified water.
  • It directly cleans out bacteria and microbes on the contact lens
  • No need for special contact lens care solution
  • No need to soak the glass the whole night, it is time-saving
  • It is very portable as you travel.
  • It has fast cleaning time

Specs of the kowellsonic CE-3200 mini ultra sonic contact cleaner kit

  • Input Voltage: AC 100V-240V 50/60Hz Voltage
  • Current: 12V 1 An Ultrasonic power
  • Size: 86*2.88*1. 89inch tank size: 38*20*10mm 1.49*079*0

Healthy Care CE-3200 New Mini Ultrasonic Contact Lens (Link)

Healthy care CE-3200 new mini ultrasonic contact lens

This ultrasonic contact lens cleaner comes in handy in solving contact lens cleaning problems. It is time-saving, easy and effective. Just a few minutes and your lens is thoroughly washed using the ultrasonic contact lens cleaner. Ultrasonic technology is used in many cleaning equipment and ophthalmologists.

When using this Healthy Care CE-3200, you do not have to scrub the lens and risk damaging your contact lens or even fail to clean it properly and risk nasty eye infections. It has an additional feature of powerful cleaning than its predecessors, and as its name indicates ‘fast,’ it achieves this functionality.

This ultrasonic cleaner has made life easier especially to the elderly that do not have the time or the expertise to take care of their contact lenses.

Features of healthy care CE-3200 new mini ultrasonic contact lens

  • It has a small size, making it portable
  • It has bactericidal function that directly eliminates bacteria and microbes on the lens
  • Time-saving, there is no need to soak in water overnight.
  • Less touching of lens in cleaning to prevent eye infections
  • Sanitizes the contact lens.

Specs of the healthy care CE-3200 new mini ultrasonic contact lens

  • Ultrasonic Frequency:46Khz
  • Tank Capacity:4ml
  • Input Voltage; AC 100V-240V 50/60Hz
  • Output Voltage/Current;12V 1A
  • Ultrasonic Power: 7W(max)
  • Unit size: 98*72*48mm(3,86*2.83*1.89inch)
  • Tank size:38*20*10mm(1.49*0.79*0.39inch)

ZIYUAN Deep Ultraviolet(DUV) Led Contact Lenses Ultrasonic Cleaner and Sterilizer (Link)

ZIYUAN deep ultraviolet led contact lenses ultrasonic cleaner and sterilizer

The machine has a cleaning technology that takes advantage of high-frequency vibration principle of ultrasonic energy waves that are converted to clean the contact lens scientifically, effectively and safely. The machine is well built for home use.

Contact lenses ordinarily require being immersed not less than four hours each to get the best care. Immersing lenses in eight hours can achieve almost 90% sterilization. The standard method will not reach the risk-free and rapid care impact required. The deep UV LED Sterilization can produce superb results by breaking down virus shells and mobile fungus walls.

This is an excellent device if you already know how to use it, some people may not know the type of solution to use in the instrument. A key thing to note with these contact lens cleaners is that you need to use sodium chloride based solution which is not more than 0.9% concentrate.

Cleaning recommendations are easy steps that involve putting the contact lens in the machine, adding some solution and allowing the machine do its job. In case you are stuck, there is a manual guide in the package box that is easy to follow and understand. 

Features of ZIYUAN deep ultraviolet (DUV) led contact lens sterilizer

  • The deep UV LED uses UVC wavebands that penetrate through cell walls and virus shell of spore and other microorganisms. Its sterilization is very useful
  • The deep UV LED sterilization can reach 12000 micro joules which can kill 99.9%of bacteria
  • Deep UV LED sterilization needs no chemicals
  • The Cleaner has gone through heavy metal authentication and is considered more efficient, environmentally friendly and energy saving.
  • Quick sterilization effect of up to three minutes
  • Has the latest state of the art technology in UV LED

Specs of ZIYUAN deep ultraviolet (DUV) led contact lens sterilizer

  • One pc* Deep ultraviolet(DUV) led make contact with lenses ultrasonic cleaner
  • 1pc* Introduction
  • 1pc*Electricity Adapter
  • 1pc*Cleansing Fabric
  • 1pc*Guarantee cars

How to use the contact lens cleaner

The below tips can help maintain the hygiene and clean your contact lenses that protect and take care of your eyes:

  • Wash your hands regularly with clean water and soap before touching your contact lens
  • Add a small amount of solution in the cleaner.
  • Ensure you use recommended solutions that are clinically proven to clean all types of contact lenses.
  • Leave the contact lens in the solution for two minutes to get it properly sanitized and cleaned.

Importance of cleaning contact lenses

Contact lenses are delicate. And if it wears out each day as we use them, after a long day of wearing contact lenses, its texture dries up. This may, later on, develop major issues and probably accumulate dust particles. Extreme care should be taken in the care of contact lenses; it does not cost much to maintain contact lenses. The advance in technology has brought contact cleaners that can be done in the comfort of your house or hotel room. You should not overlook the cleaning of contact lenses.


Thousands of people all over the world are wearing contact lenses, and though it is not easy to notice them on the wearer, proper care needs to be given. There is nothing wrong with wearing contact lenses. In fact, you should go for them if you want to make yourself beautiful instead of wearing those traditional looking spectacles. The contact lenses have helped the visually impaired enhance their sight especially with the various contact lenses available in the market today.

The best Ultrasonic contact lens cleaner is one that is comprehensive and gentle at the same time. It should have the capacity to clean the contact lens even with the tiny items which are hard to see with our naked eye and even hard to remove with our bare hands. This is because the solution for cleaning penetrates through the layers of the lens.

Moreover, it is important even as you acquire contact lenses; you have to maintain proper hygiene to avoid unnecessary eye infections by purchasing your choice of contact cleaner based on the reviews above.

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